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  2. Lag lomore the problem not fps is server unplayabe on eu all game lag the imput lag is ridicolus the game do developers try upgrades or do them randomly? do you know how to make a game without everything lag? 3 hours for open a door and 3 hours for pull on the weapon the game lagga less than just released developer wake up and fix this shit
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  4. Yeah I am so racist I even stated that my TAIWANESE FRIEND from DOWN THE ROAD is over playing against asians too. And if you think they dont lag the servers... you are a fucking moron. 50+ over 200 ping players would affect ANY server regardless of quality. Might want to learn how servers work boy.
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  7. Blur on test server

    They game (on test server) is blurry as hell. I mean, the current (non-live) version is also blurry, but the fix is to use Ultra AA and re-shade (lumasharpen) to get a crisp AA'd image. On the testserver though, I noticed that the blur is inescapable. When using Ultra AA and re-shade the image looks crisp when standing still, but once you move everything blurs out and becomes really smudgy. The blur gets better with medium AA and reshade on the testserver, but my question is: Why does the game suddenly suffer from movement blur? I mean even if you get a decent picture when standing still, everything smudges up once you move (No, I do not have motionblur enabled). Anybody else experiencing this?
  8. Please make the ammo-show-bar smaller. The numbers are a way too big. . Also it would be great, if u can make the Player/Waypoint Icons smaller again. For my opinion it's a way to fat. Also please put the Squad/Duo back at the left top. And the Numbers are just useless, Nametags are okay but the Numbers are ugly. Thanks for reading my post, please change that i think that many other Players will like that. Btw. Font is okay and Map too (Please don't change that i love it!)
  9. Blood colour

    Play with English Version U can see Red Blood
  10. Game without the blue zone would be just fine? Oh my God, ok, you win, I already saw you being pointless in other topics and this is it for me, I won't go down to full retard same as you but I will say my last words to you. Just watch those videos, see that the game used to be just like you are saying and the game changed it because of the same reason: players being able to hold down onto blue zone and not get punished by it, haven't you followed the updates? Clearly not. That's what I'm saying but you just don't get it, you don't get how the game works, it is not that simple to you, I can see it, sorry. Cya good games.
  11. i5 3570k 4700mhz + 770 4gb 1300/7800, видюха загружена на 100% постоянно в то время как ЦП скачет от 30% до 70% задумываюсь о смене видеокарты, выбор между Vega56, 1060 и 1070
  12. Anti Aliasing too much blur

    Guys, 'forcing' 4x AA in NVIDIA control panel doesn't do anything. UE4 is simply not compatible with MSAA (hardware anti-aliasing) like most modern engines because of something called deferred rendering. As far as reducing aliasing, you can: Use the blurry TXAA currently available in test servers Apply FXAA or SMAA externally (in driver or ReShade for instance) Increase the resolution scale in game to a value above 100% (this basically makes the game render at a higher resolution than the one you're using) Some combination of the above The problem is that the current implementation of TXAA in the test servers is vastly blurrier than what we currently have available on the live servers.
  13. map is fine, last few circle's damage is the problem. no time to do anything but run for your life!
  14. zeroing distances

    Zero distance can not be changed
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    Push Suchen noch Member
  16. i think it just started today!
  17. Much needed post, thank you for highlighting this completely unknown issue that is currently not being addressed at all.
  18. Damn you guys are racist.... FYI this is a Korean game, so if you don't like Asians, you're in the wrong place. And Chinese players don't make the servers lag.Racist and stupid both.... But I guess that goes together.
  19. I'm sidebar so just go over to that part by really quick and choose a talk HypoClense about box if you haven’t already and make sure that you see how to have a talk about though you can talk to me and you can post issues you can also talk to you are beyond bit like sis so proceed and say hey in that talk about box just let us. http://www.healthynutritionshop.com/hypoclense/
  20. Above all else what i personally find the most annoying about this game is getting screwed over by the circles. Even if you've planned everything out, and have a good strategy to use in that situation, the mere randomness of the circle throws everything out of the window. Though, is the circle really the core problem? It just seems like the map isn't balanced properly for casual or competitive play. There'll be some areas with tons of cover, rocks, houses, you name it. While in other areas there'll be next to no cover at all. I think with the introduction of the circle, it just elevates this problem (not saying it should be removed, that removes the whole aspect of BR). The map in it's unbalanced current state along with the circle, forces people to go out in the open without enough time to get to new areas. But at the same time they can't re-position themselves because there just isn't enough cover to go around. In nearly every situation, the circle will eventually pick a certain set of players on one side of the map, even though at the end of the day it's the map itself that's the issue. Thoughts?
  21. did we get directed to R6 forums?
  22. Reporting players with the a cam active

    I think this is only stored temporarily, I suggest a capture software so you can attach the kill cam footage
  23. well. as for the servers, nothing i can do about that. i can only control who i play with. the rest is up to bluehole.
  24. Blood colour

    Forced by region requirements. Government policy. not developers.
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