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    Hi players, We have some details to share with you regarding an upcoming hotfix patch, which will resolve some bugs introduced with our most recent update. Please see the following post by Nico, Executive Producer at Microsoft: https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBGXboxOne/comments/82iwxj/hotfix_update_patch_10/ Update March 9th from Nico: Update March 12th from Nico: Thanks for your patience and see you in game!
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    I've got a dirty little secret that I've got to get off my chest. In about 75% of my solo games, I drop at the very same group of houses... clear them all and tidy them up, closing all doors and not picking up ammo stacks from the random pistols that might be laying about. I usually end up with a pretty nice loadout. Pretty much always an AR (or two) or a sniper. Always a shotty or two to be had. I then go to the top of the stairs in a particular house in this complex and drop the AR, a scope (if I have one), a boost, a first aid kit, my shirt, and three stacks of one bullet of ammo to correspond with the gun I've left. Spread it all out nicely so it looks like spawn items. *But it's not. It's never a spawn. Stuff never shows up in this spot right at the top of the stairs.* And then I wait. And wait. And nearly every time, someone shows up and starts looting this group of houses. They run up my stairs and the first thing they see is this pile of loot. They always seem to open their menu to see the cornucopia of stuff that I've left there. I watch this all go down in plain sight from a corner in the kitchen. I'm never really hidden. I'll wait for about two full seconds, giddy with anticipation as I imagine their developing thoughts as they see the stacks of one bullet, before I unload three or four shotgun blasts into their unsuspecting torso. I usually add one more to their corpse after they've been disposed of. And then... I tea-bag the body for a good 20 seconds. And I laugh. Oh, I laugh. It's a dark, dirty experience. I then record a clip of the whole ordeal and send it to my victim. Sometimes I add splash screens to the video at the end that say "LOLOLOLOL" or "Ooops! SORRY" for effect. Occasionally I loop the 1-2 seconds of actual gunfire over and over and over at the end of the clip, extending the moment in video form. I enjoy it more than a chicken dinner. If I've done this to you, thank you for your participation in my game. It's nothing personal. And I'm sorry... just a little bit. See you on the island.
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    BRUH..... the period. It does wonders
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    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    im not one to buy stuff but considering its just clothing and items of the such, who really gives a shit. There really isn't any extra tactical advantage. I would consider purchasing a crate if it has cool stuff in it. I would just be scared of getting 3 pairs of brown school shoes in a row like i just did.
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    Am I the only one over here getting matched with these STUDS dropping me with p92s from 100m. Put 4 shots in them with a UMP and they run at me like a Rambo zombie and drop me with a r1895 head shot. Tf happen here....
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    So he’s in Amsterdam and there’s a cannabis plant in the corner of the office. Is that why updates take so long and are full of bugs?
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    You guys are ridiculous about ever single tiny thing. I get annoyed at some stuff thats still an issue like hit reg but you bought a "game preview" its a beta its not a completed game. It has gotten alot better and will take time to perfect but it hasn't even been that long. Go play pc till it releases if its such an issue. Im just happy its out for xbox
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    So you're saying you won't be buying any crates..... That's cool, coulda used less words to say it though. And not sure what game your playing, but i see a lot of patches the developers have our out to fix this one. Weird.
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    Every time I see a thread like this I like to imagine it's the same person that keeps getting banned, so they constantly make new profiles to post the same thing.
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    Let he say what he wants. I still haven't played any of the other 200 games of my library since PUBG was released, lol
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    Very frustrating when you jump out of your car use it as cover only for your enemy to shoot the car so it explodes and kills you. Car damage should be decreased when the vehicle isn't occupied.
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    Not only am I getting dropped in with better players, I'm getting dropped in with better looking players. I'm getting killed by guys wearing fancy floral shirts while I'm walking around with the red shirt-khaki pants combo like I work at Target.
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    Think im getting matched up with shroud. Since update every one has turned pro apart from me. 😂😭
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    Or you could stop being a blue line camper and getting caught with your pants down
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    Jeeeeez, calm down Satan.
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    as the title says, it is long past time for a practice mode or map to be added. how hard can it be to add a mode where you spawn next to a few crates filled with all kinds of rifles, attachments and ammo? add a couple of targets and voila, you got a practice mode. pubg is a game where you spend a lot of time looting and running around. that's very inefficient for practicing aim and mechanics like recoil, bullet drop and so on. and no, dropping school is no substitute for a practice mode. it is very inefficient as well.
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    I heard blue hole's next project is going to be an anger management based survival game
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    I can’t wait for the day that they permanently ban you from these forums for spreading false information. I’ve received 3 warnings in the past 2 days and all of them were for responding to your blantant lack of information and gross negligence to do more than 2 seconds of googling before posting BS here say.
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    After the novelty of this game runs out, you realize, it's just a buggy, glitchy, slow, desynched, pile of trash. When ever a fight starts, there's no telling if the game will momentarily lock up, and even if it doesn't, you don't know if the other person is in the position your screen is showing, because they might have 2k ping, at which point your shots do nothing at all. I loved this game at first, and actually fought my way down to top 250 on NA, but that style of gameplay got boring super fast and now that I focus specifically on fighting, I see just how horrible the shooting mechanics and net code are. You haphazard developers won't actually clean up your net code, won't address the fact that half of the players experience momentary glitches where the screen locks up the second you encounter someone, won't ping-lock (or at the very least, region lock) your player base so that severe laggers don't get to just walk around with a 2 second safety buffer, and there are more people cheating in this game than any game I've ever seen in my life. But hey, on the bright side, you have turned the good developers of the world onto the concept of this style of shooter, so at least the player-base can enjoy good, reliable games with the same core concepts, very soon. I mean, you're completely up in the night if you don't think that AAA developers are in the process of creating similar games right now, only these games will probably actually function. BTW, I'm on Google fiber and I have a computer that can run any game in the world on maxed out settings -- 1080ti, 32 gigs of ddr4, PCI SSD 1T drive, i7-8700 3.7 -- and your game still runs like absolute crap, and started momentarily freeing up when ever I would shoot at someone, about a month and a half ago, and hasn't stopped since. You have a great concept here, but the game simply isn't finished, and you are making no efforts what-so-ever to actually fix it. Enjoy your momentary and mild success before the game dies. Even right now, you have a mere fraction of the player-base that AAA developers enjoy, but it'll all die out because reliable game with the same core concepts will be released very soon.
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    If you get stuck on the roof tops , why wouldn't you land on the ground and begin there. It would eliminate the your issue with the roof top
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    I really hope they can add prox chat to the Xbox Version. I'm so jealous of PC users that have this. I suspect that Microsoft is the culprit holding it back for "community harassment" reasons, or some crap like that. The amount of times i've wanted to play the Jaws theme song in a camper's house...
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    If there is only one thing on the ground you want I think it is much faster to just hit X and grab it. If there are multiple things laying on top of one another it is better to go into inventory so you don't accidentally pick up things you don't want. So my answer is a mix of both.....
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    Is this serious? What you described is capitalism not gambling. You paid money and received a product. You can sell that product for a slight depreciation in value or maybe a profit. But the fact is you bought a product, and since it’s your product you may sell that product. Buying loot crates isn’t gambling. You’re buying a product. It’s your money spend it how I want and in a free country I’ll spend mine wherever I damn well please. It’s none of your business. Gambling is is putting money out in HOPES of getting the same amount back or more, with no guarantee of getting anything in return.
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    I mostly played strategy games last years.. Civilization.. Rome 2 Total War (yeah it´s old, but the DEI Mod is really awesome) and World of Tanks for some short action… Beginning January I joined some friends playing PUBG Here´s some feedback – although probably everything listed here is somewhere on the forum already - Very unstable – every 5th round or so I get disconnected or the game just crashes..sometimes not being able to reconnect again - I often don´t see online friends as online – so unable to form a team.. (but usually the other one does) - Rendering of Objects takes a bit too long… sometimes I see things that weren´t there when I first looked - Parachutes not rendering? I always look around when parachuting, counting possible enemies nearby.. but sometimes when I am absolutely certain no one is near, after one or two minutes I get killed by someone I have no idea how he got there... - Graphic issues when driving with a dead person inside - Clothing as loot is pretty much useless… maybe you can give a winter jacket a damage reduction or a bit more carrying capacity, gloves add a tiny bit to stability of weapon, boots a tiny bit of speed or anything tiny so that clothing is not pure cosmetic – otherwise I´d say remove it because it´s just distracting - Sometimes I find 3 scopes in one house, other games none in 10… I mean the randomness is kind of good, but probably optimizable... - The physics of vehicles is beyond strange... also you shouldn´t be able to hide behind a vehicle that gets rammed at full speed from another because you know it´s not going to move one mm... - Sometimes the game is pretty glitchy.. repositioning the model.. or still dying from bullets while already behind cover (frustrating) - Sometimes bullets that clearly hit are not registered at all when looking at replay (extremely frustrating) - Weapon diversity gets pretty much narrowed to the endgame.. everyone just seems to have an M4 and a Kar - Too many reward crates need keys - Not being able to shoot through the softest of obstacles or water surface… ok that is the game.. but since the game seems to lean towards a more realism level this is a bit silly… - As for cheating – I can´t really tell if someone cheats or not.. It´s just sometimes an enemy seems to know exactly where you are or kills you amazingly quick with whatever weapon he has.. I´m by far not the best player, but played games long enough to know where I am in the food chain… and it´s suspiciously low in this game ^^ All in all it´s a great concept of a game but lousily glued together… For a pure online game it´s simply not acceptable that each person plays a slightly different game in regards to where I and everyone else is (bullets not hitting etc…) …can´t really tell about the cheating problem but the outcry in this forum suggests again that for a pure online game there is little to no firewall regarding this problem.. Definitely keep playing until someone develops a better version of this game.
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    Go play fortnite then. Enjoy the building, rocket launchers, cartoon graphics, aim assist, and the no-skill-required culture that comes with it.
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    Dude is this a joke? Lol im gonna take out my popcorn to watch this one unfold lol
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    Because coding isn't as easy as clicking a picture and pressing save - everything is inter-tangled changing one line of code could impact a whole host of things that never seem connected but are (although what I think we have here is a rebase of the whole game and then they forgot to apply certain xbox specific fixes, or even later pc fixes). And as for testing, yes, if this was a full release game it would be extensively tested but it isn't it is a preview game and what that means is we are the testers - they make sure the basic game functions (which it does) and then the rest is up to us to find and report the bugs, which we do, and then they fix it, which they have. If you have a problem with that then Game Preview is not for you. And patch 9 took nearly a month because they wanted to make substantial gains, they didn't say anything about less bugs. Their main aim was to improve game performance and they have certainly managed that the game runs smoother than before, looks better and whilst it is still far from perfect it is certainly a huge step in the right direction. When they released patch 9 they said they know it has some problems but they all voted that releasing the build as it is was a better decision than not releasing anything and taking another week or 2 trying to fix everything. I for one think they made the right decision.
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    Here's an old video on the subject; movement sounds have not changed since then, so it's still up to date. I may have even exaggerated crouch walking a bit: it's not audible as close as 20 meters (the maximum play distance is somewhere between 20-25m) and you could probably safely sneak up to an unmoving target up to 15 or even 10 meters, if he is not listening too closely.
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    ... would be a good idea, if all my friends didn't quit due to hackers from a certain country. Adding that feature, is like putting new tires on a car with a blown engine.
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    Getting a headshot with a Kar98 when the person has no idea where you are is literally the best and worst feeling in the game. It's the best because you get to feel like the ultimate marksman, it's the worst because you know how it feels to be on the receiving end of that, it's like a jumpscare in a horror flick. Making your way downtown, walking fast then BOOM!! You hear the shot ring out but it's too late you're dead.
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    Only complaint you’ll hear from me is the bad FPS. Every other little issue I can deal with. But FPS kinda makes the game, you know, hard to play at all.
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    HONESTLY MAN,, and there are still people in this world wishing they had a tv.. or an xbox.. or xbox life... or 30$... or pubg.. Yet some people spoiled with it all from mommy and still complain "OYYYY I HAVE TO PRESS SELECT TWICE WHEN I DRIVE A CAR"
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    https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBGXboxOne/comments/82iwxj/hotfix_update_patch_10/?utm_source=reddit-android Sorry, did a search and didn't see the previous post about patch 10. Carry on!
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    Motorcycles are op. They win every collision against other vehicles. Also don't see why camping the bridge is cheap. It's a legitimate tactic that's high risk high reward.
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    Yep. I just finished a 1 day + 6 hour ban because I corrected someone that was spreading false information. It was my 2nd warning for 'non-constructive posting', the 1st warning I maybe deserved though (not really compared the ridiculous arguments and cuss words I read here every day). The second warning... Someone was making out that having high bandwidth is what allows you to play on out-of-region servers. I corrected it and said that 'having high bandwidth is literally irrelevant', the poster went insta-salty-stroppy on me so I had to explain (politely I'd like to add) that I wasn't 'picking on' him but it was better that false information isn't left unchallenged on the forum as it will cause more confusion. 5 mins later and I was banned, my posts were removed and the false information was then left unchallenged. I was literally smh in disbelief. And it is completely false information, a total misunderstanding of bandwidth and a total misunderstanding of latency, it absolutely should have been challenged and if any post should have been removed/amended then it should have been the one spreading nonsense.
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    Cars don't magically explode from gunfire either.
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    Looks like MS must've thrown a molotov under their (pubg corp) ass.
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    Why should it matter if it's occupied or not? The car is still taking damage. Find a tree or rock for safe cover.
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    Two things: #1: That is hilarious! I am going to start doing that. #2: Stay far, far away from me and my family.
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    Oh yeah! I miss the good halo days! 2 and 3 were the best! Anyway... Yeah pubg is loads of fun! Far from unplayable
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    But then... uncommon stuff would be common and you’ll want a rare crate that will make rare stuff uncommon
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    OP, it's a game preview version. You knew this when you purchased it (or you didn't read what you purchased). Of course it's frustrating to all of us, but it tells you when you purchase / play that the game is unfinished and there will be errors / glitches, so playing the game and thinking you won't encounter these problems is asinine.
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    sometimes it hurts me almost as much as them... This poor guy was in such a good spot! I ended up sitting on his corpse to the chicken dinner: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/pajama dad/video/45418932 You guys ever just feel awful (or awfully great) about specific kills?
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    It is. Crouch+walk=almost no sound.
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    I get out and blow my own vehicle and use it as cover. Just don't stand next to a vehicle that's being shot it's not hard to not die or even get hurt by the vehicle js.
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    Here is the link for the basic controls Apart from that certain things have changed or aren't outright mentioned. To access your pistol you hit up on the d-pad. You can hold your breath while ADS by holding LB. You can cook grenades after pulling them out by clicking LB. After you shoot a bolt action rifle you can continue to look down the sights by holding the firing trigger until you want to reload. You can pan the camera around your body without moving your character by holding RB. There are other little things that I might be missing but hopefully this helps. Cheers!
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    Also, completely off topic but a personal opinion: 3PP targeting shouldn't even be a thing. Guns are either aimed down their sights or hip fired....none of this BS hip fired accuracy aiming.
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    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I've been killed by this multiple times I have learned to shoot more accurately. When they're shooting your vehicle, you have a few choices: A) Shoot back. They're occupied with killing the car, if you are a decent shot, you can lay a couple shots on them and get better cover while they heal. B) Back up. The car explosions have a limited distance of damage dealt to players, and it's nowhere near the distance that grenades hurt you. C) Throw some smoke and find cover. Or throw smoke and drive away. D) Don't fucking roll up to a House/Area that you have not been watching. The second I hear an incoming car, I run out and start trying to get shots on it.