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  2. Yeah, lets remove a whole feature that doesn't cause any issues to most players, just because OP lost a single game because of it. *Entitlement intensifies*
  3. First of all, I love PUBG. 1400 hours played. So I like the new map just like I'm sure everyone else does. People like it on merit or just because it's new. What I've been noticing though is that almost every match played on that Map I either die from behind or by another guy watching my fight. I understand that the type of map this is makes that an inevitability but the curious thing to me is that a few months back so many players were dead set against Mirimar for all the same reasons. Like I said, love the game, like the map but the tactical aspect seems to give way to luck and circumstances on this map.
  4. BruceMon3yWayne

    Sanhok pass. FYI.

    Just a lil heads up. I was gonna hold out on pass till near end pending on how high of level I was with just free stuff. Thought all the pass missions I completed would just unlock if I had done it before buying pass. Wrong lol. So Incase u had the same thought I figured I’d mention this. I ended up getting it and none of the missions for the pass were completed even though I have definitely done several. I guess it kinda makes sense. But would be cool if it would have kept track. Just thought I’d throw this out to save people trouble.
  5. BadBatch5040

    Auto Scroll Inventory Screen

    Thanks! I found that out yesterday. I would of figured somebody would of said something before.
  6. You're saying the mode requires no tactics, yet complaining about your teammates not reviving you (which would actually be smart tactic since it gives you points and keeps more people on the battlefield) and then dismissing the enemy letting you bleed out slowly (which would also be smart tactic since it can temporarily give them the numbers advantage on the battlefield). Calling it a "pussy" or cowardly-move is just weird and a bad attempt at being dismissive... it's clearly effective or you wouldn't be complaining about it.
  7. JPax

    Squads not fair. Fact.

    Why are any member number squads being placed with any other kind? In a competitive game, that is incredibly unfair. I have two friends that I regularly play with online, making us a 3 man. It is not competitive or fair to be matching up with 4 man squads. This should be an option for those that want it, not just standard matchmaking. Categorically an unfair system. Whatever anecdotes people are blatantly going to put forward are nothing but that, anecdotes.
  8. Braydenmaine22

    Hello? Is there anybody out there?

    I can ease your pain, get you... on youre feet again
  9. I've seen unreal engines, Unity, cryengine, source and they all process packets as soon as they are received. Lag comp only mitigates tick and replication delays, not player latency.
  10. Zazarius

    motorcycles: please explain

    I don't have problem with bike anymore after many training but let be honest a sec, this is not a need for speed game or bike race game so they won't improve it like it was the main thing in the game and totally agree with this. Just waiting and adapting is all we can do !
  11. XmasTeaTowel

    Hello? Is there anybody out there?

    Same Saturday Midday, no SOLO, no DUO, SQUAD match after 5 fekken minutes then a lobby time out start, with 54 people. I think the matchmaking is broke like last time OCE broke. And there's also no OCE in War mode. If you cancel the matchmaking every 30 secs and search again it works better. BUT I couldn't find a SOLO lobby while my brother is in a Sanhok lobby with 30 ppl. Wouldn't put me in there. His game started with low player count. =broken @Andymh5 this happened a few patches ago. Same behaviour. Please acknowledge
  12. Just go see for yourself, so many cheaters are playing in the Event mode since there is no "Report" Function. Seems there is a new telltale hack that allows you to crawl at warp speed🙄
  13. Edited my comment for further clarification lol your bragging about being tactical in a mode that requires no tactics to play effectively lmao. RIP. Carry on, I'll keep slapping you and all 3 of your buddies in war mode while you make me wait 1 minute to get back into the onslaught. Usually out of ammo at that point anyways it's just annoying.
  14. kroppsomvandling

    Lower amount of players needed for game start!!!!

    Yes but nobody wants to waste that amount of time for server to starta half full. Maybe also remove rain and keep that only for events. That is what makes ppl drop.
  15. Ha, really? Playing smart is cowardly to you? Sounds to me you just dislike the method of play and you're allowing it to sway your objectivity (or the lack thereof). It's clearly an effective strategy, whether you like it or not.
  16. XmasTeaTowel

    Automatic region selection

    @Andymh5 Could we get some clarification if Auto region selection will be a region 'lock' or not?
  17. Yes, really. It's widely known AND published by Blizzard that their games are region locked. Your lack of understanding on how it works doesn't change the fact that you're wrong.
  18. No one is confused, you are the one confused if you fail to see how that is cowardly compared to the alternative. I have no issue disposing of multiple hostiles so I welcome more people to challenge me that I can potentially kill. You're boasting being strategic in a mode that is designed to be less strategic and tactical. The goal is to get more kills to outscore the other team, more finished kills results in more bulkier quicker respawns thus making the game progress quicker.
  19. XmasTeaTowel


    I've had some perfect dinners with no comms in a squad of randoms. Like a well oiled machine. You and your no friends are just nuggets. Squads is trash anyway.
  20. Lol killing downed players yields more ammo and a second weapon which means you can have more ammo loaded and ready to shoot..Next! Don't go down very much some games not even once but k...
  21. That's called strategy, for those of you that are confused.
  22. zDerezzed


    Wow, blew a gasket huh?
  23. XmasTeaTowel


  24. More parachutes = more cannon fodder for my groza
  25. fluffl0rs


    Even worse are the people playing squads and pissing off on their own...
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