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Found 63 results

  1. Are these being dealt with? All I can find is 4 months of threads were they're "looking into it" and to keep reporting these bugs. The game ended 3:58am PDT on 7/27/2017. The game description includes "We track all your character’s stats in BATTLEGROUNDS, and these are available for you to view in-game. From the number of kills to the total distance traveled per round, you can see a detailed breakdown on your character’s statistics with a single click!" but has been broken for at least 4 months. Assuming the match ID is what follows my name and the The match ID was : 2169370
  2. Win not counted

    Had a win yesterday and the stats still did not update. No Win counted or 12 kills counted
  3. I just did the sickest 1v4 clutch in PUBG

    Sound got fucked in the rendering tho
  4. Hi there! We are group of lads who play battlegrounds seriously, but that also know how to have a laugh if you want to come along and can take a bit of banter come and join our discord! Must speak good english! Dosen't matter if you are new to the game or experienced come along and have fun! Discord : https://discord.gg/sd7XEGP My Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026245337/ See you ingame!

    Hello! Can someone please explain this rank/rating system..? For example, in this game me and my temmate placed 5th or 6th, i got 5 kills etc, survived 32 minutes etc+++ and i still went - in rating overall. can someone please just explain how this works in general please. Best regards, Millaw

    I just won my first solo match and to my surprise, it isn't showing on my stats board. Can you guys fix this? It's not like this is an easy task to accomplish for it to be brushed off as just "another issue". I've invested a lot of time on this game and this is seriously extremely disappointing. Below is a screen shot I took as proof. Thanks.
  7. I had an idea for the gameplay in regards to clothing and character customization. Since crates are currently the only way to get clothing, I thought, what if the reward for winning a chicken dinner rewards you with whatever cosmetic/clothing items (excluding armor/backpacks/weapons, obviously) you are wearing at the end of the match. This would exclude care package only items as well, like the ghillie suit. It would essentially be an alternative way to gaining clothing items, as well as a lasting reward for getting a chicken dinner. Again, this would simply be whatever cosmetic items you are wearing, nothing with defense or attack benefits.
  8. Youtuber

    Hey guys am sparteen am playing pubg since it came out and am a youtuber link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS_FHetV6e3YywkzX2iTKlg you guys are welcome to my channel and see my gameplay i get top #1 alot if guys need any advice let me know and am glade to help
  9. Watch how the silencer can help you in game The sniping in game is awesome
  10. Hey, Just played duo's and my random partner died earlier in the game. It's down to the final circle and I'm lying there after killing someone healing up. I'm there thinking it's just me and one guy... but I cant see him anywhere and he hasn't merc'd me yet... so after a bit I get up and run around the circle looking in all the grass and bushes for the last player but there wasn't anyone. The final circle closes in on me and its just me standing in the middle trying to suck in my fat gut.... until I died. I then I get 2nd place "better luck next time" screen. This would have been one of my few ever wins, and first duo win, I was hungry for that fine fried chicken dinner! Anyone else get this?
  11. Hi All! We are a Group of friends playing around on PUBG and other games (Mostly PUBG). We've currently uploaded some of our best and funny moments from our gaming sessions to YouTube. Please have a watch and enjoy! We are posting these up daily (or should be) Playlist below!
  12. I just played a duo on SEA servers, they were two teams remaining including ours -so 4 players remaining including my friend and I-, but we couldn't find the two remaining ennemy players, the zone finally closed on us and killed us, still no others players. Counted as second place. Never saw something like this happen ? Any information on that kind of bugs ? RIP Chicken Dinner ;-(
  13. Servus Leute:) Schaut euch mein neues Video an Viele Kills und ein Happy End
  14. How did we win this!? Trust me, we went full retard again, and we went more than ever! Enjoy!
  15. 12 Kill Solo Win Montage EU

    Hey there, as many others I recently started a youtube channel to share some PUBG content! Today I uploaded a montage of my 12 kill solo game. Hope you enjoy it, there's more to come.
  16. steam name is extafy! add me ! my icon is a lion! I want someone in the US, I live in Illinois and I want someone that can grind and catch these fat W's with ! IDC what voice thing we use I juss wanna win and play all day hahaa
  17. Live on Twitch : )

    Come watch my friend we're trying to make him be the next big thing started the stream with as win https://www.twitch.tv/oxxshanksxxo
  18. Hello Guys. Today i decided to export some of my most recent wins to my neglected youtube account. Since i thought it was really cool to re-watch, maybe you guys would enjoy it as well. I've cut away most of the boring bits, looting, camping etc and most of the videos start roughly around top25 where shit gets intense. So far i've uploaded 9 wins from the past 2 days of Battlegrounds, each video lasting about 10minutes. - If there's any positive feedback at all, ill be sure to keep them coming in the future. Also i'd like to apologize for the few videos i was broadcasting in Danish. Still some pretty decent kills to watch though. Here's an embedded video of one of my favorite wins out of the 9 total: For more videos like this, visit my youtube at: youtube.com/AintrealTV Or catch me live on twitch: twitch.tv/AintrealTV
  19. Introducing myself with the WEIRDEST WIN

    Hello everyone, since I encountered a totally weird win, I wanted to share this moment with all of you. This game creates the best moments ever!
  20. 20 Kills im Squad und Win

    Jo Leude, was haltet ihr von unserem neuen Video, mal "ez" 20 Kills gezogen.. und WIN natürlich!
  21. take a look on my videos

  22. HI There I was playing duo with a friend, but he crashed right after the 1 minute countdown. I decided to play the game through, and i freaking won the game. Unfortunately i cant see the win count in statistics. Checked both solo and duo, but it's not there. Luckily i have it recorded, but it's still annoying since me and my friends have a competition going on. Love the game by the way, so hope the bugs will be fixed when full release happens Thanks for reading - Ondebjarne
  23. I won a game with 11 kills and it was my 10th EU win, my stats still say m y highest kill game is 9 and i only have 9 wins. This happened already on 11th of may if I recall correctly, but the customer support only now replied to me and told to put the information here. I attached a picture of my win screen, and I have gameplay of every kill saved as well. Would love to have this game showing on my stats as it is the best one I have had so far. - QwesterZap