Mid Game Crashing/Freezing - Stuck on Loading Mega Thread

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Bug Description:

I run the game, then I see a picture Bluehole and after 10 seconds of waiting the game crashes. 


We are very sorry that this crash occurred.please help us track down and fix this crash by providing detailed information about this

Thanks for your help in improving the game.

Date Seen:


Troubleshooting Attempted:

I reinstalled the game, updated drivers and windows.

System Specifications:

Operating System : Windows 10
Graphics Card : Nvidia GeForce GT 740 M 
CPU : I7-3630QM
Ram : 8 GB


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On 2017-5-26 at 8:29 AM, Aldawgs said:

Hello Bambi, try taking a look in this thread, and mention your issue in here also.


Thats what i did  

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