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  2. My comment was a general comment not directed at anyone. It's a general trend on this forum that I've seen in plenty of threads. I've been in enough threads where people have talked about hit boxes, recoil, etc. while comparing other games and got shot down by the PUBG is perfect and can't be compared to other games army. That the OP is an idiot and how dare he say such things. People replying with such vitriol instead of rational and constructive discussions. That's my general observation, so I get tired of seeing crap where guys get shot down instantly because the games are so different and PUBG can't even be considered an FPS because it's a survival game. Complete junk. Every gaming forum I've ever been on has the same group of people who defend the Devs as making the most perfect game because whenever the game changes they complain about it instead of spending time to try to get used to the change (see patch #10 for a great example). So that's what my response is towards.
  3. The good news is that it hasn't launched yet. Imagine how it will run when it is out of "Preview" status
  4. Dunno why they are doing this... makes no sense unless there is either a problem with their design of the loot or they just don't want people making money
  5. DrakewOw

    TEach NA player HOW TO WIN -

    I’m laughing tho bro I’m not even triggered I think it’s funny as fuck😂
  6. Im sure a lot of people experience the dreaded "game crash" whether you're travelling top speed in a vehicle, running to the next circle, or hiding behind a tree with 10 people left. It happens to everyone sometimes. It can be a huge pain, and very stressful. I think since the developers cant seem to fix or find the problem, maybe some bandages can be applied to the wound for now. There has to be some possibility to make any player whos game crashed become invisible for the duration of loading back in. It wont prevent circle deaths, but it provides another chance for the unfortunate event occuring. If my idea for the unfortunate occurence is not a good one, then I was thinking that players who experience this issue and it results in their death should get a free random loot (reward that normally costs bp) crate at least for the inconvenience.


    Seeing that there is no mention of the update going LIVE until May 24th. The only way we would know is if we actually played the game. Get off your high horse kid And thanks to those who informed the rest of us that the update is live🤘
  8. djscobomb


    it did when i first downloaded it clean install. I dashboard quit the game then started back up and I was able to get passed "xbox live fatal error."
  9. Adapt or die, PUBG can't adapt so...Not surprising
  10. Whiplash27

    EPIC Games Is Not The Golden Goose

    What does that have to do with their current success with Fortnite? Epic games also created Unreal Tournament, one of the more popular FPS series ever created. They also created the engine that this very game runs on. Sure they haven't been putting out tons of popular games in recent years, but they don't have to because they rack in money with Unreal Engine. They may have ripped off the basic premise of PUBG (which was ripped off a movie anyway), but they also made their game unique, memorable, and appealing to a very large group of people. They didn't just copy PUBG, they took BR and made their own version of it and people took to it more than PUBG. PUBG once had 3M+ peak players, today's peak was only 1.5M players. On the other hand, Fortnite keeps growing. Any person with even half a business sense would tell you that Epic is doing something right and Bluehole is not. Do you not realize how many companies have taken someone else's idea, improved on it or made it more appealing to the masses, and profited even more than the original creator? This has been done forever. You may argue that PUBG is superior, I think so as well, but the masses obviously do not. Either way BH has to improve the game if they want to compete into the long-term especially as other BRs get released by all of the big publishers.
  11. pajama dad

    2x changed?

    Yes, but that doesn't mean it isn't distracting for some people. I personally like my reticles very dim. Some people want them out of the way.
  12. Yeah i play on the OG Xbox and I jumped School when the plane was literally right on top of it, and there was about 10-15 people there... and everything was loaded in before I even touched the ground... This update has been awesome for me.
  13. sourlemons

    Copied test to live

    It's still on you for having bought a product without research. That's not on anyone else. No one lied about it being a game preview - not once has anyone shown is a poster, ad, etc where PUBG was presented as anything BUT a game.preview.
  14. Garand1987

    Question for PC players.

    Lol. Well maybe so. Maybe I just gotta stick it out and keep at it. Looked at the PubG control layout and I feel like I have about 4 hands too few lol. I’ll give it a go tho. First thing I’ll need is a proper gaming K&M. Stupid question I’m sure but it just popped into my head. How would you slow walk on keyboard? Isn’t the WASD inputs On/Off instead of pressure sensitive?
  15. Hey, I am going to wait a few minutes for you to get your head out your ass.... Done yet? Cool. I have clearly stated that this game has many issues, I have clearly stated that this company is damn near incompetent when it comes to fixing issues. They push out crates and weapon skins at an alarmingly fast pace and yet can't fix issues other development teams would of taken hours to a couple of days to fix, yet PUBG has had those issues for months to over a year. That doesn't change that trying to make certain comparisons are just wrong and a waste of time. You can compare PUBGs hit boxes, how they use hit detection and damage to as many shooters as you want. That isn't what is being complained about here. What I am defending, and what I am talking about, is trying to attack PUBG by saying it has more bugs or issues than a game that is 4 years older than it. Has had 4 more years to work out those bugs and kinks, and has even acknowledged that things like vehicles aren't in their game because they would have the same issues that PUBG is having, especially with desnyc. Now if you want to compare the weapon skins against games like Team Fortress 2, or CS GO. Or compare weapon balance, recoil, hit boxes, hit registry and such to other shooters. GO FOR IT. No one is advocating against such things, but you are absolutely lying to try and act like we are saying anything else. At least in this thread.
  16. You can consider it stable in most applications, sure. But the fact that it wasn't capable in ALL situations means its not 100% stable (which overclocks rarely end up being anyway). I'm glad you managed to resolve the issue, even if it wasn't what you ideally wanted as a solution, and can now rejoin the fray.
  17. Ни*уя себе киркорова хотелки

    Change region.

    Just started playing after update and realised it had me on NA server instead of EU. Wonder if anyone else has this problem and not noticed as when i joined FPP NA i was in a game in 5 secs but EU FPP is dead. I know it is a little slower to get game normaly but not this bad. Wondering if maybe some people forgot to check their region and just assumed it would be what it was set as beforw update.
  19. K@rm@

    Question for PC players.

    Keep trying it. I am so comfortable with keyboard and mouse now that my console is used only to watch movies and I have bought the PC version of most of my favourite console games lol
  20. So much attention on these forums goes to Epic games development of Fortnite and it's successes.... "Epic is doing such a good job delivering new content" "Epic's game is so much more stable" "Their developers really listen to their community" BULLCRAP. Let me tell you my experience with EPIC games.... They made a MOBA called Paragon. It launched very successfully in 2016. Half way through the year they FIRED their game design leader, and instated a new one. The game went downhill fast, and it never recovered. Despite the dev's implementing new heroes every month, a new map and major content changes (including HUD changes etc.). The community HATED epic games, they literally destroyed the game. Don't believe me? Here you go, all the games assets are now on the market because they abandoned the game after screwing it up so bad: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/paragon Next, let's look at this company... they contractually let PUBG build their battle royale game with their own server assets. Then, once it started making it big, they COPIED the game and took the limelight away. It's much easier to make a game successful when you can just copy someone else's idea, and learn from their mistakes right from the start.... This is EPIC games. Prior failures of game launches, a dirty business dealer and willing to do whatever it takes to cash in on current market trends. Please stop putting this company vs PUBG and saying how great they are comparatively. Epic games is a trash company that copies whatever it can to make money and doesn't give a flying ass about their community - trust me and thousands of others who have been burnt already.
  21. UPGR4DED


    You sure know how to ruin a good thing.
  22. MachineGunEli


    Another complete shit update literally see no difference in gameplay.
  23. Zultanath

    Does car blast damage people?

    If you are standing right next to a vehicle it will kill you when it explodes, especially if you are in the vehicle. Yet the drop off of taking damage from such is extremely small. I had a guy wreck his vehicle into some boxes I was behind as we killed him. I then stood up with my double barrel shot gun and blew it up. Maybe 4 feet away, and took 0 damage. While I was stupid for doing such a thing, I knew it wouldn't hurt me, yet it should have. They need to increase the radius in which a vehicle exploding damages players. Though I wouldn't make it where you are killed unless you are in or right next to the vehicle.
  24. Don't worry OP, there are plenty of people in these parts who think the game is just fine and will argue against anyone who says otherwise no matter what the argument is. Also according to these types you can't compare PUBG to another game. Can't compare PUBG to Fortnite. Can't compare PUBG to CS, CoD, BF, or any other shooter. PUBG can't be compared to anything because it's so unique and therefore whatever the Devs do is gold. Anything negative that you say about PUBG means that the game isn't for you, that you're a crappy player, that you like Fortnite better than PUBG and don't belong here, or that you're just plain stupid. They resort to ad hominem attacks instead of discussing your arguments.
  25. Kinkoolaidyo


    Did anyone else have the issue of not even neing able to get into a lobby. My game keeps crashing back to my home screen. It wont even load the game.
  26. We got idiots coming here to spam rubbing into people face they are quitting a B2P game for a F2P Fortnite game (a company known to turn F2P Game to P2W) The OP is more stupid that Epic Games owns Unreal Engine, which allow them do better optimization to the client (and better communication improvements to the clients) cause they are one that made it.. It almost like a 12 year old kid trying to bullying someone.
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