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    We are excited to announce that our pre-orders are now available and in two different versions! http://preorder.battlegroundsgame.com/ Standard Edition : $29.99 One full copy of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Instant access to the Closed Beta (1 Beta Key) Deluxe Edition : $39.99 One full copy of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Exclusive limited edition PLAYERUNKNOWN skins! These items will later be marketable on the Steam Community Market Instance access to the Closed Beta (2 Beta Keys) *Note : Both the full copy of the game and the exclusive skins will be delivered once the game is released on Steam Early Access! We hereby announce that the price of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS will be $29.99 as well! Thank you! Hyowon
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    Hello, I had some ideas for the interface of the game, I had previously drawn one for H1 and why not for BattleGrounds I hope you like it :D If possible leave your comment for me to improve :D
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    I think waypoints should show up for partners also
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    Hey Guys, How about a cancel weapon reload key/animation? The revolver takes a while to reload and I would like to cancel it and just grab a new gun half the time. What does the forum think? Useful?
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    I had a few awesome partners that I couldn't see again because the game doesn't give you the option to team up again or add them to friends. And players don't show up on the steam overlay "Recent players" thing. Allow us to team up with/add to friends the person we got matched with randomly
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    Are scopes zeroed differently even though it says 100m? I feel like even if i compensate for shooting far or close, it doesn't make sense like in H1Z1 or A3BR. It's like the shots have their own free will sometimes, like a random pattern it takes and it might as well start with a shot that is programmed to not go straight. Example; i use x4 scope on my AKM and i aim at a player 30 meters away, at this point i want to aim Lower than where i want the shot to land because the scope is zeroed at 100m, So i aim for his lower torso but the shots lands far down in to the ground below him. And if i shoot straight at his head instead, the shots will go far above as i initially thought it would. So it doesn't feel like you can compensate for the scoped zeroing manually, hence why i only use the holosight now. I never have to compensate for lenght no matter if its 50 or 500 meter, i just shoot straight and hit a lot of shots with this method. The problem might as well be on my side with an issue in judging distance correctly, guess it's all about practice but i've put down thousands of hours in h1 and arma 3 br and never came across this issue before. The distance of sounds and the compensation for bulletdrop has always been a thing i grasp quickly with these games. But here it feels slightly harder.
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    On request I'm just going to write a little about some tips and advice on how to play when you're top10 in game. You can find my other tips and advice on how to play the game in this thread. So congrats, you're top10 at the moment! But there is still a long way to go, this is where the game gets really intense, everyone is probarbly fully geared so you want to quickly get rid of people. Remember what I said in the former thread, you still want to be tactical, planning stuff ahead etc etc. And every fight is different depending on area, your gear, your opponents, so you have to do whatever the situation requires you to do! 1. Location So one of the most important things when you are top10 is knowing your surroundings and picking the right locations. People can and will be everywhere, many people will be camping in houses, sheds etc. What you want to do is to use either with your eyes or the map to scout the area, making sure you know what spots might have the highest chance of people hiding in. You might want to avoid being is those areas if you haven't been there for a long time camping it out because other people might be camping there already. Knowing the so called hot spots will help you to take a position where you can scout and kill people from those areas(we will get back to that later). 2. Spotting enemies If possible, scouting out people when you are top10 can help out a lot, you know where the enemies location and can therefore take a better position then they already have, look on the map, see where the next push from the circle will be, if you know where the enemies are you will most likely know what path they need or can take to get into the next circle, you can then take a good position and backstab them as they need to push up to the circle.This goes the other way around as well meaning that you don't want to get caught off guard at any time, you want to move as stealthy as possible when taking new positions. Veichles is a great way to spot people, therefore if you don't neccesarily need to move in a veichle you might want to skip it and head to the new position by foot. 3. Picking the right enemy and moment So let's pretend that you know the position on a few of the remaining people, now comes the moent of who and when you should engage a fight. If you engage a fight you will almost certainly compromise your location, so you want to do this carefully. If you don't think that you can out aim them, then all you need to do is to out smart them instead! If you have a silencer on your gun it's gonna be much harder for a enemy to locate where you are shooting from. So who to engage and fight? simply try to take out the weak ones first, just to make sure that you have less people to worry about, at the same time you can also use the weaker ones to bait of locations of other people. As soon as the fight is over, either quickly loot if it's safe or just move yout and take a new position while being in cover or stealthy so nobody knows your location. 4. Use items The less people there is left, the more important it might be to use the right items. The items I'm talking about is more or less booster items(red gull & painkillers) and grenades. Using booster items will yield you some healing over time, less recoil on guns and faster movement speed. Grenades you have some different kind to work with, you have regular frag grenade(damage), molotovs(fire), flashbang(disorient the enemy) and smoke grenades that can give you some line of sight help if you need to move. But do remember that if you throw grenades, your location will be compromised, so you then wisely! 5. DO THE RIGHT THING We are in closed beta right now, if you find bugs, report them on the mforum using the proper template to help the dev team making the game even more awesome! Follow the rules, if you dont know them, read them first and then play the game. There is much more to say about how to play, what is right and what is wrong but in the end, try using the tips as a guideline, make your own playstyle, and remember to HAVE FUN while playing! Be nice to other people and they will act nice towards you too! For gameplay you can always watch the vods in linked in the other thread stated further up in this message or right here. If you want to see me play live you can always join my twitch channel and ask me more over there, as well as see how i play and ask me right there and then. Big thanks to PlayerUnknown, the dev team and everyone in this great community for an so far awesome game, can't wait to play it again!
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    Hey all, Names Austin. From California and living in Sydney, AU. I'm switching from H1Z1 to PUB cause it just looks way better in my opinion. Hope it was worth the pre-order! Chinese players on H1Z1 Piss me off.
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    I'd like something like this as well. For now you have to use the ghetto rangefinder. Every square on your map is 100m^2 while zoomed in still trying to get a good feel for ranges in game.
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    In the first beta there was tall grass and corn fields. I don't know if they were taken out due to lack of interest from the "arcade" style players (which doesn't make a lot of sense to me as this shooter has a much more dynamic and fluid style simply due to the amount of time it takes to down a player as opposed to say Call of Duty or Battlefield where to players have much more in the way of HP and/or guns do less damage overall) or if they were taken out to try and better optimize the game until they could be added back at a later date. I like that idea as well, and depending on which would be easier to implement I would enjoy either. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Press X to holster your weapon and you can punch again.
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    you can inspect your enemies earcanals with it before you shoot them 500m away.
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    No don't nerf it! This kind of beautiful moment happens: https://clips.twitch.tv/FuriousLongLegWow
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    Sie bekommen schlussel wenn freigegeben fruhzeitig zugriff
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    If you do the leaping punch it only takes 3 i think. Pa-pow!
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    Why is that dumb? how many hits should it take? punching is a last resort...
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    That would defeat the purpose of the revive function in many many cases. Likewise since a grenade does not kill instantly in duos a headshot shouldn't either. Sure it's not realistic but it enables the gamemode of teams.
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    The problem is all the h1 fanboys want an arcade shooter. We will not stand for this!!!
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    Yep, I usually use car only for catching up the white circle and then just leave it and carry on foot. Too much noise, too hard to stop and exit safely and you are like sitting duck inside that metal machine. But it should be like that and stay like that.
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    Ich habe soeben via Paysafecard gekauft und sofort eine Rechnung von Xsolla bekommen. Die Keys stehen in der Rechnung ganz oben.
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    Pois é nesse quesito o discord ganha por ser de graça e o ts tenho que pagar kkk mas sei lá uma hora talvez converse com o clã pra mudar pra lá.
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    I actually would agree with @Interrogate, it's been very randomized for my games, some even having 1/4 of the circle off the map because it's so near the edge. I've actually only had a few in the middle, most are going random places near the outskirts more often than not.
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    Hey Wesley, You can get a key by pre-ordering the game! http://preorder.battlegroundsgame.com/
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    While it does go everywhere, the vast majority of the time it trends to somewhere near the middle, but that's just the nature of probability. That's what he's saying. You're nearly guaranteed a huge positional advantage by landing towards the center and camping after looting up.
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    I actually find it opposite of what you are saying. Ive had end zones be almost EVERYWHERE around the map. Maybe you are just getting unlucky and having repeat games? Ive actually been everywhere from Yasnaya to georgopol to swap area to military base left and right side, polincki everywhere Interesting how we have such different experiences @Grimsbeard
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    Welcome to the forum! Yes, it is very worth the pre-order!
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    Posted a bug report and noticed it was in the "Unconfirmed" section here:
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    Hello everyone ! Battlegrounds promises to be an excellent game but I think it could be even better with a Wasteland mode. For those who don't know, Wasteland is a gamemode in Arma 3 much like that of DayZ, minus the zombies. The object is simply to survive. This can be done Solo or with a team. The map could be better exploited and explored in this gamemode. What do you think? PS : Sorry for my bad english language, I'm a french guy !
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    You cant do it with the Nvidia panel to?
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    From PlayerUnknown himself: " We haven’t decided on the bigger teams yet, we’re definitely having duos, but I really like what they’ve done in Arma 3 with teamplay where it’s basically teams of anything up to four. So you’re not restricted to playing four man teams, if you want to go in as solo player and take on loads of teams you can go ahead and do it. "
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    Yep its a good idea, you can enable v sync in the config file to limit the fps to 60 at least. Find the GameUserSettings file by going to the location in step 2 X:\Users\(yourname)\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor - Once here open the GameUserSettings file. (appdata is also a hidden folder so you will have to make sure hidden folders are visible on your computer) In the GameUserSettings file press ctrl+ f and search for "vsync" this should take you to a setting which will read: bUseVSync=False Change bUseVSync=False to bUseVSync=True and save the file (I didn't have to set the file to read only, if you did any in game settings you change wont save when you exit and open the game) done! Last time I checked there wasn't a v sync option in game and that's how I did it, hope it helps. Also if v sync isn't an option in game right now that would be nice too ^_^. If this doesn't satisfy your need and you don't like using v sync, I might also suggest using another form of fps limiter for now, I often use "rivatuner" which is an extension of "afterburner" (these are two separate pieces of software that work together), give them a google sadly its not the easiest software to understand but if you get the hang of it, it is very handy.
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    How do you feel about plasterboard? Trick question bitch, that's what we call dry wall.
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    I think they're pretty balanced if they have a decently slow fire-rate so you have the opportunity to kill someone using a shotgun at close-medium range. The Saiga is a bit strong in my opinion for that reason, but other than that I really like the feel and balance of the shotguns. So powerful
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    Hello! I believe this topic has been talked about before but in my opinion shotguns should be strong. As far as "skill" goes. everyone has their own playstyle and honestly if someone is watching the door they probably heard you making noise outside.
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    Thanks Chitown.... You may just have to watch twitter ( @BattleRoyaleMod , @PUBATTLEGROUNDS , @poopieQueen) as well as various twitch streamers. I can't help with Facebook issues, that is on them.
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    Teaming in solo's last week and now this? Lol I don't get people some times.
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    Welcome welcome big Daz. Was a big fan of the amount of terror you let loose in the alpha test. See you in game!
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    whatttttt? the dune buggy is amazing... I love it so fun to drive, sounds cool. and it brings a cool dynamic to the game where its much more risky to drive, but can make sharp turns and can zig zag around pretty well.
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    If the devs weren't planning any optimisation, we would have shipped the game instead of being in closed beta.
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    We've now sent out keys to all our forum members. Please check the inboxes and spam folders for the email addresses you used to sign up for this forum.