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    Ну по поводу того, что данное изменение облегчит им работу, думаю, спорить нет смысла. Данная новость попросту убирает дедлайн и дает возможность немного расслабиться, чего они, естественно, никогда не признают. Ясное дело, что постоянно работать в сумасшедшем режиме тоже не вариант. Беда в том, что им первое время то ли квалификации не хватало, то ли количества сотрудников. Я понимаю, что это дело скурпулезное и сложное, но всё упирается в то, что одни компании справляются без проблем, другие как в данном случае нет. То, что они ушли от фиксированных дат по патчам - на самом деле нормально. Недельные и месячные патчи были нацелены вызвать доверие пользователей и убедить их, что в связи с сыростью проекта разработчики не спят ночами и работают над решением. Другой вопрос - если бы недельных патчей не было изначально, то положение дел когда разраб выпускает патчи когда посчитает нужным было бы вполне нормальным, согласись. Просто, к хорошему привыкают быстро да и любая новость всегда воспринимается в штыки, так как все боятся, что станет хуже и их права ущемляют. Это человеческий фактор, нытье будет всегда На сегодняшний день игра уже порядком улучшилась с момента ее создания и, хоть у меня самого еще куча проблем с фризами и другие проблемы из-за корыта на котором я играю, всё же играть терпимо, но можно. Пусть делают как им удобно, главное что бы делали. Хоть я и не верю, что долгое тестирование решит проблему с багами после патча - они будут 100%. Но всё это не важно, так как игра уже давно "бесплатная" для меня с большим запасом, а дареному коню в зубы не смотрят
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    In case anyone doesn't want to go back through this whole thread I've made a brief synopsis in picture form to get people caught up: There's still a lot of issues that need to be addressed and still problems that seem to happen to some users but not to others, but most players have seen decent improvements in game performance since the beginning of early access.
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    @Savage1 If you aren't finding TPP enjoyable then play FPP. I don't know what kind of response you are expecting from members but ranting about it when there is a viable alternative won't help your cause (whatever that may be). When you have previously stated in threads "you're done with the game" but continue to make further threads could be seen as an attempt to cause disruption or baiting for an emotional reaction. Please refrain from doing that(!) Whilst I have a bias for FPP (like the majority of the pro players), good players are ones who can adapt for all teammodes and gamemodes. Thank you
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    Players, We will deploy a small patch at 3PM KST / 11PM PDT / 8AM CEST without server maintenance. Early Access - Week 21 - Patch Notes Bug Fixes Partially fixed client crash Fixed marker graphics bug on the World map Fixed miscellaneous bugs with team game reconnect feature Fixed a bug that caused a player to exit a vehicle when they pressed 'F' to cancel using an energy drink See you in-game, The PUBG Community Team https://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/2781390484561132315
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    You can't just put the two extreme ends of the spectrum as options. I have yet to see anyone who says the game is flawless. But that doesn't mean it's running poorly. The only thing poorly designed here was you survey!
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    there is no long range in the bathroom.
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    No you wont, if somebody sees you or hears you first in 1p you're just as f'd. I've had it happen to me, and honestly, in 3p I know who is around me, especially when landing, I know roughly how many people are in the general vicinity, so I know to keep a look out for them and don't just go running around gung-ho into every building. In 3p at least you have the ability to (if you take your time) analyze whether or not people might be in your vicinity. In 1p its literally who hears or sees the other person 1st
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    If only it was that simple...Oh wait if it was it would be fixed!
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    Игроки, Мы выложим небольшой патч в 9:00 по Мск без периода обслуживания серверов. Ранний доступ - Неделя 21 - Список исправлений Исправления багов Частично исправлен вылет клиента Исправлен баг с маркером на карте мира Исправлены различные ошибки с функцией переподключения к игре Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой игрок выходил из автомобиля, когда он нажимал “F”, чтобы отменить использование энергетического напитка Увидимся в игре, PUBG Community Team
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    Players, Today we would like to share some details pertaining to the Gamescom PUBG Invitational presented by Bluehole and ESL. We are honored to present our first offline Invitational at Gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany! We have invited 70+ of our community’s biggest influencers to compete in four different game modes. We will also be featuring a total prize pool of $350,000 USD for the event. This event is something we’ve been really excited about for quite a while and we are looking forward to experiencing this memorable moment with our community who has been a huge part of our growth. Event details are as follows: Location: ESL Arena Gamescom Hall 9 Schedule (August 23rd ~ August 26th): August 23rd, 2017 11:00am – 3:40pm: Community Qualifier for Duo TPP Event 4:00pm – 8:00pm: Solo Invitational Event (Total prize pool of $46,000 USD) August 24th, 2017 11:00am – 3:40pm: Community Qualifier for Duo FPP Event 4:00 – 8:00pm: Duo TPP Invitational Event (Total prize pool of $62,000 USD) August 25th, 2017 9:00am – 2:30pm: Free to Play and Community Games 4:00pm – 8:00pm: Duo FPP Invitational Event (Total prize pool of $62,000) August 26th, 2017 9:00am – 2:30pm: Free to Play and Community Games 4:00pm – 8:00pm: Squad Invitational Main Event (Total prize pool of $180,000) If you’d like to take part in the qualifiers for our Duo events, please make sure you sign up on ESL play for a chance to compete at: https://esl.gg/2u9fci0 We will have a viewing area attached to our booth, where you can meet your favorite influencers, as well as have a chance to win some awesome giveaways. We also have extensive Free to Play sessions on Friday and Saturday from 9:00AM to 2:30PM. Our developers will be on-site to partake at panels and to enjoy the event alongside the community. If you’re at Gamescom, we invite you to come check out our booth! If you are not able to attend Gamescom, all of the action will be broadcasted on our official channels listed below: Mixer: https://mixer.com/PUBATTLEGROUNDS Twitch: https://twitch.tv/playBATTLEGROUNDS YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/PUBATTLEGROUNDS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playbattlegrounds Twitter: https://twitter.com/PUBATTLEGROUNDS Don’t forget to check the official Social Media channels below for more updates and giveaways. https://twitter.com/PUBATTLEGROUNDS https://twitter.com/ESLPUBG We would like to thank our community who has helped us grow so quickly to where we are today. Lastly, a huge word of thanks to our main sponsors, Mixer, Intel, NVIDIA and Samsung for supporting us to host this amazing event. We hope that you are as excited as we are for this event, and we hope you all enjoy the Invitational. See you at Gamescom, The PUBG Community Team
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    Or you could just accept the fact its early access and the game is improving over time, do you remember what it was like 1st day of EA?
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    may be you should work on your attitide and rage control. to my opinion: I would buy this game again. One of the best games ever played. And it will surely become better.
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    Cóż, każda gra jest inna i trzeba się adaptować do sytuacji na mapie. Np. gdy znajduje się po zrzucie z samolotu daleko od pierwszej strefy to wiadomo, że nie będę każdego budynku dokładnie przeczesywał tym bardziej jeśli nie uda się znaleźć pojazdu. Za to gdy uda się w miarę blisko granicy to tak jak kolega wyżej - po cichu spokojnie przesuwam się do kolejnych stref starając trzymać się na obrzeżach. Podobnie sytuacja wygląda gdy gram z kimś czy to w duo czy w squadzie. A co do samego miejsca zrzutu to staram się naprzemiennie wybierać mocno oblegane miejsca i takie, w których powinien panować spokój. Ale generalnie to jak napisałem na początku - trzeba po prostu szybko reagować na sytuację na mapie
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    solo - survival, po cichu do celu squad - agresywnie, zabawa w strzelanie
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    Wszystko zależy od dnia i tak na prawdę od tego w jaki sposób leci samolot, czasami jak jakieś większe miasta są na końcu lotu samochodu to można spaść i trochę się pobawić w zabijanie, chociaż tutaj raczej liczy się szczęście kto pierwszy podniesie broń. Dlatego też zazwyczaj odlatuje sobie na 1,5 do 2,5 kratki od lotu samolotu żeby spokojnie się zlootować i wtedy zacząć zabijać. Każda gra jest inna i strategia powinna być dostosowana do aktualnych warunków, chyba nie ma jednolitej strategii która pozawala za każdym razem wygrać, ale każdy ma inne podejście
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    No EA game in history has been flawless. This entire 'poll' seems like a giant excuse to complain about a game in EA. Utter nonsense.
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    This thread has completely derailed. @Volvic if you are having game/system related problems then post in General Help and if that doesn't help then there are specialist forums where users can provide technical support. Optimization is an on going process throughout development and if you are suffering from low frame rates then we ask for your patience during Early Access. Thank you
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    Volvic you're known on the forums for being the resident Eeyore. Pot calling the kettle black.
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    Without bullet penetration, being in water basically grants invincibility for as long as the frogman desires. No need to tweak anything about it before that gets fixed. Apart from that, did you ever try going for a swim fully clothed with extra weight strapped to your body? Doubt you'll be breaking any wold records for 100m butterfly
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    On Saturday you posted you were done? Now you're still playing 3PP and complaining? Switch to FPP it's a much better experience even in it's current state.
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    Bug Description: When you hit/shoot someone game freezes for 0,5sec, not always Date Seen: Since last monthly update Server: FPP EU/NA Troubleshooting Attempted: This only happens when you aim down sights and hit/shoot enemy. Other Information: Video of the freeze: https://streamable.com/u2848 Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: win10 Graphics Card: gtx970 msi CPU: 7700k Ram: 16gb 3200mhz
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    I have already gotten my $30 worth of enjoyment... all the rest coming up is just gravy. Been playing multiplayer since Delta Force in 1998 and there are always some problems with online games. Those who expect perfection and living in a fantasy world.
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    1. Thats not a desync that is you lagging. Ive never had this happen. 2. Thats 100% your fault. Take a step back or Move to actually clear the cover. 3. eh it happens and its a work in progress. Still I havent died to flipping from a car in quiet awhile, so you can Adapt to the current vehicle physics. 4. Ive never seen a grenade drop at someones feet unless they have purposely done it or it bounced back at them. Which is still their fault and not the games. 5. RNG will be RNG It happens. Learn to be stealthy and sneak by them. Its not like you have to wait 15min in between matches. This game is in Early Access, It even tells you to buy it at your own risk because they are still working on a lot of things. Maybe you should put the game down for a while and come back later because it sounds like you want a fully finished perfect game(which doesnt exist TBH).
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    @Main press browse when choosing the game and go to pubg's files
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    Ok so I'm gonna display this post in an orderly fashion. Let me start off by saying i F!@#$%^ love this game. So i want to give the best help i can to make it the best. so i will list all the gripes i have in order and give fixes to them. I'm not a troll either!!! 1. 3rd person vs 1st person--- In 3rd person can see around corners and/or "cheat" if you decide this option. 3rd person players have a distinct advantage over people people who prefer 1st person. I feel that you need to make the following 2 options available. 1a. 3rd person doesn't get a 360 degree view when holding alt. or eliminate 3rd person view all together. It gives way to many advantages. 1b. change your configuration for aiming down the barrel. No FPS players would like for a right mouse tap to aim or a right mouse hold, like WTF is that? I think this should be eliminated and you shed have the auto aim as hip fire and holding right click as "aiming" 2. Hit Detector-- Ok so I'm actually a Soldier in real life, if someone shoots me with a bullet i will know what direction it came from. 1.a your sound in the game is amazing so keep it up. This is where i have an issue. So..... if i am in some woods, and someone shoots me with a rifle in my right arm.... its almost common sense that my bodily functions would tell me where it was coming from. Also the next 1 second i would look at the wound and be able to tell where it came from...... please add some "slight" hit direction cause right now its garbage that you dont know where the bullet came from, although i like the realism. 3. You guys gotta figure out the lag/graphics stuff. It should be easier to run this game. 4. Pump Shot Gun---- If you have this 5 shot gun in real life, there is no way it will take longer than 1 second to pump the next round in, please fix that, not realistic. 5. Map UI-- so if i put a marker on the map for my squad, i feel that they should get a line of sight (LOS) on there mini map of where i want them to go. This would be amazing and would make squad and duo play so much more enjoyable. Lastly, i love this game and you guys are doing great but i hope for these improvements in the future and ill be here to stay!!!!!!
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    wish I was getting your performance out of my i7 , gtx960 , 8g ... lots of issues here, i just played one good game out of more than10 less than half the people think game is good, More than half of us know the game is NOT ready
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    No such thing as campers in this game, every strategy is viable to win.
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    Kar98 and ump or m4 but if i have smg compensator i will take the ump its just so op they need to nerf that gun again
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    I'm not sure how matchmaking works, but there are three things I'd like to explore: 1. Higher Rank/MMR with chicken dinners (only) With this system you only get matched against tougher people when you win! At the moment my rank keeps getting higher, and I'm no closer to winning, which doesn't feel great. I would rather play with fellow potatoes until I win one then be slowly matched against stronger opponents making it harder to win the longer I try. 2. Higher Rank/MMR with kills compared to Top 10s I rarely kill anyone, because my aim is poor, but keep ranking up because I can quite easily get in the top 10 (only to be killed by people who can shoot straight). If people are getting loads of kills, please put them in other games where they can't find me 3. Cross server MMR I see a lot of streamers go across servers to get their wins so they have lower matchmaking. I think if you cross servers you should start at your level, and just rank up or down from that point. 4. Just give me bots so I can win something I'm sure other people will have different ideas, and I'm happy to (gently) hear how mine might not work
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    My mates and I have been hunting crates since we started playing several months ago and we've developed a whole step by step playstyle to ensure we get the best loot every game.
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    It would be awesome to have ability to adding pin into map with a shortcut in current player location, and adding pin in a looking at location.
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    @Volvic @AngryBeaver @shadowlid @MrYellow Guys that's all the equipment ordered! Time to build once arrived. last question, where's the cheapest and easiet place to get a copy of windows 10?
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    The exact same thing happens in 1p...in fact they camp even harder since they cant 3p peek...at least in my experience...
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    It’s a fucking addictive game...
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    Welcome to the community @Sanityy
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    Dont waste your energy mate. @Volvic i sided a bit with you (dont know if trolling dont care either) but man did you show the real you in this thread. Reread the whole thread mate. Your way out of line. You made some good points in the beginning. Now your just flinging poo like a primate.
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    Заканчивайте. Я долго терпела, но на форуме от вас ничего положительного, только сплошной негатив и жалобы. Никакой конструктивности в ваших заявлениях нет. Вам стоит сменить манеру поведения. Никаким фактами ваши заявления не подкреплены.
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    boas @Dipnlik, eu particularmente uso o que estiver disponível primeiro, apesar de ter diferença entre eles o mais importante é colocar algum, hehe, assista esse vídeo para ver em detalhes e comparações a diferença [1]. [1]
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    I will. Enjoy being camp killed at the edge of circles. Be back in a few months kiddo
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    Lol, another camper hater. If you want to continue playing this game, learn to adapt, we (campers) are not going away anytime soon. I often turn on my in game voice just to hear these guys rage. It's quite amusing sometimes.
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    Gracze! Od dziś do końca sierpnia zbieramy pytania od polskiej społeczności PUBG. Ze wszystkich pytań wybierzemy 10 najciekawszych, na które odpowiedzi udzieli PLAYERUNKNOWN.
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    Ja przeważnie staram się wylądować w miejscach gdzie jest najwięcej graczy wziąć pierwsza lepszą broń i zabić jak najwięcej na początku żeby zebrać itemy z przeciwników (bieganie po domkach i szukanie mnie nudzi) jak już zabije paru i mam w miarę dobry ekwipunek to szukam pojazdu po znalezieniu jednego jeżdżę w okolicy górek gór żeby dorwać jakiegoś snipera z karkiem i lunetą.. gdy strefa staje się mała staram się trzymać przy granicy żeby być pewnym że nie mam nikogo za sobą i wtedy mogę się skupić na tym co się dzieje przed mną..
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    Happens to me a lot more frequently now. Experienced connection timeouts around 10-15 mins into a game 2 out of last 4 games. Adding my post here to hopefully show devs how widespread the problem apparently is. Please fix asap. This makes game pretty much unplayable.
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    Witam, przekazuje pytania od Polskiej społeczności na facebooku Pytania z grupy https://www.facebook.com/groups/260382097743743/ 1.Bartek Tybor Czy będzie Bazooka/panzerfaust oraz miny? 1a.Oskar Dudek Podpinam się z pytaniem o granatnik jako moduł do broni? 2.Igor Niedźwiedź Czy będzie jakiś inny tryb niż Battle royale? 2a.Denis Szczęsny Czy tryb survival typu budujemy baze, raidujemy przeciwników, coś jak "Conan exile" jest w ogole brane pod uwage? 3.Michał Wojtunik W którym momencie pisania/produkowania moda do Army 3 zdecydowałeś się na stworzenie własnej gry? 4.Kacper Radwański Dlaczego tablice rejestracyjne pojazdów są z Polski, czy są w planach inne akcenty związane z Polską? 5.Kacper Olbromski Czy w grze pojawia się skórki do broni, dodatków do nich itp.? 6.Paweł Kaczmarczyk Czy są plany na wprowadzenie innych pojazdów? 7.Mateusz Palimąka 7a. Czy planowane są jakieś coop-owe ruchy postaci? (Podsadzanie się wzajemnie, podciąganie na dachy)? 7b. Czy będzie możliwość otwierania drzwi po cichu (powoli) i z bardziej w stylu asasult(z kopa)? 7c. Czy system obrażeń będzie jakoś rozwijany? (uszkodzenie kończyny będzie powodować problem z celowaniem lub bieganiem)? 8.Paweł Czerwiński Czy będą serwery deathmatch, żeby postrzelać i trenować? 9.Alan Władysław Orman 9a. Do you plan to introduce night-ops mod, adding gameplay in mandatory NV goggles etc? 9b. Are you going to add thermal scopes to the carepackage drop pool? 10.Robert Mazurczak Jak duży będzie arsenał broni w momencie wydania pełnej wersji gry? Pytania z Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/playerbattlegrounds/ 1.Michal Olma Czy jest plan zwiększenia graczy ponad 100 na BR ? 2.Szymon Bednarz 2a.Czy zamierzaja w przyszlosci dodac jeszcze wyzszy poziom ekwipuku, np. Lvl 4 armor, Lvl 4 Helmet, Lvl 4 backpack? 2b.Czy bedą mapy nocne lub dynamiczne pory dnia i/lub pogody podczas BR? 3.Patryk Sęczek Czy będzie jeszcze więcej pojazdów 3a.Renio Rucki Czy jest planowane wprowadzeniem pojazdów latających?
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    I did a quick search before posting, but couldn't find anything. I feel like the bars on the windows in some buildings should be adjusted. As it stands currently, the bars are placed directly at barrel level while trying to shoot out of a window. This causes an easy kill to become a situation where my position is given away and the enemy does not take any damage.
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    Hi Players, Please take a moment to read through this post and attempt all troubleshooting method so we can attempt to help solve your issues with your game client crashing. Be aware that that new threads will be merged with threads that share the same/similar issue. - Please ensure you meet the minimum requirements specified for this game. If your computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run this game, then unfortunately we're unable to offer help as your system is not powerful enough to run the game properly. We cannot offer any support for users running Windows virtual machines on Linux or Mac. - Troubleshooting Please attempt the following list of fixes before posting for help and see if the crashing issue persists: Run PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS directly from your Steam games list, instead of a shortcut from your taskbar or elsewhere. Restart your computer. Right click on Steam and Run as administrator. Monitor your hardware temperature whilst in-game. If your computer components are running extremely hot, there may be an issue with your hardware. I personally check my temperatures with software from http://openhardwaremonitor.org Increasing the fan speed or altering the fan curve on your overheating component via a program like Precision X or MSI Afterburner could alleviatee the problem. Remove any overclocks. If your computer has any components which are overclocked, please reduce them back to their stock speeds and see if the crashing issues persist. Verify integrity of game files. Instructions here. Update your graphics drivers. Links for AMD & Nvidia. Clean/Fresh install of your graphics drivers. Instructions here. Links for AMD & NVIDIA. Ensure your page file size is sufficient. Some users have reported some memory crashes stop once they increase their page file size on their primary local drive to 16GB or higher. I personally have my page file set to 32000 initial and maximum size and no longer experience memory crashes. Instructions here. Complete All Windows Updates. Instructions here. The game is known to crash without some of the most recent Windows updates. Update/Reinstall Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. Instructions here. -- If you're still having issues with your game crashing, please respond to the existing thread (not this thread) related to your specific crashing error. If there isn't an existing thread for your specific crash, please create a new thread with a descriptive title and follow the bug reporting format below: Date Seen:(When did the bug most recently happen and when did it start) Server: (Live server or test server) Error Message: (Did an error message appear when your game crashed? Please write it here, or post a cropped screenshot of the error) Other Information: (Any relevant information that you think would be useful to help us track down the cause of the bug) Troubleshooting Attempted: (Any troubleshooting attempted. Did you complete all the steps above and if not, which steps didn't you complete?) Launch Options: (Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game and if so, which ones? Please remove them and see if this issue persists) System Specifications: Operating System: Graphics Card: CPU: Ram: The easiest way to get this information is to hold the windows button and R to open the run dialog, then type in "dxdiag" and take a screenshot of the "System" and "Display 1" tabs as shown below:
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    i feel like the amount of damage dealt to you during the final shot that downs you, should determine the revive timer, i downed someone after shooting them 3 times in the face with an ak, and his friend revives him easily