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  2. Why do you discriminate?

    Damn, look at that. There wasn't discrimination after all...shocker
  3. Is it just me...?

    This is caused by low ram or someone hiding the blind spots of your parachute. but mostly i will say you need to stay close to all players in the start to load them in, but this game doesnt render well since its all client-sided, but 8GB of ram fixes most of the render bugs down to a few seconds of duration
  4. Exit to lobby

    Exit to lobby. Whats the point in that screen after you die in a round. It shows stats and offers you one option, return to lobby. Can we actually observe the remainder of the round or can we just go straight back to lobby since its such a repeatative process.
  5. 10 Ways to Make PUBG Better

    The draw distance of grass needs to be addressed. A player lying prone being looked at through an x8 scope from very far distance should not appear to be lying on flat ground and be completely vulnerable and visible. A simple solution to this would be to make players crawling through grass render in a soft, fuzzy, cloudy haze. Making them more hidden. Crawling to the circle in a solo match with only ten players alive and being easily headshot by a sniper who exceeds the grass render distance is not fair when you are supposed to be well concealed. Please try my suggestion, make the overall ground level render in a thin smoke-like texture so that if a player is prone they can use this as cover like they realistically should. I feel that this problem is being exploited intentionally and unconditionally by all players and is not balanced in its current state. This is the one and only concern of mine after three hundred hours played in PUBG. I love your game and the near perfect First Person mechanics your game has. Thank you for reading.
  6. Asia FPP server full of hackers

    Video or it never happened, could just be you raging and he only had a p92
  7. latest update

  8. Скорее один так и не был приобретен.
  9. Please change the loot tables

    You seem to not have gone too ham on the looting or killing. That isnt the looting table, thats fucked up, its just the way you played that match (or the game). Yes 1 ina 100 matches you find a bunch of guns laying all in the same room. Doesnt happen often but i have found two suppressors in a bathroom, one AR other SR, thats one time, i have played alomost 700 hours. Properly seen mulitple AR's in the same location 400 times, but i have played well over 7000 matches
  10. [25] Client not responding

    "Client issue" is pretty unclear. Someone already have checked if it is solved?
  11. Name a post that is not constructive in some way, even this is saying, come on, you have sold 8 million copies, you can pay for 80 people who give you free advertisement while making you and other normal gamers pay to go after you have reached 2k rating and if we select you are good enough. Lets just headline that. Streamers who make money off the back of the game get paid to go, average Joe must pay their own way. It should be the other way round.
  12. Hello from Scotland!

    Hey there! Good to see you.
  13. Why do you discriminate?

    https://play.eslgaming.com/playerunknownsbattlegrounds/europe/pubg/open/gamescom-invitational-2017-registration/ Did you sign up? If you are able to 1v1 someone like Shroud/Grimmz you would surely breeze through the qualifiers.
  14. Connection Timeout 2.4.24 -

    They've fixed it finally guys!
  15. latest update

    the game Couldn't resist that one, sorry.
  16. Grenades should have greater range of destruction. If you throw grenade into the room that granade should kill all ppl in this room. Just slide away slightly and you are safe. it is sad
  17. Теперь вы можете использовать NVIDIA GeForce ShadowPlay Highlights чтобы автоматически записывать свои победные моменты. Перезапустите Steam чтоб получить обновление.
  18. Why do you discriminate?

    Maybe you could, but "influencers" isnt the best players its the guys that has partned up with PU and helped the community grow. plus i would like to see you 1v1 shroud
  19. Smoke and tears

    I’ve got an idea concerning smoke grenades. It’s a 3 part suggestion. Whereas the second will be the most elaborate. The first part. As far as I know there is no telling in what direction the smoke will blow, or if it is all client side and other players will see it blow in a different direction. When a player has smoke grenades selected he could be shown a small three dimensional wind direction arrow above the smoke grenade icon in the corner of the screen. So the player can predict where the smoke will blow. Think it is easy to implement as there is only need for 1 vector to be shared amongst players as the level loads and a small icon needs to be added to the HUD. The second part. Inside buildings there is no wind. But there is also no where the smoke from the grenade could go. A smoke grenade inside a room should fill it up with smoke. I have some idea how this could work. Every house should (probably is) an object in the game, every room in that house could have an invisible ‘room object’ as large as the room itself. Once there is a smoke grenade inside one of the rooms it will blow smoke. The outside of the ‘room object’ would turn less transparent over time with some smoke effects added. So for players outside the room looking in, it would look like the room is filling up with smoke. From the inside out it will too but a little less. Because outside the air is clearer as in the room itself. But the player inside the room will be harassed by post processing smoke visuals or the fog effects that like those that already exist in the game (rainy weather fog condition) but real close to the player itself. (Not able to switch off in options) The size of the room will have an impact on the severity of the effects. Small room, fogs up fast effects are very drastic. Large room fogs up slowly, effects are mild. These ‘room objects’ could be connected. In the rooms adjacent to the smoke invested room players should maybe suffer the same effects, only at a 30 % scale or something. Door- /broken window openings should be a small area in which the effects would fluidly converge. A small area turning the 30% in 100% or the other way around while you pass through it. Of 100% to 0 when you walk outside. Third part. Can we have some teargas grenades? Same effect as those smoke grenades but adding a damage over time effect. Can be nullified by a gasmask. Half a gasmask 1 time, full gasmask 2 times. Last two are probably very useful for getting fortified players/duo’s/squads inside a building.
  20. Why do you discriminate?

    Can you imagine? "Host offers a burger to random guest" OP: "I cannot believe you did not offer it to the transgender, non-white, disabled dwarf first, that is so discriminatory!"
  21. Had to register to react to this thread. I am a quite bad player. I don't have good stats and I've never won in solo or duo. The best I ever reached was a couple of top 4. And I get heaps of fun. Mainly because I can play following as many game styles as it pleases me. Sometimes I rush to school to get 4-5 kills before getting killed by someone within the first 3 minutes. Sometimes, I land on the roof of the school and get punched as the first killed of the game. Some other times, will I play more strategic and loot, camp, progress, and reach better positions, but with less kills. And that's what's so cool with this game. You can play different ways and get different results. And if you're salty after I killed you outside of the BZ, that's even more enjoyable. According to my understanding of English, 'play' would include the meaning of 'fun'. If you don't play for fun, then don't play. You can't always win and if it's for a reason that is not up to your expectation (for as long as it's not cheating...), well, suck it up. We all get salty deaths, but we don't write a topic (and keep feeding it) every time that happens. I personally hate people camping in a room waiting for you to come by. Well, good on them if they can spend 10-15 minutes sitting behind a wall doing nothing. That's not how I see the game, but maybe they do. And that's why IT IS FUN.
  22. Gamescom 2017 News

  23. We can see you care, fair play. However you do not post constructively at all. You just complain about everything, attack the developers and then wonder why people are hostile towards you. I mean c'mon, post in a nicer way and people will listen much more.
  24. Я болел, но сегодня полноценно вернулся к работе. Мы сейчас с Сандрой решим эту проблему) Темы создаются только под более-менее крупные обновления. Обычно мелкие фиксы и такие вот обновы как сейчас размещают в официальном твиттере. У нас есть специальная тема с переводами этого твиттера. Мы будем активней её использовать.
  25. Дождь

    Странно, у меня фпс во время дождя наоборот выше
  26. Minimalism.

    To answer your A... that comes from experience... Knowing the direction people landed and the logical places people would go, plus scoping in and checking the doors both inside and out etc. The best way to play is be totally unpredictable... and by that I mean realise that others will be thinking the same and so you shouldn't necessarily be in a place waiting for the person to come out the building looting... you should be in a place that cases out the place that people would use to case out the building lol if you follow. To answer B... My point was about looting... spend too much time looting and you won't have the time to get to the position that puts you in good place for the next circles. Unless you have a car the first two circles are the ones where you will get caught out on foot... but once in mid game sticking to the out edges of the circle and running to the safe zone just in time is the way to avoid mostly getting shot in the back by an unseen camper... RNG is only so much of it... RNG gives you your circumstances... its what you do in those circumstances that separates good players from those that always die before the end game. It is very very very hard to win without killing anyone... firstly you would have to rely on the end circle being in a place that means the other couldn't get to you... second you would have to have more health / healing than they do. That’s far a harder strategy than you think... certainly not one in 200. If you are not winning one game out of 30-60 games then you are doing something wrong imho.
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