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    This was already suggested. I kinda like the idea. Looting in battlegrounds is a bit slow. Hopefully they can/have implement a easier way to loot weapons/attachments. I think both of those threads are pretty relevant in terms of loot speed and quality of life.
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    I've not heard about that being in the works. In my private and personal opinion it doesn't necessarily fit the pace of BG that well but it's really up to the designers.
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    We're excited to announce that our next phase of testing will begin on February 24th! Following the fantastic feedback we received during our Alpha 2 test, we're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what we've been working on for our this next testing phase. There's a ton of new stuff we have to show you, so we hope you look forward to it as well. We'll have more specific details for you all on our Closed Beta in the coming weeks. Until then, stay tuned!