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    Please just leave the game and rejoin another if you don't like fog. You don't speak for all of us.
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    Players, We only have 11 weeks until the end of 2017 and we know you have many questions about our development roadmap. To make sure we deliver PC 1.0 version and Xbox Game Preview by the end of this year, our development team is hard at work day and night. Today, we would like to share our plans on how we are preparing for PC 1.0 and Xbox Game Preview launch. Many of you already know the new content and features that will be available in PC 1.0 version from reading media interviews and articles. Currently we have been using an internal build to develop and test new content and features including vaulting & climbing, desert map, new vehicles and 3D replay. We have been constantly working on optimization and stabilization as well. We will be able to share more about the roadmap soon, once the development has progressed further. Road to Launch Our development team is heavily focusing on developing the builds for PC 1.0 and Xbox Game Preview. For PC, we will be only focusing on doing our best to stabilize the launch build and we don’t have any plans to deploy patches to live servers except for this week. However, there will be features like vaulting and climbing which will have a huge impact on the game and need to be tested for at least a month. We will be running test servers at least three times in preparation for that. Through these test servers, we would like to conduct large scale tests for the content and features that are not in the live build and create a foundation for a very stable official launch. Test Server Operation Plan 1st phase: Focus on testing vaulting & climbing 2nd phase: More testing of vaulting & climbing, test other new content and features 3rd phase: All new content and features including the desert map The content and features that will be in test servers need to be tested for at least 2 to 4 weeks. It will be very difficult for us to provide a stable service if we rush updates to live servers after short bursts of testing. As we would like to go through rigorous testing to prepare for official launch, we will not be updating new content to live servers and run test servers for a longer period of time instead. You will be able to try out vaulting & climbing first in late October or early November. We will give you an update on test schedules later. Leaderboard Update & FPP Servers We have been working on leaderboard optimization to ensure their stable operation. It took us longer than expected to work on updating leaderboard systems so we need to delay the start of the new season to October 20th. We apologize for this change in the starting date for the new season. We will make an announcement on when the new season will begin later this week. We added KR/JP servers and all modes were added to the servers. In addition, we will be adding First-Person Squad modes to SA, SEA and OCE. FPP Squad mode was played the most everywhere so we decided to add Squad mode first. FPP Squad will be added later this week after we update our leaderboard systems. We will continue to monitor player numbers and provide updates when necessary. Patch Notes for This Week This week we will deploy a small patch to live servers which will be the last before rolling out the test servers to prepare for official launch later. Test server will be up today – October 16th, 3am PDT / 12pm CEST / 7pm KST. If everything is stable, we will deploy a patch to live servers later. Gameplay Decreased the Starting Island item spawn levels in order to adjust the item balance on the Northeast side of Erangel Bug Fixes Eliminated the fire animation and effect that occured in the Starting Airplane when a player was on fire from a molotov cocktail Fixed a bug that enabled a character to hold a main weapon and frying pan simultaneously Fixed a spectator mode bug of flickering weapon UI icons Lastly, we would like to thank all our players for the support since our Early Access launch on March 23rd this year. We cannot wait to see everyone try out vaulting and climbing for the first time in a few weeks. We hope to get a lot of feedback from you on vaulting and climbing. Please stay tuned for our announcement on test schedules. See you in-game, The PUBG Development and Community Team
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    если становится замешена mail.ru обычно в гамно скатывается, надеюсь будет исключением
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    My roommate and I FOUND A FIX for the following issues: 1. Discord going silent while mates can still hear me (Have been lasting +1 year now and had to disconnect+reconnect to fix it temporarily) 2. PUBG starting to show "network lag detected" since last update, every 3 min ish.. Exact same issue as the rest of you guys. We have a R6220 netgear router. After discovering that it was the router causing the issues, we started playing around with a lot of different solutions. The one that works for us is adding discord and PUBG to the QoS priority list. Heres how it's done: 1. Go to your router's IP ( 2. Advanced -> Setup -> QoS setup 3. Check the "Turn Internet Access QoS On" (This might enable "Bandwidth control" by default, which we unchecked) 4. Delete all items in the all the queues by clicking "Delete All" button located at bottom right. 5. Add Discord and PUBG to the "Highest" priority queue. Make sure that the checkmark for QoS by Service is checked and scroll down to the bottom of the dropdown menu to "Add a new application" 6. Insert the infomation shown in the snippets below. One for PUBG and one for discord. Finally click apply and wait for the router to update the new settings. There should be no drawbacks to this fix. Please comment if this worked for you as well. So the word can be spread on how to fix these annoying issues.
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    Благодарны*, ну это я так, придрался В свою очередь, мы благодарны вам за вашу работу, которая, как ни странно звучит, малозаметна. Баги худо-бедно, но фиксятся, что-то там делается. Спасибо еще раз (без сарказмов и насмешек). Однако есть одно большое НО. Смоделируем ситуацию, по этапам: Первый - игроки, заплатившие за игру в раннем доступе, непосредственно участвуют в тестировании и фидбеке. Второй - КМы и модераторы собирают фидбек и направляют его разработчикам Третий - Разработчики устраняют проблемы, улучшают НАШУ игру Четвертый - все довольны Перейдем непосредственно к нашему положению: Первый этап выполняется. Куча фидбека на форуме, как на ру-кластере, так и на остальных. Среди этой информации чаще всего фигурируют следующие проблемы: 1. Высокое потребление ресурсов ПК, что выливается в нестабильную работу клиента игры. Таким образом игроки с железом низкого и среднего ценового сегментов не могут получить достаточные и необходимые 60 кадров в секунду для игры данного жанра на минимальных настройках. 2. Высокие пинг и задержка, потеря пакетов данных, особенно для РУ-кластера. Таким образом игроки испытывают дополнительный дискомфорт при игре. Во что это выливается? В сгоревшие стулья, нежелание продолжать конструктивный диалог между первым и вторым этапом (см. выше). Суммируем: Работа ведется, однако лучше не становится. Возникает банальный вопрос - что делают не так? Здесь я имею ввиду игроков, КМов и модераторов, разработчиков. Фидбек есть? Есть. Передача есть? Вы говорите есть. Проблемы устраняются? Нет. Значит, допускаем следующее: либо второй этап не выполняется, в чем я сомневаюсь, либо третий, где я уверен. Теперь перейдем к стократному повторению. Если донесение мнений и предложений пользователей не осуществляется, или с этими мнениями и предложениями не считаются, мы, люди терпеливые, повторяем. Десять раз, двадцать, пятьдесят. Потом мы отсыпим на форум порцию негатива. Далее мы повторим этот негатив. Зачем мы это делаем? Мы любим эту игру. Мы хотим в нее играть. Мы хотим комфортно, с удовольствием в нее играть. Посмотрите посты с момента создания ру-сабфорума. Увидите разницу в отношении игроков к КМам, модераторам и разработчикам. Когда повторение негатива не помогает, мы отсыпим уже не на форуме, а в стиме негатив. Думаю, Вам, товарищ модератор, все прекрасно известно о данных отзывах, которые посыпались с 29 сентября и тенденция сохраняется. Следующим нашим шагом будем непосредственное оскорбление с переходом на личности. В ответ вы начнете репрессивную политику. Дальше еще хуже - мультиаккаунты на форуме. Эта проблема решится привязкой игрового аккаунта к форумному и дальнейшие репрессии. Когда мы окажемся бессильны, мы уйдем. Мы просто возьмем и уйдем отсюда. В другую игру, которую сделают адекватные разработчики, понимающие, где накосячила синяя дыра. Я не говорю за всех, я говорю за адекватное большинство. И вместо полуторамиллионного онлайна статистика будет показывать 50 тысяч. Все почему? Потому, что разработчики ставят неправильные приоритеты. Они хотят в деньги и киберспорт, но не хотят обеспечить стабильность. Они рисуют шмотье, добавляют погоду. Они спутали "оптимизация" и "кастомизация". Не нужно нам это все. Нам нужны российские сервера, или приближенные к европейской части РФ - Чехия, Словакия, Румыния, Венгрия, Латвия. Не заливайте, пожалуйста, про проблемы с этим. Вам любой школьник сходу ткнет Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts. Они могут, а синяя дыра нет? Так поэтому она и называется синяя дыра, а не Bluehole. Не заливайте, пожалуйста, про сроки. Осталось три месяца до обещанного релиза игры. Игра НЕ ГОТОВА. Релиз либо перенесут, либо выпустят сырой продукт (склоняюсь к первому). Продано более 10 миллионов копий, по цене 899 рублей за штуку. Они собрали миллиарды рублей, а реализовать их не могут. Дайте нам возможность комфортно, с удовольствием играть, мы дадим вам тонны фидбека и положительных отзывов. P.S. если Вам интересно, я перестал писать фидбек уже давно. У меня нет желания этим более заниматься. P.S.S думаю, всем знакома история, произошедшая с игрой Star Wars:Galaxies.
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    I had high hopes for this game. I really did. I've played at or around 4000 games and have suffered through the bugs, the downtimes, etc. The one thing the team who builds this game has yet to even _attempt_ to correct is all the cheating that is going on. Take for instance the current NA Solo leaderboards. You have a guy who has 63 games, 401 headshots, a 982 Longest Kill, 21 KDR, and is #1 on the leaderboards. This guy showed up 2 days after they banned the guy who held the #1 spot before him with the same exact crap. If you play on the servers during the 2am hours, the servers are unplayable. Its like they are all beta testing their hacks while everyone sleeps. During the day, you'll find 1 out of ever 5 games with someone just headshotting everyone in the game. After all the money, and all the BS that has been hitting the headlines of how this game is "more popular than blah" - you'd think that they would try to hold on to that by making it their #1 priority to combat cheating. Cry me a river on "but... if we try to fix it, they will just find another way around it". Well, guys - that's the business you entered. Don't get me wrong - this is absolutely an amazing game. I wouldn't have wasted my time typing words that probably no one will ever read if it weren't. It really saddens me that a game this well thought out, and this well executed can die so quickly because of something like this. Maybe it wouldn't leave such a bad taste in my mouth if we had seen a single post where they are attempting to combat the problem, releasing something in order to divert this kind of stuff. But instead, the only thing they give you is in the form of yet another genius idea - a button. dev - "Hey man - the UI keeps freezing. What the hell we gonna do?" dev lead "Meh, we'll have to address that later. Just add a refresh button man! I mean, we could address it - but that's gonna take way too long. So screw it, browsers have refresh buttons too right? Just add one to reload the controllers, and presto, problem patched and fixed! hell, we may never have to address it if we do this way!" dev - "my god - that's beautiful! lez do it!" a few months later... dev - "hey... so - yea, i was thinking. The number of players cheating has increased. What we gonna do now?" dev lead "well... we could spend some money and do some actual research into how other games have combated this problem and maybe even come up with a solution ourselves. But meh, boss man says we gotta release this new gun though. The button worked before - just add another one and let the players report them! that will do it - then we can just ban them as they detect the problem. Worked for the refresh button right?" dev - "dude - you are a freaking legendary GENIUS!" meh. I've deleted the game from my machine. Maybe they can fix this in 6 months once they have made enough money to satisfy whatever it is they need in order to address this problem. Maybe they can fix this problem and not just turn into a script kiddy h1z1 all over again. Who knows. But after all I've seen, and the zero action taken - I can't help but believe that's exactly where they are headed. Whatever - it was fun while it lasted...
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    Players, We would like to start off with an apology to all users who have been waiting for the leaderboard reset. We were planning on starting a new season on October 11th at 11AM KST / 4AM CEST / October 10th at 7PM PDT as mentioned in a previous announcement. However, our concurrent users have been increasing rapidly, and we are genuinely concerned that we may not be able to provide you with a comfortable and seamless gaming experience by starting the new season immediately. In order to deliver a more reliable service, we would like to make some back end improvements. Leaderboard Reset Schedule Current leaderboards season ended: October 10th at 11AM KST / 4AM CEST / October 9th at 7PM PDT New leaderboard season begins: October 17th at 11AM KST / 4AM CEST / October 16th at 7PM PDT Users can still play the game until the new season begins, but the game results will not be recorded There may be server maintenance before the new season and we will keep you updated with more details We sincerely apologize for this change in the leaderboard reset schedule. Thank you for understanding that we are implementing these changes to make the long term gameplay enjoyable for our users. The PUBG Development and Community Team
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    Hey people, I think I actually figured out how the gun shot sounds change depending on distance, and I put this into a guide to help people better understand how far away their enemies are when hearing shots:
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    Players, Today we would like to address the connection, login and server crash issues some of you have been facing. First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for the recent server issues which resulted in long waits and any inconveniences. Our development team has been continuously upgrading the service architecture to address the increasing concurrent player numbers and tackle any emerging issues. Despite our daily efforts, there were some unexpected issues during peak times and we were unable to resolve some of the issues as fast as we would have wanted to. We anticipated about 1 million concurrent users in the beginning of our Early Access period and that is when our lobby server was initially designed. Since the end of June, our concurrent player base saw a rapid increase so we started designing a new server architecture. However, the number of users increased faster than our development speed which resulted in more connection and server issues recently. It has become increasingly difficult to manage servers during peak times. To alleviate the above, our development team will prepare our servers far more in advance so that they can handle a much larger number of concurrent players. This is something that we plan to continuously improve on. Many players have asked us about the increased number of server crashes in Asia. Recently, the number of concurrent players in Asia has rapidly increased and there were times the cloud service we’ve been using could not provide more physical servers. To address this problem, we added servers from another cloud service without sufficient testing. Some servers overloaded, which caused frequent crashes. Our development team is investigating the issue in order to prevent it from happening in the future. The entire development team is doing their best to make sure all PUBG players in the world can play PUBG smoothly whenever they want. Again, we would like to sincerely apologize to all the players who experienced any inconveniences due to server problems or connection errors. Please rest assured that we have doubled our efforts to improve the quality of the service. On a side note, we have been continuously working on optimization and doing our best to make gradual improvements. Our team will not be content with the status quo and will do our best to improve your experience. Thank you for your patience and understanding. PUBG Development Team http://playbattlegrounds.com/news/95.pu
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    Fog is awesome. I love getting that map
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    Please continually bump this post so more people drop at school while I loot elsewhere.
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    Stop complaining about everything. And if you're going to, provide a proper solution, not "disable shooting while in the air". That would be so much worse. I can't be the only one that's hammered the spacebar after getting the crap scared out of me when someone barges into my room and starts firing. Disabling shooting in the air is honestly just stupid.
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    You're always going to see way more negatives on forums. When things are good, people are playing. When people are having issues, instead of playing, they hop on the forums.
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    No, PUBG is not dying, and it won't be for a while. For the same reason the inglorious bastard: ARMA 3 is still not dying (oh man how many times it has been told to be dying too). And the reason is simle: me. I've been playing games since the 1980s, I socialized on Wolfenstein and DukeNukem, and GTA 1. I love gaming but stopped playing like 5-6 years ago (well I went through Witcher 3). Why? Todays games are mostly shallow for this generation or require enormous time to build characters, or need friends to play with (I can't even make it to the pub nowadays). And I bet there are a lot like me, and it must be a huge playerbase: people with children, not having too much time but since they grew up among games, they need to play occasionally and are bored of shallow games. PUBG? Half an hour at a time. Usually alone. Tense, requiring, satisfying all my needs and a lot less clunky than ARMA. Sure yeah, bugs happen, but we are kinda used to those too. But I am sure people like me will stick around for a while, and probably the hype dying would only do good to the game.
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    Hi, I appreciate your concern. We don't like cheaters, we don't want them in our game and we are working hard every day to ensure we further prevent them access. We permanently ban anyone found to be cheating. So far, our third-party anti-cheat provider BattlEye has issued over 320,000 permanent bans to players who have been detected cheating. We have different teams who work on different areas of the game. The team members who work on anti-cheat don't have anything to do with other aspects of development. There will constantly be many aspects of the game being worked on, by different teams, simultaneously and none of those impedes the others progress. We will continually improve our anti-cheat methods and won't stop working to prevent players who use cheats from playing our game.
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    Dear Bluehole and Mods, This had being tweeted by battleeye ! https://twitter.com/TheBattlEye/status/918731198679183360 BattlEye @TheBattlEye· 2h Replying to @TheBattlEye and @PLAYERUNKNOWN We are currently banning at a rate of 6K-13K per day, nearly 20K within the last 24 hours alone. The vast majority is from China. Is this not the time to take some action? I am in the line of consulting work. One key fundamental princpal we used to resolve our cilent problem is The pareto principle aka 80 20 principle! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle Put it simply the 20 percent of the players from the community is causing great pain to the community as a whole! Or you can put it 80 percent (not figurative of the cheating issue may came from china. Doesn't creating a server delicated for the region china (seperate from rest of asia) benefits all? This measure could be temporary and can be ratified once battleeye can improve its detection process ? I am a chinese by race. I speak mandarin as my native tongue. This post is not meant to be racist but it is a burning question right now as many people had asked for region/ping locked. I read the chinese forum too and i undestand a lof of them also hate cheating. I believe there are a lot of clean players too but this still cannot discount the fact that a significant portion of the players from that place is ruining the experience of all the other players from the rest of the world! A quick note a lot of players here like to accuse CHEATERS from asia region. But a quick look at the the atlas will tell you asia region comprise of a lot of countries! China is only part of the asia community. To lock asian players only servers is not only unfair and truly a mistake as there are a lof of players who play cross region. It will also not resolve the cheating problem with players from china in the asia region ( hugly unfair to players from korea, japan, taiwan, hongkong etc.
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    I'll be the first to speak out. Why are we so quick to be punished on these forums? Topics are being locked where players are discussing the many things they are disappointed with. Way to forcefully end the negative discussion about PUBG wherever you can. Members are being 24hr banned for hateful messages just because we dislike someone? Members are getting restricted from replying or making posts, any post or reply they make awaits approval of a moderator. Members are being punished for providing video evidence of hacks because that constitutes advertising hacks, do you not want the DEVs to fix anything? I've seen topics completely deleted because the hate is "too strong" against PUBG. I'm sure there's a myriad of things others have been punished for or at least been given warning points. Sure, a mod can reply to this an quote me on the forum rules but how about re-evaluating your rules and how ridiculous they are? Also, while you're at it you should reconsider the amount of forum mods you have and who is and who isn't doing their job properly. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm given some sort punishment or restriction after this post.
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    The console port is being handled by a studio in Spain. The new map is being handled by a studio in Madison WI, USA There was a big update the 2nd week of Sept. There were 2 more updates after that. Last weeks server issues were addressed and have been resolved. The game runs far better then it did in March. Right now the anti-cheat is being handled by BE and you can manually report the cheaters. When you report a cheater manually it takes them time to go through them due to the volume of reports they get. There is more anti cheat coming from Bluehole in the future. Cheat bans happen in waves and people are being banned.
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    Hi Tate, The reason for these rules is to help facilitate a friendly, constructive environment for discussion. The problem with allowing forum users to post videos publicly of people they believe to be cheating, is that often it creates witch-hunts. Often, innocent players will be dragged into the mix. These threads go down hill fast and become a general shit-fest with forum users abusing each other. These aren't the kind of conversations we'd like to foster. We have a section on the forum where users are able to report players for cheating and include video evidence. Each one of these reports is manually reviewed. The issue is not with posting videos of players potentially cheating, posting them in a public setting is the issue. That is correct. If users break the rules and aren't being constructive, they will be punished. As I said previously, we want an environment with friendly, constructive discussion. Again, non-constructive content isn't welcome. If we allowed threads where users could express how much they hate a particular person or group, the discussion will quickly degrade into a shouting match filled with abuse. That isn't what we want here. Criticism is definitely welcome and we need it to be able to grow. We haven't deleted any topics purely for criticizing us. Threads which break the rules will get removed. Constructive criticism against the game is welcome and encouraged.
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    Hey everyone, I have been spending a lot of time testing spray patterns trying to predict them, until I finally saw it. I found a perfect predictability in the recoil pattern of the AKM, and this trick involves shooting 5 bullet bursts with astonishing precision. Learn this method and I'm sure you will get more kills and chicken dinners //WackyJacky101 in service of the PUBG Community
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    Nobody is going to scrap your message, just because what you say might not be liked by everyone. As long as you give constructive feedback and follow the forums rules, you are good to go in in sharing whatever that is on your heart.
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    Здравствуйте сегодня было заблокировано мое сообщество https://vk.com/game_battlegrounds вконтакте по вашему запросу BLUEHOLE INC. Можете пожалуйста отозвать вашу жалобу назвать причину и я устраню все нарушения.
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    ALL REPORTS SUBMITTED WILL ONLY BE VISIBLE BY FORUM ADMINISTRATORS Please follow the instructions below to submit a report, do not use the forum report post function. Please login or register an account to gain permission to submit a report. If you were intentionally and maliciously, killed, or knocked down by a member of your team, please follow the instructions below to report them. To report a player for team killing, create a new topic with the following format and include the names of the reported players in the title: -- Ensure that all information requested is provided with complete accuracy. We will respond to your report as soon as possible. Please be patient during this process. Understand that players will not be banned without 100% definitive and clear evidence of wrong-doing. Unfortunately, at this stage we do require video evidence to accurately identify team killers. We're currently unable to accept screenshots or other forms of evidence. Disclaimer: Please do not create multiple reports for the same offense, or private message any of the PUBG team on the forum to enquire about this report. Failure to heed this disclaimer will result in the investigation being delayed and may result in further action being taken.
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    Players, Today we look at what we have changed and fixed in our 27th weekly patch. This patch will be deployed to the Test Servers on Wednesday, September 27th KST, and to the Live Servers later if everything is stable. Early Access – Week 27 – Patch Notes UI/UX Enhanced breathing animation in the Spectator mode Added a new feature in the Settings to adjust the zoom-in and zoom-out speed of the World Map Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that made the shadows disappear mid-game Fixed a graphic bug related to players who left the game inside of the starting airplane Fixed a bug that prevented users from seeing the full alias of their teammates Improved the synchronization between player aim and spectator aim Fixed a bug to accurately display teammates' marker direction in Free Look mode See you in-game, The PUBG Development and Community Team
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    no thanks...go back to COD or BF please!
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    This is a post from a individual whom really loves your game. I've worked in the gaming industry for a long time. I've seen how hard it can be. The community doesn't understand the processes and development that is required. The steps that need to have happen. In the order that they need to happen. The amount of hard work and dedication it takes. The communication between each disciplines. Managing the tasks that are most important to build the foundations to further improve the product. With all the pressure you all are under. I just want to say. That every day. After a long day of work. I get home. Flick on my stream. Sit down and play PUBG. Loving it still. Months after first picking it up. I look forward to your hard work that makes this product even better. I get so excited about every new update. I just want to say thank you so much. I cant wait to continue to see the product to improve. I know there are hurdles along the way. Like this giant increase in hackers as of late. But keep your heads high! People like my self. Know your going to continue to improve the product. I look forward to the future of this game.
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    Players, We plan to run a few rounds of test servers prior to the PC 1.0 release, but we have one more live server patch to roll out before that. This patch will be deployed to the test servers first early next week. We will update you with the exact date and time soon. Before we delve into the patch notes, we would like to share several important announcements and the schedule for the test servers. First Test Servers: Focus on the Vaulting & Climbing Feature We have decided to run the first test servers prior to the PC 1.0 release in early November. Vaulting and climbing feature is the main content of this patch, and it needs a minimum of three days of extensive testing. We ask you to play in the test servers, and try this feature out. We will make a separate announcement about a detailed schedule and the contents of the first round of test servers soon. We will do the same for the second and third rounds of test servers which will follow. Optimization, Bug Fixes, and Upcoming Announcements about Test Servers Our Development team has been working diligently to push out the official release by the end of this year. We plan to solve many of the bugs from the current live servers, and we are also constantly working on optimization. You will be able to experience bug fixes, optimization, and many other improvements in the test servers that will be run prior to the official release. Please keep in mind that the live server build and the developing PC 1.0 build are not easy to integrate or merge together. Even if some of the issues are resolved during internal development, these changes cannot always be reflected upon the live servers immediately. As mentioned above, we plan to run the test servers at least three times before the official launch. However, the announcements for what is being implemented into the test servers may be delayed and often published on short notice. This is because we are constantly trying to implement and fix as many things as possible, and we want to make sure that our announcements to the community are as accurate as they can be. We also pay close attention to your feedback and bug reports. Some of the issues you brought up have already been fixed in the internal development build. However, as stated before, it is not always easy to merge the changes to our live build, because our development build and live build are separate. If we had kept rolling out weekly patches, our official launch schedule would have been delayed. Therefore, we have decided to merge improvements, bug fixes, and other features, all at once to the test servers, which will then be implemented cumulatively for the 1.0 release. Early Access – Week 31 – Patch Notes Gameplay Increased the blue zone DOT (Damage over Time) Bug Fix Resolved a bug where bullets would sometimes ignore armor We have received a lot of feedback asking for improvement of the blue zone. We have decided to adjust the blue zone damage to encourage engagement inside of the play zone. From this new update, you will be able to focus more on the immediate, close-ranged skirmishes inside the play zone, instead of dealing with enemies outside of the play zone during the mid to late phases of the game. We would love to hear the responses regarding the changes from all members of our community once you’ve tried it in the test servers. We are aware that we still have quite a bit to do before our official launch, and we genuinely appreciate all of the support our players have shown for our game. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to provide our players and community with a better game experience. See you in-game, The PUBG Development and Community Team
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    After creating an account on this forum I've noticed a trend of negativity towards PUBG. Sure the game isn't finished but I was still more inclined to join a community of players who enjoyed the game and provided constructive feedback towards improving it. If you need proof look through some of the other topics in this forum. So... in spite of that, I'd like do a poll here and find out just how satisfied our forum users are with PUBG.
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    If u have no weapon, just a 2, 4, 8 or 16x scope u can equip and use as a binocular.
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    What? Try typing in caps i cant hear a word you said..
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    So I guess the way you fix the 'grass not rendering past 200m issue' is to just make a map without grass and call it a desert map?
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    I'm sorry, but what? Another player runs just inside the white circle and takes the opportunity to kill other players who are later than them at getting in, and you seem to think this is in some way unfair to you? What do you want them to do, just ignore the fact that they can easily catch players out and just let you catch up to them to kill them later on?
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    I probably going to get punished but whatever. I got three PERMANENT points for saying "You sap story isn't worth a shit without a video", when someone posted one out of hundreds anecdotal stories shitting on the game without any proof. Moderator reason for punishing me: Personal insult. I mean, that definitely wasn't the nicest way for me to tell that guy that his post smells like bs, but that wasn't a personal insult, if I wanted to tell the guy to fuck off, I would have just done that. It's sad that moderator can't tell a difference and is so quick to jumping on an opportunity to be a big man and handing out the justice. I always wondered if everyone else is constantly getting warnings and bans on these forums, since the reasons for offense seem to be so arbitrary.
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    Almost all the cheaters you see on the leaderboards right now are already banned. But currently we're having some technical issues with the leaderboards themselves that temporarily prevent us from removing the cheaters' record. I understand and agree that this is really annoying and hope that it gets fixed very soon. Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.
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    I play for kills and will try to scope u running at 800 meeters with a 4x on a Kar anyday of the week. If people hear me, nice, more people to kill. Never prone - Its the worst thing u can do except last 2 rings Never hardpeek Bolt actions snipers Dont be greedy while looting bodies nor houses - If you have level 1-2 gear, an AR and some meds you are good to go. Learn to predict Circles, dont get sandwitched without a car. If ur running in a open field and getting shot at, do not stop if its more than 1 guy. If its only 1 i will in 9/10 cases outaim him. Never stand still, ever, like never. 556 at 100 meeters you lead with 1x body sizes. 762 at 100 you lead with 2. Dont "camp" houses - its a deathtrap (nades and shotguns) expect most people to play boring and passive, if you heard sound and its suddenly not there expect them to camp ur ass for 7 minutes if thats what it takes . Use more nades patience will more often kill you than win the situation. Throw a bait nade, flank him and rush the dude (if ur not a potato obv) Dont be at the same place for long - Shoot and run, shoot and run. Adjust mouse sensitivity wayyy down. I play at 30 general sensitivity at 20 at 4x and red dot, 8x is 18 at 800 DPI and thats still not low enough at times. always ask urself the question "What would i do" when in a sticky situation Keep calm U can spray at 50-100 meters with any AR (only 5 shots bursts with AK) If ur behind a tree shooting at a guy behind a tree infront of you its a brain game, outsmart his ass. Peek and tap right, instantly peek left and tap, pre fire and peek left again.practice peeking around corners and trees as fast as possible. sometimes the game just wants you dead. If a car drives buy at 100 meeters use singleshot and aim at the exact front at the car. If its closer than 50 then you full auto that shit and you should knock atleast 1. M249 eats a car in less than 5 seconds. With a Mini 14 u can literally move while shooting all the time. Crouch alot, even for a second. Double tap that C (or whatever) if ur in a gunfight (never stand still) Tap tap, CC move, Tap,taptap CC move. You can shot ALOT faster with singleshot and be accurat if you try, try shoting as fast as u can at 80-0m and eventually you will learn to controll it. Silencer is only good if ur mates have it, or ur playing solo. COmpensator is allways the best choice Crouch jump is ALOT easier if you use phatfinger thumb instead of 1 finger on C and thumb on Space. YOu can shoot and kill a guy at 100 meters with doublebarrel and choke easily. Drop mid map (rozhok is nice) never have to stress with the circle and allways a vehicle around + lots of action. never run straight, allways keep W and change ADADADADADADADADA even if ur not gettign shot at. If ur gettign shot and you gotta zig zag and be less predictible, if you are running in a straight line i will hit each shot consecetively even at 3-400 meeters with pretty much every gun. IF you are getting shot at, NEVER jump. While jumping you are predictible, you cannot do anything since ur in the air and thus easy to hit. Ur faster on the ground and u can turn at any milisec, jumping is stupid and a bad habit i see ALOT. Jumping to getting an eye above edges etc is okay. If its a steep hill you can hammer on the spacebar and jump all the way up without making footsteps (Stairs aswell)
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    Provide constructive criticism. I've added to this conversation many times over the past several weeks. Still, there are posts like "why they dont put more money into fixing the problems. They just ignore. They could make so much more profit with so small effort". "They are just ignoring them. It is either greed or they are over whelmed." And my personal favorites, the "Stop adding content until X, Y, and Z are fixed" even though those have literally nothing to do with each other. My comment was to sarcastically point out that you guys have no idea what game dev is like and you don't seem to have a conception of business operation either. That's ok, you don't have to have that knowledge, but if you don't, I'd really rather you not assume motives and suggest it's as easy as throwing money at the problem to make it go away.
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    Stupid AF I'm not gonna wait 5 min cause I don't wanna play your no skill fog mode you love so much because all ur fire fights are from 50 yards away and that mode is fun to you cause you can't hit long range shots, why not just give us leavers an option to not be joined into any fog or storm scenarios not that I mind storm tbh, but if you think I'm gonna be sitting for 40 min on your fog map not seeing anyone and dieing to some bull than you good sir are insane
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    The mini-14 is fine as it is. It needs no changes. Improve your gameplay if you think otherwise.
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    1. CSHR (client side hit reg) This was the nail in the coffin for me; the problem is currently greatly exacerbated because players from regions other than your own have identified how to situationally gain advantage from high latency, effectively abusing this game's abysmal implementation of CSHR. On my server, these players are mainly from Asia, but of course this is happening on all servers, with players from all regions server hopping to either face fresh MMR opponents or to abuse high-latency+CSHR, and we see a huge volume of threads, hourly, about it. For those that don't yet understand how impactful this is, here you go: CSHR in conjunction with no latency caps or region locking means that aggressive players with bad ping to the server have a huge advantage. This is fine for a casual shooter but not for a hardcore battle royale. Of course if you see them first you have an advantage, but that isn't the point. If you don't like being camped and pre-aimed in 3pp, you can switch to FPP and only (mostly) die to aggressive players. There is nothing you can do to avoid deaths by someone who spots you first due to random luck and has an extra half a second of firing time on you. It is not a matter of skill, even shroud had very harsh things to say about how this pans out when you're on the receiving end of it. For those who still don't understand, here's a link to watch a fairly run-of-the-mill CSHR example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS1D9bJ9RNw . Keep in mind that these players were on the same region, so it's not even that bad. Imagine even more delay, and how easily it is exploited if you are the aggressor. Short term solution: lock the regions until the desync is improved Long term solution: probably isn't one, the servers can't even handle CSHR with 100 players, no way they put extra strain on them. At best I predict they will adjust how the CSHR works but why would they embark on such a challenge? Look at the sales numbers, and who knows, it's possible PUBG will remain as mostly a casual shooter, masquerading as something more. 2. Other desync / general combat issues Teleporting players, bullets disappearing, getting shot behind walls etcetera. Early game is unplayable. For a shooter game, the hitreg and bullet reliability is bafflingly poor. Could be engine related, could be server related. Besides the long standing promise of "client/server optimisation", it's possible the game will be as is on launch when it comes to these aspects. Game breaking combat bugs such as bullets ignoring armour, perfectly aimed shotgun blasts going through players, still exist after so long in development. Solution: outside of my knowledge, so I won't offer one. 3. FPP / TPP game mode rollout Very poorly handled. FPP switch still hasn't been turned on for all regions which means that by the dev's own admission, huge percentages of players are playing on other servers so they can play FPP (hello problem number 1 that I mentioned earlier, which to gamers should be far more important than low queue times). Solution: turn on FPP for all modes for all regions. Nobody cares about queue times or if they have 70 players in their game at 1am instead of 100. People just want to play their preferred mode. 4. Vehicle mechanics and player mechanics Play meticulously for 20 minutes, but then you hit a tiny speck of dust on a road and suddenly your vehicle explodes, killing you, or corkscrews 360 degrees into oblivion, also killing you, and leaving you more frustrated than an aging hooker. The character you control is almost as bad as the vehicles. Slow to move, turn, runs 100m in 20 seconds, swims like an octogenarian, which is very slow for a video game featuring a lot of simulated running and swimming. This bumbling, unathletic idiot that you control can get stuck inside fences, rocks, doors, you name it, your unfortunate little guy is error prone. Solution: vehicle mechanics have been discussed to death. Most ideas involve nerfing fall damage when it involves the vehicles, or some sort of quick workaround which could have easily been implemented. Player mechanics seem to be getting worked on (vaulting?), but I'm unsure if it's possible to fix the glitching. 5. Loot randomness improved, but still garbage Land somewhere hot because you want action not 35 minutes of looting/stalking. Oh, this house doesn't have a gun. Nor does this one. Or this one. The guy who has been chasing you has two assault rifles and a helmet and sends you back to the main menu. Next game you decide to spend an hour parachuting somewhere away from the chances of this happening again (remember it takes about 3 minutes for queue > lobby > land somewhere, so these sorts of frustrating deaths don't come at zero cost). You loot about 30 houses and find 32 uzis, 12 shotguns, 35 first aids, and 20 energy drinks. Of course the opposite can happen and you find guns, ammo, optics and meds in a timely fashion so you aren't showing up to a gun fight with a knife. But the parameters for randomness are far too wide, which means that skill can't factor into a large percentage of games which can leave you very frustrated. I'm aware that this is intentional design, but I emphatically think it's short sighted and needs heavy tweaking, at the very least on ranked servers but realistically on all game modes. The frustration generated by the randomness is supposed to be some sort of hook/risk-reward mechanic to keep you coming back for more ("maybe THIS game I'll get the loot I need!"), so that you feel powerful when you have a massive gear advantage early game (and even players with very poor aim can get a kill or two, let's face it the majority of players aren't great and getting a kill even if it's unfair would mean a lot). Then late game you may have a scope/firepower advantage which is designed to make the player feel even more powerful. Solution: again, this one has been discussed to death. the quick fixes are obvious and probably so easy to implement. remove all clothes from the map, up the weapon spawns drastically so you at least get an smg or a shotgun early game. -- Anyway I hope the feedback does some good. Overall I don't regret spending over 1000 hours playing the game. I peaked at 28th solo rank which felt good, and have had dozens of heart pounding engagements which didn't involve massive desync, bugs, or general badness. Gradually as I've honed my skills and can focus every bit of attention on combat dynamics, the frustration of all the above means I'll be uninstalling for now and will see how the dev team go by release. Dreamsic
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    PUBG is dying with 1.45 million concurrent players...
  42. 6 points
    tbh this is game is one of the best EA i have every played
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    Oh no someone is playing the game differently from how I want them to play (and they are better than me) and I don't like it! - OP Cool story bro.
  44. 6 points
    There's no right way to play
  45. 6 points
    fog is the best environment type in the game. It's more balanced than any other mode because no matter how good your PC is, as long as you're not hacking, you can't get a range or graphics advantage by turning chit off. It forces players to be tactical. I love the fog maps and wish I got them more.
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    Have honestly never come across a hacker or a suspicious incident yet in my 300 hours. Love this game.
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    ALL REPORTS SUBMITTED WILL ONLY BE VISIBLE BY FORUM ADMINISTRATORS Please login or register an account to gain permission to submit a report. Using third party programs, macros, client-side hacks, edited game files or anything else that may give you an unfair advantage in the game is unacceptable and will result in a permanent ban from the game. If you have evidence of a user cheating, please create a new topic with the following format and include the names of the reported players in the title: Ensure that all information requested is provided with complete accuracy. We will respond to your report as soon as possible. Please be patient during this process. Please be aware that we do not generally provide direct feedback on whether a reported cheater / hacker has banned. Disclaimer: Please do not create multiple reports for the same offense, or private message any of the PUBG team on the forum to enquire about this report. Failure to heed this disclaimer will result in the investigation being delayed and may result in further action being taken.
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    While on the topic of rain.. Why are there rain drops on my Screen? I have never seen rain drops on my eye balls in all of my existence.
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    Надо добавить функцию - дизлайк на форум, думаю ты бы сейчас уже в плотный минус ушел (как и я тащемта ) По делу: Нормальный патч, еще позавчера тени исчезали прямо в зданиях, у меня такое было постоянно, ну и славно что пофиксили , или тебе было лучше с мигающей блевотиной по всему экрану играть? Нет, ну а зачем тогда вайнить? Не нравится игра, выходи ради бога. По игре: Уже 10 раз говорил, игра торт, ее по сути теперь только карты и новые режимы рисовать. Чтобы выйти на к.спорт в стиле ксго нужно разнообразие карт и режимов. Вот это реальная проблема игры, и этой реальной проблемой сейчас и занимаются. Мексиканская карта только начало по идее чтобы через год на геймскоме устроить чемпионат нужно 3-4 карты и новые режимы для меньшего количества игроков, + что то вроде десматча с быстрым респавном. По лагам: На реддите в личном блоге Брендана, есть интервью в котором достопочтимый сеньор поясняет: Что проблема с неткодом есть, но решить её так просто сходу - не получится. Для тех кто не понимает о чем речь: Особая прелесть ПУБГа в мультикультурном так скажем сообществе, вчера я играл в рандом скваде, внимание: Француз, англичанин, турок и я из России. Мы пока летели в самолете успели обсудить что США всех любит одинаково сильно, что надо убить всех кебабов на школе ерангеля, и что как круто что мы теперь можем зафрендиться в стиме и катать на моем сервере в дискорде. Это одна из фишек пубга, не дай бог разрабам начать вестись на нытье игроков и резать сервера по регионам (по другому проблему с пингом не решить, молитесь на Франкфурт кароче) на примере танков от варгейминга. Игра умрет если заставить игроков в России играть только с русскими. Может быть по этой причине и не появляется чисто ру сервера, если бы я принимал решение возможно появился бы ВОСТОЧНОЕВРОПЕЙСКИЙ сервер AEU (почти что АУЕ не правда ли?))) по лагам х2: У меня далеко не новый комп,, древний по нынешним меркам gtx770 виндфорс от гигабайт, по тестам он чуть слабее новой 1050, или почти такой-же. Этого хватает для стабильных 60 фпс на низких, 50 фпс на средних и 40 фпс на ультра, при этом я юзаю решейд с кучей фильтров и вертикальную синхронизацию, когда ее убираю фпс скачет под сотню. два монитора по 24 дюйма фпс тоже не прибавляют. Никаких таких лагов что прямо терпеть нельзя я не вижу, да иногда выкидывает в винду, это не критично. по конкурентам: Не будет от конкурентов у пубга проблем. У игры явно своя ниша игроков по духу. На Фортнит посмотрите например, он не приобрел, а только потерял. Но даже если представить какую-то игру от больших разработчиков, там не будет того духа в лобби, инфа сотка. Здесь и сейчас пубг - офигителен. Хотелки: Модить самим карты и режимы на уровне как это сделано в ксго. режим зомби омерзительный просто, зашел пару раз, больше туда ни ногой), При чем решение на поверхности, не надо пилить долбаные 8х8 км, возьмите остров на котором мы спавнимся, закиньте две команды по 20 или 30 человек или 10 например. Но Брендан говорит что игра останется в этом самом моде, что на мой взгляд тупо. Зачем ограничивать себя этим кружочком и таймингом, и зачем бояться схожести с другими играми? Брендан если ты меня слышишь: Посмотри как Эпик геймз с тобой поступило, ворует на глазах идеи и им за это ничего страшного, бери идеи, реформатируй и внедряй в пубг, Сделай пубг не модом а платформой. И если ты этого не сделаешь не видать киберспорта. Ну вот аналитика такая, небольшая
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    I wonder if you can throw a smoke grenade it and drive it around like Scooby Doo and the Mystery Team
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