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  1. Parachute drifts in a random direction

    I will look back thru my replays, when it happens, it's like you are holding down the A or D key. It happens to me fairly regular, I'll find one or two.
  2. 8 man Squad

    Dude, don't try to tell me what to do or when to do it... Troll elsewhere if you feel the need...
  3. Gamescome crate market abuse

    Sigh... wtf... Did you drop a ticket to them? Couldn't hurt if you didn't https://support.playbattlegrounds.com/hc/en-us
  4. 8 man Squad

    Full of hacks, shooting thru hills, buildings... unplayable
  5. Parachute drifts in a random direction

    I would think, if it was intentional, they would say so. Also, we should also get a head and tail wind...
  6. Cheating Discussion

    You're kidding....... right?
  7. Parachute drifts in a random direction

    Yes, this has been brought up before, with no reply from the DEVS...
  8. Loadout 'HUD' blurs with key press

    Odd, after accessing my inventory screen (TAB), the loadout will blur when I hit SHIFT to run... If I tab to inventory again, the blur goes away... Not a big deal, just odd, and wondering why... Could this be one of my settings somehow, or ??? AMD 1100T x6 @ 3.7 AMD R9 390 @ 1100 / 1550 16 GB DDR3
  9. Hey Fam! Where I Droppin?

    Glad to have you here, and hope to read some enlightening posts from you in the near future.
  10. Markers not appearing on teammates' compasses.

    Same here, happened to us last night, but just for one game, next game all was fine.
  11. This happened today

  12. Log roll while proning

    I like it...
  13. I have an older AMD processor, 1100T. Test server would not launch after update #3 Main game wouldn't launch after the anti-cheat update that was rolled back. If this is the case, I would like to know if it is expected to return, as it makes it unplayable to me.
  14. Thank God there's not a "teabag" emote... (which, in reality, is probably the only one I would use...)
  15. How is this possible?

    Look at the front page of these forums on the right side... and you will see why...