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  1. GrumpyOldMan

    OC Server population

    Im afraid to say if they intended fixing it, would probably would already be done
  2. you know how many other posts I've seen about people leaving the game because they didn't get a training range as was their right? yup out of all those hundreds and thousands of players , you got it....non of them. there's an active thread on the topic and suddenly joan of arc throws her self on the fire because of training mode. So lets see, must be a player with a long history of posting - erm no, started the account 9 days ago. totally contrived BS, learn the game the same way we all had to.
  3. GrumpyOldMan

    Cheating Discussion

    there has been for a year, not to mention speed hacks and teleport - all part of the general suite of cheats in regular use.
  4. This one is the same data and is free of charge: https://steamcharts.com/app/578080
  5. make it free to play and see the difference - they still need to fix it of course
  6. ....which is still not latency. As I said earlier, I agree EU and NA could have map selection - without a 10 minute wait either. If it was so bad then get rid of 1 man squad option and add in map selection - net neutral number of queues.
  7. by what measurement? "Qatar ($124,927 GDP per capita), Luxembourg ($109,192 GDP per capita), Singapore ($90,531 per capita), and Brunei ($76,743 per capita) top the list of the world's richest countries." https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-richest-countries-in-the-world.html
  8. Nothing to do with latency, the issue (or so its claimed) is giving players a specific map choice will result in more queues (sic which the game cant support) and hence longer wait times.
  9. GrumpyOldMan


    Well its good PR, but then there have been lots of "we hear you" statements in the past so as always, its what's delivered that counts, not yet more promises.
  10. GrumpyOldMan

    Hardware bans incoming...

    As it stands its a throw away stat. There isn't enough information to interpret the result nor in fact to restrict it to the two possible conclusions you sugest. For example it could be interpreted as cheat detection is only 20% effective. Lack of information doesn't = spin, it = conjecture.
  11. GrumpyOldMan

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    Because they are not made by the same company hence the differences. Tencent made the mobile game.
  12. IF map selection was truly the issue they could remove it completely and insta fix. Instead they got rid of FPP Duo queues. Not enough people searching vs the number of open queues at a given time, is what's highlighting the underlying problem. At any one point in time you need 100 people all searching at the same time for the same game variant and being put in the same queue. Reload, reload, reload puts you in different queues for the same game variant, eventually (hopefully) you get one that's almost full and the game starts. If there aren't enough people looking vsv available queues doesn't matter how many times you reload you wont find a full enough queue as there are none. There is a underlying root cause here and its not map selection otherwise it would have been completely removed QED. "Which in turn leads to players going elsewhere to get a game, which highlights the problem further. " - for sure, its probably the kiss of death as its a cascade collapse. Watch how they handle OC , its what will happen with the other regions.
  13. Agree with everything bar the one point in bold. Rifling makes the round spin which gives stability and accuracy - if the barrel isn't rifled its not a rifle . The round travels in a arc because of gravity, but of course there are other factors like spin of the earth and air resistance (temp, wind etc) which affect the trajectory of the round. Bullets travel in anything but a straight line really. Lasers on the other hand......
  14. You're wrong projectiles, including bullets do not travel in a straight line unless you are talking about down the barrel of the gun. Inconsequential is not the same as "does not" as you are trying to imply Age and experience are not a factor in physics, but as you seem to apply them I'm 54, was in the Army for many years and on my unit shooting team.