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  1. The AFK players should be dropped to the sea. not land.

    Yeah, they really do prioritize. For example the "rubberbanding" that was on test servers surely caught attention, just looking at the reports people made regarding "rubberbanding", they surely did solve that before rolling out 1.0. Just like they fixed the issues on the "gamescom" loot crate patch that broke the game (Note, issues were also with that patch reported still patch got rolled out).
  2. Miramar frequency

    It really seems they have silently adjusted the % of miramar to 100%
  3. Once again the idiotic dev team rolls out a patch witch is basicly broken, the rubberbanding was reported from test servers. Are you that greedy to get more dollars from console port that you wanted to rush a shtty patch once again? Same sht happened with the gamescom loot crate, broken patch was rolled out even though issues were reported. What the fuk is wrong with u

    The most stated speculation was that the "lag issue" is due to crappy test servers, I figured that this "crappy test" server crap is problem would come to 1.0 and low and behold i was right.
  5. 1.0 - Impressions?

    "1.0" is utterly garbage. The dev's really are not up par. The issues that were on test servers are once again on released patch. The BP bug, the rubberbanding etc. The sheep are "happy" with vaulting and the crappy new "map", I couldnt care less. Why release once again a patch with issues that were detected? Only consistency with the devs is that they surely are screwing up a lot.
  6. 1.0 - Impressions?

    The rubberbanding that was reported from test servers made thru to 1.0, well done. All I can say is lack of competence is some what obvious. Time and time again similar mistakes are made, arrange testing of: ignore reports and rollout regardless.
  7. Rubberbanding

    Somehow I knew that the rubberbanding that was seen on test servers will end up on 1.0, and low & behold now testing out 1.0 quite often massive rubberbanding. I must applaud, this surely is a milestone to be proud of imo. FYI, no issues on my end. High end pc, very solid internet connection etc.
  8. IP BAN/VPN BAN China

    Ip ban is no solution, there is very easy workarounds unfortunately. I really hope China will get locked so they couldnt join other regions.
  9. Remove BP points exchange for loot crates

    Go away you feebly troll. Not want to comment on the rising amount of cheaters, nor that bp farming in lower income countries is a thing?
  10. Remove BP points exchange for loot crates

    Evidence? I could say just on common sense, i have seen cheaters with aprox 200hrs of gametime. And there is monetary incentive to cheat to aquire BP, especially "poorer" countries where the game is cheaper. Just looking at the current situation with cheating in this game, i would say it is getting ridicolous.
  11. Time to remove the BP exchange to loot crates functions entirely. This is an issue and an incentive to cheat in the game to aquire massive amounts of BP. It is highly likely that the amount of cheaters will plummet after this action.