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    I think the issue I'm having with this discussion is I never once saw it as an argument, and clearly communicated that I did not wish to start one - that isn't he purpose of my post. Yet you use argument a few times in your reply... Since you're feeling argumentative and standoff-ish I'm going to end this conversation right here. Have a nice day and good luck to you in PUBG.
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    Проверил сам - все работает в меру стабильно. Автору, огромный респект.
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    The game is hosted on AWS. The interface you speak of has nothing to do with the game and appears when someone attempts to connect to the AWS instance via port 80.
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    Hurr durr, I died to the redzone! Gues I’m a bad player! Totally my fault the redzone spawned between me and the safezone while the blue was shrinking! Definitely. You removed fog and rain because some people didn’t like it, but that actually had a valuable impact on gameplay! It changed how you moved, how you engaged in firefights, and was fair and predictable for all parties involved. Redzone is just garbage. Absolute garbage. It’s just random, “OOPS! You died because Brendan Greene says you’re a bad player for losing the RNG lottery!” What fun! How engaging! Much enjoyment! REMOVE THE REDZONE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! It serves NO value to gameplay! None!
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    Funny thing. I thought I was playing PUBG and not COD4 MW.
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    Nope. Me and two of my squad mates were killed in a 4 squad firefight which my fourth and final squad mate finished off. He proceeded to the final circle where 4 teams with 1 squad each member remained and won the dinner. You never know what could happen.
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    At that point I start playing aggressive more so than normal. We usually avenge and if we survive play it out.
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    It depends on my teammate(s). I’m usually playing Duo, so if my teammate wants to restart if one of us dies early, that’s ok with me. At the same time, I don’t mind waiting it out if I die earlier in the match. I see it as my punishment for dying to a situation I should’ve came out on top of. Plus, you might learn a thing or two from spectating. I’ll usually play very aggressively if my partner dies early. It all really depends on the team.
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    Same here, but sometimes out of respect we have to step aside buddy👌
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    In a perfect world you'd be correct but it's not a perfect world, no system is 100% identical, surely as a techy yourself you've heard of the silicon lottery and know that if you take a handful of processors you will not find fully identical ones, some will perform better than others. All Xbox systems will meet the same minium performance parameters for their set model, but some will perform better than others.
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    To be honest I'm disappointed more than anything. After 2k hours of play time between all servers I've just had enough. I like PUBG a lot, but I just don't feel like they care about the hacking problem, or they are unable to handle it. If it were me I would have a zero tolerance policy. Get caught cheating, and boom, hardware banned. But, seriously, I have no idea how that works. Just fed up with this atm.
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    Ironically tension, is where i feel like all the AAA battle royal modes are going to fail. Just looking at the new COD gameplay and im feeling like its way to fast pace for it to steal my attention away from pub g. There something to be said about those 2nd and 3rd circles where we really dont see other players and the tension just builds....
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    I see no proof in cheating on the second clip. It's a fact that anti cheat is reactive. So if you cant accept that, good bye. Dont forget to make a video of how you wanted attention and made a thread just about you leaving. Hopefully that video is monetized as well and you make money. Use that money for Kleenex.
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    I just want to know, what do I do if I won't get unbanned? Can I at least remove this game from my profile along with the remaining ban? Or I somehow can prove I was not cheating? You know, it's really frustrating, finally bought a game I wanted to play, and then got banned out of nowhere, which made my profile dirty.
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    They cant ban cheaters - but they can ban normal - non - cheating - players.... hahaha
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    The game runs better than what it did. I think its hilarious that people think 7 months is a long time for a game to be in development. It takes time
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    I would rather suggest some range damage. Like, when I'm right in front of the enemy and shoot him with kar he dies, and at a distance it just does some damage.
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    This game isn't based on your hitscan games like Call of Duty where aim, sights, fire, dead. Gravity actually exists in this game which means your bullets don't fly for infinity.
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    Why would you play an FPS game on PC with Xbox controller to begin with...? Buy a mouse and pew pew people easier, problem solved.
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    Тикрейт по проге у РУ кластера полное .... походу майлру весь шлак выделили и сказали что Россияне всегда жрали гов... молча и сей час не исключение...
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    Да там опять ничего и не сказали... в ближайшее время... с самых первых слов о русских серверах возникло множество непредвиденных ситуаций, потом опять непонятные косяки, но из всего этого сделали вывод, что ФПП никому ненужен. Если после норм релиза РУ серваков они будут с таким же поганым тикрейтом, как сейчас, да ещё не будет ФПП, то можете их и не открывать вообще)))
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    So your going to make a comparison between this game and real life,,,, just another worthless response from the PUBg forum.
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    16 pages and the vehicles are still an absolute joke, 0 improvements, do you want people to still play your game PubG Corp?
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    Just please fix the cars/bikes already. Why is it so easy to flip your vehicle in this game? The driving is outright dangerous in this game and I dont know if its a good thing. Just adjust the vehicle to be a little bit heavier, put a little bit more gravity in game or atleast fix the suspension of these cars/bikes. I dont know if anybody would complain if you would make these vehicles in this game a little bit more drivable.