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  2. loot spawn is the biggest issue!

    well, landing first in a particular spot, you should have first chance at loot. not the player that lands 20 seconds after you. so yeah...it is a pretty big issue!
  3. Boosters while moving?

  4. Looking for Players squad/duo

    Looking for teammates. pref : EU Language English Have Fun but also secure some dinners. Steam: iCoN
  5. Random vehicle noises

    Used vehicles will randomly rev the engine when not in use.
  6. We need a benchmark for this game! Do you agree?

    NVidia already does this in the GeForce experience, somewhat. What kind of card do you have?
  7. loot spawn is the biggest issue!

    Because spawning loot to all the hundredthousand positions would be redundant performance usage. So loot is spawned where needed. This being the biggest issue seems a bit of an exaggeration.
  8. Голосовой чат

    да, мы потом пошли в дискорд и в пати одновременно, в дискорде меня слышно, а в игре нет.
  9. Boosters while moving?

    The most likely reason is so they do not have to code a new mechanic into the game.
  10. Fortnite is so easy its fun but wow its easy. Plus the kiddie graphics, and then there is the pay to win aspect if the hero's make it into the game. Realism is great, I just think the code in PUBG is so unoptimized at the moment it makes the game feel chunky. The netcode is my biggest issue. I just don't understand what they are doing here how hits are reported. If the server can't distinguish that I'm in cover on my screen and not someone elses, thats sad. Plus bullets dropping mid flight is just a head scratcher. I always wondered why I saw blood splatter only to be the one on the dying end. Another example today I killed a guy with a scar it felt like a good 2 seconds before I received the kill msg. Literally he was running from left to right i unloaded ten shots he kept running without me firing for a good second or two the just toppled over.
  11. Azerty keyboard

    Same bug here since last update....
  12. there are already enough threads on this subject. try posting in those for once!
  13. new all time high! 1,523,179!

    1,523,179 playing 6 min ago awesome job guys!
  14. this topic was opened for a discussion as with any other topic on a forums they dont need to affect your life though it may affect someone's, since you however my thread and another on the same topic caught your eye i would say it did somewhat affect yours because it built enough interest in you for you to click it and respond to it even if you didnt read more than the title which i am guessing is what happened, now stop derailing the thread im not responding to you after this
  15. NEW GUY

    I started last wednesday, created a character and started playing for awhile, after some time I noticed that I wasnt receiving any rewards from my matches and my BP points still counted as "N/A" in the lobby. Till now im not receiving anything and when i open rewards tab and character tab nothing loads. Please I dont want to keep playing and earning nothing from my hard earned gameplay. Im playing in main server not in test server.
  16. Cannot play game with stable fps

    I would recommend checking how well your settings do on the https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/battlegrounds/15571 Do also try this troubleshooting and if you still feel the fps is not stable, do report it here:
  17. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    Map Bug (You can see through the wall)
  18. Aren't grenades overpowered now?

    I feel they have a good radius and power. But I would like to see them take out the throw assist. Makes it 2 easy.
  19. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    bye felicia!
  20. I just want to see the game move forward. I have great internet probably 20ms to all servers I play on. I feel penalized for it, example peeking cover I'm clearly back behind the tree on my screen but 400 to 500ms later I'm dead. Some days this happens more than others but it shouldn't be happening at all. Really I don't know much about the whole bluehole partner scenario, but in my dream world which I know I'm about to get crucified for saying it my ideal partner for them would be Blizzard, but thats fantasy land.
  21. loot spawn is the biggest issue!

    i just do not understand why the loot isn't already there! makes no sense to me!
  22. well...the topic of the thread will not affect my life in the slightest. yours either. so it really doesn't matter...does it?
  23. loot spawn is the biggest issue!

    And once the loot is spawned, the first two minutes you pick up items with a very short delay.
  24. fortnite looks like it is for the under 10yr old crowd! so lame!
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