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  2. You're probably one of those guys who called people idiots when they started posting about afk farmers. Then you realized they were right. Now, it will take some time for you to understand this has become a lucrative business. But you will at some point.
  3. Configuration nécessaire

    Pub est très bien opti mais extrêmement gourmand ta config ne passer pas, pas assé de de RAM
  4. Let's say that, optimistically, you'll get 0.5€ for one crate. That's 3€ a week, 12€ month. Which means it's almost 2 and a half month for single account to refund and then you make that 12€ a month. Not the worst nor the best deal ever, but... the value of crates is getting lower and lower each week, in the past month it went down by ~0.2€ and it doesn't seem like its suddenly going to start going up, no reason for that. And of course that doesn't add the cost of running such bots and imply that your account won't get banned. Which means that, yeah, that's a really shitty investment. Maybe it was good few months ago, but not anymore nor in the future. Crate selling is only worth, if you actually play and enjoy the game and don't care about looks, so you simply get some small tip for doing nothing.
  5. why don't they just start hardware banning people ?
  6. FPP is mmr activated?

    I can't get better at this ever. Is the mmr even on?
  7. Everyone knows how to use a VPN, it's just too easy. If there is a website you can't access from your country you just use a VPN and fake your location elsewhere. Region looking won't help. Just make it so these farmers can't sell any of they're stuff. Make all those items non transferable. These people aren't doing this for fun, they are doing this to make money. It's their job, and the money doesn't look good enough for us westerners but it's better where these peolke live. Either that or start spouting anti PRC propaganda over the coms in Mandarin. Maybe we can get PUBG banned by the Chinese government.
  8. game not starting after windows 10 update yesterday

    It works with the testserver! There I can join the lobby without issues. So what is the difference?
  9. Client Freezing on first time launch

    in my pop window in taskbar, the game run completely too not freezing anymore so weird
  10. у меня так тоже багалось когда то , чуть ли не каждую вторую катку в дожде нет звука дождя. Но примерно месяца 2 назад перестало.
  11. Probleme mit PUBG BlackScreen und Lüfter

    Versuch mal einen anderen treiber. Wie heiß wird dein System?
  12. Guide: How to PROPERLY throw grenades

    excellent guide once again sir!
  13. Fair point, well made fella
  14. Should I buy a new graphics card or buy a new CPU?

    CPU will bottleneck the 1060. I would recommend to buy a new CPU. P.S Your Thread is under german support
  15. Cganging the colour of the compass

    tbh i believe its a very simple thing for them to do and will make a huge difference to the gameplay for the most of us. Now dont get me wrong im no game coder etc so it may not be as easy as i think, but they gave us the option to change the colour of the cross hair. Hybriduno.
  16. A cheat like you never heard of!

    Might have been some heavy rubberbanding. He could've been running to you, opened the door and got teleported back a couple meters.

    Auf ultralow settings, ja, SSD ist eigentlich Pflicht.
  18. I’ve been having connection issues with my ISP (Colombia, CLARO), in most of my games I get disconnected half way through (Already tested my network and packet loss) Other users from my ISP are having the same issue with the game, does anyone knows what ports does the PUBG uses for NA / SA ? It seems I have to report the Ports to my ISP in order to white list them.
  19. Es normal que haya tanto hacker?

    Estos usuarios no duran mas de 24h en el juego, tranquilos, se limpia diariamente la comunidad de este tipo de jugadores.
  20. i honestly have no more words to describe how stupid you are over this subject
  21. Cganging the colour of the compass

    If we could have it dynamically change color so it contrasts with whatever the current background is...
  22. ShotGuns

    Shotguns have effective range of 100-180 meters so it does not feel stupid to me.
  23. No, they don't need that much money to make a living when they were in some third world situation. Just like the gold farmers on WoW tend to be mostly from Asia. The real problem is that fuckwits buy things from them because they want to make their characters pretty.
  24. A cheat like you never heard of!

    Non of that explains how the other player opened a door from 5m away. Because he could not have moved so far after opening it by the time I got to him.
  25. steam ban

    Hi, I am from slovakia, so my english is not realy good, but I am play very frequently this game. I want to know the reason for the ban to understand why I can't play. Please unbanne me beacuse always play with my friends Thank you very much, I wait for news My steam profil:http://steamcommunity.com/id/cicakutya
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