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  2. Clown Syndr0me

    I just got a weapon Skin crate

    Let us know how that goes. I tell you now you stand absolutely zero chance, read your terms of purchase.
  3. Uk+++ Black-magic specialist +91=8107865842 BABA-JI IN Rajasthan Uk+++ Black-magic specialist +91=8107865842 BABA-JI IN Rajasthan Uk+++ Black-magic specialist +91=8107865842 BABA-JI IN Rajasthan
  4. Sargeantgrim

    Sensitivity Bug

    Here is another video. It seem to only happen when you turn down setting not up. I have be able to re-create the bug almost every time bt doin what I did in the videos. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/memorganfreeman/video/56197370
  5. Clown Syndr0me

    New purchaseable crate

    That too haha. I dont mind purchasing some premium outfits though, I play the game so much I have no problem supporting it further.
  6. Please provide us with an option to change our in-game name without the Event pass levels.
  7. Menaceuk

    I just got a weapon Skin crate

    Actually, it isn;t a finished. So If I am not happy with how the product is shaping up I well within my consumer rights to get a refund. No luck needed.
  8. https://www.windowscentral.com/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-now-using-microsoft-azure-instead-amazon-web-services They switched last year shortly after they signed the xbox exclusive deal.
  9. I do not mean to spam the matter since many have already highlighted it, but I se no other ways. Please Devs, would you kindly put some sort of announcement on the main screen to inform all the users that FPP EU matchmaking issues have been solved? It would help our cause and maybe stop any further redundant topic about this. I also suggest to do the same on Twitter. FPP in EU is not dead! Apologies for any spelling or syntactic mistake, english is not my 1st language. Thanks. Best regards.
  10. Clown Syndr0me

    I just got a weapon Skin crate

    A refund on a game youve played for months? Good luck with that.
  11. HybridGT

    I just got a weapon Skin crate

    @Menaceuk Yeah keys cost $. Either $2 or 2.50 by memory. But that's besides the point. You literally HAVE to fork out real money on Xbox. At least on PC you can get the $ through the marketplace.
  12. No... BR game needs BR/Survival modes... not minecraft....
  13. PeppeRed

    ONLY in main menu around 1-5 FPS total

    You understand all the money to fix bugs they invested in the ultra detailed tournament icon in the main menu, because you have a low rate of fps im main manu
  14. l-Griz-l


    Why does this game feel so fkn horrible tonight.. seriously, whats changed in the space of a fkn day.
  15. Clown Syndr0me

    I just got a weapon Skin crate

    Most people probably ran out of crates this week. Got over 50k BP saved up so will buy my 7 in the morning and see what happens. Wish we could have more crates like PC, surely it cant be difficult to implement some more clothes.
  16. BruceMon3yWayne

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    I’ve noticed this too didnt happen pre patch. Settings are the same. So idk what it is
  17. Menaceuk

    I just got a weapon Skin crate

    If weapon skins cost real money to get then I am getting a refund. They going way too far with the microtransaction crap. First we have outfits--which you should all be added to crates and earnable via BP. Then the inevitable bullshit event pass, and now it looks like weapon Skins might join in. I am fine with microsotransactions as long as everybody can earn them via playing. All the idiots who buy them now will still buy them regardless.
  18. A variation of this game mode would be the game of "The Treasure Map". Consists in: In the minimap, an area is marked, where there will be a mark on the ground. Once you visualize that mark, the minimap mark will be updated. And so a few times more. The penultimate mark will be the key of the bunker next to the location of the bunker, and the last mark will be the entrance of the bunker. In this second game mode the map does not close, there is no countdown, when someone enters the bunker they can close it manually and press the red button to release the radiation that kills the other players and close the bunker. To close the bunker 2 players are needed, they have to push the lever at the same time, even in solo gamemode.
  19. kozachok_


    Играю с другом дуо против сквадов на ру, очень много попадается таких же дуо которые хотят поиграть на ру дуо, может стоит пересмотреть решение?))
  20. Я уже давным давно играю с рандомами, что предлагает мне игра, а с введением РУ серверов - вообще классно стало Не спорю, что иногда попадаются совсем отбитые ребята, но в основной своей массе - все адекватные, не смотря на возраст. По поводу демократии, я до полета самолета, прошу определится с местом высадки и всегда тыкаю туда, куда тыкнул первый (если сам не поставил метку), нравится мне это место или нет. И потом, уже остальные, видят, что два маркера стоят и прыгают с нами. Поэтому, в моих играх с рандомами - все впорядке, а играю я очень и очень много. Единственное, что очень раздражает, это когда люди без микро. Вот тут - да, печаль и беда.
  21. Uk+++ Black-magic specialist +91=8107865842 BABA-JI IN Tripura Uk+++ Black-magic specialist +91=8107865842 BABA-JI IN Tripura Uk+++ Black-magic specialist +91=8107865842 BABA-JI IN Tripura Uk+++ Black-magic specialist +91=8107865842 BABA-JI IN Tripura Uk+++ Black-magic specialist +91=8107865842 BABA-JI IN Tripura
  22. HybridGT

    I just got a weapon Skin crate

    You're meant to pay real money for the key. Kind of stupid to have these on Xbox considering on PC you can just sell these crates on the Steam Marketplace. So technically even if you don't want to spend real money for keys, just collect a few crates, sell them for $2 or $2.50 (whatever the keys cost) and open them. Costing you no real money.
  23. hanzai1

    ONLY in main menu around 1-5 FPS total

    OK so that was a temporary fix... Back to 4-5 fps in main menu. someone please help me!
  24. I up'd it to 10 even now.
  25. A closed bunker appears in a random part of the map. It will be marked on the minimap and everyone will know where it is. In this game mode the countdown does not close the map, but it opens different bunker doors to the safe area. When the time is up and all bunker doors are open, everyone in the bunker wins. The fun of this game mode is that you can win more than one team, but ... Will you trust that there is no betrayal? The fewer teams are standing, the more points you will receive. But if everyone is friendly, all the surviving players could share the points. Ally with enemies to survive together and live the tension of continuous mistrust. It is a unique game mode, it is not a battle royale, it is a Confidence or Mistrust. Or trust only until the end.
  26. Hello I am looking for some PUBG Mobile players for some duos. I am looking for only English speaking players. My IGN is KljoveLegend. Add me if you want to play with me some duos.
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