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  1. Thats fine but not true. Maybe some unlucky rounds. Nothing has change
  2. There was nothin about this in the last patchnotes. If they changes something like this,they defently publish this.
  3. Sry but thats nonsense.... Fortnite have the same kind of rng... The loot is fine like it is. Savok is a diffrent smaller map and ofc there will be higher rate of guns available. If you want hot drop you have to deal with high rate of rng.
  4. Importan changes like this are evreytime include.
  5. There was nothing to read about that in the last patchnotes.... Loot is the same as befor. Just bad luck.
  6. Not anyone had the same kind of issue or want talk about that? Peace.
  7. Hey boys and girls. Im rly confused and come here to ask about your experience. The Case: We all know the server tickrate drop on the first minutes of gameplay. It feels like minimal lags while having high framerates. Sometimes my mates and me getting this kind of issue where the start issues are far away. The mysterious about that is that only one get this while the other have no issues. We are always close to each other so that it couldnt be diffrent workzone for the server. It couldnt be my computer aswell because im a very experienced user and my pc is always fit. To be honest,this is the real big problem who pubg still have. Ill have no clue how this could be happen. Ill mean im not talking about the server tickrate drops . In that case evrey player get this problems and not only a couple one. One reason for that could be a connection issues. But im sure that this happens way to often for that. Its also a problem that our server in europe (Frankfurt) are all at one place. This is high traffic on a to small place. Thanks for reading and pleace share your experience. Best regrads.
  8. Oh ill forgot ill had seen the deatcam and he didnt stand up. Btw the awp situation wasnt the only reason for this thread
  9. Dude a video would be better but people had help me without. Like you.
  10. But im going to make some video about the non oneshot faceshots of the kar98.
  11. Nope ill didnt. Its off because of ressources. But trust me it was like it was....Im a good player who knows the most things who could happen. Was a great situation where we both have some awp and a level 3 helmet ...Ill wish i could show you that.... My bad.
  12. Ok thanks for that....But now im much more confused as befor. It wasnt 200 meters away. You can see that on my screenshot. My mate was at the same spot where the enemy was. Ill didnt had a scope while making the screenshot, but you can see what ill mean. I dont get.... Only a small bit of the level 3 helmet was visible. But like you wrote it couldnt be necke shot. Very unusual.
  13. Sry for that misspost but ill couldnt delete the quote.Dont know why. @Jeps So that means im a right and ill wallbanged him? The situation was exactly the same. Kinda funny.