Make use of Energy Drinks and Pain killers

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These two are very underrated and underused items right now. But it can really help you.

First off let's clarify what they do for you. In case you weren't aware both will give you heal over time.

The notches that you see on the blue bar (left side), 2nd will give you less bullet spread and the 3rd notch will give you more running speed.


1 pain killer will get you up to 2nd notch;

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 1.06.29 PM.png

1 energy drink will get you up to 1 and a half notch;

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 1.20.17 PM.png

We all know bandages and first aid kits don't heal you over 75%. Pop an energy drink, and watch your health go full over time. It is REALLY slow though, FYI. You can always load up before you head into a fight to help with heal over time too.

Trying to get to the safe zone but still have ways to go? Pop that pain killer or couple of energy drinks past that third notch so you can move a little faster. ;)

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This is something I didnt know until yesterday. Now its all whole new game in terms of survival. Thanks for the nice n clear layout.

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read the title and immediately thought, yah I enjoy a monster while streaming.  

On the other hand I agree its a huge health bonus. I usually save them for end game to give a buff in the top 10. Helps when you cant med pack in a hurry, bc you know bullets an shit.

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