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  1. Its not a problem with our brains. I feel the difference too, very noticeable. It could be that it doesnt happen for you, or that you simply dont feel the difference. But its absolutely there. I have 800dpi x and 1100dpi y.
  2. Oh I just got what you mean. I was about to say that it's already in the game. But I got it, like "c" switches from weapon 1 to 2, and then hitting "c" again switches back. Though, there are so many key binds in this game haha. I don't think Iv'e ever played a game with so many keys to remember. I don't have a lot of available keys near my hand anymore lol. But I guess having options is never wrong ^^. Even though I won't use a bind like this I think adding options is good. For me 1 and 2 works great. I always remember what weapon is in what because I always have close range on 2. And if I have two close range weapons like a shotgun and SMG I always use the shotgun on 2. So easy for me to remember. When I think about it, I can't even remember the last time I messed this up and accedentily got the wrong weapon out:)
  3. Willitz

    Hold to ADS Bug

    Iv'e found that when using hold to ads and I zoom in with a scope (lets take the kar98 for example) and fire, I then exit ADS mode and the chamber animation starts, I then hold ADS again because I wanna go into zoom mode as fast as possible again, and it doesnt zoom in. I actually have to wait for the whole animation to be over before I can hold the ADS button again. It seems like a bug, this is not something iv'e encountered in other games. Maybe this happens in toggle ads too, I dont know I just play Hold. I hope you understand what I mean.
  4. Actually erangel is kinda more 6x6 than 8x8 since theres water. Yes you ca ride a boat but i would say 90-95% of the players are within that 6x6 size. I dont believe throwing in more people would help since it could make it more laggy. I would have really liked the new map to be something like 5x5. Instead they made it 8x8. And some water but not much. I would say 90% of people are withing 7x7 in the new map. They were going for a change so why not make a smaller map? I dont see the problem with having a large map and a smaller one.