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  2. Update on OCE FPP squad server plz

    Really keen for solo fpp now. I'm sick of tpp.
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  5. Просадки FPS в городах

    G4600+GTX1050ti и фпс намного выше чем у ТСа - в чем логика?
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  9. After all the update my game gets "network lag detected" and it's not my internet, this I'm sure, and when it does not come back, I listen to the team partners talking in the open voice, but the game n back, I have to go back to the lobby and connect in the game again in the same match and hope to be alive Settings from my computer
  10. кому как, я играл топ1 занимать тоже можно
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  12. Am I missing something with crouch jumping?

    Yes there is. There are work around that are not against the rules at the time. No I won't give public example beside the blu tack joke above, because last time we did this kind of posts BlueHole reacted by fucking up the movement controls of a lot of players. Still fucked up as far as I can see. If you must, ask me again in a few weeks when one of those work around probably won't work anymore.
  13. How did we win? getting shot at & barrel rolling around the map. I had hardly any loot until the end. Won by a hair's breath of LIFE! Check this episode out, you will not be leave it! Subscribe to my channel and be updated when I release new Ultimate Gaming Videos. I'm Dedicated to giving you the most epic game play videos on YouTube.

    i5 4690 + gtx 960OC so i clearly meet the minimum asked and like i said before they forced it there was no problem for me and it shouldnt be forced anyway. it's the first time that i witness devs who force your performances to decrease without proper reasons. for me it's not acceptable anyway and for the optimization, we can wait for atleast 6 months before they do smth decent i think and i would like to be able to play before tbh i paid for it after all
  15. Connection timeout 2.6.26 EVERY GAME

    I did everything in the troubleshooting page and nothing worked. I did number 15 and I got into one game, but then I edited my graphics settings and then I couldn't play anymore. I repeated no. 15 twice afterwards and now it doesn't work.
  16. Am I missing something with crouch jumping?

    you cannot do it with the ini file. You can crouch jump by pressing two buttons at once. You cannot bind one button to two actions in the menu with the config file.
  17. NA Virginia only US server???

    I did some testing with a vpn, connected to Arizona, Silicon Valley, Seattle, and spawned 7 different games. It connected me to Virginia every single time. I'm really scratching my head here how it decides to connect people to what server and if this Oregon server even really exists. Either that or somehow I'm permanently in the Virginia group??? Doesn't really make any sense. Can anyone that knows how to check what server they're connected to tell me if they've ever played on an Oregon server? Anyone on the west coast?
  18. "Connection Close" O jogo fica nisso sempre, um dia eu consigo jogar, outros 5 dias não, fica assim, ta enchendo o saco já, quando que vão arruma isso pelo amor. o jogo só entra se eu ligar o cyberghoust, mas não da pra usa isso sempre pq da conflito com outros jogos e programas, se usar o cyberghoust pra abrir o jogo eu perco comunicação com pessoal que joga comigo no discord(ou qualquer outro meio de comunicação), pq mexe com o ms(ping). oque eu faço ???
  19. Not receiving BP from played games

    Thanks, when I run the game as an administrator from 'Tslgame.exe' the UI doesn't load when I get in game. I tried closing the game and running it as an administrator again but it just says "loading" in the top left corner of the screen. Do you know anything that could help with that?

    My fps is not that great, but neither is my computer. Hopefully further optimization will help those of us with average boxes, but this is a demanding title, so, weak PC means low fps. Deal.
  21. 3rd person shooting

    It's bad in all modes, do don't worry, at least it's fair...
  22. Like it said on the title, i would like to have an emergency fix for the forced post processing, shadow, depth of field that have been modified since the last update pls Let's be clear without insulting the devs once again even if they don't even care, this game is unplayable for me since the update FPS drop during every fights and of course in cities or sometimes just randomly everywhere on the map it cans go to 30 fps whereas i'm playing at around 60 so i let you imagine during a gunfight how wonderful it is Before the update no problem, except the textures of buildings which dont load at the beginning, i was still playing at 80-90 fps constantly on very low settings but now its a huge loss of perf that i have and it's frustating I've seen a thread on this subject already with more than 120 replies but still bluehole doesn't react and yeah it really pisses me off to have a game that i can't play anymore because of the devs who force you to have shitty performances It's really simple like just put it back like it was nothing more i just want to be able to play smoothly like before or just optimize your game then but do smth pls atleast if you could answer just answer for once because it's nice to brag about the popularity of your game but it would be nice to listen to this community who paid for your game to begin with Don't hesitate to share if you have the same problem thx
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