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  2. I would say their netcode itself is actually pretty good. Considering that they are doing no worse than any other game in this genre. What they need to do is implement something like Battlefield 1 has, where the server essentially tells the players with high ping "GTFO, your shot doesn't count". It will be terrible for high ping players, but for low ping players, it will make it a lot better.
  3. Big Bro' Gaming

    Big Bro' Gaming

    houla oup plastatrouc
  4. stevecarsonr

    PTS won’t launch since the new update

    Yes, thanks for the suggestions. I deleted it and reinstalled it and it works fine.
  5. D3adc4

    Let's get back early access

    Can I get refund to compensate my $60 CoD BO4 ? And a MARS Bar too 😍
  6. Fix the thing that every single game ever has a problem with because there is no bug to fix!!! I wonder when will people start flocking back to PUBG once they realize that this issue is even worse in games like Blackout
  7. Just one correction. Battlefield 1 (not sure about Battlefield 5) also uses client side hit detection. The server only interjects if the client's ping to the server is very high. So if you have a high ping, but lower than the threshold, you will still be able to hit people that on their end are behind cover.
  8. galaksy

    sand storm

    I donno, but instade of sunrise it will be nicer to see sandstorm maybe? Or they can keep it both in game. I whould like to see it or test it
  9. 3aHyDa2

    Mk-47 Mutant

    а тебя не смутил срок между этими играми? и совсем другая стата?я в это время ушёл катать в ассасина ,эти 10 каток играл не я и кстати даже с 10 катками из 30 ,которые слил малой ,я всё равно выправил КД к 3 На спор? ок я тоже могу на пузе вползать и как то пофиг ,только вот кайфа от этого нет подбирать аптечки через таб,а в этом какой то косяк да?видимо профессионалы тыкают через F и подбирают магазин быстрого доступа ,лежащий под аптечкой ,как это часто бывало Ещё рас повторюсь ,игра про взятие топа и убийства игроков ,у тебя в стате нет не того не другого ,о чём с тобой можно говорить и кстати я о стате не пекусь ,просто имею что имею ,а упоминаю её так как она отлично показываает скил в полной мере и кстати по поводу видео ,ему уже почти 10 месяцев и то есть ты неделб задротил тренировочный лагреь ,чтобы показать туже стрельбу которую я показал первый рас зайдя туда и взяв калаш 2 недели не играю ну прикольно чё . И по поводу его треиноровк ,будь ты хоть мамка шрауда ,если механика игры не позволит контрить отдачу ,то ты этого не как руками и не сделаешь это тоже самое что сидеть в копейке и кричать что 300км/ч она не валит потому что это ты не умееш ездить ,а не потомучто у тебя двигло салбый ,это аналоги я рук и читов ,но ты продолжай жить на тренировочной ,может через пол года КД до 1.5 и подымешь .
  10. JustB


    Can we have a option(checkbox) that if we search for a random in a group that he/she got a headset? That will minimize my biggest frustration about a random. Ps. I know we can make a xbox group to search for one.
  11. Damage or not, if all you hit was 1 bullet it doesn't matter, it blocks the same amount of damage. If 1 bullet is not enough to headshot a fresh level 2 helmet then it's not enough to headshot a level 2 helmet that has only 1 hitpoint left.
  12. realpasker

    ПК 1.0 - Обновление #23

    95% смертей на последних кругах, на Саньке, от сидунов в кустах. Весь смысл маленькой динамичной карты просто сходит на нет. Ведь в конце кто тише прополз тот и в топе. Я не понимаю почему нельзя добавить невидимый бокс в куст?
  13. SgtBomb

    Tuesday update from pts

    They have not announced that pts is being pushed yet or put a date on the update......... so i wouldn't hold your breath.
  14. HellDuke


    Do you get the popup window at the start where you have the option to enable anti-cheat? If so, disable it. I can run the game stable over 100 FPS and with it on it hovers around 80-90 and at points drops bellow 60 even. You can also try the following: Disable all other services except for what you need If on Windows 10 go into settings and then "Gaming". Go through every page and disable absolutely everything you can. That stuff affects game performance in a major way If you are running some screen capture - disable it. Close out any other game platforms (Origin, Battle.net) etc. After starting your game start your task manager (ctrl+shift+esc). If on Win7 go to "Processes", if on Win10 go to "Details" (you might have to click "More Details" if you never messed around in the task manager). Find TslGame.exe, right click on it and in "Set priority" choose "High" This should allow you to make sure more resources are dedicated to the game. Also, since you mentioned that your CPU is overclocked, try to remove the overclock and see if it performs better. You might not have a stable overclock, which would actually decrease performance even if it does not crash your PC.
  15. Darth Ioannis

    Tuesday update from pts

    We all hope so...
  16. Nick Larking

    Reduce the sound of the waves

    I like the wave volume at 100db and then you take 1step further away and bam no wave sound anymore.
  17. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Tuesday update from pts

    They never said it was extended from what it is now. They said it will he pushed to live if there are not issues. So most likely we will receive an update Monday night tuesday morning
  18. Overall This has been my favorite war mode so far. The only issue I had was having to send a game invite after every game instead of going back to the lobby with my duo partner.
  19. Pro-Profanity

    Rate my kill out of 10

    Superb win 94 shot, not easy at all. You had the odds against you also as he had an automatic weapon. 10/10. Great pin point accuracy!
  20. Skorpian should really be in the SMG class rather then a Pistol, especially with it's mag size and attachments, and even then it's a crappy SMG to add IMO, would much prefer to see an MP5 or MP7 added with those attachments. x2 :)
  21. SgtBomb

    Tuesday update from pts

    No pts has been extended.
  22. 27 Legend


    I have a ryzen 5 1400 overclocked to 3.75 ghz and a MSi RX 580 armor oc. I only average 55 FPS on the lowest setting. When I get into a gun fight my frames dip to 25 - 30 fps which makes it hard for me to land my shots. Is something wrong or is it suppose to be like that? I love the game played for 500 hours but quit because of my frames. (1080p 144hz freesync monitor)
  23. ibimsYT

    Compensation mehrfach?

    Wird ein Bug sein😏
  24. Rev0verDrive

    The end of FIX PUBG

    Completely wrong on every aspect of BF netcode. No clue wtf you got that crap from, but it wasn't from the netcode dev. BF uses client-side hit detection with Server auth for players under regional ping threshold. Over threshold they use server-side. But it doesn't start denying hits until 300ms ... thereabouts. And it's not lag comp that does this. It's the FHT memory buffer. Irregardless you still get hits/deaths behind cover, insta-deaths (bundled damage), low ping denied hits etc. https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/58255/hit-detection/ Dev posts all through there covering hit detection. Page 57 is where it starts getting good and leading into the ping threshold discussion and loads of detail on the BF1 HFU, Rewind time, server simulation and so forth.
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