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Can not hear/talk in the game

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Hi! I am having a problem with communicating with my teammates or any other people in the game. I pushed "T" and try to talk, but my teammates could not hear me in the game, and I also can't hear them. I did not mute the sounds, and no matter how I change in setting I still can't hear any other in the game. Could anyone give me hand to solve this problem?

Thank you so much!!!!

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Ky-Zo    33

This may sound confusing but it worked for me immediately.

Go into your control settings and find 'ToggleVoiceMute' which should be CTRL+T, change it to anything else e.g. I set mine to CTRL+M.

Once you've changed, use the toggle twice in game so you get the 'Voice chat muted' & 'Voice chat unmuted' prompts and it should begin to work.


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