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    Hello everyone, This is our promised June 26 patch. The entire focus of this patch is optimization and stabilization, to improve the player experience. No additional content is being introduced with this patch. Recently, we released two hotfixes with improvements originally planned to be included in this patch, as they were ready earlier than expected and we wanted to get them to you as soon as possible. The hotfix addressed a memory leak issue and this hotfix reduced the number of crashes remarkably. Our matchmaking hotfix improved matchmaking logic, to reduce instances of players being stuck in queues for a very long time. Some players are expressing concern that they’re still having issues with lengthy matchmaking times, we plan to release a dev letter later in the week to address this. Now let’s get into the improvements we’ve made this patch! PATCH TIMING June 26th 01:00 AM PDT / June 26th 10:00 AM CEST Stability Two changes have been made to reduce crashes related to being “out of memory”. We’ve optimized the total memory required by both maps, with a significant reduction in total memory required for Miramar. The UI has been optimized to use less resources. Even without any memory leaks, there are instances where players would crash due to being “out of memory”. This is mostly due to the huge amount of memory required to process maps. We’ve reduced the total amount of memory needed to process each map by a remarkable amount, which will lead to fewer crashes. There are still crashes to fix. Our goal is to prevent crashes entirely, for all our players. We will continue to work as hard we can to improve stability. Optimization As we’ve mentioned in previous dev letters, our team is prioritizing making improvements which will increase performance at the start of the game when landing, as well as when driving vehicles, as these have been the most common areas of performance related complaints from our players. PUBG tries to load all resources within a 1km radius of your player to ensure you’re seeing everything you need to see, to properly enjoy the Battle Royale experience. Although, loading all resources within that radius is negatively impacting performance. We’re continually making improvements to the way resources are handled to improve optimization. We’ve already implemented prediction-based level streaming and elastic control for characters, which are two examples of systems which reduce the loading of unnecessary resources. We will continue to work on and improve the efficiency of these systems, to improve performance. Below are all the performance related improvements we’ve made this patch. Character movement has been optimized to use less resources and improve performance. In our patch preview, we said that we’re aiming to reduce the total resources required to render characters by 50%. This is still our goal, but requires further testing to ensure stability. We’ll keep you updated on our progress. Vehicle location updates have been made more efficient for stationary vehicles to improve performance. The position of every vehicle in a 1km of your player is updated very frequently, to ensure vehicle movement is as smooth as possible. Prior to this patch, frequent vehicle location updates were also being requested for every stationary vehicle in a 1km radius of your player, negatively impacting performance. We’ve changed the way locations are updated for stationary vehicles, which will improve performance. Vehicle effects have been optimized to improve performance, without affecting visual quality. When vehicles were moving, many resources were being used to generate visual effects. We’ve optimized the effects without diminishing their visual quality, to improve overall game performance. Bullet impact effects will no-longer consume resources if they aren’t seen by the player. When bullets impact any surface, an effect is displayed. Previously, all bullet impact effects within a 1km radius of the player were consuming resources, even if the effect wasn’t directly seen by the player. Due to the sheer number of bullet impacts that can occur in a 1km radius of the player, having all of these effects consume resources was negatively impacting performance. Now, bullet impacts not directly seen by the player will not consume resources, improving performance, especially in close quarters combat. Character shadow rendering has been optimized to improve performance. While we’ve tried to have each character shadow be an entirely accurate representation of the player, both in shape and movement, this was having a negative impact on performance. We have changed the shape and movement of character shadows to significantly reduce their impact on performance. Terrain and grass have been optimized on both maps (Miramar/Erangel) to increase performance. We’ve made two additional changes to improve world loading times when landing: Parachutes have been optimized, they now use less resources. The physics while free falling have been optimized. The efficiency of the physics used while free falling upon exiting the plane has been improved. With this change, bullets will no longer be able to impact players in free fall. Players can still be shot while parachuting, this change only applies to free falling players, prior to opening their parachute. As it’s almost impossible to get to the ground, pick up a gun, and shoot someone who is free falling through the air, this change will not negatively impact gameplay, but will improve world loading times when landing. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where sometimes footsteps weren’t heard during or after ADS. Fixed a bug where the position of teammates sometimes wouldn’t display correctly on the minimap. We will continue to push out updates and hotfixes as quickly as possible, to improve the player experience. Thanks
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    Hello everyone, Today we’re sending out a hotfix with the primary purpose of improving stability and reducing the number of crashes players experience. A major bug fix is also included in this update. We will continue to release the update in multiple parts to give our players a better experience as early as possible! PATCH TIMING June 20th 01:00 AM PDT / June 20th 10:00 AM CEST PATCH CONTENT Stability: A memory leak was fixed regarding character renders, increasing efficiency of the process and reducing crashes. This will help with reducing crashes when playing for a long duration. To explain this in more detail, each time a scene was changed, (Start Screen ← → Lobby ← → Ingame) the memory being cached for character rendering was leaking. This means that the cached memory wasn’t being released, reducing the amount of available memory every time a scene was changed. In game, the memory is cached for every character within a 1km radius around you. This meant that when you died, causing a scene change back to the lobby, the cached memory was leaked for all characters within the 1km radius around you and became unusable memory. When transitioning to different scenes to and from the lobby, cached memory for up to 4 characters was being leaked (depending on party size). This means that upon entering a new game, returning to the lobby or start screen, each time the amount of available memory would be reduced until reaching the ‘out of memory’ phase, which increases the probability of crashing. Simply put, character renders stored in cached memory weren’t being released from the cache correctly, causing large amounts of memory to become unusable. Over time, this would cause the game to enter the ‘out of memory’ phase unnecessarily, increasing the probability of crashes. Stability - Level Streaming: We’ve made improvements to level streaming logic which will reduce crashes. The process of loading resources while simultaneously offloading the oldest stored resources has been made more efficient. The total number of resources stored has been lowered. Bug fixes: Fixed a bug where vehicles would sometimes lift off the ground and spin rapidly Our number one priority is to improve performance and stability. Today’s update brings meaningful improvements to stability, reducing crashes, especially over long gaming sessions.This doesn’t mean that all crashes will be gone, there are still many causes of crashes which we’re working hard to fix as soon as possible. Performance improvements are still fully focused by our engineers and we hope to have it improved as soon as possible. Based on player feedback, we’re prioritizing improvements to increase performance at the start of the game when landing, as well as when driving vehicles. We’ll keep you updated with our progress as we work towards the next patch/hotfix. Going forward, we will be providing more frequent updates to improve performance, stability and to fix important bugs. We will be pushing these updates as soon as they’re ready to go, rather than waiting to include many different improvements in one major update. Thanks PUBG Xbox Team
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    Hello PUBG Xbox Community, Everybody knows the old “spray and pray” tactic. See enemy, fire at enemy until they stop moving. For our first ever Xbox Community Event however, we’re challenging players to refine their aim and work together to achieve the ultimate shooter targeting goal. In a couple words? Boom, Headshot. Event Period: June 20th 00:00 AM PDT / 09:00 AM CEST ~ June 27th 00:00 AM PDT / 09:00 AM CEST What’s the Challenge? We want to see our Community earn a collective 4,000,000 Headshots within a week. M24, Shotgun, Crossbow, the method is up to you, as long as the Community works together to achieve this grand goal! How to participate? Everyone who plays at least one round during the event period (and earns at least 1 BP) will be eligible for the prize, should the Community complete the task. What’s the prize? Every eligible participant will receive the Bloody Shirt & Fingerless Gloves cosmetic items! You can track the community’s progression of the event goal with posts on June 22 and June 25, with the final results revealed on June 27. Thanks PUBG Xbox Team
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    Hello everyone, This is a new type of post we’re experimenting with. The purpose of the Dev Report is to let the players have a deeper insight into our game’s issues, including explanations of the root problems and plans for fixes. Today, we’ll be talking about the recent matchmaking issue, which is mostly related to EU FPP modes. The problem Before the May update, EU FPP had a decent wait time for matches. Although, compared to TPP or NA FPP, it had less players participating, but it still did not have an indefinite wait time during matchmaking. With the introduction of the May update, however, that changed. Matchmaking times continued to increase, ultimately leading to indefinite matchmaking times. The reason With the May update, there were some aspects introduced which altered the matchmaking logic. Before, matchmaking would only need to create a match when a sufficient number of players were in queue, as there weren’t any other aspects to consider. After the update that added Miramar, this was changed. Matchmaking started making two virtual pools, with each pool needing a sufficient number of players to start the match. This was introduced to increase performance, as having two virtual pools rather than one would reduce the chance of server instability. At the same time, this change also made matchmaking in more populated modes quicker, as handling 200 players at a time is actually quicker than handling 100 at a time. Unfortunately, there was a flaw in this change which significantly affected modes with lower populations, causing a critical issue where matchmaking times would not double, but in fact increase much more. For example, even if 80 people were in both virtual pools and 90 were needed to get into game lobby, the 80 people in each queue might cancel and join the other pool. This sometimes worked when people cancelled matchmaking and started again to join the other pool (which just needed a few more players to start). So the actual time needed would’ve been double, but there were variables that caused this to be much longer. As time passed, fewer people queued up for EU FPP, which made matchmaking even slower. The fix During all this, other issues popped up that made the situation worse. The default region for players was set to North America, even for players not living in that region. We focused on getting the default region issue fixed, but by the time it was fixed, the issue had gotten worse for the other reasons laid out above. We figured out those reasons (having to do with the multiple virtual pools) and worked on its fix straight away. Due to the complexity of this system, and the way it interacts with other aspects of the game, the improvement took more time to complete. It has been improved with a hotfix on 21st June and is currently running exactly like it was before the May update. Current Status Although matchmaking logic has been improved, there are people who have left the modes that they were playing during the issue. For example, EU FPP players have joined NA FPP or EU TPP. We’ll be looking at more ways to make the player base healthy for EU FPP and other affected region/modes. Thanks for the time to read this post. We know that this issue has been causing a lot of frustration for our players and we hope to have matchmaking times back to their original state as soon as possible. We’re still experimenting with this posting format, so please tell us how you like it. If the feedback is mainly positive, we’ll try to have dev reports posted every 2 to 3 weeks. Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    Hi everyone! Firstly, we want to thank you all for your value feedback, bug reports, and suggestions. We very much appreciate the time and effort that you make to help us improve PUBG. In an effort to keep you more well informed about the progress we’re making with PUBG for Xbox, we’re aiming to give you weekly updates on some of the more prominent issues and what we’re doing to resolve them. World Loading We aim to have loading optimized, especially for Miramar. Currently, we’re testing some improvements to see if they’ll have a positive effect on game performance. We’ll be working to make the resources that are critical for gameplay (e.g. buildings, weapons) load in first, then have the other textures load in later, to have better performance early game. We’ll also aim to have dynamic level streaming, so when a player is walking slow, rendering will be at an average speed. Also when players are moving fast (especially in vehicles), we will be making rendering will prioritize the important assets first to make rendering faster to not break immersion of gameplay, and also more resources will be put into rendering. This will reduce the problems of buildings not loading in or players dropping below ground when moving at high speeds. Before, level streaming did not change dynamically depending on the speed of the character. The reason why the speed of level streaming was constant and rather slow were to have world loading as detailed as possible. This constant level streaming speed was appropriate for walking/running. Due to this, when people were running/moving across the map, players did not notice that buildings/assets would be loading when they are near a 1km distance from them. With the current level streaming, it would make buildings/assets load in detail which would delay the loading of buildings/assets further away from you that are within 1km radius. With higher speed, there would be more buildings/assets to load as players moved a lot more distance compared to when they were moving at an average speed. With level streaming speed changing dynamically, buildings/assets will be loaded even if moving at fast speed, but it won’t be as detailed compared to when a player is walking normally. Black Screen Some players have been unable to join the game lobby or could not see anything while in the plane, because they did not enter the game. They were stuck on the loading screen with the PUBG logo. Many had been sent back to the lobby, with some who were able to join when they had been automatically dropped from the plane at its final drop location. We are still investigating the cause of this issue. There are several reports saying that it’s fixed when hardwired, run with an internal HDD, or with data cleared. Those were not helpful 100% of the time, and some players did not get any help from those actions at all. It would be great to hear more from the community to have this issue fixed as soon as possible. Please, if you are experiencing this issue, tell us your hardware specification (X/OG/S, internal/external HDD/SSD, available space on HDD, etc.) and connection (wired/wireless). It would be a great help for us working to resolve this issue. Frame Drops Character optimization and effects optimization will come to reduce the frequency of frame drops. With character movement, much resources are used, with some of them being used inefficiently. This has been a critical issue for performance. We’re aiming to cut down resource use by 50%. A small number of related changes were patched in this week, but we plan to have the rest implemented on live servers soon. Care packages and smoke grenades will be optimized as they slowed down the character and caused lag when the player is inside the smoke. Ready Bug Often at the completion of games and more commonly when playing duos/squads, the “Ready” button disappeared from the screen and players would have to exit then re-enter the lobby to fix it. In the most recent patch, we implemented a fix which should resolve this issue and we are monitoring community feedback to ensure this has been completely fixed. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to fix this frustrating bug as soon as we would have liked, as we weren’t able to replicate the problem 100% of the time, which made tracking down the specific cause difficult. Other issues we’ll be talking about next week that we do not have much information to give right now: - Rubberbanding - Grenade arc bug - Teleporting bug - Not being able to win even when you are the last player in the final circle - Hit registration This post will be back next Friday, we’ll be updating you regarding the issues above and any issues that may arise during the week. We hope to provide you with more fixes as the week goes on. We will continue to push out hotfixes/patches as soon as possible, to fix all problems players are experiencing. Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    Hello PUBG Xbox Community, Our very first Community Event—Headhunter—has come to a close and we couldn’t be more proud of you! Together, you’ve achieved a whopping 4,435,777 headshots as a Community! That’s 4,435,777 melons popped, domes split, and chicken dinner dreams crushed. Those who met the event requirements will receive their prize next week. 2 Militia Crates will be also given as a big thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Xbox Community Event! If you missed out or are just eager for more, stay tuned for details on the next challenge! For more details of the event, check out:
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    Hello everyone, We’re putting out a hotfix today with changes to the lobby, server, and a potential fix to the ‘ready bug’. PATCH TIMING June 28th 01:00 AM PDT / June 28th 10:00 AM CEST - Connecting to lobby will be unstable for approximately 10 minutes. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where match type not being shown after creating character. This bugfix has somewhat relevance with the ‘ready button bug’ that caused frustration of many players. Often the ready button would disappear, especially after finishing a duo/squad match. This could potentially fix the ‘ready button bug’. Please give us your feedback and let us know if you’re still experiencing this problem after the hotfix, so we can ensure this is completely fixed. Minor Server fixes Minor Lobby fixes Thanks PUBG Xbox Team
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    You guys really need to fix the buddy lobbies it’s most people’s main issue with this game it’s terrible. Having to back out every game when playing with friends isn’t fun and you end up spending so much time in the lobbies because of it. Been a issue since day one of PTS and surprise surprise it’s still here even after going through a month of “testing”
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    Just wanted to chuck out to positivity in between all the negative posts PUBG is one of the most fun and addictive games I've ever played (especially in squads). Its everything i ever wanted from a game for years, going around a huge map looting with pvp and also the realistic style like arma (fortnite whilst good i cant get into as not a fan of the whole cartoon style). The closest game for me was Day Z but that really didnt come close to PUBG. To all the haters that moan there has been no progress or its going backwards, if I look back at from when I started this game has shown huge improvements and fixed so much considering they had to deal with the huge explosion of players joining too. I still cant get my head around people moaning so passionately about bugs and how the dev team arent doing enough. I do feel for the team behind PUBG as the majority of posts i see on fb groups, this forum and elsewhere is always so negative. Before some wise ass comments I'm aware there is still bugs and hackers but seriously how often do you encounter them i barely do and neither do my mates or randomers i play with when ive asked them. The way some people go on is like they they see 5 major bugs or a hacker every game.
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    Hello, We are currently focusing on the stabilization and optimization of the game. Other contents will be coming, but at the moment we want to give a smooth gaming experience for everyone. We'll try to have these issues cleared as soon as possible. Thanks
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    Hello PUBG Xbox Community, Things are heating up as we draw close to the end of our very first Community Event! With just 2 days left to go in Headhunter, the Xbox Community has scored an impressive 3,208,954 headshots of the 4,000,000 goal! Time is running out, so now’s the time to polish up that 8x and send some metal into the melons of your enemies. Final results will be tallied after the event ends on June 27th 00:00 AM PDT / 09:00 AM CEST so stay tuned to find out if the Community has completed its task! For event details and prizes please see: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/267385-community-event-headhunter/
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    Hello PUBG XBox Community, It's our third day into the Headhunter Community Event and so far you’ve all amassed a neck-snapping 1,147,832 HEADSHOT KILLS of the 4,000,000 goal! There are still many domes out there ripe for the popping, so get your shots in before the event ends on June 27th 00:00 AM PDT / 09:00 AM CEST to finish off those last 2,852,168 headshot kills. Great work so far! Our next progression snapshot will be on June 25th. For event details and prizes please see: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/267385-community-event-headhunter/ Thanks
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    Hi friends, This post is an experiment: It's an end-of-the-week summary of the highest-level feedback we've gotten from all of you in the PUBG community along with responses addressing that feedback. It's NOT intended to be a comprehensive final answer for every single question or complaint posted in our communities—that wouldn't be possible. For many issues, the answer simply has to be "we’ve got no updates to share." However, we are going to be giving a lot of updates on issues the community is concerned about and sharing whatever we can. This is just an experiment for now, but if it goes well, we'll strongly consider doing it every Friday. Let's jump in. Note: This post will mostly focus on PC, but we’ll also consider doing a more Xbox-focused post depending on the reception of this one. KNOWN ISSUES PC Known Issues (Last Updated 6/8/2018) - https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/172144-known-issues-updated-06082018/ Xbox Known Issues (Last Updated 6/12/2018) - https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/175154-known-issues-updated-6122018/ OFFICIAL PUBG CORP. COMMUNICATIONS June 8 - PUBG Global Invitational 2018: Introducing the Chinese Teams June 10 - All the PUBG Announcements From Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference June 11 - Sanhok Testing Round 4 Has Ended June 13 - Event Mode: The Return of War Mode - One Shot, One Kill June 14 - Dev Letter: A Look Back at Sanhok Testing COMMUNITY ISSUES AND THE LATEST RESPONSES On Using Store-Bought Assets In PUBG Context: For some time, there’s been a rumor that all of PUBG’s maps are either outsourced or entirely built using store-bought assets. Players generally would like to know more about how our art team thinks about the value of external art and how we actually do use it in our game. The Latest Response: Earlier this week, I had a long conversation with one of our lead artists, Dave, about this subject. He shared a lot of really interesting information about the development of each of our maps and how our usage of external assets has changed over time. For those of you who are interested, the full post is here. On Map Selection Changes Context: In this week’s dev letter, we announced that in order to keep matchmaking for our existing queues healthy, we’ll have to change the way map selection works in PUBG. Read the full post for details, but the TL;DR is that we’re limiting it by sorting maps with different playstyles into “playlists.” Since the announcement, many players have expressed dismay and confusion about why we can’t support full map selection for more than two maps. The Latest Response: Some of you have proposed suggestions for alternate ways of handling map selection, so below I want to address those and explain more about why we’re going with the announced solution. The key problem to understand before jumping into the details is that with just two maps, the game currently supports 12 separate queues for each region. The math breaks down like this: (2 maps X 2 perspectives X 3 squad sizes). If we were to both launch another map and keep our current map selection design, we’d have 18 separate queues when Sanhok launches: 1) SOLO - TPP - ERANGEL 2) DUO - TPP - ERANGEL 3) SQUAD - TPP - ERANGEL 4) SOLO - FPP - ERANGEL 5) DUO - FPP - ERANGEL 6) SQUAD - FPP - ERANGEL 7) SOLO - TPP - MIRAMAR 😎DUO - TPP - MIRAMAR (please note, instead of the number 8 we prefer to use the cool boy emoji) 9) SQUAD - TPP - MIRAMAR 10) SOLO - FPP - MIRAMAR 11) DUO - FPP - MIRAMAR 12) SQUAD - FPP - MIRAMAR 13) SOLO - TPP - SANHOK 14) DUO - TPP - SANHOK 15) SQUAD - TPP - SANHOK 16) SOLO - FPP - SANHOK 17) DUO - FPP - SANHOK 18) SQUAD - FPP - SANHOK You can see how this gets complicated fast. Sure, some people would be queued up for more than one of those 18 possible queues at a time, but we’d still have big problems on our hands. Even in heavily populated regions, some of these queues would almost certainly fall over. That said, many of you have rightfully pointed out that there are some downsides to consider with our current solution for the problem, so let’s take some time to talk about the pros and cons. OUR CURRENT SOLUTION Maintain 12 separate queues by combining Erangel + Miramar into one queue (called a playlist) and separate Sanhok out into a separate queue. Pros: Maintains the current health of our queues for all regions, doesn’t destroy matchmaking times, groups the 8km x 8km maps together and clearly marks Sanhok out as a separate experience (called “Mini Royale”), sets a solid precedent for the way we’ll organize maps after we launch more maps, and allows players to guarantee they’ll be able to play Sanhok whenever they want (very important especially just after we launch it). Cons: Players who want to only play on Miramar or only on Erangel no longer have that choice. Increased likelihood of hot-dropping or queue-dodging for those players. Okay, now just for the sake of argument, let’s talk about the pros and cons of two of the alternate solutions that the community has proposed. COMMUNITY PROPOSED SOLUTION 1 Allow players to choose one map they don’t want to play on, and exclude that from matchmaking. Players would then be required to queue up for two other maps of their choice. Pros: Allows you to always avoid playing on one of the three maps if you just really hate one of the three, isn’t as damaging to queue times as full map selection, slightly reduces likelihood of queue dodging Cons: More damaging to queues times than our current solution because it splits up map-based matchmaking into more than two groups (even after accounting for overlap effects), creates more problems when we add more maps in the future (would you still only exclude one map?), players can’t guarantee they’ll be able to play on Sanhok when they queue up (very important especially just after we launch it). COMMUNITY PROPOSED SOLUTION 2 Allow full map selection but dynamically turn off low-population queues to push players into fewer queues. Pros: Most of the time you’d (probably?) get to play the exact map and mode you wanted depending on your region and the time of day, greatly reduces likelihood of queue dodging Cons: Potentially kills off queues that would otherwise work fine albeit with low populations (a big concern for smaller regions), limits your choice on perspective and ability to play with friends (could kill FPP entirely in many regions), creates the false expectation that we’d always be able to support full map selection even after adding more maps, very complicated and unpredictable effects on matchmaking times The point of all this is to show that while there are other possible solutions than the one we’re currently going with, we’ve thought seriously about them and their trade-offs. That said, please continue the conversation in the comments—it’s possible there are other possible solutions out there with pros and cons not listed here. Although Sanhok will launch with the announced solution in place, we’re eager to develop a solution that works well for everyone even as we continue to add maps. On Much-Needed Matchmaking UI Improvements Context: Many of you have pointed out that we should include more information in the UI when players are matchmaking. Suggestions include expected queue times, information about how full your match is, etc. The Latest Response: The devs agree that there’s some improvements we can make. Although there’s no specific timeline or details on this stuff yet, we hope to share more in the near future about matchmaking UI improvements. On No MMR Matchmaking In Sanhok Context: We announced in this week’s dev letter than we’re turning off MMR matchmaking specifically for Sanhok. The reasoning is included in that letter, although the basic idea is that we think it’ll make the map more fun and casual, as befits its smaller, faster-paced playstyle. Some players have expressed concerns that this will negatively affect their experience on the map. The Latest Response: There’s no real update on this from our side yet. It’s expected that some players will overestimate the impact that this change will have. We’re mostly waiting to see how things pan out once we launch the map. On OCE’s FPP Matchmaking Issues Context: For quite some time now, certain FPP queues in OCE have suffered from extremely long or even infinite matchmaking times. Solo FPP in particular seems to be the biggest problem, but players have reported issues in FPP Duos and FPP Squads as well. The Latest Response: Unfortunately this turns out to be a pretty complicated problem—but it comes down to low population and too many queues. OCE is one of our tiniest regions, its players favor TPP over FPP, and there’s often just not enough people in the matchmaking pool for the FPP modes. Although we still haven’t fully confirmed this plan, the devs believe that turning off FPP Duos at the same time that we launch Sanhok should solve the problem. Turning off more (or other) queues is an option as well, but there’s no question that trade-offs will have to be made, and some players are likely going to be unhappy with our solution. The important context to understand here is that we’ve already turned off FPP Duos in other small regions, and that has had the expected positive effect on matchmaking there. We hope to have a more detailed update about this problem and our intended solution within a week. Either way, we’re going to do whatever it takes to fix the problem. On Ping-Based Matchmaking Context: Ping-based matchmaking is a system we added to the game in February of this year. Essentially, this system tries to divide the matching pool by grouping players with low ping together with other low-ping players, and high-ping players with other players with high ping. In effect, it’s a form of very soft region-based matchmaking which makes it less likely you’ll be grouped with players from other countries (or players who simply have much worse or better internet than you). It doesn’t fully prevent matchmaking between players with wildly varying ping, but it makes it less likely. Recently, some players have become convinced that ping-based matchmaking has been turned off. As evidence, some have shown that they can reliably get into matches with players from far away places. The Latest Response: I spoke with the devs about this issue, and they confirmed that no changes have been made to ping-based matchmaking. It’s important to understand that ping-based matchmaking doesn’t prevent people with bad ping from playing on any given server. Instead, it prioritizes players who have good ping, and deprioritizes those who don’t. Especially if there’s a low population in any given queue (say, for instance, it’s FPP Duos on Erangel only at an off-hours time like 3am) then ping-based matchmaking isn’t going to make as much of a difference as it would when given a bigger matching pool. This might explain why the system isn’t as always as effective as you might expect. OTHER POPULAR TOPICS These are things that we don’t have updates for today. We’ll be chatting more with the devs to see what, if anything, we can share about these topics in the future. Please note it may end up that many of things can't yet be publicly addressed for one reason or another. If that's the case, we'll tell you. But we’re listing them here to acknowledge you're asking about it. Optimization Network Performance Anti-Cheat Bullet penetration Limb penetration (arms blocking too much damage, etc.) Region locking Practice range Ongoing changes to circle dynamics What do you want to hear more about? Let us know whether we should keep doing posts like this! Thanks to /u/Sveenix [+1]for inspiring the idea.
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    I think fixing the game's problems is a better reason for people to keep playing
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    PUBG has huge problems. One of them, ethically, is how it treats its consumers. Everyone knows BP is a limited resource. So why then, does PUBG force the player into spending a majority of it's BP on locked crates that you have to spend real money on to open? This is a huge scam because over the past few weeks I have noticed how rigged this system is and how it drops majority locked crate boxes to encourage microtransaction sales of its unlock keys. No Bluehole, you do not deserve my money on a crate that's already a random roll for loot that I could get the same common drop on again and again. We all know why you have this system. You are taking advantage of your consumers and I feel very bad for the people getting ripped off at $2.50 a pop and then more recently your $9.99 gold/ silver plated weapon skin (and many other examples). There is nothing about these practices that justifies what you are charging consumers for you are just doing it because you know you can get away with it. You would never allow anyone to opt out of locked crate drops because then you would have no subtly way to manipulate them into buying keys. Think about this. You can buy keys for items that sell for less than a few cents on the steam community market. That's a netloss of up to $2.40 and more all for an item you may already have/ one that is worth next to nothing that is never taken out of the prize pool. That's huge. That's scummy of you. And that takes more content out of players hands that refuse to be scammed by you. The crates themselves are so over inflated on the steam market that they are worth pennies alone. Games like these don't care about people who don't buy loot crates, they care about people who buy loot crates excessively. Whether they have a ton of cash on hand or they are just easily manipulated, the gaming industry refers to these individuals as whales and some have been known to spend thousands on systems like these. It's not right PUBG and you know it's not right. I used to defend this game no matter what its problems were but now I can hardly look at what you've become. It's one thing to allow players to voluntarily spend money willing to buy the items they want outright at a reasonable cost but no, players do not even get that, they are forced into your crate casino at a huge net loss for your consumer. All gamers enjoy visual customization or we wouldn't be gamers and you have robbed many loyal fans of a huge aspect of that feature. My inventory will continue stacking with these useless crates I will not put a dime into purchasing keys for and well, thanks a lot PUBG. The matches I play are fun but they are so much less fun knowing the few rewards I get for playing are locked behind involuntary microtransactional schemes with no way to opt out. Until the majority of gamers stand together and unite against these greedy practices they will always be here but I will never forgive you for them Bluehole and neither should anyone else.
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    Hello everyone, Since the May update, matchmaking has not been working appropriately to give the best user experience. We are releasing a hotfix for matchmaking which will resolve this issue. PATCH TIMING June 21st 01:00 AM PDT / June 21st 10:00 AM CEST - 2 hour Maintenance EDIT: We have extended our maintenance for 1 more hour, sorry for the inconvenience. The algorithms behind the matchmaking system have been changed, with the overall logic being improved. This will help with reducing instances of players being stuck in queues for a very long time. EU FPP Duo will not be reopened with this hotfix. Although, we'll be closely monitoring the improvements made to matchmaking times and we hope to re-open EU FPP Duo at a later date, depending on the results of the hotfix. Thanks PUBG Xbox Team
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    With the new crashing hotfix, ive experienced no crashing at all. PUBG Is two steps away from being perfect. #1 the rendering. The rendering is getting better and better. Miramar needs better rendering. In miramar if you were to drop at the ending of the plane flight you would see that it renders. But in mid game in miramar, unlike erangel not everything is loaded mid game or early game. Erangel needs a very small improvement on rendering. Finally #2 frame rates. PUBG on xbox is locked 30fps or under. If we could get it LOCKED at 30 and above that would be great. I am no developer and not a expert in hardware either.These are things that i hope the devs can achieve. And i am starting to see a very irratating bug. This happens in lobbys and main menus in squads. The bug is when your characters hand is open all the time. if i were to see someone punching me or closing their fist, it would be an open hand. ive had this bug since day 1. it also occurs while spectating.
  19. 15 points
    I can confirm that there will be a patch release on June 26th.
  20. 14 points
    I still like pubg but when you pay for a game and that certain game sells over 50 million copies, a company with any decency and honor would release free stuff, and not at a 0.013% chance to get an item. Free cosmetic rewards, quests, free everything in-game. When a game is a free game, they have the right to do a "battle pass" or "season pass" because it's free and this is the way the company makes money. 50 million x 30$ let's say. Steam takes 30%. So pubg has made more then 1 Billion dollars just from selling the game. This does not include crates, keys, parachutes, etc, etc... Now they want their "Loyal" supporters to pay 10$ a battle pass? That is disgusting. They focused on crates so early too and is one of the only games ever created to have (keyed crates) prior to final release. They could of released all those crates for free and still been a billion dollar company. I think i'll play some realm royale for a while and see if pubg ever decides to smarten the fuck up.
  21. 14 points
    Seriously, winning a chicken dinner is awesome, particularly on solo, but I feel that we don't really get a fair reward for such an achievement. I'm left feeling a bit "meh" afterwards, Sure the adrenaline/endorphin shot is amazing and we get about 1k points for a solo win but that hardly even buys you one crate. Could we not get some extra reward? Like a super high bp money shot or free crates or something. Or as I mentioned in an earlier post you could get chicken dinner tokens to increase the chances of getting specific loot you want, or gaining specific loot pieces exclusive to chicken dinner winners. Chicken dinners are few and far between for most players so a decent reward would be nice, maybe downgrade the rewards for duos and even more for squads because they're easier to win.
  22. 13 points
    Omg this has been complained about soooo many times....... CONTINUE HOLDING RT AFTER YOU SHOOT
  23. 13 points
    It's coming, it isn't as simple as it may seem to implement. We'll update you when we can, for now we don't have any updates to share I'm sorry. Currently, our main focus is on improving performance and reducing crashes.
  24. 13 points
    The biggest game breaking problem I experienced on this game was crashes. Especially after the test server was moved to live but I have to say since the hot fix I played 6+ hours yesterday and not 1 crash (XB1X wired 400mb) I did restart my game a couple times throughout. My friends on OG crashed 1-2 Times each but still for that long I am pleased. I finally feel like we are taking meaningful steps forward (as far as optimization and stability goes). So let’s work together to snuff out these last few crashes then get a solid 30fps please.
  25. 12 points
    I played 4 games. So far I'm pleased with the performance of the game. Less frame rate drops than before. I mean the frames do drop but not nearly as bad as before. The crashing is almost non existent for me since the hot fix. Hit detection seems better although still not perfect. I'm still shooting them blanks 😛😛. But overall I'm pleased and actually surprised to see the game didn't get worse.