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  2. uk=⑨① = {9928979713}#@= kala jadu specialist TANTRIK BABA JI MUMBAI
  3. When vaulting is implemented it will require a cancel, half cancel (hang), and a hanging movement. Without this it would make for a lot of frustrated players who die while trying to vault over something. Also, certain vaulting mechanics shouldn't remove weapon control and allow the player to continue shooting while vaulting. Specifically over small objects. There will be many players who would just camp walls and wait for someone to try to climb over and without a cancel it would be impossible to counter.
  4. Победки нуба

  5. Force Spectate On Death

    I agree to this. The current situation is like cheating.
  6. Are Macroes allowed?

    no its not but just because it looks like a duck doesn't mean you can prove it's actually a duck.
  7. Either you are a cheater yourself and playing dumb, a community manager trying to control the thread, amazingly lucky, or you don't have any idea what hacks and cheats are. Wall hacks and location cheats are the prevailing now, aimbots also returned. There are also the speed hacks, etc. The biggest tell that cheating is prevailing is the play style and behavior. Nobody raids an well established defensive position, nobody shoots back instead of taking cover, nobody goes around without even using cover. Nobody that knows the fundamentals of the game or is just using cheats.
  8. Bluehole! About crouch jumping..

    I see what you're saying about the flow of the game but the impact is not really a big deal over all. If the crouch jump keybind is that much of a deal breaker then let's be frank, it sounds like you've given up on the game already.
  9. Этого понятия просто нет. Есть понятие "Эффективность поражения" Которая складывается из ряда факторов. Но это лирика, пусть будет "убойная сила" Один из факторов "эффективности поражения" является так называемое "останавливающее действие пули" Так вот чему помянут АК-74. 7,62-39 имеет избыточную мощность и из за этого низкое "останавливающее действие" по сути просто "шьет" на вылет и бронежилет ему в этом не помеха. Я не просто так указал что 5,45-39 низкоимпульсный... Меньший вес пули "мягкой" пули. Гуляющей после деформации в теле "страдальца" которому прилетело наносит существенно больший вред здоровью, скажем так. А вот с броником как раз более эффективно справится 7,62, при чем, чем серьезней защита, тем больше последствия. По сути, по этой же причине ТТ заменили на ПМ. Можно на ТЫ, я без предрассудков
  10. Are Macroes allowed?

    Since i read the update i remembered watching a YT video where a well known streamer explains about using macro to control the recoil in PUBG. Is that allowed? i mean if it is then why up the recoil on all AR's? ppl just adjust the macro's dont they. And if its not allowed how come most ppl streaming dont get banned for using it? it's pretty obvious sometimes. Anyhow just a question for the masses :-)
  11. I live in EUROPE and since the update with the FOG & M14 the game automatically ticks out ASIA as my default server, it's not game-breaking or anything but it's REALLY annoying to keep changing it back and forth between every game..
  12. Solo / Squad, Jekyll and Hyde

    Good point about the squad top 10 stats, didn't even think about that. I've played enough to know how to play with regards to the general tactics you've mentioned. I'm generally quite a cautious player as am not a great shot and have a bit of a budget PC (quite possibly related). In solo I rarely start an engagement unless I'm sure I have the element of surprise to allow for this. I think squad play forces me into fights I wouldn't usually be in which means I can't play to my strengths (or should I say avoid my weaknesses).
  13. Thanks, turned off Xbox DVR actually fix the issue.
  14. Bluehole! About crouch jumping..

    I don't understand what the big deal is with having the bind anyway. If you can do it without the bind, good for you, so can I. Do I want to set my crouch to a different key so it becomes a more ergonomic process? No. Just make crouch jump the standard jump and problem solved. Removing it will make the game much more tedious and the game won't have the same flow it has with crouch jump which will make me look someone else for similar game that actually allows its players the freedom. And believe me, there are already so many clones out there that there will be one that makes this feature the standard and will probably do a lot more things better too.
  15. I think the cheaters are coming because of the micro transactions...
  16. get your ruler out boys,, disgusting
  17. Split the Planes/People up when dropping.

    I think it's a part of the game to have unreachable areas when jumping out of the plane. On the ground, you can use a vehicle to drive in thise areas to loot. This strategy has the disadvantage of beeing mostly (far) away from the zone.
  18. Пардоньте, уважаемые, но к чему весь этот спор? Такими темпами плавно уходя от темы можно случайно начать играть в танки. Как сделают, так и будем играть. Вы же не с разрабами общаетесь. Напишите предложения в соответствующий раздел и, если повезет, о нем узнают, но мне кажется у них своё мнение на этот счет, так что лучше пользоваться ситуацией и, если пушка имбовая, используйте пока дают. Решат, что надо фиксить - будем подстраиваться под то, что есть. Всё просто
  19. Cheating has killed this game

    Bluehole is making a mistake by outsourcing the anti-cheat, they don't understand that by the nature of the game, an environment with fee cheaters is crucial. If they don't anything about cheating and hacking ,I think the game isn't ever going to leave early access, its going to die well before that. Give us at least the kill cam
  20. Scopes super blurry after update?

    In the OP's first image, Reshade is making the existing problem worse(Or your graphics card has the contrast/brightness miles higher than it should be) because theres far too much contrast/sharpen and whatever other options he has selected, the red blur inside the scope looks like he's wearing thermal goggles (and has made the blur 100x worse) & all the grass/straw/foliage is literally blurred into 1 texture that was drawn in mspaint You do want to adjust settings and add/remove certain options in Reshade to counter the changes though because yeah as you say your using the same settings/effects on what is effectively 2 different graphic setups
  21. Сервера

    Как убрать баг с серверами,я когда захожу в игру у меня сервак все время меняется с европы на азию или на америку,может кто сталкивался?
  22. qual foi o procedimento que você realizou?, somente desinstalou e instalou o jogo no SSD? o restando do seu SO e programas continuam no HD normal? você sabe o formato que está formatado o SSD?( fat32 ou ntfs)
  23. You don't need time to make that action, it takes nearly no time other that to press the weapon to the door frame using the exact same movements of a side strafe or peek. The animation would be no more than a soft magnet to the edge of the frame that would be automatic and wouldn't effect your aim at all than making it more stable. It could literally just be when you are peeking from the doorway that it tightens the crosshairs.

    Only seen a couple myself, wiped out whole squad in less than 4 seconds all with headshot then killed 4 more the same way type of thing, What I see most especially on Twitch is mouse macro use... sorry dragging down on the mouse.. cough cough.
  25. Cheating has killed this game

    Encountered my share of hackers ! I suspect it is rampage in SEA & AS servers. Just look at the ranking the top players are all from AS region !!! Check out this link from one of the top player from as server. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5299253698?pn=0& It is in chinese if u can read it! He was boasting that how he is asia no 1 and trying to refute people that he is a cheater. I watched the vid and it just proof most likely he is using esp hack . Most of the users was also commenting that he cheated and one of them even use the video to report him? AS OF NOW , HE IS STILL IN THE LEADERSBOARD. It make me wonder u sure cheating is not prevelant and be is doing its job ? And this is just one of them .
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