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  2. khalofdothrakis

    Won chicken dinner by glitching out of map

    yea was happening a lot yesterday, can also glitch you back to where you glitched in at. aka swim across map underneath it staying in zone and bam 15 minutes later throws you back 1000m and die due to zone.
  3. Crackingdsnutz

    Need loot on top of Mountains on Miramar

    Saw a YouTube of someone using a motorcycle to get on top of one of those, hit the base just right and did impossible jump (in real world) to the top. Had a mk14 with 8x and owned everyone for a bit.
  4. HaoleBoi808

    Where are the patch notes?!?

    Still isn’t a good map selection idea. You choose 1 option ur stuck between erangel and Miramar because it’s a toss up or u get the new map or select both and it’s a choice of all 3. Not much of a selection there.
  5. Maybe but what was even more weird was he disappeared again after I downed him. I eventually got the kill but dang that was so weird
  6. Check the XIM apex thread on their forums...not only are people using mouse and keyboard but they are able to negate recoil to pretty much zero, there are cheaters...100% No way to prove it though. However, Microsoft and Razer released news TODAY that they are colaborating on mouse and keyboard support for the xbox. I know sounds like WTF!? But along with this the game developers will be able to separate users of M/K from traditional controller. Also, and a big one... they will be able to detect the XIM adapter (which enables M/K use) and not allow it. Link below https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/25/17500298/microsoft-xbox-one-keyboard-mouse-support-razer-chroma
  7. Where do users taking advantage of the " Strikepack" remote mod fit in to all of this, those packs have actual recoil mods and can make an AKM a laser gun, never mind the latency of trying to get a MnK to read through a remote and back into the xbox in time
  8. You're reading serious into this... If you saw me as I typed responses to internet trolls you'd sit down and laugh with me. I don't take anything too serious mate, I just respond to trolls with trolls of my own. Some people can't handle getting trolled back though, they're used to people who either take it lying down or just walk away from the keyboard. I'm simply typing in between matches and having a laugh with my friends about it. I wouldn't hope anything bad on anyone here as we're all just playing a game, I just think this is pertinent feedback and expected a slew of would be campers to troll. Cheers mate.
  9. Also I looked at building a pc and seems $500 can't get you much of a gaming machine. I looked on YouTube on pc build videos in a certain price range and they also test the pc at the end of the build. Pubg ran very poor on pc's that were under $1500 because the priced of ram and GPUs are so outrageous that a decent gpu is $600. Looking back now at all the money unspent on Xim and an Elite controller and a one X I probably should have just invested in a PC but it's to late now
  10. Braydenmaine22

    Won chicken dinner by glitching out of map

    Ive been the victim of this 4 or 5 times. Never seen the flip side of it
  11. gugack


    O meu ta do mesmo jeito mano
  12. Possibly the vault - teleport glitch and you got super lucky?
  13. dont play with randoms? or it could be people practicing gun skill by hotdropping
  14. HaoleBoi808

    Nade limits

  15. elguapo

    New Update More Cheaters

    Oh, I never checked the stats. I believe you if those are the stats. Just can't base it off the video since every replay video of everyone looks like they are cheating.
  16. Don’t feel bad, the PubG gods selected you for victory
  17. Pick Six

    Head set thread

    Everyone will tell you their headset is best. Truth is PUBG has stereo sound. I could hear foot steps and directional sounds with my 5 year old turtle beach headset Very similar to my new Astro’s. You do not need a great headset for this particular game. I would look at other games you play that actually take advantage of surround sound and base your decision on that. Do you want wireless, do you want it to work on both Xbox and PS4?, do you want 7.1, do you want Bluetooth for music and phone calls, do you need a mix amp, do you want a boom mic?
  18. Happens to me a lot when you press LT too soon after changing weapons
  19. Yes I understand that. But also a lot of people like myself are just looking for a way to play a game, not be wanna be competitive pros. I play for fun after work to just chill. Didn't really understand that mnk was frowned upon like it is.
  20. It would, I feel, be less confusing and be what most people probably want.
  21. I will get one. Thanks 👍👍👍
  22. Funk-Machine

    New Update More Cheaters

    https://pubg.op.gg/user/LzyZz_?server=eu this guy have a 50% headshot's which is complete impossible, that means hes a 100% cheating , so you noobs should not even comment such a things once you know nothing about this game. Bye.
  23. Yesterday I had a strange game where I landed at Yana Polyana and found a pistol. Few minutes in some guy kills me, but I'm not really dead. My body spawned to the edge of the map and my teammates can still see my numbered player marker on their map as if I was still in the game way in the ocean. And I still had half bar of health as if I was still alive. I went to spectate mode and I couldn't control my player, but somehow I was still alive and considered a remaining player. So once my team died, one guy said to wait out the entire game to see if we would win a chicken dinner since I was technically still alive with a health bar still intact. And have me stay in the game so that I am still a surviving player. We waited like 10 minutes and it came down to the last 3-4 people. We could not see the other team's reaction, so I guess we are assuming they were scrambling around trying to find the last person in the final circle. Final circle closes onto the opposing team and they all die, and our team wins the chicken dinner. As long as I did not exit the game, the opposing team had no chance of winning. I never seen a glitch like this where I got killed, but I'm technically not dead and still a remaining player in the game. I feel bad for the other team but we had to see if this glitch would win us an easy chicken dinner we did not deserve. I'm sure the last squad must have been pissed. I sent them a message telling them what happened but didn't get a response yet.
  24. brodygakh

    Не пускает в игру

    Системе Googl, в вин 10 это где??
  25. You're like a machine bro... I really was just kidding, I'm sorry for hitting a nerve. I didn't realize it was essential to your machismo. I'll retract it so you can feel more.. err .. manly or w/e.
  26. Yes it definitely helped me out. I was having difficulty hitting the buttons/triggers. With the back paddles on the elite I mapped out what buttons I need and it doesn't require any where near the hand movement as without paddles.
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