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  2. Double Barrel or Pump-Action?

    Pump for me because I can't aim so well, more shots between reloading helps my odds of hitting one. Just being honest!
  3. Which do you prefer the over and under double barrel or the pump-action and why?
  4. lost host connection

    nope... same crap. It makes me so mad it kicks me out in the worst moments.
  5. Is this legal

    From : https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/36101-reporting-a-cheater-hacker/ "Using third party programs, macros, client-side hacks, edited game files or anything else that may give you an unfair advantage in the game is unacceptable and will result in a permanent ban from the game." This is pretty vague but you're doing the right thing by asking, maybe even try and reach out to them on Twitter or message an admin on these forums to ask if you don't get a response here. It does look a bit sketch if it's live tracking the match data so I'd wait to get an answer before just in case.
  6. How did this guy survive?

    6 or 7 bloodspatters it looks to me, even if all in arms/legs should kill him. desync i guess? maybe on his screen he killed you before you got the last 2 shots off, dunno.
  7. Cannot Update PUBG

    Same issue here all day. Wont let me verify game cache . Tried multiple download regions. Tried reinstalling. Still get the error.
  8. Does this tactic work for everyone?

    m8 you bumped a 3 month old thread
  9. when i load up pubg the warning screen pops up and says early access blahblah. when i press the i understand it goes into the create a nickname. (if i dont click i understand quickly when i click it nothing happens) when i type a nickname and press create, nothing happens. the create button is all yellow unlike the i understand which is white (yellow if the cursor is hovered over it) i also recently just got the game
  10. I bought a new monitor which is the asus vg248qe 144hz monitor. I used to run this game on my 14 in. laptop screen. The problem I'm having is that the game refuses to run the game in fullscreen now that I run the same screen on both laptop and the new monitor. It freezes anytime I put the setting on fullscreen, and yet runs on windowed fullscreen absolutely fine. I would be fine with this if there wasn't a lag spike every time someone peeked me (exagerated). I have to go to the file in my C drive for this game every time to set it to fullscreen windowed if I want to get past the beggining freeze (usually the bluehole screen, but sometimes I get to the initial screen before my character model would load especially if I opened the game several times over). I'm running HDMI for now, but I'll be on DP next week, I'm hoping that will fix it but I'm doubtful in all honesty. My specs are as follows. Asus vg248qe MSI Ge62vr GTX1060 3gb Intel I7-6700HQ @2.60ghz (I'm pretty sure it picks up the pace when I run a game and goes to 3-3.5???) 16gb RAM Windows 10 Home SSD(250gb) HDD(1TB) pretty sure that's everything of importance but I'd be glad to provide more information as needed. Help is greatly appreciated.
  11. The main reason why redzone should hit campers.

    Camping isn’t a play style.... its a lifestyle.
  12. Kar98 with silencer wont knock down enemies?

    I was wondering what had been happening to me. So many well placed shots doing nothing with the kar...
  13. Is this legal

    Is this map tool legal,https://pubgsumo.gg/ it shows a map of posseible locations of loot cars and people ( I think, I havent used it yet) Aparently it legal but I still wana check not to get banned.
  14. No sound in game

    Bug Description: In the middle of a game, the games audio stopped working and restarting won't start the audio up again. Date Seen: 8/13-now Server: All servers. Troubleshooting Attempted: Verified the game files and reinstalled the game. Other Information: none Launch Options: I have not System Specifications:
  15. Do what WOT does for replays

    Correct me if im wrong but doesn't windows come with a recording program built in now?
  16. Push to talk not working

    Check your ports on your router. I know the university i go to in ATL blocks all internet ports for "security" and that blocks in game voice so if i want to use voice i have to VPN out of here. you could always try a free vpn to see if that opens voice chat.
  17. My game has been working for a while but is currently failing because it is locked after the blue hole logo and it leaves game and sends me to a window called battlegrounds crash reporter
  18. Deve ser seu HD, rodo meu jogo no SSD com a mesma config (processador de 4 geração) e pego uma média de 80 FPS com a maioria das configurações no ALTO.
  19. Insane AKM damage

    I dont know if its just me but in the past few days Ive been getting killed with the AKM alot, almost every time I have all lvl 3 armor and I get killed by the AKM in two or three shots every time and sometimes at very far distances. At this point im starting to get suspicious of possible hacks because of how often its happening. IDK if im just getting unlucky but ill check my armor after the first shot and i still usually have at least half armor, and once i die i could understand if its a head shot but its usually not a head shot and i still get killed in two or three bullets. Its getting annoying and its been happening pretty often in the past few days.
  20. Date Seen: and 8/18 Troubleshooting Attempted: Worth mentioning that this is the only game/application that this is happening in.
  21. Kar98 with silencer wont knock down enemies?

    i have run into this and also my friend has. kar98 is definitely bugged.
  22. Why do you discriminate?

    It's not discriminating, it's an invitational. They didn't open it up to the public and then tell you that you can't participate, it was never open in the first place. Part of it has to do with promotion, part of it has to do with convenience. The people they've invited are well known to be skilled at the game and entertaining to watch, where as the general public has not proven either. If the public was involved there would need to be a lengthly try-out period full of qualifying rounds and regionals and semi finals and finals before leading up to the actual tournament and that would just be frustrating and time consuming and expensive for no reason. With an invitational you reach out to people who have a guaranteed return on investment and then skip right to the end. From a business standpoint it makes perfect sense, especially since its for charity and publicity.
  23. Today
  24. Dying to Players I Kill

    i have had this happen as well. i had a guy down my teammate and he was in the blue, i downed him and finished him off, then out of nowhere i got sniped but the game claimed it was the guy i just killed. it was an easy to remember short name with 0 differences.
  25. Got stuck..

    So.. don't climb on barrels apparently.
  26. Can we get fat characters?

    Makes sense to me as long as they have an accurate hitbox, I see no reason why we can't have models with differing heights and weights
  27. Olá, meu computador claramente alcança os requisitos mínimos do game, mas mesmo assim há alguns problemas, como lag durante a partida, as estruturas demoram para renderizar, tempo muito alto na tela de login da partida e entre outros erros, já tentei fechar processos que não estão sendo utilizados, também deixar os gráficos no mínimo e mesmo assim os erros continuam, sei que o jogo esta em uma versão não oficial, mas meus amigos que tem uma configuração de pc inferior ao meu conseguem jogar tranquilamente, se alguém pode me ajudar agradeço. Config do meu pc : Processador : Inter Core i5-6500 3.20 ghz Memoria: 8 GB de Ram Placa de vídeo: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
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