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  2. 2 things XBOX

    If I had a product that sold over 4 million (X $30) copy’s on Xbox, you better pay me a lot if you think I’d hand over the product before I hit the PlayStation cash register.
  3. And Ill ask again slower this time. Why are you in a Xbox forum other then to troll or be a elitist
  4. Nah the frames were a bit jumpy man, bt to be fair, Chandler didn’t venture around the map much at all! Also he had rubber banding as per usual.
  5. Xbox one X HORRENDOUS frame rate

    I 100% support this. Keep making threads about it. It's the only way we'll be heard it seems.
  6. “Soon” seems to be thier go to word for the last 3 weeks haha
  7. I'm pretty sure I never said this game would be cross platform but life the elitist you are you had to put words in my mouth. I said mnk would be used for cross platform games eg when Xbox player play in a PC server which Xbox has said will happen. And games like halo wars will be able to use mnk . I never said anything about you elitist frame rate so go back to you sweaty seat
  8. so that sums up there probably will not be an update any time soon... lol
  9. Brendan Greene on next update

    I'll never say mine runs beautifully but after the momentary rubber banding from landing I will say it's still a lot of fun but I'm experiencing less issues than most.
  10. Usually I'm hovering around 50-60, but I've gone down to about 25-30. Kinda disappointing. Specs: (yea computer is old but aforementioned frame-rate was playable and fine for me) CPU: AMD a10 6700 GPU: AMD r7 260x OC Ram: 16gb
  11. Edges Flickering

    and it will never be
  12. Brendan Greene on next update

    Didn’t crash luckily enough haha. Chandler Riggs did state that the game “runs beautifully” 😂 blady smoking rocks EDIT: Bredan Greene is mentioned that the dev team is 200 people odd and they’re still head hunting others to join his team, and that’s it’s not always easy finding those specially talented people, which is what they’re going for.
  13. Noob to XBOX PUBG. 3 cheers but issues

    Boat noise is a bug they're aware of. If you have no weapon like a sickle you'll need to hold y to put your gun away and have a fist fight. Kill cam will be introduced at some point. Bazooka? For easy kills you mean? It doesn't really help players doing cqc or pushing towards the safe zone. If you want that it'll be battlefield you want. What would you want the practice "arena" for? The game is a matter of stealth and skill. At best you need a setion maybe to get used to your aiming btu many people here will tell you to drop in the popular areas and you'll gradually improve. You'll also die a lot too so be preapred for that.
  14. Game crash: Megathread

    The game crashes on me frequently, and at the most inopportune moments. Is there any end in sight for a fix? I feel like at this stage of development, this shouldn't be an issue.
  15. Проблема загрузки GPU

    Процессор - 30%. И на счёт "Что не устраивает?", не отвечайте в подобных постах, если абсолютно не умеете читать, спасибо.
  16. I’ll ask again then, I’ll go slower this time. Name one cross platform game where the console runs at a speed 1/5 of the PC. Try again.
  17. Miramar release for Xbox?

    You're probably looking at waiting at least another 3 months. Unless they think that'll improve performance and more people will play that map. They need to focus on improving performance before adding things.
  18. I thought this was covered on Monday/Tuesday here already? "soon" must be the buzzword of the week.
  19. Miramar release for Xbox?

    In an article I read, August or September would be about the time it would come out for xbox.
  20. Love this. But issues: 1.The loud noise the boat makes (water slapping the bow?). 2. How to melee when ammo gone? 3. Cutting and pasting room layouts is monotonous 4. Kill Cam to watch last rites, spectator mode 5. Why no RPG or bazookas? 6. Practice arena?
  21. Проблема загрузки GPU

    Что именно тебя не устраивает?Карта и должна грузиться на 100%-это ее нормальный режим работы!Посмотри на загрузку процессора,если он тоже всегда на 100% загружен,то вот из за этого могут быть просадки.
  22. You can have a 3 man squad game already if you only have 3 people in your party.
  23. Unplayable on Xbox One X

    I've said for weeks mines alright on the X. Mainly rubber banding, usually at the start just after landing. Being a passenger in a car can be jarring too.
  24. Miramar release for Xbox?
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