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Found 29 results

  1. Bug Description: If you stand on the edge on top of a container (Novorepnoye in this case) and drop a Kar98 down to save time so a teammate can take it it can go all the way to the floor, inside the container it can become unobtainable while slightly visible. Date Seen: 25th of June 2017. Server: Main server Squad matchmaking. Troubleshooting Attempted: Attempted to loot with both F and Equipment menu from all angles at ground level and from on top of the container--which is where it was dropped from. F option never showed up. Other Information: My friend and I both tried looting it so it is unlikely to be a client-side glitch.
  2. Greetings, Herewith I would like to submit my suggestions:- Using Guns as Melee Weapon Remember that time when you rushed into a house with another player, then he/she picked up the magazines and you picked up the gun? Then it went on to be a fist fight and a prolonged rush to find other guns / magazines. I honestly believe that I should be given an advantage even if my P1911 is empty. Since it's harder than fists. Hence, I would like to suggest the addition of a button for me to whack my smart opponent who picked up my magazines with my gun. And also at a higher damage since it's a gun. I believe this addition would enhance gameplay experience, since there may be other situations whereby it would take too long to reload or one simply ran out of bullets. And honestly I think it's funny to see in 2017 where shooting games have standoffs where they are inches from each other and both are franticly reloading. Throwing an Empty Gun at Opponent Without restricting a player's combat options, and to increase the combat fluidity, I believe one should have the option to throw their shelled out guns at their opponents to increase the amount of damage output one can perform during a brawl. The ultimate goal of a game is FUN, and I most certainly believe that this option would allow for some very fun scenarios. More Melee Weapons That Makes Sense There's always that moment where you walk into the house only to find a Pan and some guns, or some guns and no Pan. I believe that a decent household at the centre of a city should have common household items that one could be able to use as a Melee Weapon. And I can never forget this game where I dropped on a house with an opponent, and I was the lucky person who got that one and only Pan in the kitchen. If only he was given a spatula or a kitchen knife, both of us would have a fun time. But nay, he was then forced to die to brutal bashes of a frying pan from his back. Then proceed to start another game blaming RNG in his small little heart. I believe the addition of more household related melee weapons would decrease the amount of blame on RNG-sus and divert some attention to the skills in the kitchen. Also, a pot as helmet would be nice. Or the chopping knife Stephen Chow used in From Beijing with Love Lastly, the Apron to complete the look. If you may. Thank you and I look forward to the favourable patch. Best regards and may the plane bless you with a 5m care package.
  3. bug

    Weapon spawns in an invisible hill. Can't pick it up. Don't know if people have already reported this one.
  4. Why I think it would work? Well, the current melee cast is... a little boring, save the skillet (for obvious reasons). All melee weapons currently in the game inflict the same amount of damage if my observations are accurate. This would break that trend. There are no current melee weapons that project sound by design, a very immersive part of this game. The sound of the chainsaw running adds depth and risk factors in using it and fighting against it. The chainsaw can be fueled with gas cans. The cans currently only serve one purpose in the game. The chainsaw can be running while held, but will drain fuel steadily. The chainsaw can be deactivated while carried of course. However, a substantial amount of time is required to start it back up because it's a beat up, rusty piece of crap. Thoughts?
  5. I though of a cool idea to add a lever action rifle to the game being able to be found in civilian locations, being a more a longer range rifle. The attachments would have to come down to how the developers would want it, but I think there should be something like this to pair with the revolver. I like to see some of the older time weapons being added to the game and the more obscure and out of the ordinary ones. Tell me what you think.
  6. Does anybody else think they should add the G36C? I uses 5.56 in real life and i'd imagine it would handle like the ump but it would have better range and accuracy. The G36C is a different version of the G3 Battle rifle that uses 7.62 ammo so there is a bit of variety as well.
  7. weapon

    @PUBG_FWG FYI Win64 03.31.2017 -
  8. I'd like to see a few throw able weapons such as: boomerangs, tomahawks, javlins. // I would also like the ability to throw any melee weapon actually.
  9. Hey guys, as you know a big issue of the game are the pistols that are quite useless. I know there are some other threats about this topic, but I think this one isn't about suggestions for balancing to make them viable, but a completely different concept. And this concept is about *surprise* pistols as starting weapons. I think everyone of you knows the bad RNG luck when spawning next to enemies and they pick up big assault rifles before you can even land with your parachute. So scared for your life you run like a headless chicken into the next building and - and you dont find anything. Not even a pistol. The enemy rushes you immediately and now you got 2 choices. A) Curse RNGsus and ragequit. B) Curse RNGsus and get killed. So why not giving you at least a slight chance against your AR or Shotgun enemies and minimize the RNG by giving you a Pistol with 2 magazines un your incentory at the beginning of each round? For balancing reasons you can't shoot while parachuting and you have to reaload first after landing. What do you think?
  10. So this is hardly game breaking, however Its defiantly something that will need to eventually be addressed. Basically it is too ambiguous how close you can be to an object before it stops or redirects your bullets. Several times ive been killed behind cover that from a 1st person view appears under or beside my weapon, i will then fire and the cover stops my fire or bounces it away. This gif kinda illustrates it, its been more intrusive than that though.
  11. Before anyone is like "Hurr durr, the M16 is burst fire durrrrr" This has happened with all weapons with full auto capabilities. I am NOT talking about burst fire M16's. This nonsense happened a lot several weeks ago then seemed to disappear, but I've had it happen several times today alone. Weapon is in full auto firing mode, doesn't fire full auto. You have to click the mouse for every 1-3 bullets or so. Here's a clip where it very easily may have been the reason I died. This issue is known (as in, I've seen posts about it), but considering it's still an issue, I'm posting.
  12. This discussion is made for the purpose of suggesting new weapons for the game, such as the TMP/MP9, the MP7, the AUG, Tavor, LA85, Five-seveN, Deagle, .44 Magnum revolver, and other weapons to add diversity in the game, as well as fun new derp guns.
  13. When holding down a grenade throw or cooking a grenade, and then switching to another item on the belt without letting go of the grenade will kill the throw arc but the grenade continues to cook on your person. For example, readying a throw with a frag grenade then swapping to a pistol will cause the frag to explode on the player once the fuse expires, despite canceling the throw and holding a pistol in your hand. This happens for frag, stun, smoke, and molotov.
  14. Repeatedly, I have had an SKS, lined up my sights perfectly, and fired, only to have the shot impact to the left. MULTIPLE times this has happened Anyone else? I wont even pick up an SKS anymore as I simply cannot rely on the weapon to hit where I want it
  15. At the beginning, i just want say that, all the things i type in here, is only my personal idea, I'm only a player, I don't know make them happen is possible or not, personal think is easy,because the game made by Unreal Engine 4.And my english is not good enough, maybe some mistake in, forgive me. 1st, maybe is a question(have so many people meet that),Game optimization is not good, I meet some questions in my game time, like suddenly increased Ping, suddenly decreased FPS, cant opened doors, cant picked up items,something like those, u guys should fix them.AT FIRST 2nd, weapens: 1, I'm happy to see that u add Vector in game, but this is a Submachine gun,13 bullets is too small ! even that use .45 bullet, more powerful, and have Expansion clip in game, but it take a main weapon place! plz add more bullet in that gun(more than 20 is batter). by the way, all sniper and S12k should add more bullet too. 2, can u add more guns in game? ak, m416, m16a1,vector, awm, s12k........any way, those are enough,more than 15 types of main weapon in this game ,but i mean more deferent functions guns. Shooting distance farther, the bullet is faster and more stable, but less bullets and slower firing rate:MK20, G3SG1, SG550.(i hope this gun will have 20 bullet and automatic mode like it in real life), Automatic version deputy weapon: Glock, MAC10,Micro uzi,CZ75,TMP(or say MP9). more Submachine gun for Fast close combat, like P90,UZI(normal version), MP5 or MP7,Scorpion Evo 3 A1, PP19. Automatic shotguns: XM1014, UTS-15,M1216. Effective distance, more powerful deputy weapon: S&W 327 TRR8, Desert Eagle. EXTRA power weapon,Some of them can make range of damage: RPG, XM25 Air-Burst Assault Weapon, Mortar, SMAW-D83mm,Some of them can destroy vehicle and people inside easily: M82A1, AS50. More machine gun, some have less bullets but more stable:L82A1/L82A2, MG43, HK21, some have more bullet like M249: Negev, RPK. And some more Automatic rifle: G36(High precision),AUG(Light, moving fast), FAMAS(Fast firing rate). 3, about UZI and Micro UZI, plz add Micro Uzi to deputy weapon. In fact, in the real life, Micro UZI's 25-clip not look like that short in game,change its clip's model in game. After all, this is a modern background game 4, Bow(use "B" change posture, vertical, more stable, or Horizontal,reloading faster.) 3rd, Accessories and equipment: Accessories, 1,Sight: 3X,5X,6X(More detailed classification), Adjustable magnification sight, Night vision sight(for night map),Thermal imaging sight(can saw people in grass, night, rainning or smoke). 2,Machine Gun's Grip(only part of them can use), and stent(only increase stable when Creeping but more than Grip), Sniper's Stent,(same thing), deputy weapon's Grip, Sight and Butt or Double gun(when u find 2 same deputy weapon, left mouse butten for left gun, right butten for right gun.) Deputy weapon almost no one use, it is to useless, so think about my idea 3, some other things: Flashlight(put in same place with Grip, for night map, make u can see what before,and other people can see u two.can not close), Wearing on head’s flashlight(can not close too,can not with helmet), deputy weapon with flashlight( like COD, one hand hold gun, one hand hold flash light, before aim is closed,) Equipment, 1,Heavy helmets and heavy whole bodyarmor(Twice defense of level2, hard to destroy with normal weapens, but more and more slowly) 2, Diving suits and oxygen pipes(swimming faster and diving longer, no defense) 3,Night vision helmet and thermal imaging helmet(always open and no defence, cant aim at sametime and only first person view.) 4,Ghillie suit(hat, armor,and pants, level1 defence,) 4th, Items 1,Throwing objects: military smoke(smoke more longer, smoke spreads down.), poison gas grenade(injury is like in a non-safe area), M18A1 Claymore, Remote bomb, Stumbling bombs,Bait mine,Flying knife and Darts 2,Medicinal hormones or say Stimulants(increase running,swimming spead, decrease damage and shooting accuracy.) 3,ultimate item: satellite map(5S use,alfter that show all player 5s.), mobile phone(Call a helicopter fly to a close place where are u now, can take 4 people live this map,can not drive, after the person who have phone get on then take off, after take off can destory. get more point with out current score,not too much not too less.) interphone(can call a supply box.),Armored car(3 60°shooting hole and driving seat, hard to destory, very slow, more fuel consumption.) 5th, New maps and New game mod Actually, all the things I said before, some of them are too stronger, some of them are little bit weird, because all them is for my maps and game mod ideas. 1, night map(nothing need to say) 2, faster mod: still 100 player ,but more stronger weapon, safe area shrinks faster, map smaller 3,Cold weapon game: a smaller map, only have cold weapon: knife, Crowbar, bow,darts,and others 4,deputy weapon game: no main weapon 5,Fighting mode: only one crowbar(only 1 weapon) in the a small map, 20 player 6,Maze mode: 100 player, in maze , player random born, near center, kill other and make sure himself leave the maze, who leave faster who win. 7, 200 player mode: large map, large houses. 2 safe area, 2 team can survive, support most 10 people in 1 team, more chance to get stronger weapons. 8, less bullets mode: every one has a random main weapon at the beginning.with out supply box,this map only have 1500 random type bullets. 9, practice mode: in a shooting range,have different type targets: far targets, closer targets, moving targets That's all, hope u guys can make them all happen
  16. Is there way to take off all attachments from the weapon in one-click or something else?
  17. Hey devs, first of all I would like to say thank you for this game. In looby all people getting lags, when somebody grab the weapons and start shooting it's add sound lags, and it's terrible, I'm always muting all sounds before i jump from the plane. Can you please make key binds for mute/unmute all sounds (I know about voice mute) or just delete all weapons from lobby (ofcourse you not) I think all players will say thank you for this key binds. Thanks you p.s. Sorry for my english, and good luck with game ! update: Sorry for this topic i didnt see what devs post about this problem. i know its will be closed, but anyway thank you for this game and gl with it ! =)
  18. Please add the Desert Eagle to the game
  19. stats

    Please add statistics for every weapon in the game so that i can have a look at how good i am with every weapon to help me to decide which weapon to choose the next time i have to make a decision. And just because i like statistics.
  20. weapon

    Hello Survivors, this thread is created to get feedback in weapon balance. i personally feel that the balance of weapons especially by looking at the sniper rifles isnt optimal. i recently made my way to some air drops during the last days and i was really excited what i found in it. it was always an awm a x8 scope an a guile suit. i was like yes man now im gonna take em out 1by1 im a ghost huehue. in the end it doesnt work that way sadly. idk but since the high quality rifles are hard to get cause u will take high risk by getting close to an drop box since there are always peapole camping it. the impact atleast for my self is not that much. stat wise the awm is the best sniper ingame but it doesnt kill with 1 bullet. and tbh i stopped aiming on the head since server performance isnt that great till now, i tried it once on a not moving target with an distance of idk 500meters or so. i take the time and aim for the head guess what i missed idk how but he doesnt die. same target same distance aim for the chest direct hit he doesnt die. idk but this seems bad u have 1 shot before ur position can get revealed and it dont kill in 1 hit. i need to move my ass after my 2 shots to get into the safezone and well i got shot from the guy who should be already dead he needed 3 shots with his sks and killed me. ffs with a level 3 kevlar. so in the end i stop taking real sniper rifles when i could take a m16 or a akm since the difference isnt that huge and i can shot multipe times in short time so my chances to kill are much higher. what do you think? anyone else got the same feeling that sniper rifles are a lil underpowered or is it just me maybe i need to git gud idk.
  21. weapon

    Firstly, I am loving this game!! Was hard into H1Z1 previously to this.. I have vowed never to go back since playing this! This glitch only started this morning... But whenever I get into a battle and begin firing my weapon.. I will automatically just swap my weapon after firing a 2-5 shots.. This makes the game completely unplayable and I will not be promoting, playing nor following the game until this issue is fixed.. I understand all the issues that need to be fixed.. But the game is still playable.. This issue however.. considering the genre and style of the game.. Makes it pointless to play.. Please fix asap Unfortunately it's back to H1Z1 for a while =[
  22. I've noticed recently that picking up a melee weapon in game is almost useless. At first I thought maybe I just suck, but after multiple instances of the same issue I'm thinking is it a bug or does the game just need a tweak? So the issue at hand is melee weapons are not hitting like they should. Obviously if you swing a machete or a crowbar your going to hit in a wide arc in front of you and not just hit at the point of your reticle. My first thoughts when I noticed it was that I had just had some really bad lag. I've since tested this a number of times (dying a lot) just to get a better feel for it. I'm positive it was not a latency issue. Any chance more people are experiencing the same issues?
  23. I dont know is this comon bug, but sometimes when i want to change gun and i click on keybord or scrol mouse to get second gun in hand its not changing it, For the worst when i change its giving me empty hands and when i want to undo change or change for any weapon its not changing at all . After some long time it change gun randomly like im clicking first weapon and it change for second ( after empty hands ) its annoying exacly when your going to building and you want change for shooty and its changing for empty hands and you cant have any weapon in your hands for some time . Is someone have the same ?
  24. Some ideas: change color of compass (big troubles with white compass marks); make an opaque zone of damage; аutomatic adaptation of weapon addons if there are free slots; add hardcore mode - just first person. Thanks.
  25. Several times when I pick up a pump action shotgun and go to load it for the first time the animation will start for reloading and no shells will actually be added. You also cannot attempt to reload again until you switch weapons or animation cancel.