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    Hi everyone, At Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference earlier today, we announced some exciting new content coming to all versions of PUBG later this year. Watch the full teaser from the conference below, then read on for a little extra context: The ballistic shield is a new tool for setting up cover points for when you’re in otherwise exposed territory. It can be used simultaneously with sidearms, smgs, melee weapons, and throwable grenades. The shield takes a primary weapon slot, and is especially powerful in squad-based combat. Shield-bearers can act as the vanguard for their team, pushing forward under cover while their teammates safely attack and move forward into better positions. The ballistic shield will first be introduced in War Mode for PC and Xbox later this year. Now, let’s talk about that snow map. This map is currently very early in development, and we’re aiming to bring it to both PC and Xbox One this winter. Expect to see some new mechanics built around the snowy terrain. Soon we’ll also have more news about our fast-approaching third map, Sanhok. We’re proud to announce that it’ll come to PC on June 22, and to Xbox in late summer 2018. Finally, we want our Xbox One players to know that improving optimization and stability is a top priority for our team. Our next patch will be focused on reducing crashing and improving performance. We are committed to transparency and frequency about improvements to the game—watch this space for news and updates. That’s all for now! See you on the battlegrounds.
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    Hello everyone, As our next patch is quite far away, we’ve decided to create a series of three articles with information about our June 26th patch. In today’s post, we’ll share the problems that we’re focusing on first. We’ll be able to tell you more in our next posts! Stability For stability, we’ve currently got two main areas of focus: - Reducing crashes that occur after many hours of play - Reducing crashes that occur during loading (streaming) As many of you know, playing PUBG for a long time causes crashes. This has to do with the way memory caching works. There are some unnecessary processes happening during caching which we are trying to locate and eliminate. There’s also a lot of crashes when any sort of loading (or streaming) is happening—whether you’re parachuting, moving, running, or in vehicles. While streaming, there seems to be an unknown issue during loading which causes crashes. This is a very broad summary of the problem. We’ve found some of the underlying issues and fixed them already, but there are many other issues that are still need to be fixed. Optimization Many of the upcoming optimization work on the Xbox version comes from recent work we’ve been doing on the PC version of the game. First, character optimization. With character movement, there are many resources, some of them inefficiently. This has been a critical issue with the performance. We’re aiming to use 50% of current resources. Second, let’s talk about shadows. Shadows have been calculated separately from characters. While we tried to have the shadow of each character move identically and have the identical shape, this has caused the performance of the game to be low. We will be changing the shape and movement to improve performance. Finally, let’s talk about effects optimizations. Care packages and smoke grenades will be optimized as they slowed down the character and caused lag while in the smoke. There are also a lot of resource being used for vehicle effects while driving. We’ll try to reduce this without diminishing the quality of the effects. We’ll share more information next week! Sorry again for the long wait for the patch—we’ll work hard to make sure it’s worth the wait. Thanks, The PUBG Xbox Team
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    Hurr durr, I died to the redzone! Gues I’m a bad player! Totally my fault the redzone spawned between me and the safezone while the blue was shrinking! Definitely. You removed fog and rain because some people didn’t like it, but that actually had a valuable impact on gameplay! It changed how you moved, how you engaged in firefights, and was fair and predictable for all parties involved. Redzone is just garbage. Absolute garbage. It’s just random, “OOPS! You died because Brendan Greene says you’re a bad player for losing the RNG lottery!” What fun! How engaging! Much enjoyment! REMOVE THE REDZONE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! It serves NO value to gameplay! None!
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    To me this game has lost its "Moments" Ive had my share of squad wipes ive had my super long snipes Ive had my fun with almost 2000hr played xbox we dont have anything new We cant make new content right now because of how behind we are When we do get something new its already old new because of pc The only thing left to make me want to play at this point is fighting for the leader board as a personal goal However with poor performance on server end and players with bad ping or using their trap phone hot spot to play on live i cant be in the mix anymore. Even with myself having somewhat decent quality performance the interaction with other players in the same lobby with poor performance is just awful. After countless let downs from this company I just have to take a break. I have personally never taken part in a preview program before this game and I was the biggest fan boy you can imagine Another noob poster trying to tell everyone to just take it easy on the devs theyre doing their best. THAT'S BULLSHIT, If they really wanted to keep their fan base they would DUMP money into getting this game running as good as it can NOW After reading the news post for the past 7 months ive read these guys repeat the same claims and promises in different words so many times telling us exactly what we want to hear. Im not here to say pubg is going to fail or that they will be taken over by another game (which is likely), but this has been the worst experience of being strung along to get your hopes up for 2 weeks just to be infuriated every other time after. Truly has made me never want to participate in another preview program again. Im sure ill be back around come next update which will inevitably be crap with the way it sounds like theyre bringing over all this pc stuff that will once again have to be optimized. But before I make this too long and start repeating myself **cough cough, Pubg, its been one HELL of ride, until youre on youre feet Sincerely, A let down fanboy.
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    I can gaurentee the following things will be part of the map; Crashes Lag Poor hit detection More crashes Framerates that have aids Footprints
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    As everyone gets excited about the new maps, etc announced for PUBG Xbox at E3 please remember... THEY HAVE STILL NOT MADE THE GAME STABLE! Why on earth would you want new features when every time they add them we get more bugs? Common-Sense should tell us that when something doesn't work properly, you fix that first instead of building onto it. It's like that friend we all have with the junk car that barely runs and rather than fixing it or saving for a new one... they put a sound system in it. Devs... your game is like a drug to me. At this point it's so broken that it makes me absolutely miserable and I want to stop playing it more than anything. I'm addicted so I can't.... but I hate this game right now. You need to do these things immediately: 1. Add syslog to the executable so you can analyze our crash information and fix the damn crashing. 2. Increase server resources so the tick rate doesn't go to crap during peak times so we can play in our own regions. You should not have to be told these things. They are common sense. Quit doing everything BUT fixing your game. Right now it is difficult to play. You get in games and your shots don't register and you get shot through cover. Then when you finally get a game that seems like it's performing properly... you crash and get killed during that. You guys have a problem with your priorities. It's like nobody is steering the ship or the person that is steering it is blind. Frankly, I'm tired of telling you. I shouldn't have to. This should be common sense. /insert Shia Lebouf "just do it!" meme.
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    We have a different vision, and I respect yours. I am 40 years old gamer, I played on different systems, from PC (IBM) to Sega Master System, N64 and then PC again and etc... etc.. My meaning is that, Mnk can't be allowed on shooter, FPS, skilled aiming games on console. It's simply unfair, we can't compare the aiming speed with a mouse and a controller. The movement you make with your thumb on a stick can't be so accurate as a movement with the all hand/wrist and even the arm.... Its mechanical/physical!! Is that so hard to accept that?! Now, if you'r playing with Mnk on platforms games, adventure games etc...etc.. I don't see any problems there.
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    To me, we’re splitting hairs with the .556 rifles. Doesn’t matter to me if I have an M16/416 or Scar. They each perform very closely to each other. I’d even go as far to say the M16, while lacking in attachments, is my favorite rifle. It seems basing this type of discussion in other games, whenever there’s a popular weapon, lots of people use it. It then gets called on for a nerf, it’s then far worse than the others. The next in line is the favorite, rinse and repeat the vicious cycle.
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    If you can make the game look like the trailer I will uninstall every other game and buy all outfits available.
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    Stable Gameplay - 2019
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    Stay on pc with M&K. They’re separate for a reason
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    Because I hope his thumbs break.
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    Another tool who wants to use M&K on Xbox. A lot of scum in the world
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    Hi, I've spend a stupid amount of time putting together a site that details a winter map concept based on Scandinavia. I call it Nördheim (Nörd means Nerd in Swedish so that's a little inside joke ;). Check out the map here: https://www.pubgwintermap.com/ Here's a short description: Nördheim's snow-covered landscape consists of a contrast between lower elevation areas such as islands, farmland, and woodlands, and higher elevation areas such as mountain slopes, alpine peaks, and steep cliffs. Together these areas create an epic battleground that will put players skill, ingenuity, and decision-making to the test in order to make it out on top in this wintery warzone. Thanks for checking it out! Do you think it would be an interesting setting? Is there any gameplay ideas you like? Let me know!
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    The June 26th patch will be the deciding factor for many that play this game on a daily basis.
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    How dare they show this trailer that runs nothing like the current game and has the balls to say more is coming while it's still a hot mess.
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    Too many MnK lovers on this forum... Historically, we always played with controllers on console, I don't know why this must change for a couple of "frustrated KD ratio players". If you want to play with MnK, stay on PC, and let the "real" console players have fun together. It's an "ethic" principe.
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    This was a quick funny thought before i died.. but paid off... to this guy.. Cool move.. ✌ http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ronja-gonja/video/53172805 What would you have done?
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    They did something with your money. It's called strippers and blow.
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    They’ve already stated M&K will not be coming to Xbox, which is a good thing. Prox chat is still up in the air.
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    Жаль нормальный тикрейт там не показали...
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    The games in no state to bring out more content. Imagine the frame rate on war mode.
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    Yea, it means more people will see a smooth running, cool trailer, and buy the game. Then they will crash and come in the forums 7 months behind and say “Ooops!”
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    The redzone is literally the /only/ PvE piece that is /designed/ into the game. Everything else is just a glitch or user error. How is it fun at all to die to the redzone? Seriously. Those of you defending the redzone. Explain to me in every possible way you find it fun to die to an uncontrollable event which you have no power to avoid once you’re inside the zone. Can you tell me with absolute honesty that if you die while you are running into the safezone because there were no vehicles near you and a redzone starts on your only path option into the safezone, that you had fun when you died? Tell me, straight faced and with honesty that you’d sit back in your chair with a smile on your face and go, “Oh darn, that was totally my fault and I’m just a bad player for dieing there. I should try harder next time to win the RNG lottery! That was a fun learning experience!”