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  2. Yourgamesbroken

    77% Miramar, 23% Erangel, MAP CHOSER NEEDED

    So many people here clueless about maps. It's totally random. It DOES NOT favor a specific map. Think about it for just a second. Your game time per round is totally random as well. You might last 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. All that time, new games are starting. When you die and re queue you get whatever random map it is at that moment in time. If you get Mirimar one night more then others, again, totally random. had you not been stupid and gotten your head blown off on that rooftop and lived another 2 minutes, you might have gotten a different map. Still, totally random. Anyone thinking that BlueHole needs to monitor and capture the maps played by all 500k or 1 million people playing at peek is, well, stupid. It's random. STFU about it, already.
  3. Hurtmusician958

    Nasty ump I found on a guy

    Love how the slot is empty but yet there is a scope on it.🤔🤔🤣🤣
  4. Hurtmusician958

    Nasty ump I found on a guy

    It's just a glitch😂 Got me one time before, swapped an Uzi for a m4 did this same thing. Fix was just to switch primary slots and it went right back to normal.
  5. ImArnie

    Bug with aiming

    The bug is still there on PC, I think you guys fixed the movement speed side of the bug a little, so you can now strafe left and right at normal speed while facing forward unlike before when you could barely move at all, but you still cant turn the camera left or right, up or down, or aim at all in any direction, it still locks the camera to the front, you still aim in slow motion until re ads to remove the bug, as it was previously.
  6. BadBatch5040

    How use Molotov?

    Haha this chick....rotflmao https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/badbatch5040/video/58775581
  7. x1337LEE1337x

    Markers indistinguishable

    I don't even understand why we need the teammates number on the marker. The colour marker was fine the number changes nothing. I have found myself driving to pick up 2 teammates at a location only to realise 1 was just the other players marker.
  8. ImArnie

    Bug with aiming

    The bug is still there
  9. Check the Fix Pubg Notes ... https://fix.pubg.com/ I've been saying that latency is the major cause of desync for MONTHS. See! Even Bluehole is acknowledging it!
  10. Black Dahlia NZ

    Issue with sound cutting out completely

    Aight I’ll report it, wonder if it’s something to do with that HTRF thing. Happens on live but this was PTS in the clip.
  11. x1337LEE1337x

    Xbox One X Rendering

    Yep I find myself bouncing around empty interiors as the furniture loads in. It's not acceptable when the x has no problems loading them in before I land usually. I haven't been stuck in furniture yet, but I keep expecting it to happen
  12. Когда я пытаюсь начать игру на EU (SOLO FPP), то мне постоянно пишит, что подбор матча будет длиться от 3 минут до 50 минут. Я многое перепробовал, ждал по 15 минут, переустанавливал игру, но матч всё никак не начинался. Я не знаю с чем это может быть связано, на RU серверах матч начинается без всяких проблем, также как и на AS. Сам я живу на Дальнем Востоке, в Азии, поэтому иногда и играю на AS серверах. У друзей, нет подобной проблемы, они спокойно могут начать игру на EU в режиме SOLO FPP. Помогите решить данную проблему!
  13. It shouldn't happen. but until BH takes steps to reduce latency on the server ... "which is in the Fix PubG notes", this will always happen.
  14. Rev0verDrive

    Because Perhaps You Will Never Learn

    muscle memory .... On pick up, mouse 5 (toggle fire modes), load weapon. It's so ingrained (Battlefield series is the same way ... single fire default) that I don't even think about it.
  15. bardowntopshelf

    Teammate Voice Volume

    Press xbox button > rb to settings > audio > push the "headset chat mixer" slider more to the left to keep game volume sounds loud and make the game chat volume lower
  16. ColonicBoom

    Issue with sound cutting out completely

    Often. Several times in every game I think. Playing Duo tonight, we noticed that it was happening at the same time for both of us - maybe that's helpful for the PUBG team to know. Report it as a bug if you haven't already, then they can ignore it without acknowledgement.
  17. GimpUnknown

    loot in battle royal

    The Battle Royal loot is just fine. They are much bigger maps, you have much more time and it's not hard to find some suitable weapons. Half the fun is having to sneak around quietly early on, maybe avoiding contact, until you get a decent weapon or two. I've been finding myself going back to Battle Royal as apposed to Mini Royal lately and I've been loving it. I don't want everything laid out on a plate in front of me. I like having to work, and take risk, to get good loot.
  18. ghostlife

    How is this guy alive?!?!

    36.7 > 36.3...... even if I rounded up on the 16.66666667 to 16.7. It would still come out to 36.5 > 36.3
  19. dvaguirre


    esse lag q vc sente eh screen tearing?
  20. ColonicBoom

    PUBG Got it!

    Hardly rich. The TV was I was gaming on was 6 years old, I'd had it repaired twice rather than replace it. Congratulations on your top 100 though, when is your medal being presented?
  21. Ghost102

    Kills dont seem to be registered sometimes

    Same thing happened to me, I thought I was crazy!
  22. I like a lot of these ideas. One thing I don't agree with is the radio/chat communication limitations. Modern tactical radios have several miles of range. At most, the maps are 7 km across which is only about 4.4 miles. I could get behind dropping them from the hud or mini-map until they are back in range (.5 miles is too limited I think). Otherwise, I love the idea of the king of the mountain or night modes.
  23. mac9yv3r

    Teammate Voice Volume

    yea i notice that party chat the game volume goes down by 80% vs in game chat
  24. I'm getting the same error, i downloaded on the weekend and been trying to get it to work ever since. Please reply to this thread mods, help us fix this problem, we want to play the game we paid for...
  25. ChaoticWeevil

    6x & 8x scopes....

    Just curious as to why have the 6 or 8x's scopes if buildings and other objects don't render in properly for full use of the scale distance of the scope? Is this something that will be fixed in the future I hope? I can't be the only one who wish this was fixed at some point.
  26. not gonna lie pubg does feel pretty good right now on the X. After playing other games though its really annoying that there is no other button layouts I can choose from. Reply if you agree. I need tactical Layout.
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