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    Hey everyone, We are excited to announce that the PTS will be returning on Thursday, October 11! This PTS update will bring new content, QoL updates, and bug fixes for everyone to test out before it hits the live servers. Below are the patch notes for your review before you jump into the PTS. Be sure to read up and get a first look at all of the new content - we’ll be keeping an eye on your feedback and bug reports! For those who haven’t yet used the PTS The PTS is a separate PUBG server that’s free to download for anyone who already owns a copy of PUBG. The purpose of the test server is not just to provide a preview of upcoming features, but to find the issues we need to solve so we can work on the fix as soon as possible. The changes listed below are all coming to the PTS first because many of the changes still needs to be tested to see if there are any issues with performance. To take part in the test, all you have to do is own a copy of PUBG for Xbox One and search for “PUBG Test Server” on the Microsoft Store. Schedule: PDT: October 11 01:00AM CEST: October 11 10:00AM PTS will be available to all players, available maps (Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok) will be the same as live servers. Please be aware that some game modes will be restricted and only the NA server will be available to play on due to lower player numbers compared to live servers, which can lead to extended matchmaking times. We may open these modes at a later stage, depending on the number of players on the PTS. New Weapon: Beryl M762 Added the Beryl M762, which is a new versatile Assault Rifle which spawns on Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. Beryl M762 uses 7.62mm ammunition and can load up to 30 rounds (40 with an extended magazine) The Beryl has upper and lower rails, allowing for scopes and a grip. It has lower per bullet damage than the AKM, but a higher firing rate, meaning higher DPS if you can control the kick. New Weapon: MK47 Mutant Added a new AR weapon: the MK47 Mutant MK47 Mutant can be acquired on all maps (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok) through world spawn MK47 Mutant is an AR weapon using 7.62mm bullets and has a 20 round capacity, which can be upgraded to 30 rounds with an extended magazine. The Mutant has 2 firing modes: single shot and 2-round burst Almost all types of attachments can be used with the MK47, but it has no stock slot New Sanhok-Exclusive Vehicle: Scooter Added a new two-seat vehicle, the Scooter, which is exclusive to Sanhok Both the scooter and 2-seater motorbike can be found on Sanhok Compared to the current motorbike, the Scooter has lower speed and an increased turning circle, but the same HP. New Sanhok Exclusive Vehicle: Tukshai Added a new vehicle that will be exclusive to the Sanhok map The Tukshai is a 3 person vehicle that substitutes the UAZ, Dacia and Minibus The Tukshai is slower compared to the previous vehicles, but fits perfectly with Sahnok’s environment Restructuring of the BP System Previously, we offered BP rewards based only on your ranking. Now, we’ve restructured the system to take into account both play time and ranking. Rewards have been restructured to equalize the differences in BP efficiency based on playing time for each Map and Mode. We’ve changed team rewards to be shared: You will no longer receive 4 times the BP because you were playing alone in a squad game Gameplay Added ‘TPP Aim Camera Position’ to options Reset to Right Shoulder (default setting) Camera will always be positioned above the character’s right shoulder Reset to Left Shoulder Camera will always be positioned above the character’s left shoulder Latest Peek Shoulder Camera position automatically moves to the direction you last leaned Latest Aim Shoulder Camera remains in the last ADS direction In this setting, the camera position won’t be changed by leaning while not in ADS or scoping [Right shoulder camera / Left shoulder camera] Gameplay Added a new attachment: the Laser Sight Bullet spread is reduced when hip firing and soft-aiming The Laser Sight fits on weapons with a lower rail slot available, taking up the grip slot. Added the improved Marker/Ping System first introduced for testing on the 8/1 test server update Using (R) button, you can create a marker where you are aiming on the compass at the top of the screen (not visible in the world) All team members can see this marker on the compass After setting the marker, there is a 2 second cooldown before you can mark again The marker on the compass will automatically disappear after 5 seconds When the ping markers overlap, the closest located marker will be shown on top. Increased maximum sensitivity (10 → 20) UI/UX Added a key guide to the loading screen tips (XBOX image will be applied soon) Improved the design of the map markers This is thanks to feedback that some players were confusing the previous marker design with the player icon Reporting You can now report a player for Teaming, Gameplay interference, Verbal abuse. This can be done after the match is over Performance Optimized GC (Garbage Collection) Faster rate of making the used memory to be reusable Improved performance by adjusting on-hit effects for various materials Improved server and client performance by optimizing the inner composition of the plane Increased the quality of optimization to reduce desync. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where tooltips for the stun grenade did not accurately reflect its in-game effects Fixed an issue where characters were seen moving fast while prone when moving on slopes a certain way Fixed an issue where item mesh is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the floor in the police station in El Azahar in Miramar Fixed an issue where a dead player's loot box is sometimes buried in certain locations in Miramar Fixed an issue where characters can sometimes get stuck between the wall and vehicle while leaving the passenger seat when the vehicle is touching a wall Fixed an issue where in some situations in FPP, players could see through walls Fixed an issue where the sawed-off wasn't listed in the attachable weapon list tooltip of the shotgun choke Fixed an issue where sometimes players would not get transferred to the starting plane, and instead start the match from the initial spawn location Fixed an issue where the under certain conditions, character models could appear stuck in the crouch position Fixed an issue where sometimes the fuel gauge of vehicles wasn't in sync with the visual display on the dashboard Fixed an issue where in rare instances, players could be teleported to an entirely different location while on Sanhok Fixed the issue where a character on board a vehicle would sometimes be shown as immobile in a very different location Fixed the issue where a character who is driving in a vehicle is created in an unspecified location Fixed the issue where the gun of the person you are spectating is sometimes not rendered, causing problems when the gun goes into ADS mode Fixed the issue where weapons are sometimes shown in locations different from where the character is holding them Fixed the issue where approaching a window with glass and throwing a throwable could sometimes cause the camera to temporarily zoom in and out Fixed the issue where approaching a corpse while lying down could sometimes cause the camera to zoom in Fixed the issue where sometimes a character standing at the very edge of the sea on Sanhok would be shown as falling out of the sky Fixed the issue where the Bluezone UI timer occasionally decreases by 2 seconds Fixed the issue where an underwater character is unable to move to land because the terrain is shown as stuttering Fixed the issue where colliding with an object while driving in a UAZ deals comparatively more damage than other vehicles Fixed the issue where the firing mode of a gun that has been dropped and picked up again is reset to default settings Fixed the issue where the vaulting action was not working properly with certain building windows in Sanhok Fixed the issue where an afterimage sometimes remains on other players' screen when repeatedly arming/unarming Fixed the issue where the AR compensator on the SLR was not reducing the horizontal recoil Fixed the issue where a character cannot peek while over a gas can Fixed the issue where frame drop occured when the weather was rainy and the character was swimming in the water when the perspective changed from under to above water Fixed the issue where the HP gauge was displayed red in certain conditions Fixed an issue where grenade impact sounds were not played when interacting with certain surfaces on Sanhok Fixed an issue where in some specific situations there was less weapon recoil than intended Fixed the issue where after exiting the game while armed, the character model would appear to shake Fixed the issue where picking up sound was output, but was not able to pick up the item from a certain distance Fixed the issue where the exact direction of other player's footstep sound was hard to comprehend We hope everyone can jump into the PTS to help test out the new content! As always, be sure to provide your feedback on our channels. Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    Hey everyone, Since the launch of PUBG on Xbox, we have seen a lot of interest from our South American players for us to open a server for the region. Today, alongside the opening of the Brasil Game Show, we are excited to announce that we’ll be opening the South America server for Xbox from October 11-15! South America Server Open Dates: Starts: October 11 11:00PM BRT Ends: October 15 02:00AM BRT Available Modes: TPP Solo Squad Event Mode not available Duo not available FPP not available Maps: All maps available During this time, the SA server will be available to select and play on. Our main goal is to gauge interest from the SA community and see if we can maintain a healthy CCU and matchmaking times - not just on the SA server, but across all regions as adding a new server will impact the game globally. If we can sustain healthy matchmaking times for everyone, we may extend the SA server open dates, or permanently implement the SA server into the game. We hope that many of our SA players will have the chance to try out the new server and provide feedback. Be sure to let us know your thoughts, as we’ll be keeping a close eye on our channels during this time! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    Hello everyone, We have a quick hotfix for the Public Test Server (PTS). Schedule: No server downtime required PDT: October 12 05:00AM CEST: October 12 02:00PM Patch Notes: Fixed an issue where the L-Stick (character movement) acted too sensitively causing drifts. Fixed an issue where auto-run would stop with a minor L-Stick movement. EU servers have been opened on the PTS (TPP - Solo only). We’ve received reports players have been experiencing increased lag and desync on the PTS. This may be due to players from multiple regions all playing on the NA server together. In an attempt to mitigate and help investigate the cause of this issue, we’ve opened the EU server and will monitor if this issue persists. Please note that only TPP - Solo will be open in EU region in order to guarantee faster matchmaking. Please attempt to play on your local region, which will help us monitor the issue. Our team is also investigating reports that some players are experiencing a lower frame rate this PTS build. Please continue to send us your feedback and share your experience with us. The Lost Connection to Host bug remains a top priority for the team to fix. We haven’t been able to reproduce this error in-house, which makes tracking down the cause difficult. We’ll continue to investigate this issue thoroughly and work to address this as soon as possible. To accelerate tracking down the cause of the this issue, we have now added the match session ID to the Lost Connection to Host error message screen. We are requesting all players who experience this issue to please submit your gamertag and session ID (numbers with alphabets below "Lost Connection to Host") to us in a report when you have this issue. Reports should be submitted here Your help and time is greatly appreciated, as we continue working towards fixing the issues most important to our players. Thanks PUBG Xbox Team
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    Hey everyone, We’re back with another community weekly post. While this week’s post will be a bit on the shorter side, we recommend reading last Friday’s post for our latest updates and progress on some long standing issues in the game. For now, let’s jump into what happened this week! Lost Connection to Host As stated previously, the Lost Connection to Host bug has been a top priority for the team to fix. This has been a tough one for us to crack, because we have not been able to reproduce this error in-house. To accelerate tracking down the cause of the this issue, we have now added the match session ID to the Lost Connection to Host error message. We are requesting all of our players to please submit your gamertag and session ID (numbers with alphabets below "Lost Connection to Host") when you submit a report. Reports should be submitted here. Your help and time is greatly appreciated as we continue to investigate and tackle this issue. Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience and frustrated caused. PTS As you may know by now, the PTS is up and running with a new update for everyone to test out! The PTS update brings new content, like the Beryl M762, MK47 Mutant, Scooter, and Tukshai as well as plenty of quality of life updates and bug fixes. Be sure to head over here for full patch notes and how to download the test server! We’re looking at your feedback and suggestions given during this testing phase, so be sure drop into the PTS and let us your thoughts! South America Server The South America Server is currently available now until October 15 to select and play on! Full details were shared in our announcement here. Our main goal is to gauge interest from the SA community and see if we can maintain a healthy CCU and matchmaking times. If we can sustain healthy matchmaking times for everyone, we may extend the SA server open dates, or permanently implement the SA server into the game. We hope that our SA community will be able to jump into the server this weekend and let us know what you think! Hacks/Cheats We have been investigating the use of hacks/cheats, and have taken appropriate action against any players who have used them. The use of hacks/cheats is not tolerated and is against our Rules of Conduct. We are now issuing permanent bans for this type of behavior, and any future instances will be dealt with the same way. Please feel free to submit reports in-game or through our support portal here. Thanks for reading this week’s post, and please let us know what other updates you’d like to see from the team! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    So i got blackout at the 8pm release and have played a couple games. It’s obvious even though they said it was the “cod take on br” that it’s just their version of pubg as they copied a ton of stuff so I think comparing the two is easy and reasonable unlike the comparison to fortnite. So far I think a lot of people owe the devs for pubg an apology lol.... blackout is good I like it but pubg has the edge on a lot of things for me they both have their own pros and cons, for instance I think maneuvering around in blackout fells better control wise a lot smoother. Pubg deff has better bullet mechanics to me though, better sounds, and I even like pubg graphics a lot more. I think the loot system is better on pubg is better, pubg feels better in long distance gunfights and blackout takes the edge on close range to me. Seeing how much more resources the cod devs had being a way bigger studio they didn’t do much better than pubg if not worse. I honestly think after a couple days I’ll be back to pubg idk I think the pros pubg has over blackout outweigh blackouts pros over pubg. Thoughts ???
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    Bo4 won't kill pubg, I doubt any game will kill it. Pubg Corp are killing it.
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    Mouse and keyboard VS. controllers. 144 Fps VS. 25 Fps. I think thats enough to answer ur question
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    Why do we keep getting warnings/infractions whenever we post EVIDENCE OF Blatant cheating like hacks and teaming ? I THINK THIS FORUM RULE IS RIDICULOUS which Einstein came up with the idea of punishing The people informing others of cheating instead of the cheaters themselves . literally Hundreds of videos from various forum members have been taken down and the people reporting them are being given infractions . If you want to build a trustworthy relationship with your community then why do you keep siding with cheaters ? Its not even so and so or maybe situations either , its 100 percent proof videos . Makes 0 sense . The community needs to be aware of who and what to look out for . QUIT brushing the dirt under the rug
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    Xbox crossplay with PlayStation would be more worthwhile. Controller v Controller. Would help matchmaking times and low pop areas. Hopefully next year, Sony sees a release. And pubg sees crossplay
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    Hi everyone, We’re aware that many of you are having a bad experience with the recent changes to matchmaking that went live in Update #22. The intention of these improvements is to re-enable map selection and provide a better game experience and faster queue times. The improved system is intended to automatically send players to the region that provides the lowest ping, but unfortunately an error related to ping calculation occurred and the player’s location wasn’t being identified correctly, resulting in them being placed into matches in a region that didn’t provide the optimal gameplay experience. Due to the large number of players affected by this issue, the gameplay experience for many players has been impacted negatively and we sincerely apologize for this. Within the last 24 hours we deployed an initial fix to prevent players from connecting to the wrong local region. The team is actively working to resolve the remaining issues in a fix we expect to deploy next week, which also includes a change to prioritize matching players with teammates who speak the same language, to improve the player experience. Once deployed, the system will now properly prioritize putting players into matches on servers in their local region. In the event of excessive queue times due to a small matchmaking pool, the next closest region will be chosen to ensure players aren’t stuck matchmaking indefinitely. We understand that issues like this are extremely disruptive to how you enjoy the game and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our loyal players. Our team will continue to closely monitor this issue, both through data and player feedback. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and make another announcement once the additional fix is deployed next week. - The PUBG Development and Community Teams
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    Finally! Thanks DEVS!!!!!
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    if THIS patch makes it to live in its current PATHETIC state then im playing BLACKOUT until something else comes along . I didnt plan on buying blackout at all but if this BS MAKES it to live servers in its current state then one will have no choice . you guys will see for yourselves how this is the WORST patch to date . 1. ADS is Bugging OUT its literally giving you same camera angle as over the shoulder aiming your sight is like 3 feet away from your head 2. Player is moving by itself when going prone or crouch . ( ITS NOT REGULAR MOVEMENT EITHER , PLAYER IS LITERALLY FLOATING WITH OUT ITS NORMAL ANIMATIONS ) 3. Game is freezing for 2 seconds and then suddenly you are teleported 10 feet ahead ( just like the GOOD OL START OF MIRAMAR DAYS ) 4. Audio is MAKING LOUD crackling noises throughout the round it comes and goes ) it is beyond terrible its LITERALLY WORSE than LAUNCH DAY as far as bugs are concerned . i will make a second post later with videos attached when i have more time . YIKESSSSS . i hate CALL of duty but i need something to play because i love gaming so i have 0 choice but to purchase it and give it a shot BECAUSE i know for a fact that the Devs will give 0 craps and will push this into live servers in its current state . Absolutely ridiculous ive been thru the thick and thin and i have yet to see a patch as bad as this one . WHY PUBG WHY . why are more concerned about weapons and skins ? Im fine with the current regular server just leave it alone . if this makes in into live servers which i know it will it will truly be a huge blow to PUBG . jUST WAIT A COUPLE DAYS AND YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO SEE THE Uproars .
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    Kicked the addiction that BUGP is and sold my Xbox and I don't regret it one bit, looking forward to getting a real nice gaming PC in the next month or 2 and picking up where I left off. (/S/)Been about a week now and It just didn't feel right to leave without making some kinda smug announcement(/S/) Hope you guys enjoy yourselves though and I pray the XBOX team gets its shit together for your guys sake. Best game I've ever played and I'm looking forward to getting my ass handed to me once again on the PC servers while I go through the MnK learning curve. My desire for competitive and working gameplay has outgrown the capabilities of the XBOX version(plenty of competition just a poorly executed game) Keep getting those dinners boys! I'll still be around to say GiT GuD every now and then, best of luck.
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    The new ranking system is all about who plays the most since you can't lose rating anymore, so what's the point in taking any game seriously? Just play a lot and you'll go up in rating regardless. There's no punishment for jumping bootcamp and dying over and over and over again. Seems pointless to me and it really killed any fun in going for ranks.
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    Really good experience for me so far. Good feels smooth. The new vehicles are hilarious. Love the sensitivity boost. keep it up. ??
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    Looting kills takes too long compared to PC. I would like to see a hot key on the dpad for quick grab and go looting. Something like Up for loot primary ammo, down for loot secondary ammo, left for health, etc
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    Inventory clean up. I've always spoke bad about pubg inventory, but its alot better than blackout. But still room for improvement. ) Same Ammo should be in one stack not multiple stacks. ) customisation options for what shows up first, both in your own inventory and when looting a body ) option to drop a weapon but keep attachments
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    I love the game, i just hate the performance
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    Lmao get off your high-horse dude and grow the fuck up, not even getting blackout but every time I see someone saying "playing (insert game title) makes you such and such" I have to go out of my way to respond. That dude has actually very valid points in his post you replied to and that goes for any new game. Who would've thought that a brand new game would take time for people to establish winning tactics lol.. Bashing someones gaming interests is literally what a 12 y/o kid would do. Take that shit elsewhere with your elitist pubg mindset lol you probably get slapped around all day on the game anyway.
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    Just tested it with the lightweight grip, still the same.
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    I’m not in SA, but I have to say I think the timing is weird; Open SA servers briefly to gauge interest but then ALSO open PTS at same time, inevitably draining the player base and presumably making the SA servers seem less populated than they would be any other time.
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    Well never thought I'd say this but tonight I have uninstalled the game. Been playing this since it's release last December, on a XB1X with ext SSD, and hard wired internet and have to say that for me the graphics and whole game ran better months ago... never had a problem months ago with rendering, all buildings and weapons had already spawned before I landed... not so now. The XB1X has been hobbled so badly to make it work on the OGXB it's unbelievable, great way to make a new XB1X enhanced game PUBG. Some of the textures look so bad now it's like minecraft... infact I think Minecraft's better sometimes. Trying to snipe at a distance sometimes now I am just looking at playdough buildings.. Plating the war mode event was a joke with OGXBplayers getting lagged inside buildings and mountains able to shoot out with impunity, which made that unplayable... On top of all the desync/lag, horrible rendering and totally neutering the XB1X, tonight I had my XB1X turn itself off due to overheating.... this I have wondered about for a while because as soon as I start this game up my fans go into overdrive, this only happens with PUBG, no other game runs the fans as loudly as PUBG, but tonight I just started my second game and the whole xbox shut down for me to get the warning when I restarted that it was due to overheating..... now I have no obstructions sitting near the box, I have also replaced the thermal paste so I know thats not it... like I said this is the only game that makes my fans run so hard... sounds like a jet engine sometimes... If it runs my fans like that when no other game does then it's seriously stressing the CPU and overheating it more than other games with better optimisation do, so time to call it quits before some permenant damage is done.... XB1X aren't cheap to replace just because PUBG shortens it's lifespan.... Might be back in a while to see if it has improved but for now I've had enough of it. I've never been a big COD fan but time to move on, all my PUBG playing friends already have.... hope something else turns up.
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    OP: *complains also OP: “not complaining,”