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  1. FPS Drops & Low Frame Rate Issues

    Just started yesterday, when I got a new GSYNC 144 hz monitor. I see persistent, repetitive frame drops to 25-30 from an average of 60-80. With resource manager open, I notice that the usage of the PUBG process goes from 60-70% of CPU power to 30% (overall CPU usage across the system drops so its not being taken up elsewhere). Have no similar problems with other games. Checked the temps when it happens - consistently 40-50 on the CPU during gameplay, even during the frame drops, so I don't think the CPU is overheating and scaling back. The weirdest part - if I alt-tab and alt-tab back in to PUBG, the frames and CPU processing percentage immediately go back to normal. So I think theres some weird programming thing going on, maybe related to Windowed Borderless? I tried setting the priority of the game to High in the Details of the task manager, but it did not resolve the issue. Hoping for some help, its quite annoying to have to snap alt-tab and alt-tab back in in the middle of the game to return to a playable frame rate. I've also attached the settings I'm playing at, resolution of 1920x1080.