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  1. Iv’e seen it 3 times during my 1000h of gameplay. Dont think its a big problem but I could have been lucky
  2. Willitz

    Alt Tab BS

    I'm not sure what you mean exactly. I have played in fullscreen for 1000 hours and this has never happened to me. Do you mean when you have the map opened? Why would you click in the first place? Only time I click is to mark, and that is always on the screen.
  3. Willitz

    Recoil to high!

    Thing is, is they reduce the recoil on the ARs they have to do it on the SMGs as well. They are suppose to be easier to handle but with lower damage and bullet travel speed. The only gun I'm having a little difficulty controlling is the Beryl. Especially when I don't have all the attachments for it
  4. Willitz

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun

    They have said they are planning to change the UAZ into something better. Right now it is not worth taking over the care package.
  5. Willitz

    Weapon Recoil

    I don't really understand your problem. An SMG is easier to control, it is a close range weapon. That's how it should be. If you choose an AR, you get more damage but more recoil and also faster bullet speed. What is your suggestion then? nerf the smgs? then nobody will use them. And I don't understand your section about cheaters. They will probably kill you anyway so why make a change because of them? Don't let cheaters rule the game.
  6. Willitz

    Put Level 3 helmet back in

    Maybe more than others but not every time. In most cases it is about positioning, having a vehicle etc. can be many variations Also.I just found it boring that it was basically luck if you found a lvl 3 helm or not,. and when u had it you would survive that kar shot. so rng with crates at least you put yourself at a risk looting it
  7. Willitz

    Suggestion: The Blue

    To give people inside the circle a little bit of an advantage, sure. It could encourage people to not be outside the blue for as much as they are now.
  8. Willitz

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun

    I agree with what has been said. I really like the flare gun, but it's not rare at all. Out of 10 matches I myself found the flare gun 5 times. and my squad got it every match. Also there was probably between 4-8 flares being fired every match. That is not rare at all. In my opinion it's suppose to be like a really rare item that when you find it you get really excited. Even when another team finds it you should be thinking like: holy shit they got a flare gun. Now more people run arond with full lvl 3 gear than people with lvl 2 gear. Also it kinda makes the normal crates not that special anymore. They should still be the top looted crate with the flare gun being fired like once or max twice every match. If even that. If sometimes no one finds the flare gun I would be ok with that too. I don't know the perfect number of flare guns per match being spawned but now it's way too many. Sometimes our team didn't even get a care package because there were already planes in the sky. that should NEVER happen.
  9. Willitz

    The "end" screen after match

    This is the feedback section of the forum. It is meant for all feedbacks, big and small. Nothing says you have to talk about the most annoying things only.
  10. Willitz

    Mouse Movement Delay

    Recently? Its been like this for me ever sinne the game came out. I thought it would get better with time bur obviously not. Its probably the biggest reason to me not really being good at this game. Which Is weird for me because im good at fps games.
  11. I wouldn't mind having a few boosters in every crate. It's not OP because of that. Also when the AWM is in the crate it would be a good idera to actually get the 8x scope with it 100%. otherwise they are fine as they are.
  12. It has not been the same for everybody. I never had to backspace anything. just type it straight away. So clearly bugged
  13. Me neither. Altough I like the new changes but please make it possible to write how much we want to drop. So many time's iv'e wrote like 20 or something and ends up dropping everything. And sometimes I didn't even notice untill later.
  14. Willitz

    New Blue Zone HArd to see thru

    Thing is, it was already good the way it was on Erangel. it was on Miramar that it was harder to see.