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    I've been playing PUBG on Xbox since Dec 12 (release for Xbox) and I'm glad all PS4 players will enjoy the game! For a fun fact here is what awesome experiences PUBG will deliver to your household console!! -3 Maps! Erangel, a russian woodland 8x8 death island, original map! Miramar, A Mexican 8x8 desert wasteland that you will make you fight with no cover! (WORST MAP WARNING) Sanhok, the smallest map, a southeast Asian 4x4 island that will make you fight at every moment, (MOST ACTION) Vikendi, a 6x6 snow map. Now please note that this map has not been released or given ANY details by devs so the release date for Xbox and PC have not been released (prob before dec 7) -Couple things to know: This game is extremely realistic, do not crash your cars or it will explode and you will die You can lean by pressing down on the joysticks, click left to lean left, and click right to lean right. There will be a graphical option on launch, letting you adjust your graphics settings There is a microtransaction system known as G-COIN where you can purchase cosmetics. SCOPES DO NOT SPAWN WITH WEAPONS other than the VSS NO SNIPERS COMES EQUIPPED WITH A SCOPE YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND ONE, THIS APPLIES TO ALL GUNS! You will have to FIND attachments and upgrades for your guns! Friendly fire is enabled, so do not shoot your buddies. And best of all yet, first person and third person modes. You will have to scavange armor, devided into 3 tiers, Level one Helmet, Level 2 helmet and Level 3 helmet which is the games mascot! HEADS UP (WARNINGS) The game will run at 30 FPS, However, you can adjust that in the graphical settings! The game has certain bugs This is not a free game, it will cost you $30 Do not kill teammates, that will result in a PSN suspension or BAN This is BATTLE ROYALE Please note that I am not associated with bluehole or PUBG CORP and I am a XBOX ONE player here to tell the PS4 players how awesome the game is! Enjoy PUBG on DEC 7? -Xbox Player
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    something about it snowing in december... like we didn't know that happens right?
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    Ps4 version gets Uncharted and Last of Us cosmetics. Lets go microsoft and bluehole give us some cool xbox related items like a Halo Master Chief Helemet or Gears of War lvl 3 armor. Do it!!
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    Hey everyone, Welcome to the community weekly post! Today, we’ll be diving into a few topics that the community has been asking for more details and updates on. This may be a long one, so grab a snack and let’s get right into it! Desync We are currently testing out a potential fix to reduce instances of desync. There was a bug with movement interpolation which could cause other players' movement to be visibly delayed. Character location was delayed on the server, which would send the wrong location to the enemy. This sometimes resulted in players dying behind cover. This fix will also reduce the questionable hit registration moments where sometimes bullets would seem as though they were going through an enemy and not hitting. This would happen because the server does not think that the player is there. Once we have tested this fix internally, we will be rolling it out in an upcoming hotfix (tentatively November 15, pending QA/Cert). Although this fix is expected to reduce desync instances, ping difference and network connection can still cause lag/desync. For this, we are developing region based matchmaking which we hope will resolve this issue. Movement In the upcoming hotfix, we are planning to address the movement issues. Currently, players are reporting that it is difficult to run in a straight line. We will be adding an option for forward movement deadzone which will help with this. This deadzone option can be adjusted in the controller settings. Graphical Settings We understand that many of our players are curious about the graphical setting options that the team is currently developing. While these options are still in development, here are a few details that we can provide: 3 options for Visual Quality 3 options for Resolution Dynamic Resolution will be added under one or two resolution options Dynamic Resolution will adjust the resolution depending on the resources being used in certain gameplay situations If frames are to drop, resolution will be lowered for a stable framerate This feature will allow for overall stable framerate As a heads up, we are targeting late November to implement these options, but this could be delayed to early December to make sure that these options function as intended. FPP FOV Improvement Thanks to community feedback, we are currently developing a FOV slider for FPP mode. This has been requested for quite some time, and we are targeting late November or early December for this improvement. What else is the team working on? In addition to the above, we are focusing on: Level Streaming Improving level streaming to reduce “play doh” like effects on buildings upon landing Increase world loading speed Improving loading speed of getting into matches, so that players won’t be fully loaded in with the plane already flown half its course on the map Free Play Days As a reminder, Xbox Free Play Days for all is currently in effect! From now to November 11, PUBG is free to play for everyone on Xbox One. Should you choose to purchase the game after this period, all stats and achievements will be rolled over to the full game. The South America Server is also open during this time. So spread the word, squad up, and drop into PUBG this weekend! Be sure to tune in for the event on November 10 at 1pm PST / 10pm CET to hear an exciting announcement from PUBG and Xbox! Tune in at: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/X018 Thank You Above all else, we want to say thank you to our community for sticking with us through thick and thin. Long standing issues like desync and “Lost Connection to Host” have been extremely frustrating for our players to deal with, and we would like to offer a token of appreciation from the team for your patience and understanding through it all. Everyone who logs in after the hotfix is live until November 21 (time TBD) will receive 20,000 BP and the Punk Jacket. Again, a massive thank you to our players, and please look out for further details on the upcoming hotfix! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    @PUBG_Lumos, @PUBG_Andymh5, @PUBG_RoboDanjal With the arrival of PUBG for PlayStation / Sony, I would like to know what you developers are thinking about a possible CROSSPLAY between both consoles of MICROSOFT and SONY, I think everyone would benefit from this, after all we would have a much larger player base and consequently more games at all times of the day, I hope you can pass some information on this to us players? Thank you!
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    Just add it. If people don’t want to use it, give them the option not to. People who want to use it will. I’d play more often solo instead of waiting on friends to play with, and I’m sure I’m not the only one
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    The only reason fortnite made crossplatform available was because Sony had finally agreed to it and that was only a month ago. Since they were already doing cross platform it was easy for them to do it. hopefully more games do this in the future
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    Will pubg matchmaking on ps4 feature crossplay with xbox one? Would make ques a lot faster.
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    Everyone knows that later circles on old maps(erangel and miramar) is just too fast. Thats why there is even e-sports mode where circles moves more often and slower. But for some reason, PUBG corp just don't make the change in randoms.
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    the intent is so that you dont put yourself in that position in the first place. miramar is to big to be dropping at the edges of a map without a vehicle
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    You're damn right! Fucking assholes need to get shit right. I'm tired of shit going wrong. That and there are so many fucking keyboard and mouse hackers on pubg you can get killed standing behind a solid building. Like to see that happen in blackout. Because it doesn't. I've been playing it well into a month now. Not once have I been killed unfairly. So pubg can eat blackouts dust!
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    Really hoping to see that region lock first though and rest of nov update , would be amazing if we got by then but highly doubtful
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    Hey, the news is that we will see it on or before dec 7
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    They arent gonna want a million dollars to add a feature that their already familiar with. Your point is kinda invalid.
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    You're acting like one. Getting ripped off is you paying for something and not receiving it. Any freebies they feel like throwing in don't count toward that. If it's a year later and you had no idea, you were not expecting those freebies. You got exactly what you paid for. Therefore no rip off. This cannot be disputed.
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    lol @ "ripped me off" If you bought the game and got the game... and didn't expect anything else then you didn't get ripped off. You clearly didn't expect anything else because you're just now finding out there could have been something else. You didn't get ripped off. Millenials. Our world might be doomed.
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    Pretty sure all ranking and most ping matchmaking went out the window as soon as they brought back map selection in patch 22. You can't have both.
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    Hey everyone, After months of long work, we are incredibly excited to finally announce that all of the heart-pounding, last-man standing action of PUBG is coming to PlayStation 4 on December 7! Starting today, you can pre-order one of three different editions of PUBG for PS4, each with their own bonuses so you can enjoy the game however you choose. Game Packages Disc Edition $30 USD / $38.99 CAD Base Game Pre-Order Bonuse Looter’s Edition $30 USD / $38.99 CAD Base Game Pre-Order Bonuses Survivor’s Edition $50 USD / $64.99 CAD Base Game Pre-Order Bonuses Survivor Pass: Vikendi 2,300 G-Coin Pack 20,000 BP Champion’s Edition $60 USD / $77.99 CAD Base Game Pre-Order Bonuses Survivor Pass: Vikendi 6,000 G-Coin Pack 20,000 BP Pre-Order Bonuses To celebrate joining the PlayStation family, we’re including some amazing in-game skins from two of the platforms most renowned games; Uncharted and The Last of Us! Take to the battlegrounds in Nathan Drake’s iconic outfit and store your loot in Ellie’s backpack, both included for free when you pre-order any edition of PUBG on PS4! Nathan Drake Desert Outfit Uncharted Series Ellie’s Backpack (Level 2) The Last of Us We are also offering a PUBG avatar and theme as an instant download when you pre-order the game. Check out the Unknown Avatar and Miramar Theme! The Unknown Avatar Miramar Theme We are thrilled to finally be a part of the PlayStation community and can’t wait to get our game into your hands. There’s only a few short weeks to go, so follow and keep an eye on our social channels and forums to hear the latest news and updates. Twitter Facebook Instagram Forums We’re looking forward to seeing all of you on the PS4 battlegrounds on December 7! Thanks, PUBG PS4 Team
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    When are you opening partnership applications again? Applications for select regions are open now until December 3rd, 2018. To apply please visit: https://www.pubg.com/partners/ Remind me again, what are the benefits to being a PUBG Partner? The PUBG Partnership program is designed for established content creators who are brand ambassadors for the game. They have priority support from their regional Partnerships teams. Partners receive perks and benefits in and out of the game. In-game Partner exclusive items Codes to share Partner exclusive physical goods Revenue Sharing Program VIP Party invites What are the requirements for the Partnerships Program? Content creator on livestream or pre-recorded video platforms A history of PUBG content on the channel Community leadership A good role model An established community Great Audience engagement Social media presence and impact Minimum recommended requirements: Pre recorded video content with 5,000 or more average video views OR Live streaming content with 150 or more average concurrent viewers (sustained over time) AND 20% of your content is PUBG related Will I automatically be accepted into the program if I meet or exceed the minimum viewership requirement? No, you must also fulfill the content requirement and show that you are involved as a leader within the PUBG community. I’m a partner on my content creation platform or a Twitch affiliate, does this mean automatic acceptance into the program? No, you must apply during the open application process and your application will be vetted by the team. I play and stream on Xbox, is there a separate program for me? No separate program, we base your application off your content creation not your gaming platform. There is more than one of us who work on the channel, can we all get Partnership? If you’re part of a channel where multiple people play at the same time then you’re eligible for Partnership with one application. (an example of this would be couple streams) If you’re part of a channel where multiple people play different games at different times on the same channel each person would need to apply separately to show a history of individual PUBG content. (an example of this would be a streaming house) I missed the deadline, can you make an exception? No, to be fair to all applicants who applied on time, we are not able to make exceptions. Is the PUBG Partnerships Program exactly the same world wide? Although we try to make everything as similar as possible, each region has its own Partnerships team and not every activation or benefit will be the same in every region.
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    I had to sprint right across the whole south east town on mirimar. Full health full meds. Not even close. Is the intent to force people to drive into it? Its really just silly random after such an involved large scale map.
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    Nope, there has never supposed to be a gun spawn in every building.
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    I’ve also had this happen. Twice on the same night. The timer clearly finishes, I walk away, my teammate is still down yelling, you didn’t finish the revive.
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    Yeah with my friend we stole every ship that was near mainland and moved to island. We were the only ones on island and the rest had to swim. Easiest win ever.
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    Ahhh Goldeneye. Licence to Kill pistols mode. There ya go for an event mode.