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    All these cosmetics coming out and still no facial hair....IT'S NOT OK.
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    Y'all gonna rub the lotion on the skins if you get them?
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    Ok so this might not be a big deal for some of you big K/D's out there but I finally made it to over 2.0 K/D. I've been playing this for a year now and started at something like 0.70 and ground my way up. This season has been my best for Dinner's as well. Merry Bloody Christmas!
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    Got this clip a few days ago spectating the last 2. I dont know if i should cry or laugh everytime i watch it.... 😰 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/amazedgorilla25/video/64918338
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    Bluehole. Please. Give us this. Community. Please make a big deal about this. Make some damn noise. Let’s get this on the priority list. yeah?
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    care packages dropped by santa on a sleigh would be hilarious
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    Probably has been said before so sorry if I’m repeating someone but each map should have something that set it apart from one another besides the looks obviously... for example miramar a sandstorm instead of fog, Erangal keeps the normal fog and rain, sahnok keeps the fog and rain too but since it’s on a tropical island the storm would be way more intense, higher winds, u can’t swim due to waves, etc... and then vikendi would of course have a blizzard and snow storm. Just something to spice the game up with still remaining the same good old game we all love (I know I know I’m gettin ahead of myself vikendi isn’t even out yet and I don’t need to hear, “ we can barely get 30 FPS” lol)
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    I’ll start with some kar98 fun https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/erect-moobs/video/64914901
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    This isn't Fortnite...
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    https://imgur.com/a/rOr1IM7 Just copied from Imgur app. Not my content.
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    Increased framerate??????? Those bastards!!!!!! Oh, you mean the new map bit - i'd imagine we're all gonna get it at the same time, if not....... i'll go grab my pitchfork........
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    My best clip https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/xousen/video/63977086 Enjoy😂
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    It also doesn't line up in type A, if you didn't know this already. The only difference between type A and type B is how you ads. Type A is a tap, hold for ots aim. Type B is straight ADS but adds ots to L button. They don't match up because of your view point. You were holding the gun lower due to hip fire then raised the gun to your eye changing where the gun was pointing As an added bonus to this- Even in ads you will notice that you shoot higher than your crosshair when closer than 100 meters due to zeroing of the guns and bullet path. (Not hitscan like cod)
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    I swear to god if we don't get these skins I will piss on my xbox.
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    I just beat my solo kill record and it’s actually the highest I’ve ever had. I’ve had 14 on a couple of occasions one solo win and a squad. That used to be my highest kill on record until last night, I got a 17 kill win on solo and I’m quite happy with it as you can see haha. Whats everyone’s kill record in one game?
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    Would be nice if you could see how many addicts are in the lobbies for each game mode or in general and how many queues there are. Thoughts? Interesting/useless?
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    First off, if you're knocked you've already lost a fight so you should not be able to down you enemy. Second, it would make the game unpredictable and lead to insta-kill of downed players because they're still a threat. Third it would be a joke to have a lot of crawling players shooting each other with pistols.
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    There’s not enough loot on Erangal the military base is bone dry maybe you’ll luckily find something there worth while even on Miramar there’s not enough loot it’s been like that for a couple months now
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    а вы думали баги пофиксят? Аххааахахххпхпххаахахххахахха Тупо новые шмоточки гайс
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    I buy Red Dead only to end up playing pubg. Fun night. I like the goofy stuff that happens. I'm pretty sure this guy killed someone I was planning on ambushing: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/64830229 Taking fire from a vss... so I completely reposition. What is this guy doing? https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/64830275 The guy was in the house, but must have repositioned. Seems like he mistook a bush for a ghillie suit:https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/64830353 Never done this before... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/64830382 Great way to end the night: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/64830446
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    It's 6x6 according to all the info that's out there, sounds good to me tbh, nice middle ground