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  2. There are ton of games that have succeeded with RNG being one of the main features of that game. Hearthstone comes to mind as a game that have way more RNG than PUBG has.And it is hugely successful as an esports game. PUBG is also using the same method to even out the RNG aspect of the game. No PUBG finale is played out with one round. Its being played over several rounds where placements give you points, which are then accumulated throughout the rounds. This evens out the RNG that we see in this game. The RNG of loot is really not RNG if you play around it. In tournaments teams often open their chute early, to secure areas to loot without loot-RNG being a factor. Its not uncommon to disengage either, if you are aware of your loot being sub-par.
  3. From what I got out of it he’s gotten vehicles stuck on the cliffs and on lawn furniture. Id suggest not driving your vehicles into the highly uneven terrain of the cliffs, or attempting to mount lawn furniture.
  4. Shadows

    Vehicles in Late Game

    It was just a thought, I understand the concept of the game and get that it's part of it. I've just generally never experienced other players stopping to shoot the vehicle. I do like the idea of higher gas intake though. I wasn't playing solo much since I have friends on all the time, but I have 7 wins out of 60 games in solo at the moment. Most of the time solo is just time filler to practice CQC for myself. If you're suggesting it's less common at a higher ranking then that would be fantastic and I guess I need to play more. If there is some sort of MMR I haven't experienced it, I've actually matched in Duos with my brother and his wife and killed them, my friend and I were somewhere in the 700-1000 ranking and they're in the 70k-80k area so I'm not sure if it was luck of the draw or there is no MMR system. Thanks to those who gave constructive comments.
  5. Quick scoping makes no sense in a realistic sense. I think the dev already answered your question. Why would you expect the crosshairs to be in the same exact position when your player physically moves the gun up to his face to look into a scope/sight? It SHOULD be off forcing you to re-aim
  6. checkmate007

    The game needs a BIG change!

    1 everyone should start a game with a level 1 back pack. 2. The first circle is way to small 3. all weapons need to do WAY more damage. 4. everyone should start out with at least the 6 shooter with 6 additional bullets. 5. more vehicles.
  7. True KameKaze

    Statement from devs or mid?

    My last hope is that they are testing some things and the build we saw on PTS 3 is the one going live 🙈
  8. Fri13

    The game needs a BIG change!

    The whole idea of this game is that it is random from start to end on each round what you get, and then that different kind players can have a change when they use their strengths against others weakness. That as well means you need to quickly be able adapt a plan B if you find that circle ain't in your favor. Like do not take two long range shooting weapons, instead take a long range and close range ones. If you are bad in long range, try to get to close range. If you are bad in close range, keep your distance. Can't aim quickly? Then disallow others capability to do that, so you have more time to aim. Just throwing lots of weapons, lots of armors, lots of vehicles to move quickly around places, quickly gather players to small area for quick shootouts etc would radically change the gameplay. They just maybe made the first big good change in gameplay by nerfing the AR and buffing the SMG so you actually want to leave the M416 out from your inventory and grab a SMG instead and get close. Now there ain't anymore just "one gun to own all" but you need more variation. And that is what they should do more, increase the difference so you would need to more carefully decide what to use and when, spend more time to get your advantages. Not to force players to get in combat, but make them want to get combat regardless what is the zone. The zone purpose was to eliminate the waste of time where there would be few players in whole map wandering around and trying to find others. But kill-fest players want fast and quick as they don't have understanding that there are far more players who enjoy from the journey, not the horry, so even a below average players can win when they spot the possibility. And Bluehole recognize players like yours wishes and that is reason why they made the third map as it is, a small 4x4km instead 8x8km grid. So you can just jump in and be in contact and combat in couple seconds from landing and keep that action going next 5-10 minutes without finding a "silent moment" longer than 1 minute.
  9. GB_GrimReafer

    Seems legit

    When did they add a Vanisher skin to PUBG?
  10. Tried to insert my own punctuation into that. It did not help.
  11. Vonheckenshutze

    New streamer

    New Streamer that uses mixer and twitch to just put out content that is fun and interactive! I play on Xbox with a group of friends I've had for a long time and always willing to meet new people to play with! Come hang sometime and just chill! Twitch.tv/vonheckenshutze Mixer.com/vonheckenshutze.
  12. Srsly... Love the game, but this is so far from optimized and people want to see results... If this keep on like it is now more and more players will give up on this game, maybe they could turn back when its optimized but thats a huge gamble! You might have a struggle with it, but put your minds and money in it, code like you never been coding before and fix the game, i really dont wanna see this game go down Btw skins and like the emote thing, seems like you trying to copy fortnite, these things dont matter for pubg players, yes skins are a nice touch but optimized gameplay is far far more greatful and better in the long run GL & HF
  13. fUll951

    Shooting Range/ Practice mode

    totally see where you are coming from. we all want that stable game first. just a range perceivably should be easy af. private, no other players. self hosted.
  14. Aterna

    Game look blurry, how i fix it?

    Hm only random blur that comes to mind is when using tpp on corners and you're too close to the wall.
  15. Pike_Hunter

    Vehicles in Late Game

    I look forward to others using vehicles in final circle. 1. I will always know where that person is. 2. I will always know where the people that start shooting them are.
  16. chickenP

    Help me pls

    How long but some people they're no problems
  17. gimer12

    partnership request from pubg

    Hellou -I would like to ask for a partnership from pubg at least on day two -I've been streaming for over a year -Information About me My name is Lukas I am from the Czech republic I am 19 I stream Pubg daily 7 hours my favorite weapon gun M24 M4A1 my favorite place Zharki my twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tiamicro my Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk4iO1VEiwXPgUr_E8a4oaw my Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198100786742 my Favorite Clip https://clips.twitch.tv/HappyArborealCheesecakeCoolStoryBro Save my Pan :3 Ylove Pubg Okey Bay thank you for your answer and sorry for my English
  18. ashm2811

    Real life interference.

    My girlfriend is pretty understanding with PUBG. She plays occasionally herself and so knows the game. She'll chat to me if it's early stages of a match, but if I'm down to the top 10, she knows my attention has to be undivided. She did get me killed the other week. I was playing when she came in from work. It was about half way through a match so I pushed the left ear of my headphones back to hear about her day. I was crouched by a tree waiting for the conversation to finish when a car came out of absolutely nowhere and ran me over. It had come from my left and I hadn't heard it coming at all...
  19. Adrenaline

    Game look blurry, how i fix it?

    Alternatively this will work too
  20. Civilian Kiwi

    Vehicles in Late Game

    I never really have issues with this as I only play squads, but they should really implement higher gas intake and the play one closes
  21. GB_GrimReafer

    My new strats...

    +1. I'll typically grab a second primary for the first few circles and then scrap it unless its a Kar in lieu of frags, meds, etc.

    My new strats...

    Im glad someone else is doing it too. ❤️
  23. why the hell they did something like this ? why not 1:1 ratio like it need to be ?! any idea ?! anyone ?!?!
  24. Garand1987

    Quieter game after recent updates?

    Me: I hear shots coming from 240!! partner: Nah it’s them damned mice.
  25. Garand1987

    Vehicles in Late Game

    No way. If people are dumb enough to ride up in a vehicle in the last circles they deserve their fate. They’ll either hit something as some point and become a sitting duck, or the circle will get small enough that they’ll have to abandon it and everybody and their brother will know exactly where they are. Of the final circles I’ve been in that included vehicles, never once have I seen the driver win.
  26. Eli The Janitor

    The game needs a BIG change!

    Iv already said why. The game is fun. I just dont want to have boring for 5 10 15 min for it be fun. I want the fun all the time, or atleast speeded up. They wont lose 500k. they wont lose anyone. And not to mention, i said it should be tested first. Dont be stupid. Read my post. I dont have time for stupid people.
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