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    Network lag detected

    Thanks alot for the reply i managed to fix it with that method and this guys settings thanks alot though and im dissapointed that pubg didnt have an easier way of communcation out the solution to this wide spread problem.
  2. Larwinio

    Network lag detected

    Hi! I did not have this problem with my game untill recently, i get network lag detected every 3-10 min in a game. It happens every single game but is random with how often per game. When i am about to que for a game it automatically has me set for asian servers but i always change to the european servers since i live in Sweden. My internet connection is good and i am using fiber. When it says network lag detected i can still see and hear my teammates in the game but i can't move my character. I have tried various of different solutions and none of them have worked. It came to the point of having to factory reset my computer and seeing if that would help in any way. The only reason to why i can complete the matches is because if i pull out my ethernet cable when network lag detected appears it fixes it and i can continue playing. I think that it is not worth playing if i every single game have to do this. My computer specs pass the requirements. Nvidia geforce gtx 970 Intel i5-4460 3.2 ghz 8gb ram 220 gb ssd and 1tb hdd Any help is appreciated!