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This is a list of suggestions that has been given overtime and is known by the devs or have already been addressed.

If you create a post containing anything in this list or below posts, your thread will be locked or deleted.



Sounds - W.I.P.

Kill cam

Shooting range - It will be added at a later date confirmed by the devs.

Hit markers / Bullet sounds - Please join linked discussions if you want to add your own thoughts. Discussion 1 Discussion 2

Bleeding when reviving teammates - Known bug will be fixed

Ping indicator / Ping lock

Vaulting/Climbing/Jumping - Vault Mechanic, Climb and such will be coming in the few months. ETA to take 2 months(end of May) - Source

Safe zones / Circles / End zones - will be reworked

Team markers - added

FOV Slider

Replay feature

Rebind SHIFT/mouse wheel

Disable gun sounds in lobby

Tampering .ini files / Low foliage disadvantage

Gun in AUTO mode instead of SINGLE on pick up

Toggle lean


Lobby noise - You can CTRL+T to mute mics. Guns will either be removed in the future or an option to mute/lower sound will be added.

Weather / Day / Night System

Name Change - Currently there's no way to change your in-game name. Something might be implemented later on.

Reconnect option - Already stated by PU that this will create a disadvantage and it will not be implemented.

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