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    I guess everyone is getting fed up with 1.0 already whether it's performance, lack of communication, or not meeting deadlines on releasing content, as a hardcore PUBG player I do hope they get they're shit together and turn this around and make this into a solid game and creating great memories for years to come for us beloved PUBG fans. #PositiveThread
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    Times up pubg 1080p/60 performance mode for the X next patch or its ended. I'm the biggest preview/optimisation/support advocate but times up. 1.0 without basic quality of life options is disgusting. No control options like legacy sticks, southpaw, or button presets (I know you can can map buttons/elite I'm not talking about that) No sound options levels, plus this game hase 50% global dB compared to other xbox titles No HDR White/Candela or HDR brightness control options No 1-100 sensitivity options (1-10? Hahaha 1... To... 10....wow) No aim acceleration options... Expect for off. Thk fk. Because it's set to engage at 50% stick input. 50%...! Do you know what AA is used for? 50%... Is useless. No option to set to engage at 100% input. And NO PERFORMANCE mode. Yet? If you wanted to excite your player base, then you should explain your intent. Instead of 'not much to share on this at this time' F me, if I wanted to instil excitement into my clients, I would be saying straight up. What you intent for the performance mode is. Is it 1080p/60 for the X? Is it 1440p/uncapped for the X? Or is it some lame parity option where just some bells and whistles are turned off for 'steady 30 in CQC moments' while graphics mode is also 30 but with pretty shadows? Well? Which is it? 1080p/60 on X or bust.
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    This game is stuck in a rut. I'm not even talking about desync or lag which I think is greatly overstated on these forums. It's definitely an issue but sometimes you just miss. Clip it and watch it in .25 speed. But there are so many performance issues, so little communication, it's just not fun anymore. I would continue typing but I've lost connection to host.
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    You know we can bicker all day about PUBG or COD. But when it really comes down to it the only thing that will kill PUBG is PUBG. And I really hope it doesn’t come to that. Because I’ve had some really awesome moments in this game.
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    I approve of this message. Although I'm poor and have an OG Xbox still I do want the future for PUBG to be at its best performance and addition features ect so when I do move up from the OG Xbox to the 1X l'll enjoy the experience more and the cost of the $500 console machine I want to see PUBG at its full potential. Plus I'm glad I'm not the only one having these thoughts and feelings about PUBG it could rule the world if Bluehole can get focused on the performance. NOTE: For everyone saying why the team is wasting time cosmetics and weapon skins that's a whole different team, one part of the team works on performance and the other cosmetics and weapon skins, so keep the cosmetics and skins coming, thanks!
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    CoD isnt even close to being as good. Have fun playing with the aim assist children.
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    Alright, so I have posted something on this before but last night was at a whole level of just B.S. I felt like playing all maps last night because I have been playing a lot on Sanhok, so I figured I would mix it up. I got Erangel two games in a row, and hot dropped at School both times and won the entire place with 3-4 kills each time. Both times after looting the ENTIRE place, I walked out of there with only lvl 1 gear, and next to no attachments for my weapons. I just don't understand how the loot can be so trash at a place that is supposed to be considered a Hot Drop. After leaving school I died in the next encounter running to circle because I may as well have been wearing a helmet and vest made of paper. The 3rd game I played was Miramar and I got 12th place, and was much better looted. And then sure as hell my 4th game is Sanhok and I get the Chicken Dinner. Devs, please fix the loot drop rates on Erangel and hell even a little on Miramar, because it has just become completely unplayable at the moment. Rant over.
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    Don't forget all the games where we got 2nd place because there was another player hidden somewhere on the map (but not in the final circle). I think I lost 5-10 chickens to that nonsense.
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    I for one am on strike ! It's Wednesday morning in Seoul & the only thing that has been mentioned is "Hey there, the team is still working to fix the issues with group queuing for War Mode first, and afterwards we will provide a revised release date for the weapon skins." I log on a play daily, just to constantly find more things falling apart. Achievements, Missions .... Sad. I've supported this game daily since December 12th 2017. It's time for Pubg.Corp or M.S. to get off the pot and "simmer the masses" Way to many things are going wrong and not seemingly being addressed. I for one will no longer be satisfied with the typical PR statements ! STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE 😢😢😢
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    Agree. Love the game but they are ignoring us. Promises we dont know when its gonna happen like the only word they know is “soon” Now we are not even close with PC updates. I thought they would focus on optimization but nope nothing. even our last hope “Performance mode” we have no information about it.
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    Recoloring of the Compass was asked for 1000 times over, so it will be easier to see in the skyline but still no fix. With the addition of the fog it is next to impossible to see the Compass even more now, so can we please get this addressed? Just add a black background outlined in yellow with the 360 degree markings also yellow and the Cardinal Points orange or red... Simple!!
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    Totally agree brother were die hard PUBG players here, so let's have maybe weekly pray sessions for the better of PUBG and hope the devs can turn this all around for all of us not just the hardcore players like myself.
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    I definitely agree with this. Love this game can’t get enough chicken. But something has to change that’s for sure. #FIXPUBG🙏🏼
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    You know they should probably use the test server. But at the same time every time they do they just push it to live with all the bugs they created. So hopefully they actually listen to us as community when we don’t want it pushed live with all those bugs. #FIXPUBG #PERFORMANCEMODEorBUST
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    Also ich weiß ja nicht wie man AngoraElchKuh nicht schon beim ersten Mal verstehen konnte aber ich freu mich, dass es darum zu so einem detailiert vorgetragenen Vorschlag kam. Das ist nämlich auch in meinen Augen die perfekte Lösung und funktioniert lückenlos weiter auch wenn es neue Maps gibt. Die von Angora vorgetragene Lösung ist so offensichtlich besser als das was jetzt erstmal kommt, dass sie hoffentlich von den Entwicklern gesehen und so umgesetzt werden wird. Sehr schade, dass sich Angora hier so beleidigen lassen muss für einen sehr gut durchdachten Vorschlag...
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    Phil Spencer literally says MnK will be at the discretion of the developers. PUBG devs have already stated that MnK won't be supported when it comes out, nothing to worry about.
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    If anybody runs across another one PLEASE record it. Interact with it..step in and out of it's radius. Drop items in it. Seeing these interactions may clue us into what exactly they are.
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    More 30 ppl solo time out lobbies just now. Brother is on. Can't find match. I'm sitting with 30 ppl. Not filling up. 7 mins, nothing. Then matchmaking error message...? Then 2 manual cancels at 1 min. Then empty lobby. Matching is broke. Me and 4 others would search at the same time in solos (not teaming) just like meeting each other top 10. Now we don't even match to the existing empty lobby. OCE IS BROKEN AGAIN. PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE @PUBG_Oreoree @PUBG_Hawkinz
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    There might be less loot on erangel, but it is FAR from unplayable. That word is thrown around here like "the", "a", "and". Do you people know what the word means? For those who don't... un·play·a·ble ADJECTIVE not able to be played or played on.