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    Good news everyone! We will be pushing the monthly update to the Stable Servers at 1PM UTC / 3PM CEST / 6AM PDT / 10PM KST
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    Due to several major issues with the Test Server build, we need to push back the monthly update to next week to give us time to resolve them fully. We'll have more updates on an expected ETA for the monthly patch early next week. Apologies for this delay and thank you for your patience! We'll be leaving the Test Server online, and continue pushing updates to it until the patch drops next week!
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    I'm from Russia and I write through an interpreter, but I hope you'll get me. Developers, please do not make the game easier! Do not do it for children! The complexity of your game is the reason for its success / popularity! You decided to add animation when dragging items. What for? Why not leave a few different types of picking up items? Those who have just started playing can click on F. Those who have more experience can press TAB and then click the right mouse button. Those who are even more experienced can pick up items very quickly by dragging. Why are you trying to simplify this moment? What will you do next? Will make the map more smooth? To make it easier to ride a car? To hide was more difficult? Can be added help with the aiming as in the GTA on consoles? Can you make the players highlight on the map? I beg you not to simplify the game! The game became semi-ill, not because of what it will be in the future, but because of what it is now! Do not make it worse! Thank you! PS This is the best game in the last few years!
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    I would like to see some binoculars/range finder. Hold left click when you shoot and you will stay zoomed until you let go.
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    Здравствуйте, игроки. Меня зовут Мария (можно Сандра) и я ассистент комьюнити менеджера для Российского сегмента игры PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS. Я очень рада назначению и с огромным удовольствием начну работу с русскоговорящем сегментом сообщества. Я давно работаю в IT и обожаю видеоигры. До PUBG я играла в Battle Royale на Arma 3, думаю многим здесь этот мод знаком) По любым вопросам касательно PUBG можно связаться со мной в социальных сетях. Discord - Sandra_Mad#1842 Twitter - https://twitter.com/sandra__mad VK - https://vk.com/sandra_mad Так же можно писать мне на форуме. UPD: на Twitch.tv ник тоже Sandra_Mad Из первых вещей, которые стоит ожидать после моего назначения – официальное сообщество вк, модерацию русской части форума и дискорда (модераторы, которые уже есть или кто уже на форуме или в дискрорде помогает, напишите мне, познакомимся), и, конeчно же, теперь у вас появится более легкий способ связаться с разработчиками и комьюнити командой.
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    So with the new update, you bend down each time you pick up an item when drag & drop looting. My suggestion is having an animation for crouch drag & drop looting. If you want to pick up multiple items press crouch 1st then drag & drop to speed up time & it would also look better then bending down each time to pick up items from the floor.
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    Hello! Before I dive into any details I would like to preface this thread with a comment: I am NOT promoting this solution because I work for a specific company or am hoping to gain anything out of suggesting this. It is simply a suggestion as I believe it may help the development process of improving the performance of PUBG AWS infrastructure. The value of this thread is dependent on your AWS deployment and if you utilize AWS native load balancing (ELB/ALB). If they are not utilized and you have an allocated another load balancing solution, this thread can basically be closed. Side note: If you lack knowledge of AWS functions and lingo, this post may be hard to understand. This is more directed towards the developers and infrastructure teams at PUBG/Bluehole. Now then: I am currently working as a Network Engineer for an unnamed 'fortune 100 company', and we are currently exploring AWS and its value, performance and deployment types. I'd rather not dive into details, but essentially I would like to suggest a certain solution that may provide a huge insight into your AWS infrastructure and expose issues with certain types of requests, latencies, regions, availability zones and load balancing performance. My suggestion is utilizing AVI networks (www.avinetworks.com) as a 'top-shelf' load balancing replacement for aws native load balancing. Of course your company would have to determine if this works, by simple POC'ing their solution and testing it out. My Perspective: The reason I suggest this is because we have some VERY latency sensitive applications that work in our physical colocation datacenters (specifically Cassandra application clusters). Moving them to AWS proved problematic as AWS native ELB's/ALB's lack true insight and appeared to be prone to 'unknown latency spikes'. It took us quite a long time to address this as we attempted to utilize F5 load balancers on EC2 instances, however the static nature of F5 in AWS was not achieving a full fix. We then looked into AVI networks, and the load balancing world in AWS became very simple, auto-scalable and provided insight into flows of traffic that was better than the mighty Splunk, that is for large scale data collection. TLDR: For Bluehole/PUBG it may be a great idea to test out AVI Networks for dedicated load balancing as the nature of 'sharing infrastructure' in the cloud/AWS can lead to some weird issues, and AVI's solution (for my company) sheds light on the entire flow of traffic. I hope that it may also help out the creators of this game and provide top quality performance like it did for us. Thanks for reading!
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    Really? I cant believe this happened again; announce a patch release date, do the test server first a day before, run into issues which you can't fix in a day and postpone the announced patch. Didn't learn from the last time? Result: disappointment and salt by your own doing. And this time I'm a lot less likely to say; 'aw, it's okay, take your time', cause this is something you could have seen coming from miles away. Why don't you make the patches available a week before, so you have plenty of time to fix whatever you encounter, and have a proper patch on the actual announced date? Starting next patch it will take one week longer, but then you're on track. Saves people a lot of annoyance and makes you look more professional.
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    Спасибо большое. Я реально стараюсь сделать для вас хорошие переводы. Работы очень много.
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    You are the smartest man in the world, I have an xbox one controller plugged in for playing Dark Souls, and sure enough it is laying on the ground with the stick pointed up. Thanks a lot smookie! It seems that the vibration from the joystick would cause it to start giving input. Turns out I'm just retarded, thanks everyone!
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    Это еще один элемент игры на выживание. Будь готов к предательству. Стреляй первым! )))
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    Players, Before we delve into the patch notes for our second monthly patch, I first want to thank everyone for their amazing generosity at our Charity Invitational a few weeks ago. With the help of 128 fantastic streamers from Europe and North America and the amazing twitch community, we raised a total of $223,357.00 for Gamers Outreach![gamersoutreach.org] Thank you all once again for helping the kids in a truly tremendous fashion! GG WP Next, another quick word about server performance. I have seen a lot of speculation about the cause of the lag some ofyou experience. One of the more popular theories is that we run our games on potato quality servers. I would like to put this theory to bed by telling you our servers run on the highest possible spec machines that AWS offer. We are currently in the middle of profiling the servers to attempt to track down the cause of the lag, but as I have said before, this will take us time to complete, so I ask for your patience while we work to improve server performance for all players. While next monthly update will be focused on improving server performance, theoptimisation process won't stop there, and we will continue to improve performance of the servers all the way through Early Access. Now onto what we have changed, fixed and added in this, our second monthly update! We will first roll this patch out to the Test Server tomorrow, Wednesday. No ETA for when this will happen yet, so stay tuned to our Twitter for updates!This patch will be deployed to the Stable Servers on Thursday, May 25, 5PM KST/1AM PDT/8AM UTC and is expected to take approx. 1 hour to complete.Early Access - Month 2 - Patch NotesClient Performance Improved CPU usage for world level streaming Improved rendering performance of fences Improved rendering performance of grass Improved rendering performance for weapons and attachments seen at distance Improved rendering performance by modifying certain weapon and vehicle effects that were unnecessarily rendered at distance Improved character animation performance Improved effect performance Improved the performance of team-mate name plate, map and mini-map in teamplay Content Added VSS. A suppressed sniper rifle with permanent 4X scope & chambered for 9mm ammo. This new weapon can be found in carepackages & as a very rare loot spawn Added Motorbike Gameplay Reduced the moving speed of the two final play zones for better engagement during the endgame Made a balance pass on certain weapons: Vector Reduced bullet damage slightly Increased deviation gain per shot Winchester/S686/S12K Reduced pellet damage slightly AKM Increased bullet damage slightly Fixed an issue where the players alive count would reduce when a player disconnected. Now the count will only go down upon the players death. Action & Gunplay Now players can put stock attachments on following weapons: SKS : Sniper rifle cheek pad Vector : Tactical stock (for M416) Adjusted the color of the aiming point for the basic crossbow scope. Added new scope rendering method (parallax free) allowing for greater aiming precision https://twitter.com/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/status/866623042922790912 Improved ADS view Modified recoil for following weapons: AKM, SCAR, M16, M416 Fixed an issue allowing a player to zoom in with right click when waiting before throwing a grenade Decreased the time to ADS when using the 2X scope Vehicle Added punctured wheel effect and sound Added burnt markings to vehicles after being destroyed Added the motorbike number plate image When a vehicle explodes, the fences near the vehicle will now also be destroyed World Added new vegetation to the lobby UI Players can press ‘delete’ to remove their marker placed on the world map Adjusted the transparency of mini-map grid and coordinates text to make the map more visible Added a dotted line towards the next play zone on the mini-map Modified the icon design of the First Aid Kit Added Thai language in language options Added new key bindings for hold breath, motorbike air control and switch to previous weapon Sound Improved the sound of Motorbike Added sound for door destruction effect Bugfixes Fixed a bug that caused vehicles to be spawned in garages consistantly. Vehicles should be spawned at a higher rate in garages, but not at 100% Fixed an issue that disabled bullet tracing for SKS Fixed a bug that caused the game client to crash when a flashbang goes off Partially fixed bug that caused a character to get stuck in terrain, buildings or objects Partially fixed a bug that caused a vehicle to get stuck in buildings, fences or other vehicles Partially fixed a bug that caused items to be unlootable Fixed a bug that caused carepackages to shake when falling Fixed a bug that caused a throwable weapon to be thrown in the freelook direction and not the direction in which a character is facing Fixed an issue with two markers being visible when placing a marker in the airplane after placing it in the lobby Fixed a bug that caused a player icon to be doubled up on the minimap. Fixed a bug that caused the same color for two teammate icons Fixed a bug that caused the final play zone to be created over water Fixed a bug that sporadically muted the rain sound Significantly mitigated an issue that allowed a player in a closed house to be killed by the red zone bombs Fixed a bug that caused animation not to stop when using consumable items while reviving a teammate Fixed a bug that caused a character experience the damage effect at random Fixed a bug that caused all teammates to enter the REVIVE state when one teammate is hit by a bomb in Red Zone while being in a vehicle Fixed a bug that caused the REVIVE gauge not to disappear when the character being revived is disconnected Fixed a bug that caused the sound volume of UMP with silencer to be too low Fixed a bug that caused throwable items not to drop when switching to other weapons Fixed a bug that caused the trace effect to not disappear after using throwable weapons Fixed a bug where removing the pin from a grenade was canceled by changing the throwing posture. Fixed an issue with compass points not matching the actual direction when in the passenger seat of a vehicle Added a character animation for when dragging an item into the inventory See you in-game,PLAYERUNKNOWN
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    Hey guys, so it has come to my attention that smoke grenades are client-side. I have experienced this in three different occasions that further solidify this claim. Idk if this is intentional, but it is definitely a huge issue. Someone had thrown a smoke to conceal their advance to another piece of cover (Rock to a tree). He threw the smoke grenade half way between, and smoke started to fill the void... on my screen, the smoke was blowing to the right, on my buddy's screen (whom I was spectating) The smoke blew to the left. The result is on my screen I see the enemy in question running wide open with no concealment, and my buddy who was actually in-game, could not see. However, on the enemy's screen, he was in the wide open as well, so he was able to see thru the 'smoke' at my buddy, when my buddy couldnt see though the smoke. I'm sure you can draw conclusions as to how this is not conducive to the multiplayer aspect of the game. To have one player potentially be able to see "through" smoke that the other player is denied is frankly unacceptable in its current state. Of course, I know this game is under development and this could very well be an issue coming down the pipe to be fixed, but I just wanted to highlight it further just in case. Any word if this is going to be fixed? (and hopefully not 'working as intended') -Agen7orange
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    10 минут нубства с снайперкой для теста в поле после патча
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    yes, stats will be reset. at least thats what i read last.
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    jojojojo aquí huele a pique de niño pequeño estamos tontos o que? Aquí te examinan de si te falta una coma??? ( El chaval transcribió el mensaje de los desarrolladores del foro principal tal cual... en el tampoco dicen nada * Si lo dice ahora me replicas como te gusta ). Buen trabajo pepito! siempre tan atento y rápido. Disculpa te desvirtúe el tema, pero este personaje le llevo leyendo ya días y solo suelta perlas. Un saludo!!!
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    PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS создается с обратной связью и помощью игроков, и мы дорожим и чествуем наше сообщество. Вот почему мы подготовили краткое руководство для неофициальных (фанатских) сообществ. Следуя этому руководству, вы принимаете участие в создании сильного, позитивного и захватывающего глобального сообщества игроков PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS! Правила, которые мы просим вас соблюдать в неофициальных сообществах: Удостоверьтесь, что сразу видно, что ваше сообщество является фанатским, а не официальной платформой PUBG Поощряйте дружеское и вежливое отношение ко всем членам сообщества Поощряйте честную игру и хорошее спортивное поведение Не поощряйте токсичное поведение и выражения. Не дискриминируйте кого-либо по признаку расы, этнической принадлежности, национальности, пола, способностей или экономического положения Запретить использование любого контента NSFW [NSFW - not safe for work, контент 18+, оскорбления и т.д.] на вашей платформе Запрещайте любые незаконные действия на вашей платформе Не разрешайте рекламировать какие-либо читы или хаки для PUBG Отвечайте на отзывы и просьбы команды PUBG Если у вас есть какие-либо вопросы или замечания, не стесняйтесь обращаться к одному из членов PUBG Community Team: Сэмми [Sammie] - Lead Community Manager [главный комьюнити менеджер] [ENG] Андро [Andro] - Community Manager [комьюнити менеджер] [ENG] Мария [Sandra_Mad] - Community Manager RU [RU]
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    What about having the option to change the colour of the entire UI or the ability to change the size and location of the UI?.. that'd be cool
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    Hey since the update came out everytime i go into a house its just so dark that i can nearly see nothing (look at the pictures) and before the update there were no shadows on my screen now there are? my fps are gone like from 70 to 20/30 this update was so bad for me :// please help me
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    Официальные рекомендации для поведения на форуме PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Несмотря на то, что есть определенные правила, которые вам необходимо прочитать и понять, для того чтобы быть членом этого форума, есть несколько простых путей, которые помогут вам избежать нарушения этих правил. Будьте конструктивны Старайтесь, чтобы ваши сообщения относились к теме подфорума и ветки форума, в которой вы пишите. Постарайтесь писать именно то, что может способствовать развитию разговора. Уважайте собеседников, даже если вы с ними не согласны. Будьте дружелюбны и вежливы Относитесь друг к другу с уважением. Избегайте оскорблений, в том числе при обращении к сотрудникам компании PUBG Corp. Никому публично не хамите и не унижайте других пользователей и игроков. Не пропагандируйте ненависть [в любой ее форме], включая [но не ограничиваясь ими] национальность, расу, пол, ориентацию, выбор жизненного пути, политические взгляды или оскорбления любого рода. Штрафы за нарушения правил форума Имейте в виду, что эти штрафы не зависят друг от друга. Пользователи могут быть временно или перманентно забанены без предупреждения, если нарушение достаточно серьезное. Легкое предупреждение - в случае первых нарушений, которые являются незначительными, например комментарий, не относящийся к теме, но сделанный добросовестно, или дублированный пост на форуме, будет выдаваться легкое предупреждение, часто в форме публичного ответа от модератора. Эти комментарии могут применяться к нескольким пользователям форума в случае, когда было сделано несколько комментариев по теме, которая не относится к ветке форума. Предупреждение - если сообщение или комментарий не являются конструктивными и по теме, пользователь получит системное предупреждение. Это предупреждение прикрепляется к учетной записи и исчезнет через некоторое время, в зависимости от ситуации. Приостановление аккаунта - предупреждение не обязательно перед временным приостановлением аккаунта. В зависимости от характера нарушения временная приостановка может длиться от недели до нескольких месяцев. Бан - Опять же, предупреждение или приостановка аккаунта не обязательна перед перманентным баном, Аккаунт, приостановленный в прошлом, с большой вероятностью будет подвергнут перманентному бану при дальнейшем нарушении. Модераторы существуют на этом форуме, чтобы помогать и поддерживать сообщество и обеспечить всем игрокам возможность участвовать здесь. Если будет принято решение о том, что вы ведете себя деструктивно, вас могут удалить с форума. Когда вы впервые заходите на форум, пока вы не достигните 10 постов, в некоторых частях форума вы не сможете писать сообщения. Это делается для того, чтобы дать новичкам время, чтобы ознакомиться со структурой форума, прежде чем они опубликуют еще один пост из серии “как правильно целиться в этой игре”
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    Официальные правила Приведенные ниже правила не являются исчерпывающими, и модераторы могут и будут использовать свое мнение при работе с недопустимым поведением. Все решения, принятые модераторами, являются окончательными. Любая попытка обойти эти правила является нарушением само по себе. Если у вас есть жалоба или критика, предоставьте конструктивные предложения о том, как проблему можно решить. Не нападайте на разработчиков, сотрудников или других участников форума. Этот форум предназначен для активных игроков PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, которые заинтересованы в поддержке и улучшении игры и ее сообщества. Уклонение от правил Не пытайтесь уклониться от правил или умышленно обходить суть правила. Разжигание ненависти / Излишняя вульгарность Мы не допускаем никакого разжигания и пропаганды ненависти [в любой ее форме], включая [но не ограничиваясь ими] национальность, расу, пол, ориентацию, выбор жизненного пути, политические взгляды или других факторов, которые будут сочтены неуместными командой модераторов. Пошлость, вульгарность, если будет сочтена излишней, экстремальной, также запрещена. Неподходящий / Недопустимый контент Избегайте размещения материалов, которые не подходят для этих форумов, в том числе [но не ограничиваясь ими] дискуссий, видеороликов, изображений или аватаров, содержащих реальную наготу, кровь или излишнюю жестокость, злоупотребление психоактивными веществами, политические или религиозные сообщения. Незаконная деятельность Запрещается одобрение или обсуждение лично совершаемой незаконной деятельности. Реклама и продвижение Пожалуйста, избегайте рекламы любых игр или коммерческих проектов, не принадлежащих PUBG Corp. Не размещайте видео или сайты, продающие, распространяющие или продвигающие любые читы, хаки или другие сторонние программы и решения, предназначенные для предоставления игрокам преимуществ в игре. Публичные высказывания Не обвиняйте публично других пользователей / игроков в нарушениях. Пожалуйста, всегда используйте для этого соответствующие каналы. Преследование и угрозы Преследования и угрозы другим пользователям форума абсолютно запрещены. Личные атаки / Информация о личной жизни Вы не должны совершать прямые атаки на других пользователей, а также раскрывать частную/личную информацию [адрес, телефон, имя] любого пользователя форума. Обсуждение бана Не создавайте темы, в которых обсуждается ваш или чей-то еще бан, включая игровой бан, бан на форуме или на любых других платформах. Вы можете подать апелляцию, через соответствующий раздел форума. Введение в заблуждение Вы не должны ложно представляться модератором или сотрудником PUBG Corp, явно или неявно. Вы не должны ложно представляться другим игроком или человеком. Спам Не создавайте тем или сообщений, в которых нет содержания. Это включает в себя сообщения в стиле “первый!”, сообщения на наводящие темы или что-то подобное. Если вы считаете, что кто-то нарушает правила форума, используйте функцию «Жалоба» в сообщении, чтобы привлечь потенциального нарушителя к нашему вниманию. Не пытайтесь взять правосудие в свои руки, вступая в диалог с нарушителем.
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    А с каких пор синдром ленивого разработчика считается нормой ? Конечно куда проще запихнуть всю игру в оперативную память , потому разрабы повсеместно разучились в оптимизацию. Никакой разницы между современной и старой нет. Держать 4к текстуры в оперативной памяти это плохой тонн. Взять даже нашу игру - данных для просчёта мало. Триггера в игре собственно три ... Так чем же забита оперативная память ? Кучей моделек человечек которые бегают на другой стороне карты ? Ну и зачем это? Можно же подгружать в оперативку только то что нужно в данный момент, благо скорость современной память позволяет очень быстро менять данные. Да и посмотреть большинство современных игр - мне 6гб хватало на все игры заглаза . Пс - только не надо говорить про открытый мир и прочее - у нас тут статичная карта с 100 подвижными персонажами тремя триггерами и генератором случайных чисел. Нет даже искусственного интеллекта , так что потребление памяти ну очень не оправдано )) Радует что разработчики это понимают и с каждым причем правят это... Надеюсь дальше будет только лучше)
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    Thanks for the suggestions. However, I have used these launch settings, but it didn't get better. I was considering that, but does it actually need that much RAM? I think it's dependable, because currently when ingame I am using between 80-87% RAM, basically it does not go over 90% which means that it is quite enough. I assume that if I want to increase the distance view to high or ultra it will need more RAM so it can load farther surroundings and keep them cashed, isn't that so?
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    Si se ha informado hace aproximadamente un par de horas de que la actualización seria lanzada finalmente hoy gracias a que se han resuelto los problemas que habían surgido. Puede que no te dejen entrar de primeras, reinicia Steam una vez descargado el juego y vuelve a entrar deberia dejarte.
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  28. 1 point
    Сглаживание ультра, ставишь программу Reshade настраиваешь и радость будет. Мне хватает сглаживание на ультра. С лутом ничего не меняли тебе просто не везет
  29. 1 point
    I don't think that's how the new looting works. They have just added an animation to the action, which will just make the looting a tad slower. The animation is there so people will be able to tell if you're picking something up or not. I fail to see how it has simplified anything. As far as I know, you can still loot by pressing "f", right clicking items, and drag-n-drop. Also, seems like the new loot mechanism won't be deployed until later.
  30. 1 point
    There's no need to have the client for the Test Server installed if you're only playing on the live PUBG servers.
  31. 1 point
  32. 1 point
    Would be cool if you could drag your teammate to safety, which would be a little faster than him crawling to me.
  33. 1 point
    Ye i much preferred drag & drop looting with no animation, but like above^ said this is a good middle ground
  34. 1 point
    the point of this is that from the beginning, the Left Shift key defaulted to 2 actions - sprint and hold breath. Now that they are separate binds, the idea was for us lefties to finally be able to set these 2 actions to the same key, so that right handed players didn't have an advantage. The current way these 2 binds works is as follows: If you set both actions to Left Shift, the game allows it If you set both actions to anything else, the game does not allow it. This needs to be addressed as right handed players still have an advantage. All they need to do is allow these 2 actions to be bound to the same key regardless if it is Left Shift or not. Before you say "just bind it to something else", why? All along, these 2 actions were bound to a single key... I'm a left handed player and have to use the arrow keys for movement. I'd like to use Numpad0 for both sprint and hold breath just the same way right-handed players can use Left Shift for the same.
  35. 1 point
    Скрин из этой же темы
  36. 1 point
    ... which is the default behaviour of the SHIFT key, that we non-SHIFT-sprint users would like !! (e.g. I'd like to sprint AND hold breath with Z, like normal users sprint AND hold breath with SHIFT). What a deception seeing this in the changelog but so poorly thought and integrated. Anybody knows a workaround ? Editing config files maybe ?
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    Я не думаю что стоит а) разговаривать в подобной манере. б) делать выводы о том, чего ты не знаешь.
  38. 1 point
    The patch wasn't ready a few days earlier to publish to the Test Server. Just because some people understand Early Access games does not make them fan boys. Additionally I'd like to thank those who were patient whilst the issues were being resolved; submitted crash reports and did not throw toys out of their pram. The devs are working hard resolving bugs and the team is continuing to expand. Thanks for all your support.
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    @JeRyZ, I feel you bro, come back. Fanboys are now like 'It's EA, don't you dare complain!' Alright, it's EA, open beta, whatever, call it what you like, but still - you have to pay for it. If you pay for something, you have the right to expect results. You take a part in development of a game by providing feedback, but you can't have a refund if something goes in a bad direction, so I have the right to be concerned about delays. I was addicted to this game, hell, I still enjoy it, but today's delay of a patch is really disappointing, not to mention serverside problems. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't ANOTHER patch delayed. I also think that pushing patches earlier on tests servers would be a better idea, because that's their point, right? To eliminate gamebreaking bugs before pushing them on main servers. That's my opinion and I am really tired of seeing those 'IT'S EARLY ACCESS, GET USED TO IT, IMAH FANBOY' replies in almost every topic.
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    Buenas, perdonad la tardanza para traducir el dev blog, ha sido un dia liado, recordad que estas traducciones son hechas a mano, disfrutad del dev blog. Jugadores, Antes de profundizar en las notas de parche para nuestro segundo parche mensual, primero quería agradecer a todos por su asombrosa generosidad en nuestro Charity Invitational hace unas semanas. Con la ayuda de 128 streamers de Europa y Norteamérica y la increíble comunidad de twitch, hemos recaudado un total de 223,357.00$ para Gamers Outreach! ¡Gracias a todos una vez más por ayudar a los niños de una manera realmente tremenda! GG WP A continuación, algo rapido sobre el rendimiento del servidor. He visto muchas especulaciones sobre la causa del lag que algunos de ustedes experimentan. Una de las teorías más populares es que ejecutamos nuestros juegos en servidores de calidad mala. Me gustaría aclararlo diciendo que nuestros servidores funcionan en las especificaciones más altas que AWS ofrecen. Actualmente estamos en la creación de perfiles de los servidores para tratar de localizar la causa del lag, pero lo he dicho antes, esto nos llevará tiempo para completarlo, así que pido su paciencia mientras trabajamos para mejorar el rendimiento del servidor para todos los jugadores. Mientras que la próxima actualización mensual se centrará en mejorar el rendimiento del servidor, el proceso de optimización no se detendrá allí, y vamos a seguir mejorando el rendimiento de los servidores a través de Early Access. Ahora lo que hemos cambiado, fixeado y añadido en este, nuestra segunda actualización mensual! Primero lanzaremos este parche al Test Server mañana, miércoles. No hay tiempo estimado para que esto suceda todavía, sólo mantente atento a nuestro Twitter para actualizaciones! Este parche será desplegado a los Servidores el jueves, 25 de mayo, 5PM KST / 1AM PDT / 8AM UTC y se espera que tome aprox. 1 hora para completarse. Early Access - Parche mensual 2. Rendimiento del cliente Uso mejorado de la CPU para streaming a nivel mundial. Rendimiento mejorado de las vallas. Rendimiento de renderizado de hierba mejorado. Rendimiento de renderizado para armas y accesorios vistos a distancia mejorado. Rendimiento de renderizado mediante la modificación de ciertos efectos de armas y vehículos innecesariamente renderizados a distancia mejorado Mejor rendimiento de animación de personajes. Rendimiento de efectos mejorados. Mejorado el rendimiento de la placa de nombre del compañero de equipo, mapa y mini-mapa en equipo. Contenido Añadido VSS. Un rifle de francotirador suprimido con el alcance 4X permanente y calibre 9MM . Esta nueva arma se puede encontrar en airdrops y como un loot muy raro de spawn Motocicleta añadida. Juego Reducción de la velocidad de movimiento de las dos zonas finales de juego para un mejor acoplamiento durante el juego final Equilibradas algunas armas: Vector Menor daño de bala. Incremento en la ganancia de desviación por disparo. Winchester / S686 / S12K Menos daño de perdigon. AKM Aumento de daño de bala. Se resolvió un problema en el que el contador de jugadores vivos disminuia cuando un jugador se desconectase. Ahora el conteo sera sobre la muerte de los jugadores. Acción y Armas Ahora los jugadores pueden poner accesorios de stock en las siguientes armas: SKS: Culatas. Vector: Culata táctica (para M416) Ajustado el color del punto de mira de la ballesta. Se ha añadido un nuevo método de renderizado de alcance (sin paralaje) que permite una mayor precisión de apuntado. Vista de ADS mejorada. Modificación del retroceso para las siguientes armas: AKM, SCAR, M16, M416 Se ha corregido un problema que permite a un jugador hacer zoom con un click derecho cuando espera antes de lanzar una granada Disminución del tiempo de ADS cuando se utiliza la mira x2. Vehículo Se ha añadido el efecto de la rueda pinchada y el sonido Se añadieron marcas quemadas a los vehículos después de ser destruidos Se agregó la imagen de la matrícula de moto Cuando un vehículo explota, las vallas cerca del vehículo ahora también serán destruidas Mundo Se agregó nueva vegetación al vestíbulo UI Los jugadores pueden presionar "borrar" para eliminar su marcador colocado en el mapa del mundo Ajustada la transparencia del mini-mapa de la cuadrícula y coordinado el texto para hacer el mapa más visible Se agregó una línea punteada hacia la siguiente zona de juego en el mini-mapa Se modificó el diseño del icono del kit de primeros auxilios Añadido idioma tailandés en las opciones de idioma Se agregaron nuevas combinaciones de teclas para mantener la respiración, el control de aire de la moto y cambiar al arma anterior Sonido Mejorado el sonido de la moto Sonido añadido para el efecto de destrucción de la puerta Corrección de errores Se ha corregido un error que provocó que los vehículos respawneen en garajes consistentemente. Los vehículos deben respawnear en una tasa más alta en los garajes, pero no al 100% Solucionado un problema que deshabilitaba el seguimiento de balas para SKS Se ha corregido un error que provocaba que el cliente del juego se bloqueara cuando el efecto de las flashbang se apagase Fallo parcialmente corregido que causaba que un personaje se quedara atascado en el terreno, edificios u objetos Parcialmente arreglado un error que causaba que un vehículo se atasque en edificios, cercas u otros vehículos Parcialmente arreglado un error que causaba que el looteo no se pudiese recoger del suelo. Arreglado un error que causaba que los airdrops se sacudieran al caer Se ha corregido un error que provocaba que un arma lanzable se lanzara en la dirección freelook y no en la dirección en la que un personaje miraba Solucionado un problema con dos marcadores que son visibles al colocar un marcador en el avión después de colocarlo en el vestíbulo. (Bug visual de mapa) Se ha corregido un error que causaba que un icono de jugador se duplicara en el minimapa. Se ha corregido un error que causaba el mismo color para dos iconos de compañero de equipo Se ha corregido un error que causaba la creación de la zona de juego final sobre el agua Corregido un error que esporádicamente silenciaba el sonido de la lluvia Corregido significativamente un problema que permitia que un jugador en una casa cerrada fuera asesinado por las bombas de la zona roja Se ha corregido un error que provocaba que la animación no se detuviera al utilizar elementos consumibles mientras revivía a un compañero de equipo Se ha corregido un error que provocaba que un personaje experimentara el efecto de daño al azar Se ha corregido un error que provocaba que todos los compañeros de equipo entraran en el estado REVIVE cuando un compañero de equipo es golpeado por una bomba en la Zona Roja mientras estaba en un vehículo Se ha corregido un error que provocaba que el indicador REVIVE no desapareciera cuando el personaje que se está reviviendo está desconectado Se ha corregido un error que provocaba que el volumen de sonido de UMP con silenciador fuera demasiado bajo Se ha corregido un error que causaba que los elementos que se podían lanzar no cayeran al cambiar a otras armas Arreglado un error que causaba que el efecto de rastreo (la marca roja que indica donde impactara la granada) no desapareciera después de usar armas lanzables Solucionado un problema con puntos de la brújula que no coinciden con la dirección real cuando se encuentra en el asiento del pasajero de un vehículo Añadida una animacion a la hora de arrastrar objetos del suelo al inventario Nos vemos en el juego, PLAYERUNKNOWN
  41. 1 point
    BG Future Improvements/Suggestions After 300 hours or so played within PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds I felt the need to express my opinion on the current state of the game. I’ve highlighted a list of changes I personally would love to see changed along with future suggestions about new content. Please understand all of the changes below I am suggesting reflect my squad mates and I personal opinions in regards to how the game is currently playing. I have been critical of PU for quite a while now but I feel the need to offer a list of constructive changes that I feel can significantly improve the overall play of the game itself. Enjoy! Improvements/Suggestions for New Content Map Changes · Address loot spawns. Some parts of map literally don’t spawn loot/very little loot (Quarry for example). · Helmets/ Gun Sights increase spawns. Level 1 +2 helmets need to be increased. Red dot/Holo sights need to be increased. · Car spawns-look into these… Some funky stuff going on here (particularly cars spawning near Primo and outside of the town). Some games seem to have an extremely low level of vehicle spawns near that coast line, also near Zharki. · Rework Bomb Zones (Again). They don’t move around the map enough, they are too stationary. I have many games where a bomb zone will start in Pochinki. After minutes of bombing, the zone stays put and another round of bombing goes off. Make the zones move more. The FPS drops considerably when looking in the direction of a bomb zone/being in a bomb zone. The bomb zone doesn’t seem too reliable either in terms of general “bombiness”. It seems like a swathe of the bomb zone is the only thing being bombed in the entire red circle, look into this. Vehicle Changes · Give the buggy an extra seat to take 3 people. A motorcycle can take 3 people but a buggy the size of a car can’t? Let’s be real. · Stabilization across all vehicles needs to be worked on. · Add air mobility to all vehicles, not just the new bike. · Add some new boats! I’m thinking a Jet Ski/Speed boat. The water feature within the game is awesome, keep expanding on this. · Add a truck with a 50 cal? (Balance this so it’s not extremely OP, could be dope to see though.) Grenade Changes · Lower flashbang blind effect to 6 seconds from 8 seconds. 8 seconds is just too long in my opinion. · Increase the flashbang impact range, resulting in greater accuracy of players being flashed. · Rework the Molotov completely. It takes way too long to light, reduce this. Due to how long it takes to light, I can’t bring myself to use it over the frag grenade to clear rooms in houses/trees. Rework the spread of the flames, doesn’t seem reliable or accurate. · Rework the Smoke grenade. Currently the grenade only plumes in one direction resulting in smoke shooting out in one specific direction. Make the grenade plume in every direction so we have a nice smoke cloud. Medical Supply Changes · Painkiller time it takes to apply is too long. Right now it takes 7.5 seconds to apply, reduce the time to apply to 5.5 seconds. Applying a PK should not be the same length of regenerating ¾ of your health back from a first aid, seems silly to me. · Make Stem Shots spawn in the world. Make it 10 seconds to apply (could look at lowering that time by 1-2 seconds). Give the user full boost. Body Armor Changes · Increase damage you can take from body/head shots when wearing level 3 armor (helmet/vest). · Decrease level 3 gear spawn- make it rare(er) · Currently level 3 gear doesn’t reward me as a player enough. When I see level 3 gear I’m not jumping up and down in glee. As it is right now, it doesn’t offer a big enough impact for me. Decrease the spawn and up the protection seems the right direction here. · Sniper rifles should do same damage to level 3 gear. Protection increase only from AR/SMG/Pistol damage. Air Drop Changes · The air drop’s prime objective within the game is to reward players operating in risky behavior. · Remove the Kar-98 Spawn (they are frequent enough in the world itself. A 98 is not a big enough reward for me to go guns blazing into two full squads.) · Remove the Tommy-Gun Spawn (place the spawn in the world itself-make it rare. Rework the gun as well-recoil/dmg. · Remove the LMG gun spawn (place the spawn in the world itself-make it rare.) · The M24, AWM, VSS, Level 3 type gear, Medkits, Stem shots should be the only things spawning in supply crates. (All of those are rewarding enough for players operating in risky behavior.) Parachute Changes · Please for the love of God remove the fall to my knees/stand still for 3 seconds pose after hitting the ground at 2mph. It’s extremely annoying. · Increase the speed at which I can drop to the ground when my parachute is open. · Adjust the turn radius on the parachute for more accurate/hairpen turns. Team-play Game Modes (Duo/Squad) Changes · Reward players that knockdown enemies with the kill if finished by another player. This has been suggested before and I agree with it, it just makes sense. · Duo mode- Add distance in meters from teammate. Place it near the teammate icon. I want to know exactly how far I am from my teammate. Change the color of the icon for my teammate so that we both have unique color identifiers. · Squad mode- Add distance in meters from teammates. Change the color of icons for each of my teammates. It will easily allow me to convey who needs help by saying a specific color rather than searching for a name. Give us an option to vote for a squad leader in lobby. Squad leaders are designated in-game by an icon. They have the ability to draw on the map for advanced tactics. Giving this option to the squad promotes leadership and potential team cohesion. Once again I want to reiterate that all of the changes I proposed are purely based off the opinions I frequently hear from my squad that I play with and myself. I hope you guys like the changes proposed and I hope PU reads this and takes it to the development team for consideration. See you on the battlefield. ~Maced
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    Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, we cannot help you if you do not follow the bug reporting format for threads which includes posting your system information. Please reply to this thread with the format in the thread below and I'll update your first post. Hopefully we can find a fix for you as soon as possible! :-)
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    I have seen someone get shot from a big distance maybe his numbers are exaggerated but the shotgun and its grouping and distance is disturbingly erratic.
  44. 1 point
    But why? I think additional risk and reward gameplay is good Slightly less action in the early game (smaller loot spots become more viable) More action in the mid game General idea more frequent than current airdrops no “special” loot, but high quality not as loud (no extra airplane) Possibly barrels/crates dropped by the planes already flying or dropped by drones etc. Possible loot table Level 3: helmet, vest, backpack Weapons: SKS, Kar98, Vector, VSS (with ammunition) Attachments: Silencer (SMG), Flash Hider (AR, Sniper), Scopes (2x, 4x), Ext. Quick Draw Mag. Pan (camo)
  45. 1 point
    Hi Please read the responses from PU towards the end of the thread.
  46. 1 point
    Bonjour à tous, Voici la traduction du patch notes de la mise à jour qui aura lieu le 25/05/2017 Bonne lecture,
  47. 1 point
    Hey Man, This patch has a fix for us Added new key bindings for hold breath, motorbike air control and switch to previous weapon PS thanks for the autohotkey solution, it has worked perfectly and was a godsend.
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    I think somethings should be purely cosmetic. Like the ballistic mask etc. However I do think the gas mask should act as a way for players to survive outside the play area for a short time. Either through trading it's own health directly (as in the gas mask has X health that slowly ticks away while outside play area), or it uses ammo "gas filters" like metro 2033.
  49. 1 point
    Not a big deal, but it would be awesome with a "Dark mode/theme". My eyes would be pleased =)
  50. 1 point
    I agree with the simple no shoes = slower movement. It just makes the most sense and seemingly the easiest to implement.