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  1. Reload bug

    It's not only for him but also for every other player I know. Probably something with lags etc.
  2. Server Lag Report Thread

    Hi, I was on Server EU 2C3E30 and my Internet Connection crashed. So I dced ingame and my mate killed me to get my loot. After he killed me the server started lagging (Rubber banding) etc. I was still in Game and could walk around on my pc and my internet came back but I was Dced already. Server still lagged but after I got the Error Ingame "Connection to Hos lost" the Server performed nicely again. Maybe the Server are trying to get my connection back and then start lagging. This just happened 10 Minutes ago on Server EU 2C3E30
  3. Server Lag Report Thread

    EU SErver D3EE4B Laggy as hell
  4. Optimization

    Hey Mate. Your bottleneck is probably the CPU. You can Overclock it as high as you want. Intel still perform better in Games like this. Thats how it is. I was in the same boat years ago with my AMD FX 8350. They are good overall but in gaming they are just shit. Arma ran really shit and this would be unplayable because of the fps drops every second. Recently just upgraded to Intel I5 7600k and I love it. Ark, Arma, Squad, PUBG is now playable. I have a Nvidia GTX970 which is good enough