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  2. so apparently Vsyncs solves the problem, there is still flickering but much less. Only dowsnide is it caps the FPS at 50, although it is still smooth and there is mouse input lag.
  3. Teamkilling

    There are no OCE servers on the test server so I am forced to play on AS servers. Does that mean that I should learn an entirely new language to avoid having some steamed up kid team killing me out of language-barrier-induced rage?

    That exactly what we need because from most players perspective the hacker situation has only been getting worse. The whole community should be consistently raising the issue until it's sorted. What do we gain by sitting here quietly??
  5. Aim acceleration needs to be REMOVED or an option to turn it on or off! Pls.
  6. I guess this is a torni question

    Not for a while. No custom games just yet. PC does have them though. Also it’s hard to host live tournaments for this game since you need 100 people playing all at one time. Incredible game, not the greatest tournament set up.
  7. You're charging people for this?

    Got to speak to costumer support but they may refuse the refund as you knew that it was in Game Preview when you purchased it, and I wouldnt suggest lying about as every game in Game Preview has the disclaimer in its description before purchasing it.
  8. Bluehole, what the heck.

    Yeah possibly.
  9. Next update for XB1?

    Why? Next year is in 2 weeks. Not unrealistic.
  10. Do Battleye even reply?

    Same here... Waiting for an answer for 20 days. I sent six letters to them, but not received any answer, except automated answer.
  11. Next update for XB1?

    There is a high chance we will see a update this side of new year.. I cant imagine they would want to leave fan without a new taste of PUBG to play over the holidays.. However depending on the size of the update they are working on there is a tiny chance it could carry over but like i said in my statement above i doubt it....
  12. +1 will be playing Solo FPP when not playing with friends on Squad FPP! Now lets just hope this desync, hit reg and horrible rubber banding is sorted come the 20th.
  13. Teamkilling

    It's not rage, ironically, it's boredom.
  14. M24 Overpowered?

    Imo the kar is too op. It shouldn't be able to 1 shot a level 2 helmet. Thats what you use the M24 for.
  15. I don't see how that can be the case. If everyone is playing 3pp then it is a completely level playing field. For every time someone uses the airborne camera to spot you, you will equally be able to spot the next person you ambush. You could argue 3pp favours camping more, but it favours your camping as much as your opponets.
  16. General cover

    The game should not have your player lift his gun when close to cover such as a desk window so on so on. Im not saying the game needs a cover system but i shouldnt be shooting up cause im beside a desk.

    If chinese players were only allowed to play on their servers, this game owuld be playable.
  18. RedZone is to loud!!

    its not very loud unless you have your sound turned up so can hear someone walking 2 houses away....
  19. +2 SQUAD FPP EU

    Ищем двух игроков, самое главное - наличие желания совершенствовать свою игру для дальнейшего участия в турнирах. Наличие тс, 300+ часов (возможны исключения) неплохое понимание игры и хорошая стрельба, сами не обладаем запредельным уровнем, но стараемся идти вперед, пусть и маленькими шагами, рассмотрим все предложения и по возможности со всеми поиграем, если что-то не понравится то извиняйте, так же нужно иметь нормальную систему, чтобы не было вылетов, лагов, и подобных неприятных ситуаций, так же уважительное отношение к своим тиммейтам, если вам что то не нравится, то выскажите это после игры нормальным тоном, во время игры рейджить и оскорблять тиммейтов нежелательно(работа над ошибками после игры), бомбить на саму игру можно, но чтобы это не мешало другим играть, возраст не особо не важен, если вы неплохо играете то возьмем любых. Конакты: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198350100778/ https://vk.com/yplekin
  20. Fix A Flat

    Lets get a repair tool or something....even a can of fix a flat for those cars that people shoot the tires out. Make it a 10 second fix.....
  21. Disable cars in small ring

    I found you in game! https://streamable.com/5txlj
  22. Looking for other to play with!

    Where you at?

    yeah, i just played 5-7 games today, and in 4 games i face 1 or more hackers. not aimbot in head at all, but sprays from 1km distance without any recoil. ak spray withoud recoil. omg
  24. RedZone is to loud!!

    @ devs: and while you are at it fixing the sound of the too loud red zone also fix the stupid 3 and even up to 4 times in a row over the same place ... i mean WTF ... or remove it completely because - it's only annoying - it prevents player vs. player fights - it prevents players from moving (except streamers, they seem to have red zone protection most of the time because they don't care about the red zone, they keep on moving, looting, whatever ...) so all in all the red zone is bad for gameplay
  25. Game crash: Megathread

    Crashed every game without fail today for both me and my duo teammate. Almost always when there is between 30-40 left.
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