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    Hi players, This is a follow-up to our recent dev letter - Addressing Player Concerns. We’ve received a lot of feedback from players that you’d like us to be more frequent and transparent with our communication. We’ve heard you loud and clear! That’s why today, we want to expand upon that post and share more detailed information regarding current issues, their status, and what we’re doing to get them resolved. This is going to be a long read, we’ve got a lot of information to share. Our dev team has expanded, and continues to expand in real-time, which will accelerate the rate of development. This hasn’t happened overnight and we’ll continue to expand our dev team over time. We’ll continue working to improve the game as fast as possible. With that said, let’s get started! Patch ETA The next patch is planned to release on June 5th. We may push this patch out earlier. If a critical issue arises, we may delay the update. We haven’t generally given specific dates until we’re completely confident with them, leading to a lot of frustration. Please understand that we want to share important dates as soon as possible, but we also don’t want to disappoint you by giving you a date which may change. Patch Info The next patch, currently planned for June 5th, will include fixes for GameHub stats not updating, as well as a fix for a common cause of crashing. We’ll also be implementing improvements to Elastic Accuracy Control for Characters (EACC), a system we recently introduced to reduce crashing and lag in heavily populated areas. We’ll detail EACC more later on in this post. There will also be improvements to our Prediction-based level streaming (PBLS) system, which we’ll also elaborate on. There are many issues that need to be fixed in regard to performance, stability and gameplay. Some will take more time than others. We’re working hard to address all issues that can negatively affect your gameplay experience, as quickly as possible. We’ll share more information about what will be included in the next patch as we get closer to its release. Now, we will detail some of the most important, and common player concerns. Stability (Crashing / Dashboarding) There are various reasons crashes can occur and we are working hard on fixing them all. Until the most recent patch, the instances of crashes experienced by players was decreasing each time we patched the game. The recent patch has increased instances of crashing for many players. This is unacceptable. We’re currently working on fixing the two most common causes of crashing, with the first being fixed in the next patch: 1. We introduced some back-end changes to prepare for an upcoming feature and in some cases, the game would try to interact with this unfinished feature, causing the game to crash. 2. A crash is occurring in relation to caching memory, which is used to improve performance. We’ve been actively addressing this issue since December, steadily reducing the instances of crashes related to this each patch. We are focusing on resolving this problem entirely by the end of June. As players have noticed, crashes and lag happen more often in highly populated areas.To combat this, on top of our standard ongoing performance and stability work, we recently introduced a system designed specifically to improve performance and reduce crashes in highly populated areas. Previously, we handled character resources in full for everyone that was near the player, within a 1km radius. This was causing lag/FPS drops and crashes at the early stages of the game after landing, as too many resources were being handled all at once, in populated areas. We have been working on introducing a dynamic system for these specific situations and have implemented a system called “Elastic Accuracy Control for Character, or EACC. Each resource was refreshed at a constant rate within 1km radius of your player. When characters were picking up items, changing clothes etc, this was causing all items within the 1km radius to be refreshed. We made this system dynamic with EACC. It will now work depending on many factors, mainly distance. It will handle resources (refresh resources faster or slower) depending on those factors. Much like PBLS, with each patch, EACC will become more effective at improving performance and in turn reducing crashes, as we gather more data each patch cycle and our engineers implement improvements based on the analysis of that data. Map Selection Map selection is still in development, we’ve still got some further work to do and we’ll get this out to you as soon as possible. World Rendering (Loading) The rendering (loading) process is different in each match, for each player, in each location. We need to find the best process to load resources in all scenarios, for every player. As mentioned in our previous dev letter, we’re using a system called prediction-based level streaming (PBLS) to speed up the rendering process. Our engineers are adjusting and optimizing this system every patch, based on data accumulated during that patch cycle. PBLS is used specifically when parachuting, as it uses a lot of resources which can cause lower FPS for players. We use a different non-prediction-based level streaming system while on the ground, as it is more efficient. When parachuting and falling through the air, a lot more resources have to be loaded than when you’re moving in on the ground. Imagine a chessboard as our map, with each square representing a square on our map. Your character occupies a square on that chessboard while on the ground and the game will load three squares in front of you (in a T shape), as your movement is somewhat predictable—we know where you’re going. This is much different when in the air, parachuting. When you’re parachuting and falling towards the ground, everything around you has to be loaded, because we can’t predict where you will go. Instead of having to only load three squares in front of you, an area of 3x3 squares around you will have to be loaded. With PBLS, this system intuitively decides where in that 3x3 area to load first, to improve rendering times in the area where you’re going to land. As you all know, there are often problems with rendering happening too slowly when driving vehicles, where buildings can suddenly appear in front of you, or you can get stuck inside a building which didn’t appear to be there previously. We have a level streaming system (separate from our prediction-based system) which is used while on the ground specifically, this system will load resources that you’re heading towards and instantly dump resources far behind you to improve performance. When travelling at high speeds, rendering can often not happen quickly enough, and we’re working to improve this system. We’ll be making adjustments to level-streaming, further taking into account vehicle speed to improve the process of rendering resources you want to see and dumping those that are no longer needed. For both our predictive and regular level-streaming systems, our engineers will be making improvements each patch to improve their efficiency and improve rendering times, after analyzing data from the patch cycle. Server Performance At the start of each match, the server is under the most stress due to having to keep track of 100 players all at once. We’ve recently applied some network improvements to the PC servers to help alleviate some early game load and we’re working to push these optimizations to Xbox as soon as possible, once they’re proven to be stable. We’re constantly working on improving server performance, this is an ongoing process. Vehicles There are many bumps and sharp terrain geometry around the maps which can cause vehicles to explode in situations you wouldn’t expect and this is, obviously, extremely frustrating. We’re working to smooth out the terrain on all maps and reduce instances of these frustrating situations. We expect to push some of these improvements later in June. Other important issues we’re investigating This list doesn’t include all issues we’re investigating, but these are some of issues being discussed the most: 1. Player teleports to a different location after vaulting 2. Match not ending, as the game believes another player is still alive, even though you cannot see anyone else in the final circle 3. Vehicles flipping or exploding for seemingly no reason 4. GameHub stats not updating - This will be fixed in the next patch. All of these stats have been tracked since the May update, but just haven’t yet been reflected in the GameHub. GameHub stats will not be restored instantly, but over time. Once the patch goes live, we’ll keep you updated through the process. While we work to fix these bugs, optimization and stability are still our top priorities. We have different teams who work on different aspects of development, based on their skill sets and experience. We will continue to address bugs, while improving performance and stability. ---- Hopefully this post has answered your questions and addressed concerns you may have. We again want to take this opportunity to apologize for our lack of communication and delay in addressing key community concerns. We’re actively working to improve our communication with the community and provide updates as often as possible. Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    Hi players, This is an update to address specific concerns regarding performance since the latest patch. While this post doesn’t cover each and every player concern, we will keep you updated on other key concerns through additional posts like these. Recently, many of you have experienced a significantly worse experience with certain aspects of PUBG's performance, especially when it comes to building load-in near the beginning of the match. Essentially, this is due to a side effect caused by the game's new prediction-based level streaming feature. Prediction-based level streaming was introduced to improve the system’s overall performance in order to facilitate more advanced and optimized map loading.The new level streaming feature will be improved over the coming weeks, making it much better at prioritizing which areas to load in first as more data is accumulated. It will change the priority of the loading process, which will improve loading of the area where the player decides to land. This issue has a higher chance of occurring in Miramar than Erangel, in part because Miramar has more buildings (in compact areas). The prediction logic is being tuned to work more efficiently in these situations in particular. We’ve also removed the process of displaying half-loaded (Play-doh) buildings, as it used resources which slowed down the level streaming process. We believe that within a couple of weeks, world loading will have improved noticeably—and that the rate of overall improvements will increase going forward. Regarding crashes, we’re analyzing data to determine the exact reason for the increased instances of crashing that many players are reporting. We will continue working to improve stability and performance as our highest priority. While our development team are working to reduce instances of crashing and improve performance, team members from other parts of the development team will focus on fixing bugs which impact the core gameplay experience. Thanks for playing, The PUBG Corp. Xbox Team
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    Hi everyone, Recently we shared a dev letter that gave a preview of some upcoming performance improvements we’ll be implementing in PUBG for Xbox One. We’ll need time to deliver on all of those improvements, but in the meantime we’ve got a small patch here with some bug fixes, improvements to Miramar, and a new teamkiller reporting function. PATCH TIMING June 1st 9PM PDT / June 2nd 6AM CEST PATCH CONTENT OPTIMIZATION/STABILIZATION Prediction based level streaming has improved. Elastic accuracy control for character has improved. We introduced some back-end changes to prepare for an upcoming feature and in some cases, the game would try to interact with this unfinished feature, causing the game to crash. This has been removed. PLAYER REPORTING You will now be able to report a team kill. If you get killed by a teammate, simply... Press the Y button when the result is shown to expose the report pop-up Press the A button to report Check whether the “report competed” message is shown on the bottom of the screen If it wasn’t a team kill, the report button won’t appear World Miramar Improvements were made mainly in the northern part of Miramar to make it a more appealing area. The Oasis in the northern area of the map has expanded. We’ve added more car spawning positions to facilitate easy travel into and out of the area. Certain problematic terrain elements (which caused weird collisions or movement) have been fixed for a smoother driving experience We’ve added extra farming points to loot in the map. We’ve added more objects like trees and rocks in the northern part of Miramar to provide some additional options for cover. The interiors of certain buildings have been simplified Bugfixes Fixed an issue where motorbike tires would not burst even when damaged Some issues related to motorbike crashes have been fixed Gamehub stats will now be shown correctly. These stats will be updated with the unaccounted data with some server-side operations which might take a bit of time Thanks.
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    Hello everyone, After our May update we have discovered multiple network related issues. We apologize for the delay in our communication regarding these issues, but we want to let you know that we are working hard to get them fixed as quickly as possible. We would like to thank you for reporting these issues to us, the information supplied has been extremely valuable to our investigation. The immediate issues being worked on are the following (please note that these aren't the only issues we're working on, since our overall priority is still focused on optimization/stabilization😞 - Some players are unable to ready up after completing a match when in a team - Some leaderboards are displaying "No data" RESOLVED - Gamehub stats are not updating - will be fixed with the unaccounted data updated. - Excessive queue times for EU/OC Matchmaking RESOLVED - All players being set to the NA region by default RESOLVED We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. We're working hard to resolve these issues as soon as possible.
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    This issue has been fixed. We had an error while patching server which had caused this. We will continue to monitor the game & community. Again, we're sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are currently experiencing connection issues which are preventing players to join the game. We are currently working on this to have it fixed as soon as possible. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused. We’ll update its status on this thread.
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    Hi everyone, Ever since we launched the 1.0 version of PUBG earlier this year, we’ve been focused on building our team so we can invest in the game’s ongoing development. We’ve been building new content (like Sanhok), quality-of-life improvements (like map selection and weapon balance), and a whole series of aggressive anti-cheat measures. We want PUBG to be the best game possible so players like you keep loving—and playing—it. Although we’ve made some meaningful improvements to PUBG, we’ve fallen short in other ways. Players have rightfully called us out for failing to address complaints about performance, and recently we haven’t done the best job of communicating about the changes we’re making to the game. Today we want to change that by talking in-depth about the things we’re prioritizing. We’ll also tease some of upcoming content we plan to add to the game. This Dev Letter is the first of many more to come. Without further ado, let’s get into it. OUR TOP PRIORITIES We look at feedback from players around the world when determining our priorities. We’ve heard your voices, and as a result we believe that the biggest issues which deserve our attention are performance, server-side optimization, and cheating. Performance and Server-Side Optimization - Over the past few patches, we’ve seen a big increase in complaints about performance problems, including unpredictable FPS drops, visual stuttering, and overall sluggish performance. Some of the root problems are occurring client-side, and others are server-side. First things first. We’ve identified a few simple fixes we can make to improve overall game performance: We’ve discovered that when vehicles move over many different types of ground materials quickly, too many effects are produced, causing players’ GPUS to overload. Another cause of GPU overloading (and FPS drops) has to do with the way lighting effects are processed. We’re already working on fixes for both of the issues above. We’re also changing the way we ship optimizations. We’re planning to push updates to live servers whenever fixes are ready, instead of simply waiting for major patches. We’ll announce each of these improvements in subsequent patch notes. Looking more toward the future, we’ve identified quite a number of ways we can optimize different aspects of the game to improve performance holistically. Upcoming Client-Side Optimization Work Character optimization We’ll optimize the way the game handles the movement of opponents who you can’t see. The vaulting process and animations will also be improved—we believe this will address certain screen stuttering issues affecting low-powered PCs. We’ll improve the character model rendering process to prevent some small frame drop issues. We’ll optimize character movement and animation while skydiving to improve framerate when multiple characters are skydiving at the same time. We’ll optimize parachute animations to cut down on frame drops near the start of the match We expect the final three changes above will make the early stages of each match feel much smoother. War Mode will also benefit immensely from these changes. Vehicle optimization We’ll optimize the way the game handles unseen (far away) vehicle movement and the movement of player models inside faraway vehicles. Currently stopped vehicles demand an unnecessary amount from your CPU. We’ll fix it. Loading optimization/stabilization We’ll optimize the core structures of Miramar and Sanhok to improve map loading speed. We’ll optimize physical texture loading while level streaming, which should address screen stuttering issues. There’s a crashing issue caused by some level-streaming processes that we’ll address. Other optimization work We’ll address the frame drop issue caused by high-magnification scopes Certain other far-away objects will be rendered in a less taxing way We’ll optimize the replay system to improve framerate for players who have the replay/death cam activated Upcoming Server-Side Optimization Work We’ll optimize network code and reduce network latency. As a result, basic player inputs will be revealed to other players much more quickly. We’re going to increase the speed at which the server transfers data about objects (items, doors, fences), to address the fact that sometimes item spawn in late after players parachute in. We’re going to eliminate some inefficient network code. Currently, some objects send updates to the server unnecessarily Currently the server rapidly updates certain frames (on vehicles and character models) in an inefficient way. When we address this, we believe it will also resolve some abnormal physics affecting vehicles. Obviously these are a lot of changes. Even once we implement every single one of the optimization opportunities listed above, we will keep looking for more chances to improve the game. Cheating - Cheating is the area where we’ve made the most progress in recent months. We’ve introduced a variety of encryption based solutions to make it harder for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities. We’ve also banned hundreds of thousands of cheaters’ accounts and refined the process by which we identify cheaters—most cheaters are now banned within hours of using an exploit. We’ve also begun taking serious legal action against the people responsible for creating hacks and cheats. All of this will continue, but there’s more we can do. We believe we’re winning the battle against cheating, but we won’t stop fighting until we’ve eliminated it. Look for more updates on this in future dev letters. OTHER UPCOMING WORK Of course, PUBG Corp. is made up of many different teams, and they’re each focused on improving the game in different ways. The people who work on maps, gameplay balance, or cosmetics aren’t going to stop making things simply because we’ve declared that our top priorities lie elsewhere. The biggest content drop coming in the near future is Sanhok. We’re aiming to bring it to live servers before the end of June, and development on the map won’t stop there. We’re planning new exclusive vehicles and an exclusive weapon for Sanhok, each of which will drop sometime in the month after the map officially launches. Among these is a big fan request: a drivable three-wheeled vehicle we’re currently calling the Tukshai. In many ways, Sanhok’s test servers have become a place for us to experiment with all sorts of changes and features, including dynamic weather, a variety of circle systems, and weapon spawn behavior. We’ll continue to test out changes during the upcoming test cycle. We’re also excited to show off the work that our worldbuilding team has been doing to make Sanhok our most beautiful map yet. For instance, one person on the team has spent countless hours touching up the island’s various rocks and cliffaces, adding moss to those near water: Another member of the team has been carefully creating decorative items to make towns feel more like places which once hosted life. A massive pile of original art assets like this... ...will appear in game in places like the abandoned market below: The team is focused on making literally every inch of Sanhok perfect for players, whether it’s the texture on a rock wall or little unique trimmings around each of the islands houses. Every detail matters, and the team is eager to get feedback from you guys during the latest test. We’ll have a lot more to share about the other goodies coming to Sanhok in the coming weeks. And you can expect more letters like this from us going forward. There’s so much work we have to do to truly deliver on PUBG’s potential. We’ve teased just a few of the upcoming changes for this year in our Roadmap earlier this year, but the things contained there are really just the beginning. We’ll talk again soon! Thank you for playing, The PUBG Dev Team
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    This forum has turned into moaners paradise, these are some of the threads I see when I log in. * Fix the damn game * Game broken * Bluehole you suck I can go on forever but my point is, do people seriously think this game can be fixed overnight? As for my title, • Let’s get one thing straight- This is the best game that has ever been made. Have a great weekend. 👍🏻
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    Dear Bluehole, What is going on over there? In the last two patches you have done considerable damage to the quality of this game. Previous to these patches I had never experience a game crash, not one. I have now experienced at least 5 crashes, two of which happened back to back, within the last two weeks. My last crash happened last night at the most inopportune time at the end of a match. I have also randomly teleported halfway across the map. Issues from 3-4 months ago are still here and don't show any sign of going away. Bluehole, your priorities are all wrong. Instead of adding a new map and other items that are not needed at the moment, you need to increase your development team. You also need to do some performance reviews with your coders, there is someone over there writing inadequate C++ (or whatever language you code in) and if I'm being honest, I suspect it is the bulk of the team. As someone who works for a large top ten SaaS company, I understand that errors can happen in lines of code. However, your developers should be good enough to where the errors they do make do not cause major issues with the product, such as the ones Bluehole is seeing. In my opinion this is indicative of the quality of the development team with any company. Your plan should be to review your current development team and root out the developers who are under-performing, hire reputable developers with backgrounds in the gaming industry, continue to add developers to the team as needed, upgrade your servers and provide a 60hz tickrate. All the other issues would probably get sorted out with the addition of a crack team of developers. Fortunately for us, or maybe not as usually a change results in two other issues, Bluehole is taking steps to add new developers and provide analog control apparently. Bluehole, you have the opportunity to be the premier battle royale game on Xbox, a game that could stand the test of time. The core concept is excellent, you just need to invest money to optimize this game. You are the ones allowing the game to be mocked in forums. You are the ones allowing this game to spiral down the drain and be remembered as a joke. What will you do about this? It's up to you.
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    Busted or not, it’s the best £30 I’ve spent on a video game in years. In time they will get it right, other games feel soulless after this trip
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    Hello everyone, Some players may be experiencing an issue that prevents them from pressing the start button and entering a match. As a temporary fix, please exit the lobby by pressing B, rejoin the lobby and then select the region you wish to play on. You will now be able to start a game as normal. Our team is working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience or frustration caused. Thanks, The PUBG Corp. Xbox Team
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    Hi, I've spend a stupid amount of time putting together a site that details a winter map concept based on Scandinavia. I call it Nördheim (Nörd means Nerd in Swedish so that's a little inside joke ;). Check out the map here: https://www.pubgwintermap.com/ Here's a short description: Nördheim's snow-covered landscape consists of a contrast between lower elevation areas such as islands, farmland, and woodlands, and higher elevation areas such as mountain slopes, alpine peaks, and steep cliffs. Together these areas create an epic battleground that will put players skill, ingenuity, and decision-making to the test in order to make it out on top in this wintery warzone. Thanks for checking it out! Do you think it would be an interesting setting? Is there any gameplay ideas you like? Let me know!
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    Hello Xbox players, Below is the list of issues that are under investigation or scheduled to be fixed. Scheduled To Be Fixed These issues have been already resolved internally. They will be applied in the next live server patch. (Erangel) Player can gets stuck between certain rocks (Erangel) Layers of dirt from the ground texture are clipping through a road leading to the military base (Erangel) The ground texture in front of a building in the shooting range is displayed incorrectly Fuel is not depleted while driving boats The camera view angle can become stuck after performing certain actions In some cases, when a player enters a vehicle, they appear to be riding outside the vehicle, and once exiting the vehicle, will teleport back to the location where they first entered. Some hairstyles and hair color combinations cause visual glitches After selecting a certain hairstyle in the customization menu, then returning to the main menu, the hairstyle displays incorrectly The first item slot in player's Inventory does not appear selected when scrolling to it Players can walk forward or backward but not right or left Under Investigation / Fix In Progress These are issues that are under investigation or in the process of being resolved. When first playing the game, if your controller disconnects and an error is displayed prior to creating a new character, the message is unable to be closed, even when reconnecting the controller. The character becomes stuck inside an object when object loading is delayed When using freelook whilst moving and reloading, the character will automatically face the direction of the freelook camera when the reloading is finished When player reconnects after crashing, the character cannot get on to the plane and "False" is displayed on screen in multiple places. The deadzone setting is reset upon entering a match A game crash can occur when repeatedly switching between players when spectating Performance drops when rapidly switching between players while spectating After crashing, or after being disconnected from the internet temporarily, the "Connection Failed" error will appear while attempting to reconnect to the game. When a player dies in the water, the hold breath UI remains in Spectator Mode Players can see inside the terrain in certain overturned vehicles The active matchmaking animation continues to be displayed after matchmaking has been cancelled Customization Menu background is applied to the Main Menu by switching menu screens rapidly When changing seats, the HP bar turns red and the equipment icons disappear temporarily (Erangel) Light leaks through corners and seams between walls inside all buildings Player sometimes fails to rejoin a match, after quitting while loading into the match for the first time When searching for a match, only the squad leader can select "Cancel Matchmaking" and other members can only select "Leave Party" In TPP, when switching seats in a vehicle while it is turning, the vehicle appears to stutter Button to switch to 2 or 3 Man Squad Mode sometimes doesn't work Wearing certain shoes or other items of clothing causes the player's skin to show through the item Players may immediately be returned to the lobby without result screen at the completion of a match Players cannot see items in the inventory "Vicinity" menu when you are the driver of a vehicle When a player throws a grenade through a window, at a certain distance from it, the glass in the window does not appear broken and no appropriate sound effect plays Upon collision, vehicles may become entangled and unresponsive Vehicles flip or fly into the air randomly In rare instances, after climbing or vaulting, the player teleports to a different position Motorcycle tires do not take damage Gun models shrink when attaching a 8x or 15x scope if the player uses ADS while the inventory screen is opening A looping reload animation occurs when dropping all ammo for the Win94 while reloading The head of the character model is missing in FPP mode while dropping from the plane, before deploying the parachute In some cases, player rankings are displayed incorrectly on the Career screen, while displaying correctly on the Leaderboard Motorcycles cannot drive in shallow water Occasionally, vehicle models can be displayed incorrectly. Need To Be Reported These are not wide-spread issues and require more player reports to be resolved individually. If you are experiencing one of these issues, please contact [customer support] Scrolling through items in the inventory stops working Please contact our customer support with the clip showing details of the issue Player’s gamertag is displayed as numbers in-game Please contact our customer support along with the screenshot of the issue Intermittent crash occurs when connecting to the dashboard Please contact our customer support and include the details of how it occurred When reconnecting to the match while inside a vehicle, the character bounces out the vehicle or dies instantly Please contact our customer support with the clip showing the player's state before and after reconnecting Player can't see enemy players when in the final circle Please contact our customer support and include a screenshot of the issue In rare instances, after climbing or vaulting, the player teleports to a different position Please contact our customer support with the clip showing details of the issue Black screen displays when launching game Please contact our customer support with the clip showing details of the issue Please note: *It may take some time for the resolved issues to be patched in game. *There could be issues under investigation or being resolved that are not included in the list above. *Some issues or bugs that appeared after the latest update may have been excluded from the lists to prevent potential abuse. *Please report any other issue or bug to our official forum.
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    Just a forewarning, I made this account simply to give my opinion to the devs, post, comment, flame and use what ever fanboy excuses you'd like to defend them as I wont be reading them, just understand you're probably wrong. I don't own the game, and don't plan on ever owning it (I dont like battle royal as a genre, not pubg's fault) but the dev's deserve as much flack from outside opinions as they can get as what they are trying to do effects the video game industry as a whole. This is a shame, I really enjoy the idea of pubg but when I see a company that had every chance to do it right just throw it away its heartbreaking. You guys had it all, the big push to market and a huge head start but like so many other companies that are to full of them selves you don't think you need to innovate or listen to your customer base until its far to late, then suddenly cry like children when someone else steals your thunder. Im sorry Fortnite has managed to take your idea and do it well, I'm sorry Epic manages to listen to their user base and make a stable game that's fun to play and DOESN'T run like hot garbage, I'm sorry they make you look bad but a lawsuit just makes you look pathetic. Frivolous lawsuits like this tend to be a sign of "no ideas left" and "one hit wonder" ... I'm not sure PUBG or BlueHole will be around in a couple years if their only retaliation against Fortnite is a frivolous lawsuit. Reminds me of when Atari sued Sony to prevent the PlayStation from launching, was a last ditch effort to hold back more competent competition. I hope you pull your heads out of your butts, turn it around and not pull a blackberry, waiting until the competition has already done everything you SHOULD OF DONE is a hard thing to recover from but I wish you the best. Anyways I'm sure the mods/devs will ban this account and remove this post because it hurts their feeling but atleast they will have read it.
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    If you met Shrek in the street and he struck up a conversation with you (both have something in common, Pubg) and said the above to you that he just posted. Would you really reply in that manner like a complete arse or would you have a normal conversation with him? Bell end son
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    This is for diabetes right?
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    Can you post multiple videos of you getting one shotted? I will guide on you on playing better after reviewing videos. The reason is, many of us dont have any problems like that. But you want to change the game because you cant adapt. You may get your way since the dev's have been doing that.
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    It’s. a. god damn. preview. BF and CoD pretty much monopolised shit releases and they cost twice this does. CoD engine runs at most what, 12 players? On small maps. BF engine: 64 players, larger maps but still a piss in the ocean compared to Erangel let alone Miramar. Add to that BF5 will have been worked on at least for two years before the reveal trailer this month so maybe 2.5 years before we get to play it (unless you want to give them a chunk of change to play the beta). You are not comparing like for like so it’s not worth attempting a comparison. Pubg is flawed - that cannot be argued otherwise - it has had a hard time getting its legs under it on the console. Might not even get there but it’s cost me £25. For that sum I’ve had some infuriating games, some unlucky games, some lucky games and some where I played out of my skin and couldn’t be beaten. I’ve had serious games and others where my whole squad were in fits of giggles at ridiculous kills or deaths. This game, while broken, is the best thing to have happened to the FPS gaming industry. In its current state it has forced companies to change their outlook on what they put out.
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    I’ve been playing video games for as long as i can remember. I remember back in the day when the only previews we got of games came preloaded on demo discs that you got with monthly magazine purchases. PUBG has its problems and I’ve seen them all, every disappointing patch, every promise, all since day one. With that in mind and not deflecting the problems that it has, but this is still a preview and we get reminded of that every time the game loads up. I love the game and hate the problems that it has but I understand that I bought unfinished software and am pretty glad to be able to play it early. It could always be worse, we could be stuck with fortnite as the only battle royale game on Xbox.
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    We have the only emote we will ever need......the tapping of the b button over someones corpse.
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    Aint got no time to read, too busy trying to get back into the game I just crashed in.
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    No real ping lock Took too long to seriously deal with cheaters Lame 1/10,000 loot crates Most crates require keys now Vehicle physics constantly get worse Emotes for no reason Always making hidden changes without notice Catering to whiners Servers always screwed up Lag and desync issues Death cam/replays are a joke Cancelled events Removal of weather Many others could be added. A loss of 43% of players is devastating in 4 months, and seems to be losing at an even faster rate now.
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    are you on crack? Type B
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    Goddamn been hearing PUBG was dying since December, hate to look at that hospital bill.
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    So I was just reported for unsporting behaviour. Is this unsporting behaviour? Haha, if so, I had no idea this was worthy of feedback... 2018-05-27_5-51-27_PM.mp4
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    After this update I'm losing interest. The initial drop is just unbearable waiting for buildings and weapons to load in. I've been stuck in boxes and had to quit the game, just now I was driving through a town (with 30 survivors left) pulled up to a building that was loaded in and my blazer got stuck on something that I couldn't see...turns out it was a fence, once it loaded in it blew up the vehicle and killed me. C'mon man!!