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  1. Level 3 helmet could be only one shot kill via AWM, hence OP's post.
  2. Region Lock The Game

    Anyone claiming lag compensation and high ping is not an issue is an idiot. I think everyone can still play if the ping limit is between 120-150, because those type of pings i get as an european on for example US servers. That would only limit Asians playing on EU and perhaps on NA servers and vice versa.
  3. Estimated time for cheat reports

    I reported teamkillers with solid proof 1.5months ago, no action has been taken and no one has responded to the report. Reporting here is a waste of time appearantly.
  4. Last update killed my FPS

    It is quite obvious, you got no clue. My pc runs everything else as one would expect, with no issues. Maybe because you are a dumb fangirl, your knowledge of computers in general makes you blame the computer regardles of the information that is shared by many.
  5. Last update killed my FPS

    Yeah surely just because a patch was rolled out that caused fps to drop, it must be due to people cant keep computers tuned. What a fkin moron you are, only an true retard would claim this game is optimized enough and that everything is good. Fanboy much? And FYI, english is not my native language so grammar mistakes are bound to happen. You can try act all high and mighty, but one thing is for sure as you keep pinning the reason towards the hardware in general: you obviously are not a smart person, as even the most clueless people could determine the culprit for the occurring performance issues (Meaning the sudden performance plummet happens after the patch). Maybe this game is more for the crappier builds like ur pc is. And from what I've read some cant even notice affects on fps or detect desync.
  6. Last update killed my FPS

    Yeah, it must be my reason/or my pc. I7-4790k, 16gb ram, Asus strix gtx 1080, game and OS on seperate ssd's. I literally have not changed nothing, only thing that has changed was the patch that was released and the new "anticheat" measures. Moron.
  7. Last update killed my FPS

    I am not suprised to see piss poor performance still in this game with higher tier hardware. The devs have not done a good job on the optimization part, and as i suspected originally it wont even be done for 1.0 and low and behold i was right. Too bad I went for this early acces crap, this is the first and last time though.
  8. Last update killed my FPS

    Surely you are not an expert, just looking at overall people having more performance issues since previous patch. Of course in these situations you must clean ur rig, reinstall game, frag drives and just in case update gpu drivers too. Just because a patch screwed the performance up. I clean my own rig every 2months or so, and gpu drivers quite often. I am running i7-4790k w/ 16gb ram, Asus Gtx 1080 gpu, and if u didnt already realize, the reason for poor performance suddenly is the patch.
  9. Player reports and responding to them

    I give up. I made the report originally 1month ago, only to notice that the report with solid proof is ignored. And if I am not mistaken, only admins can view the report. The report I made has 27 views. Only conclusion that can be made from this is that if you are not a streamer who is getting streamsniped/or executing team member on stream, there will be no consequences regardles of proof provided. So I must say, well done.
  10. Player reports and responding to them

    Thank you for the reply, I do understand that there is huge amounts of reports made. I was merely curious and a bit concerned of the reporting system, but guess we shall wait and see
  11. I am curious, is there some sort of lead time for responding to reports? And is there any general response regardles of the outcome of reporting an individiual for breaking the roc (for example teamkilling on purpose)? Reason for asking this question, there is a report i made several weeks ago and so far no response even though the evidence is video of the incident.
  12. Remove BP points exchange for loot crates

    Go away you feebly troll. Not want to comment on the rising amount of cheaters, nor that bp farming in lower income countries is a thing?
  13. Remove BP points exchange for loot crates

    Evidence? I could say just on common sense, i have seen cheaters with aprox 200hrs of gametime. And there is monetary incentive to cheat to aquire BP, especially "poorer" countries where the game is cheaper. Just looking at the current situation with cheating in this game, i would say it is getting ridicolous.
  14. Time to remove the BP exchange to loot crates functions entirely. This is an issue and an incentive to cheat in the game to aquire massive amounts of BP. It is highly likely that the amount of cheaters will plummet after this action.