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  1. Ambient sound

    Agree. Listening to what sounds like a vacuum cleaner running in the background all the time was just annoying. If the footsteps are too loud now because of this, then they should simply lower the volume of that. Not increase something else.
  2. Please review update times for NA

    Well you have to ask them. They have said that the time they have the updates is the best time for them. Maybe we should trust that. For me who live in eu, I get all updates in the middle of the night. Which means I get to play them a few hours after other people. Should I complain about that? I really think they are doing the best they can to please everybody. Maybe it could be better but I really dont see a big problem with the live server being down for 3 hours during prime time 2 times a month or whatever the avarage is.
  3. Please review update times for NA

    Because hes from na so he thinks hes superior to everybody. His reasoning is: Just put the the downtime in the prime time of any other region as long as it isnt mine, I dont care. Even though it means that the korean developers arent in the office at this time. They can just do it from their home computer. Sure it might not even work, i just dont want the downtime in our prime time, because our play time is worth more than everybody elses. Those few hours about 2 times a month is unaccaptable to us”. Please. sorry for the harsch words but this is just whining. I dont see the problem. They do what they do becuause its whats best
  4. Same has happened to me. Dont know what causes it
  5. new scope

    I agree its not soft for the eyes.
  6. Problem after update

    Every test server is a little bit laggy. Be patient
  7. Trio Mode

    Introducing a fourth game mode is kinda tough. Especially when the new map is coming out. Soon there wont be enough players to fill all the games. Think about it, 4 different game modes. Lots of regions, tpp or fpp. And divided amongst 3 maps. And every game needs to be filled in like 1 min. Soon it wont be possible.
  8. Key bind to switch between primary weapons

    Oh I just got what you mean. I was about to say that it's already in the game. But I got it, like "c" switches from weapon 1 to 2, and then hitting "c" again switches back. Though, there are so many key binds in this game haha. I don't think Iv'e ever played a game with so many keys to remember. I don't have a lot of available keys near my hand anymore lol. But I guess having options is never wrong ^^. Even though I won't use a bind like this I think adding options is good. For me 1 and 2 works great. I always remember what weapon is in what because I always have close range on 2. And if I have two close range weapons like a shotgun and SMG I always use the shotgun on 2. So easy for me to remember. When I think about it, I can't even remember the last time I messed this up and accedentily got the wrong weapon out:)
  9. Noticed the same thing
  10. I dont really see the problem with this in the future. It could actually be a game mode that you cab choose. Although I dont really see it happening. Could be different settings for a game mode like this as well.
  11. Region Lock Popular Vote

    yes - you said no additional comment but... just make a poll.
  12. Lower the Health

    Yeah because getting hit 2 times and die before you can even react to being shot and find the shooter would be so much more fun.... You would never find people running outside. everyone would be in buildings or in cars. More camping
  13. dipping below 60 FPS mid game with a GTX 1080

    well first of, shadows - very low second. check drivers. but it sounds weird it only happens mid game. maybe something wrong with the card
  14. Rendering foliage from a distance

    But they have optimized the game since that change. So it wouldnt go back to the same fps as before. It would be better.
  15. Rendering foliage from a distance

    Could be at 150m or smth. instead of 75 or whatever it is now