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Are you interested in socializing with Player Unknown's Battlegrounds players your age but haven't been able to "weed out" all the adolescent gamers? Have you been unable to join traditional, time-consuming clans because, being responsible adult, you have had to juggle your free time with going to college, taking care of children, or being employed in a full time job? In short, are you interested in an online experience akin to "shooting the bull" with a group of drinking buddies? If so, then the PUBG Gunslingers is the right place for you!





We are fortunate to have been actively gaming together while adding new friends every day to the fold for over ten years, and are eager to play Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.
We have a large collection of parents. And we have the large collection of the working men and women members.
If you would like to join the club, you need only to fulfill two things:





  1. Be at least 18 years of age or older.
  2. Register your membership at our forum: Clan Forum

That's it! We don't ask for resumes, character stats, probation periods, or any other sort of silliness. You just want to have fun, right? So do we! If you would like to learn more about membership with the Gunslingers, feel free to visit our "How To Join" page of at our website.





We like to ascribe the Gunslinger experience akin to having drinks with some buds after work or partying with them on the weekends. Nothing stops the music faster than a few knuckleheads, so we do have a few guidelines we expect people to follow during their stay:



  • Pornographic and/or obscene material is prohibited.
  • Self promotion by new members will likely be treated as spam. This includes promotion of own non-commercial websites.
  • No personal attacks on other members or various sorts of offensive behavior is allowed.
  • No glitching/hacking/cheating. We define such as purposefully accessing the game's programming or abusing a flaw in the programming to achieve an act or status that is not intended or possible otherwise.






The Gunslingers experience is as simple and non intrusive as joining up with other adults your own age and playing some PUBG at your convenience. For those of you who like to take part in activities, events, and communications beyond that simple formula, we offer several popular, optional features as well:

  • Full Clan Forum
  • Active Discord Server
  • Our own mobile app
  • Member Blogs
  • Online Social Events (read: Frosty Pints)
  • Active Twitch Streamers
  • Our own Steam Group

...and much, much more!



Thank you for taking the time to view our clan's topic! I wish you the best in your Player Unknown's Battlegrounds endeavors!
The PUBG Clan for Adults.
The PUBG Clan for Parents.


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ratpak    14
10 hours ago, Rektopus said:

HI, could you tell me what server you guys play on? Thanks

This^^ and is 55 too old lol

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McMurphy    0
13 hours ago, Rektopus said:

HI, could you tell me what server you guys play on? Thanks

Mostly NA & EU servers.

2 hours ago, ratpak said:

This^^ and is 55 too old lol

Not at all. Some of our main-stays (nodge to GS*Fed Architect) are in their fifties.

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