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  2. flakdemerda

    BattlEye: Query Timeout - Recolección de información

    Por si sirve la info.: -Cada vez que me salta el susodicho error, valido los archivos locales y siempre falla uno o dos, y se vuelven a descargar. No soluciona nada -no es el firewall porque lo tengo desconetado al jugar -no es antivirus porque no tengo. - no son problemas de conexion porque vino el proveedor de internet y me canvio el ruter, tengo un ping de 50 y fibra de 100mgb -no es el ordenador porque es nuevo, un i7 con 16 de ram i una 1050ti -he reinstalado como 5 veces el juego, instalando en ssd i el disco normal -el juego no anda fino porque se cuelga i tengo que darle al cntrl+alt+supr para que siga funcionando Estaria bien que algun admin abriera un post con este tipo de cosas, para ir descartando.. si no esta correcto aqui lo siento
  3. Chmona

    Gaming router worth it?

    Unless ur gaming on wifi and/or have less than 5mbs down/up, no. But gaming on wifi will never be best no matter the router. Wire that shiz up!
  4. 4 hours ago I left here two messeges, someone reacted and answered on it how I can see in my notifications, but now someone deleted it... if someone deleted it means that I broke some forum rule, right?. If so, moderator must give me penalty points right? Where tf is my penalty points? ) what is happening on pubg forum? Messages just dissapear
  5. Fro0g

    Hacker proof ruixi168

    I see absolutely nothing, you and your friend are low HP and no stuff so its normal to die instantely... Ruixi168 has bad stats and you will soon join him.
  6. sgt_gh0st

    Hacker proof ruixi168

    Hello and welcome. Might wanna read this: And you can also report people here
  7. So will this be midnight tonight for the uk?
  8. are you watching a stream of them playing or do they send you hand cam footage spliced with their perspective of your death? or are you in the same room with them or something? how do you know anyone is using a mouse and keyboard? other than you getting worked over by someone better than you, how can you tell?
  9. PUBG_Andymh5

    Boost. Armor.

    Hi, do you have any videos of this happening?
  10. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Help from players with K/D over 2

    Yeah it's all about being smart about your fights. You can be the best shot out of the 100 players but if you are out of circle and out of position you're in trouble! And yes having very little kills and getting dinners at end by being smart. Played 6 games last night before trying a few hot drops that turned out bad but won 2 out of 6 in the duos just from outsmarting our opponents. That's what makes this game great you have to be able to shoot and have done strategy
  11. xTekx_1

    Solution to ESP problem?

    Experience and understanding gives players knowledge to know when something feels off. Whether that be desync or a cheater. With 3 people left, I had a guy kill me in a way that seemed odd. When I watched the death cam he seemed to understand where I was at. So I went into replay and watched this guy and he was clearly wall hacking. He knew where everyone was, and even shot at some people with no visual line of sight. We were in Novo and he started running through the containers like no ones business because he knew no one was in a position to see him.
  12. Freezeiy

    Boost. Armor.

    Watched as i had a full bar of boost not heal whatsoever in Solo NA. Armor isn't showing damage on HUD.

    So they are working on it....

    Personally I hope it works out and they keep all the content and updates the same on both platforms.
  14. I don't remember seeing anything on our forum about this....I'm really interested how they'll make this happen.
  15. All I can say is don't get your hopes up, after all it is PUBG. Even know I still get my hopes up with every patch/hotfix!
  16. VinnieB

    Ps4 pubg question

    I really hope this happens and I'm really interested in how it's going to work. Will XBL and PSN players be able to party up? (I would think not) What about someone on each network having the same exact XBL gamertag and PSN ID? (I'd imagine PUBG would add a unique character to represent XBL users and PSN users) I'm no programmer or engineer but the only way I can see this happening is if PUBG had their own in-game service for cross-play for both XB and PS to play together. Meaning you'll have to make a different gamertag/PSN ID.
  17. Since pubg anticheat doesnt work so well i decided to report the hackers on forum to get sure that they get banned as soon as posible. "ruixi168" is hacking on pubg, i play from UEW server, ban him pls. Here is the 1º video: https://youtu.be/8tRNhUMDqGU Here is the 2º video where his name appears at the moment that he kills my friend and i instantly: https://youtu.be/XgErnuFWWck Thanks you for your time.
  18. nik1703

    Custom Games: What We Want and Need

    ^^ This I'll add a bit/modify based on what i think is realistic: 1. Ability to spawn with whatever items the creator selected (Ex: Being able to select if you have a weapon & armor when you parachute down & select what it is) 2. Ability to restrict any item 3. Ability to Change Item Drop % 4. Ability to Change Time, Size, damage and Speed of Circle 5. Ability to enable/disable red zone 6. Ability to Increase power of weapons and resistance of armor Unnecessary, throws off the meta too much. 7. Ability to create any Sized Teams you want (Ex: 50 vs 50, 25 v 25 v 25 v 25, ect...) Remember 50 v 50 on fortnite? the sever lagged like crazy having 50 people in one city. Pubg would just explode. 8. Ability to change Rarity of Attachments 9. Ability to change how much things weigh If you have a team of 4 holding 30 grenades and 30 smokes each, you'd probably crash the sever if you started throwing them all at once 10. Ability to change Weapon Table of Care Packages Too granular 11. Ability to change Weapon Table of Houses Too granular 12. Ability to Deselect/Select Clothes spawn 13. Ability to change Amount of BP Earned R u srs? Lol 14. Ability to change More Weather Options We already have this 15. Ability to change amount of Ammo coming with a weapon 16. Vehicles enabled/disabled (and which vehicles)

    Survival pass: Vikendi

    Thanks for the reply. 👍
  20. Sounds like you lose before you even land. And I don't fan boi at all. I criticize this game a lot. But your decisions made in game are not the games fault. I land edges all the time and quite often have to travel great distances to get into the circle. I almost always make it if I don't get killed by a player. It's called making decisions that will help put you into better positions. Sometimes that means literally looting very little and going into battle with not a lot of gear. Guess what, that's what this game is! Clearly you don't think ahead. Because if you did you would understand what your next steps might be based on what the next circle shows. That's called positioning. Unless the situation calls for it, running straight to the closest edge of the circle may not be the best decision when preparing for the next circle. And that is YOUR fault. You made a decision that put you into a position that ultimately led to your death. How is that the games fault? Do you need your hand held when playing so that you don't make bad decisions? Or do you try to learn from that decision so you're better prepared next time you find yourself in that situation? I'm guessing not since you've come to the forums to complain about the BZ that has been this way for a long time and everyone knows how it works. Yes, it can be fast. Yes it can be harsh, yes it can and will kill you if you make a mistake. Deal with it and play better next time. Again, do you blame the police for giving you a speeding ticket?
  21. pajama dad

    Can't get into a match

    weird. I think its a bug. We sometimes will queue for 40 seconds. Then I cancel and start again and its pretty immediate that we get a match.
  22. Adrianabu

    Iron Rain Tourney - FPP Duo - $30 Prize

    @Civilian Kiwi Im in with a teammate! Gamertag: AsteroidAbu69
  23. Hannibus

    PS4 Exclusive items

    We've been given free shit so many times, wtf are you smoking?

    ПК 1.0 - Обновление #23

    Да, скорее всего это были закрытые пространства, например дома или рассматривание пола.
  25. Ruggles83

    For all the old school gamers...

    This clip brings back palpitations. This is when I knew I loved video games.
  26. Mikeybenno


    Why do they slide out when your just driving over a field? Go over the slightest bump an ye slide out just what is the point behind this?
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