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Caesar of Roma

Reporting a Player: Step By Step

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Evening All,

There is now a quicker way to report players. Please follow the link and steps below. 

Create an En Masse Account if you do not have one. 

Step 1: Click on "Contact Support"


Step 2: Select PUBG as the game...Find the issue that is most fitting, in this case it is "Game Support"


Step 3: Complete the Issue Details drop down, you will want to fill in "I need to report another player." Next, add the Issue Details... I would say "hacking" or "teaming" and click Submit a Ticket


Step 4: Fill out the Description, Characters, Your Character Name and Date/Time. ***Please attach any media to prove your case, it will make the review process easier***.... After you have filled in all the information Click "Finish & Submit"



Thank you all and see you in the field!.... or maybe you won't.  ;-) 

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