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  1. MUSIC! :D

    Oh dangit. Totally forgot about copyrighted materials. Oh well, I'll work with what I have. Maybe emulate the the airplane with some brass and synths - get creative about it or purchase a sound sample or two online. Still stoked.
  2. MUSIC! :D

    Hi there all you sexy people My daytime job is that of a graphic designer and in my spare time I like to compose music. Specifically orchestra or hybrid orchestra. I'm not the best at composing, but I do enjoy writing music as it gives me a way to express that which I can't always express physically or with words. You see, I've been suffering from depression for quite some time and recently made enough progress to discard my medication. I haven't written anything musically for more than a year or two because of the situation I am in, but I've discovered this gem of a game that has given me quite the amount of joy. I don't even lose my cool when I die in-game, usually my emotions got the best of me, rage quits ensued and sometimes I even got physical. Work in progress and hopefully a matter of the past. It probably comes off as silly, but I do feel this game has had an effect on me and for what it's worth I wish to give thanks to devs and team. Now back to the topic at hand - music! As a thank you, I'm in the process of composing a new piece of music that I'd like to dedicate to Bluehole. But, I would like some help, I want to incorporate some of the game sounds(example the airplane sound FX) and even some of the music elements of the main menu music into the piece I'm busy with. Is this possible and if so, who do I contact to get hold of said sound FX and music stems? Greetings Johan PS: Really stoked to get the song done