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    Hey everyone, On November 7, we will be updating live servers to Update #3! This update will bring the new Supply System, Custom Matches, officially licensed Joker and Harley Quinn skins, bug fixes, and more. Dive into the patch notes below and read up before jumping into the new update! Maintenance Schedule PST: November 7 12:00AM - 2:00AM CET: November 7 9:00AM - 11:00AM Supply System Added Supply System Earn XP through play time and completing missions to level-up and obtain rewards. Each 10 levels you will receive a permanent reward. Every level-up on the way to each permanent reward will grant you BP and also a chance to receive an additional permanent reward. You can level up and get rewards when you fill the Survival gauge with survival XP You must click “Claim” to receive the completed mission XP Observing teammates grants 50% less XP than while alive Skin & Items Added a MAKE UP tab in the APPEARANCE category. The APPEARANCE category has been added to the store, where you can purchase additional Hair and Make-up options. Changing APPEARANCE such as face, hair and/or gender will not cost BP (some paid items for face and make-up are excluded from this). Cosmetics Officially licensed Joker and Harley Quinn Skins Harley Quinn “Daddy’s Lil Monster” outfit “Good Night” baseball bat skins for the crowbar and machete The Joker’s “Night Club Suit” outfit Each bundle includes new paid hair and makeup options as well to complete the look of these two iconic characters. Custom Match Custom matches have been added and custom match creation is available for all players. Known issue: You may experience short instances of hitching in the custom match lobby when assigning or moving teams. Custom match list can now be viewed after selecting custom match game mode. Normal mode: Classic battle royale rules—be the last person (or team) standing War Mode: Team deathmatch with respawns. The team with the most points (kills and knocks) wins. After selecting your preferred game mode, custom matches can now be created using presets. Each game mode currently has a default preset and one additional preset available. War Mode includes the Desert Knights preset. Normal Mode includes Sanhok Forty Fivers preset. RULES: Set number of players, team size. BASIC: Set game mode, password, map, weather, etc. After creating the match, the settings can be adjusted using the options in the BASIC and RULES menus. Things to keep in mind when creating custom matches: At least 10 players are required to start the match. You can keep the game in a waiting room for up to two hours. Performance Optimized texture streaming to reduce hitching Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where upon completing a match in Training Mode, you would receive two wins that counted towards Game Hub stats
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    Dear Developer: Please do not make PUBG such a puppet theater as in Fortnite! New skins may be funny and nice, but please stay true to your line. I want a possible "real" shooter and no children's birthday! (Google Translate - sorry ;))
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    Honestly, if you have been here since day one and think that the game is worse you either have a really short memory or are flat out lying. Progression has been painfully slow, to the point where many players have left the game. But it has improved overall, no doubt.
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    Yea I agree but I'm sure it will appeal to some players. I must admit, I'd quite like national flags as parachutes... Would be quite funny to be like 'oh no, so in so nation have landed with us'
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    Yes people do that. The people who do that are scrubs.
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    Hey everyone, To celebrate X018 with our friends at Xbox, we're happy to announce that PUBG will be available to play during Xbox Free Play Days for all. Tune in beginning 3pm CST, Saturday, November 10th for all the latest Xbox news, first looks and surprises. From November 8-11, PUBG will be free to play for everyone on Xbox One. Should you choose to purchase the game after this period, all stats and achievements will be rolled over to the full game. We will also be opening the South America Server during this time. So spread the word, squad up, and drop into PUBG this weekend! Be sure to tune in for the event on November 10 at 1pm PDT / 10pm CET to hear an exciting announcement from PUBG and Xbox! Tune in at: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/X018 Free Play Day Period* Starts: November 8 11:59pm PDT / November 9 8:59am CET Ends: November 11 11:59pm PDT / November 12 8:59am CET *South America Server will be open during this time For more information on PUBG, including trailers and gameplay footage head over here. Xbox Live members without a Gold membership can download the game here. Some customers may be able to begin downloading these awesome offers* today, but they are only playable with full functionality and available from November 8-11 (US Pacific Time), so alert your friends, log on your Xbox One and get in on the action now and the entire weekend. *All Limited Time Unlock games are only available on Xbox One. Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    Keep up the great work devs love what you guys have been doing for us can’t wait to see what’s next
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    After taking a long break from PUBG, it’s quite nice to see features that’ve been added which folks have requested for some time now. Mainly the target range. It’s exactly what I (and I’m sure others) had in mind. I remember community memebers asking for this feature for almost a year now. Now this latest update is adding custom games. It’s nice to see updates are still coming in such a manner, particularly those the community has wanted. Keep up the good work BH.
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    I think you guys may have grinded way too long, I'm personally excited missions are back, regardless if there is a reward or not it's a bonus in my eyes.
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    I wish custom game settings was more "custom" and had more options like How small the circle is (also the placement of circle), start the game with ANY amount of players 2-100, What spawns in the map! (Guns, items, armor, ect.) and other setting to make the game you want to play! I want to play with my friends but I don't have many friends who have the game or are online at the same time to play a custom game that is limited to start at 10.
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    Desync is nowhere near as bad as people say and has already improved a lot since the game has been released. I also think 99% of people complaining about desync, don't have any idea what it actually is and the main causes.
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    Being able to select starting guns or at least type of weapons.
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    Not really. For the £25 I paid at Christmas I've had countless laughs with my pals and met a few decent lads along the way. This game doesn't owe me anything.
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    Great. More skins. GG PUBG... <sigh> ffs. Priorities, huh.... ?
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    Your logo is confusing me. You have called your group ragnarok arena when ragnarok is Norse, the coliseum in your emblem is roman and the helmet is Greek. I know this shouldn't bother me but it does. Anyway good luck with it
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    All the settings that are on the PC version of PUBG custom game modes needs to also be on Xbox. Here are some things I would like to see. 1. Setting to Increase/Decrease loot chance 2. Spawn with (Insert Item) 3. Care Package chance % 4. Better Servers 5. Banning/Restricting of Weapons, Armor, Items, Clothes, ect... 6. Ability to select what you want to have in supply drops I know this is a new part of the game, but we need these things ASAP. Like if you agree, and submit more things you want.
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    Two games in a row that Ive been shot through solid cover. Desync is as bad as ever. But hey, at least I can dress up as a comic book character now. FFS.
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    Hi Buckstar, The blurry/pixelated reticle of the 2x scope has already been reported to the team but due to the importance of other bug fixes it has been moved down in priority.
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    Hi everyone, now that we have custom matches i was thinking we could do a little forum tourney or play a couple of matches together. I know it's probably very difficult to get enough players to come online at a specific time but if enough would be interested we could just try it out. Set a specific date and time and just see what happens. The Winner would obvisouly get the absolute bragging rights in the forum and is allowed to post as many "git gud" replies as he wants. Let me know what you think.
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    Hey everyone, Overpower is back as this weekend’s event mode, with a few tweaks to incorporate feedback from last week. The circle is smaller now, and you’ll respawn every 15 seconds instead of 30 to make for non-stop action. We also increased the max points to 250 to accommodate these changes. Check out the full event details below! EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: Nov 8, 7pm PST / Nov 9, 4am CET ENDS: Nov 11, 7pm PST / Nov 12, 4am CET AVAILABLE QUEUES 8-man squads on Erangel NA/EU/OC: FPP only Please note that getting into the Event Mode lobby as a party may cause your team to disband or crash when the match is made. Instead, invite your friends to play once you’re in the Event Mode lobby. RULES War Mode Three 8-man squads fight on Erangel (max 24 players) Each match takes place inside a small, static safe zone All players spawn with level three gear and a care package weapon When knocked, you will take 20 damage per second (total of 5 seconds of being knocked down before dying) Reviving a teammate will take 3 seconds Eliminating an enemy earns your team 3 points Killed players respawn in planes that fly by every 15 seconds The first team to reach 250 points wins If no team reaches 250 points after 15 minutes, the team with the most points wins OTHER EVENT RULES The mode is limited to 24 maximum players (3 teams of 8 players) Vehicles do not spawn Red zones are disabled Care packages are disabled Weather is set to “Sunny” Friendly fire is disabled Let us know what you think of these changes when you jump into this week’s event! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    Они играют в игру "Подсчитать бабки которое принес Pubg за день или неделю".
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    Where can i find These options???
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    I love seeing grown ass mens arguing like 14 years old kid comparing their stats on the game, common keep dancing for us!!!
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    It's crazy. I play almost every night, top 50 in total Wins and these movement issues and desync or lag doesn't affect me or my squad. Can we just admit the players saying the game is broken, are the people who are terrible at the game?