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  1. Willitz

    Hold To ADS

    How does that fix the problem though? I wanna have it on hold..... It is not a workaround that is needed here. it is a fix
  2. Willitz

    Hold To ADS

    Maybe but it doesn't make any sense for it to work in toggle ADS but not in Hold. I seem to remember when I used toggle it worked just like it was suppose to. So clearly a bug or something....
  3. Iron sights sucks in this game so why reduce the chance of finding a red dot/holo? Also if youäre gonna reduce the chance of 6x and 8x then it would be less attractive for people to pick up dmrs. The whole point of dmrs and snipers are that they can Equip the 8x scope. What do you mean? This doesn't make any sense.
  4. I agree that it being the only scope you can zero with is kinda dumb. it makes it so that you do not zero it anymore because you're used to not doing it with all other scopes just as you described it. And it is kinda rare yes, but imagine how it was before when there were only 4x or 8x for long range. If you didn't find any of those you were kinda screwed. Now at least there is the 6x which is kinda common and can be put on Ars. That is a huge improvement. And also the addition of the 3x is good, sometimes if you don't find a long range at least you can use the 3x meanwhile, which is common as well. It's better than nothing, or a 2x. Maybe I would like to see the spawn rate of the 8x increased by a little. Since we now have the 6x I feel like there is really no reason to have the 8x super rare. I do find in like every other game or so but upping it a little seems like a good idea. And by a little i don't mean 500% so you find it in every other house.....
  5. Willitz

    Hold To ADS

    No it is not problem solved. It's when you're holding ADS during an animation and expect to go into ADS as soon as the animation is complete that is the problem. Literally every game except this one it works like this. And it's not even only about peeking. The same thing happens when Reloading, Swapping weapons, chamber a bullet of a sniper rifle. And also jumping. If I hold Ads when in mid air I expect to go into ads as soon as i land but it doesn't work. has gotten me killed many times because it didnt let me go into ads so i ended up just hip fire spraying...
  6. Willitz

    adrenaline rush

    Ye me too. And in other games i barely feel anything haha. But in this game I can get a rush just by having a really good fight. I remember when I first bought it, I was so scared to even go outside haha. I would rive from house to house just hiding. And when I had to go outside I was so paranoid, looking around my shoulder every second thinking there's somebody following me. I couldn't just relax and run I constantly had to check every angle lol. And then after a few hours i came to the comclusion that this is no fun way of playing the game, I'm not enjoying myself. What is more important I thought to myself: "Surviving a little longer or having fun?" I am playing games to have fun.
  7. Willitz

    Hold To ADS Bug

    I see that I wasn't clear on the jumping part. I mean when I land and i've hold the button for ADS in the air, it doesn't go into ADS. It's the same thing with reloading, switching weapons. It needs fix
  8. Willitz

    Hold To ADS

    That is not the problem we are talking about.
  9. Oh ok so does it have a greater impact when you're using a scope? I don't think it's that often you use a scope with an Smg though. But if it effects red dot/holo just as much I think then it needs to be looked into. I haven't thought about this tbh.
  10. I thought the ADS FOV was the same. Just based on the scope you're using. I haven't noticed a difference when scoping with a 6x scope on a kar98 or an M4. Maybe it's just me You can. It's your windows sensitivity. it does not affect the in game sensitivity
  11. Willitz

    Hold To ADS

    No I wasn't being clear enough regarding the jumping part, I can see that now when reading my first post. What I mean is exactly this: It has to do with animation, after a certain animation the hold to ADS does not work the way its suppose to. I have gotten killed many times because of this. For example when I'm peeking a tree, shooting at another dude peeking a tree. We are exchanging shots and then all of a sudden after I reload, I peek just a little bit before the reload animation is complete and i Hold Right Mouse Button and it won't let me go into ADS So I'm just standing there leaning out ofa tree and then i'm dead....
  12. Willitz

    End Zones Damage

    No I have time to fight as well. You just have to plan it a little. I always scout for a vehicle while parachuting
  13. Willitz

    End Zones Damage

    Well you have plenty of time to get to the circle. 5min for first circle then about 3min, 2 min and 2 min for upcoming. And the damage is what 1% there? All the roads have car spawn points, as well as in garages. I have no problem getting to the circle. Also. If they damage in the end zones were low then people would just hang out outside the circle and heal till you have to get in. You would barely see anybody. You can do that the first circles, that's enough.
  14. Willitz

    10min+ Matchmaking times

    The problem then is that it's too many regions for the playerbase. They have to reduce the regions over time since they are releasing new maps and all. So some players are just gonna have to play at a different region in the future. it might not be the best ping but I think it's the way it's gonna have to be.
  15. ye I don't understand it either. Your way just makes it harder. It's kinda easy the way it is. if you're playing with a random squad and you don't speak the same langage you mark the map, but your suggestion is something nobody will understand lol.