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  1. FAQ

    General Information Where can I buy PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS? We recommend purchasing PUBG directly from the Steam Store, or from the retailers that have a digital key distribution agreement with Bluehole. NOTE: We strongly recommend that you buy games from digital retailers within your country or region. If you buy a game in a different country or region, please be aware that the game could be region locked. How much does the game cost? The base cost is $29.99 USD but it may be different in your region. Is the price going to change when PUBG comes out of Early Access? The game will remain to be at the current price even after Early Access. Approximately how long will the game spend in Early Access? Q4 2017. What engine is the game developed in? The game is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. What are the minimum requirements for the game? OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300 Memory: 6 GB RAM Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet Connection Storage: 30 GB available space How often will the game be updated in Early Access? During Early Access, we plan to release updates in 3 phases: Daily updates, for critical bug fixes Weekly updates, to push bug fixes & client performance and stability fixes Monthly updates, to add new content and push balance passes for gameplay As announced on the August 16th blog, until the official release of the game, we will not have our scheduled weekly or monthly patches rolling out as often as before. We’ve found internally that being rushed to finish certain features, and having shorter QA test time between pushing updates caused more issues than it solved in regards to maintaining a high standard of quality. We want to put our best content out, and ensure that everything we do is making the game more enjoyable with every update. We will still inform our community with public patch notes outlining changes we’ve made with each update. Now that you sold quite a few copies in Early Access, are you going to abandon the game? No. We are committed to full transparency with players and will provide frequent and regular updates to them. How are you involving the Community in your development process? Transparency and constant communication with the community is crucial. We are posting dev diaries, updates and asking for feedback. PLAYERUNKNOWN, along with our community and development teams, engage with the community to discuss game mechanics, new features and the overall experience to ensure the players get the game that they want. Is PUBG a Multiplayer only game? Yes. Game Modes What are team modes? Currently we have Solo, Duo and Squads (up to 4 players) as well as custom games. What are Custom Games? Custom Game mode lets players define their own game parametres (weapons spawn rate, weather, team sizes, etc). During Early Access, we will have Custom Games on private servers available for our partners and select communities. We will expand the reach of this program once the core system is working well. How many players are there on a server? Each match allows for up to 100 players. Will there be hardcore/first person only servers? Yes, there are currently first person only server for Solo/Duo games on EU and NA servers, additional servers will come in the future. E-Sports & Events What are your plans for eSports? We are looking into the eSports scene, but we want it to grow organically. We have recruited an esports Program manager so there are things being planned for the future. Economy system What economy system is used in PUBG? Our in game currency/points system is known as Battle Points (BP) which is used to open crates. They grant players one random cosmetic item which they can trade on the Steam marketplace, deconstruct for currency or equip on their character. How much does it cost to open crates? 1st: 700, 2nd:1400, 3rd:2800, 4th:4200, 5th:5400, 6th:7000 Why are crates expensive? The reason crates get more expensive the more you buy is to enforce a soft limit on the number of crates you can buy a week. This creates an economy based on our skins. Limiting the number of crates you can obtain a week is important to make sure there is rarity within items so there’s value in the marketplace. Are there different types of crates? We currently have two free to open crates, Wanderer & Survivor. For a limited time we will have the Gamescom crate which requires a key to open, for more information on crates please visit this page. When do crate prices reset? Crate prices reset every week Will you be adding Pay To Win elements to the game? No. Matchmaking & Steam Integration Is there a ping or region Lock? Some version of this will be in place. Will you add a reconnect feature? Yes this has been added in the Week 20 update. Is there skill based matchmaking? Yes. An early version of our skill-based matchmaking system is already in the game. Cosmetics\Skins & Character Customization Are there going to be microtransactions? Yes, but only for purely cosmetic items. Can we add beards to our character? There are not currently any facial hair customization options, but they may be implemented in the future. Are cosmetic items functional? Currently the only functional items are footwear which have different levels of loudness. Running speed remains unaffected. Does the Ballistics Mask provide damage resilience? Ballistics mask is just cosmetic. Physics Do smoke grenades factor in wind direction? No, there is no wind simulation and their direction is random. What ballistic physics are there in game? We have muzzle velocities of rounds based on their real life components and gravity which affects trajectory. We also have plans to add air drag. Is there bullet penetration? There is currently no bullet penetration in-game but it is something we’re potentially adding in the future. Inventory Will I be able to carry multiple helmets and armour? No. Animation Will there be a vaulting system to help better navigate obstacles like fences and small walls? We will be implementing a vaulting mechanic to help climb over objects. You can see a WIP prototype we have teased here Will you be adding takedowns/executions? We’re adding takedowns in the future for sneaky executions, at a later stage during Early Access. We’ve already recorded some mocap animations for these takedowns in Prague. Here you can see some of the many exciting takedown mocap animations we captured. Takedowns can occur whilst standing or crouching. Will you be adding emotes? Yes, we have various emotes planned to cater for everyone, so watch this space! Why can't we punch a prone player? This isn’t intended. We’re planning on fixing this in the future. We’ll be adding the ability to kick opponents who are prone on the ground, rather than punch them. Will there be animations for entering/exiting vehicles? Yes. Spectating Will there be a replay system added to the game? Two different replay systems are going to be implemented in the future. A 3D replay system where you can re-watch matches in their entirety from any perspective in the world including watching from the perspective of any player. A 2D, top-down replay system will also be added to the game where the movement from the duration of the game for every player is plotted on the map, as well as kills and other events. We think this will help the game in the long-term where it'll provide content creators and players with ways to create interesting cinematic videos. Is there a killcam system? There will most likely be a killcam added to the solo game mode ONLY. Whether this be a camera which follows your enemy for a few seconds, replays your death or pans to the location of the enemy who killed you is not yet decided. There are no plans to add a killcam to any team modes. What’s an Observer Tool? Our observer tool is available in spectator mode for custom games. We'll also have a record feature so you can analyze your moves, and look at your teammates' movements. Vehicles What vehicles are there in the game? Currently there are 6 vehicles in the game: UAZ (soft-top, hard-top and no roof variants) Dacia Dunebuggy Motorbike Motorbike with sidecar Boat Can we lock vehicles? There are no plans to implement locks on vehicles. Are there plans to add helicopters? No. Map & Environment Is there a lore to the map? The map is named Erangel and is a fictional island based in the black sea. Erangel was originally occupied by Soviet forces from the 1950’s onwards and was used as a military testing facility, which explains the military base as well as the hospital and storage facilities. A local resistance movement fought to reclaim the island which eventually lead to the island becoming abandoned.The electrical field that you see wreaking havoc on the island is powered by electrical emitters which were used to contain towns that were showing signs of revolting against the Soviet forces. How many maps are there in the game? One 8x8 kilometer island map named Erangel. Are you adding more maps? Yes. There are two maps currently in development. One is an 8x8 kilometer map (same size as the original island map, Erangel) located on an island in the Adriatic Sea. Part of the map is enveloped in dense forest, another aspect of the map is its Mediterranean coastline and snowy mountains in the central area of the map. The second map is of a smaller scale, 4x4 kilometers in size and based in a desert city. There will be slums and a canyon with a river running through it, as well as villages throughout the island. Is there environmental destruction? We do have plans to make environments more destructible, but game and server optimization has to come first. Currently you can destroy windows, doors and fences. What weather can we expect ingame? There are currently four different weather conditions you’ll experience in your matches. Most matches are in a sunny, early-afternoon setting. There is a chance for weather conditions of your match to be rainy and gloomy, sunset or clear skies. During each match weather conditions will not change, there is no day-night cycle and no weather effects which change over the course of the match. We have teased a fog effect which we are planning to implement in the future. Will there be snow maps? Ideally, yes, but likelihood is uncertain. Will you be adding night maps? Probably not. Sound It is difficult to determine where I am being shot from, can you explain how positional audio works? We have provided an explanation of how gun shot sounds work here. Do you use 7.1 sound? No. The game uses stereo sound. Lobby sounds are too loud. Any plans to change them? We are currently planning on making the direct spawn area in the lobby completely quiet. Players wishing to leave this area can do so easily. Will you add bullet impact sounds for when you shoot an enemy player? We are thinking about distinct impact sounds when shots connect – maybe just for headshots. Graphical options & Settings Will you incorporate a FOV slider? We are happy with the 3rd person FOV at the moment. In the Early Access Monthly 4 update a FOV slider for 1st person view has been incorporated. We want to keep it competitive so giving people too much control over certain things can be unfair to others. Is there an FPS limit? The in-game FPS is currently limited to 144. This will be removed in the future. TrackIR/Tobii Support? Currently we have no plans to support head and eye motion tracking, however this may change in the future. Will you have support for colorblind players? Yes this has been added in the Early Access Monthly 4 update. Controls Will I be able to rebind actions to any key? We plan to add much more customization options for keybindings in the future. Can we rebind in-game actions to the scroll wheel? As of the Early Access Monthly 4 update actions can be bound to the scroll wheel. Will we be able to change holding breath bind key? Yes. User Interface Will you be adding a chat box? No. Server Information What servers do you use? We’re using AWS (Amazon Web Services). What tickrate do the game servers run at? Our servers are running at 30 right now but we're aiming to improve that very soon. What regional servers are available currently? North America, South America, Asia (Korea), Europe, Oceania and South East Asia. Will there be servers in South Africa/etc? We are constantly evaluating the need for local servers in other areas we’ve not yet expanded to. We will implement servers in any region which has a high demand via number of players concurrently playing the game. Will there be servers available to rent in my local region and/or will server files be released so I can host my own server? We are currently exploring our options in regards to third-party servers. Anticheat What Anti-cheat system does the game use? BattlEye Are there any rules of conduct? You can read the full rules of conduct here. Please keep in mind that we are in the process of overhauling the rules of conduct and that they may change in the near future to better serve our community. I suspect a player is cheating/playing unfairly what should I do? We believe in fair play for everyone and understand how frustrating it can be when you encounter cheaters. Please be assured that together with BattlEye to remove cheaters from the game and we are actively enforcing our rules of conduct and taking the necessary actions to fight against those who ruin your gaming experience. This also applies to players who purposely kill their teammates, as well as players who are teaming. If you believe you encountered a cheater in-game, or a user who is otherwise breaking the rules of conduct please submit a report here as well as submitting a report in game. We will review all reports on a case by case basis and take the appropriate steps in order to punish the players involved, if they're found to be guilty. I believe I have been unfairly banned, who do I contact? You can submit an appeal by following the process to appeal a ban here Will you share the outcome on players who have been reported? We will endeavor to be as open and transparent as possible with our investigations into each report, by providing direct feedback indicating that we've either taken action against a user, are still investigating, or require more evidence. I reported a cheater yesterday and I just encountered the same player a few days later. Any report will be investigated thoroughly which mean it could take a few working days before the investigation comes to a conclusion and sanctions are issued. BattlEye bans are distributed in waves which we believe is the most efficient way of dealing punishment to those who cheat. Why do you remove topics discussing cheats on the forums? Discussing cheats is prohibited and will be removed from our public facing community forums. This is done not to try to hide it from players, rather to ensure that those that cheat do not get any free advertising. Are macros permitted? No. As per our rules of conduct macros are not allowed. Modding Will you add mod support? Yes, but only once we’ve left early access. Other How will the Test Servers be utilized? We have test servers to better manage our updates and ensure stability before we push the update to the Live Servers. Although we may not release a weekly patch, we will utilize the test servers for significantly longer periods of time and deploy patches and hotfixes when necessary. This way, when we have a new feature that we’d like to roll-out it will be more thoroughly polished thanks to extensive community feedback. This will result in our live build being more exciting for everyone and drastically reduce the amount of unforeseen issues. Will you be releasing on Linux or MAC? There are no plans for Linux or Mac support at this time. Will you re-release the pre-order only deluxe edition of the game which included exclusive PLAYERUNKNOWN skins? No. Will there be Steam Achievements in the future? Yes. How can I change my ingame name? Currently there is no way to change your in-game name but we are working on a solution. Where can I submit bugs? We are still in the process of establishing a public bug tracker. In the meanwhile bugs are to be submitted on our forums Is it okay to edit configuration files? No, editing any game files to gain an unfair advantage is against the Rules of Conduct. This includes changing any game configuration files to result in changes that cannot be made via the in-game settings menu. How can I request a refund? Refunds are subject to terms and conditions from where you purchased your digital key from and we recommend you contact the retailer’s customer support. Steam is unable to issue refunds if you have played more than 2 hours of the game and if the request is made after 14 days of purchase. For more information on Steam’s policy read here Why are you releasing content when server optimization is a priority? Different developers work on different parts of the game. An artist can’t optimize servers and an engineer can’t make new assets. New content and optimization go hand in hand. Who are the Community Team? Brendan (PLAYERUNKNOWN‏) - Creative Director Sammie (poopieQueen) - Lead Community Manager Andro (PUBG_AndroDars) - Community Manager Maria (sandra__mad ) - Community Manager for Russia Slyvinlisha (Slyvinlisha) - Assistant Community Manager Andre (TheSparrowsJour) - Assistant Community Manager for Portugal and Brazil Julia (myshona__ ) - Assistant Community Manager for Poland Amir (Am1racle) - Esports Program Manager Amanda (OdysseyGrrrl) - Esports Program Manager Melissa (rawrsnacks) - Senior Partnerships Manager Ayre (PrimmroseTwitch) - Partnerships Manager Dan (RoboDanjal) - Community Coordinator Caesar of Roma (Caesar576) - Community Coordinator Hawkinz (Hawkinz) - Community Coordinator Where can I keep up to date with the latest information and content? Website Forums Twitter Facebook Steam Twitch Youtube
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  5. Gamescom 2017 News

    Hi The purpose of this thread is to keep an archive for any game related news or announcements coming out from Gamescom 2017. If you have any feedback please use "Suggestions and Feedback" or to discuss the event use the "General Discussion" sub forum. Please feel free to post any interviews or blogs that you find coming out from Gamescom, however any off-topic posts will be removed. Thank you Twitch Link https://www.twitch.tv/xbox Invitational Details https://playbattlegrounds.com/news/88.pu http://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/2781390484562692811
  6. Please Add "Holding Right Click Option" for ADS!

    Scripts are not allowed. Locking thread as this has been discussed in an existing thread.

    Never had this problem. Do you have a video clip as it may be a bug which then needs submitting. Thank you
  8. I think i got banned for nothing

    Hi Can you please link a screenshot of the error? Thanks
  9. Gamescom 2017 News

  10. Gamescom 2017 News

    Day 3 Duo FPP
  11. version for teenagers

    The game is rated ESRB 17+

    In some countries VoIP is blocked by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). This means your ISP is blocking the voice chat within PUBG. Please note this list is not inclusive and is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate but the list of countries that require ISP blocks are listed here. Certain programs may get around this restriction but I am unable to offer a workaround to this issue as it is against the law.
  13. Gamescom 2017 News

  14. begging for a step up button

    Please read the vaulting teasers posted in the forum.
  15. Nvidia Highlights not working

    Are any of you using Windows 7 as there appears to be an issue with it for users on that o/s Also please use the latest Nvidia Drivers released today 24th August Thank you
  16. Please use this thread to discuss anything related to balance with ALL the weapons within the pistol and miscellaneous weapon class.
  17. Ban Twitch Streamer "Arthas"

    Dealing with it spam posts now, thank you
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    Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
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    Day 2 Duo TPP
  24. Gamescom 2017 News

  25. Hello Please Help...

    If that is what was said at Gamescom then that is the latest information for why FPP is not coming to the OC region yet. I apologise for any misunderstanding, as I am not being made aware of the information coming out from Gamescom.