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  1. Elitist nonsense - I can be a "professional" all I need do is form a team - hell I can even afford t-shirts. The ONLY people who can "clearn this mess" is the dev's and heaven help the game if they listen to the self acclaimed professional - where all truly screwed in that case
  2. Until its tuned to become run and gun - then most of the strategy is gone as there is no time and no other method of playing - and that's where we are heading.
  3. GrumpyOldMan

    Old man grumbles about cheating....

    ^ ditto and capacity to embrace change - spent my career learning voraciously now feeling decidedly burnt out
  4. GrumpyOldMan

    FPP dead in OCE?

    The OP said FPP btw. Devs arn't ignoring, just the reverse - they warned about this when people where asking for ping lock, ban china, map selection etc. I'm sure they have the stats to gauge the impact before it was implemented. If their aren't enough players in OCC that want to play FPP on a particular map then you can hardly blame the devs btw I personally am pro map selection and sorry if that's the reason you are suffering.
  5. GrumpyOldMan

    Old man grumbles about cheating....

    Yeah IT as well, networks and servers then into IT security and ethical hacking. and yup built my own for years, now I get them custom built for me - its a sad sad day, Essential recoil effect can be predicted and compensated for i.e. manually you could pull back on the mouse as you fire. The Macro takes that one step further by scripting the manual response and automatically cancels the effect for you - leaving you free to mash the fire button and stay on target the entire time. Some mice support programing and there are 3rd party programs you can run in the background to PUBG that do the same thing. They are classed as cheating, not all of them are detected or actioned on. bunny hopping's been around for decades, the player is trying to be a hard target or in some games exploit the hit box detection.
  6. GrumpyOldMan

    Old man grumbles about cheating....

    I've arrived..
  7. GrumpyOldMan

    Old man grumbles about cheating....

    nope your observations are quiet correct it is riddled with hackers. Death cam isn't great (ignore lack of recoil and point of aim thou) The reporting system is a placebo from what I can see - feel free to mash the bullets and the mouse key to submit - that's about all the relief it brings. Your are wrong thou, 40 isn't old my first computer Sinclair spectrum, commodore 64, Amiga, 386sx33 pc, then PC all the way, active computer gamer for 35+ years
  8. of course it can work exactly that way - BF2 did exactly that for example and lasted years. if you piss off the masses you wont have an e-sport platform I can tell you that for free. Let be realy clear here - this game WILL die, its a question of when not if. There are fewer and fewer new players, best cater for the players you have imo. The game dies out when nobody wants to play and/or BH stop making money from it NOT when e-sports players stop playing it. nope BH made a game attractive enough that 39?m customers paid for it - if you change it in pursuit of e-sport you will piss a number of them off - and I believe we saw just that on the rel10 circle changes. Have your settings you want to play in a tournament and enjoy, don't ruin the game for the rest of us.
  9. <snip> please excuse not quoting your whole post. Big post with lost of interesting points to respond to so will take what I see as the main points if I may (non of this is attacking you or your opinions btw): The question now is, how do they make this game survive for years to come? Fix the game engine, don't favour one play style, evergreen through new content and game modes, address key community requests (I'm not in favour of ban china for example but those people's sentiment needs to be taken into account and acted on), focus your development activities on quick wins - you don't need a new map to see if a 4x4 game will be popular - use part of one of the old ones for example. Ditch crates, sell items instead. You'll note I haven't said e-sports, yes it has a place but its by no means the only thing that can keep the game going - TF2 for example. What are your definition of this games core mechanics? objective is to be last man standing - player score emphasis on survival multi dimensional strategic options to win - non more favoured than another, a series of time limits forcing player movement into ever decreasing area's without changing the overall multi dimension mechanic. realistic gun play & player location detection (footsteps, shot and crack, splash, grass and other cover) "Cant be boring to watch" doesn't make my list nor does "bias it for aggressive combat" Esports games manages to produce interest far longer and more than games that simply comes and goes with hype I think this is where we fundamentally disagree. IMO its that the game manages to last long because its popular, e-sport rides that not creates it. Your position seems to be make It an e-sport and people want to play it - I disagree I don't want to play CS for example. Longevity comes from people playing the game and the owner making money from it. If BH weren't making money the servers would be gone. Tournaments should be an arena to test out changes, and they should listen to the guys who trained with them for a period of weeks what you end up with here is changes that work in a tournament not what's best for public play. If I wanted to play in a tournament I would, I don't need or want the same settings in public. I think if they manage to figgure out the spectation tool to work as seen from a player in a decent way, and not with 3 hz tickrate, it will be a fun thing to watch so they need to fix the view and the tickrate yet we are stuck with changes to circle settings - doesn't realy raise my confidence tbh. and while they are trying to get view and tickrate working they wont be delivering the volume of new content they need to keep the game going in the mean time. Frankly I think you are missing the elephant in the room - the UE is really not a great choice frankly it seems to me they need to develop their own to get the performance the game really needs. I don't agree that players won't be buying it any more though. Counter Strike series have lived for 10 years+ now I'm ignoring PUBG's graphics from the last decade and needing high end hardware to run. CS is a series of games, I'm not arguing PUBG2 cant be made - I don't think by BH thou. Do you think PUBG e-sports would survive if a PUBG2 is released? I expect not. I'm not saying that a good esport scene will dramatically result in a huge upswing in sales. I'm saying it will give this game longevity. no argument, but it will be a contributing factor rather than the sole or even main reason. Thats simply wrong. This game tried to be an esport from before the game was even released. They had aspirations to be an e-sport and even a stated aim - execution however told a different story. At the same time they had similar aspirations for modder participation - would you regard that as still a thing? Saying if the hype of this game is because of esports or not, is simply a guess. correct, or to be more correct an opinion. My opinion is based on observation, I and my friends bought the game based on what is was at the time in EA, there was no e-sport element and frankly we didn't care. The exact motives of peoples purchase I don't think anyone knows, I suspect thou people bought it to play the game in front of them, if they bought it for e-sport they would not have much to do for many many months - still be finger twiddling probably. Many good points and a good debate.
  10. I hear you point re longevity, Id point out first that Half life, in its day, was a successful game - and not because it was in anyway an e-sport. CS longevity - number of factors: don't need a super computer to run it, simple basic game mechanics, good game engine, ever greening through updates, large player base, cheap, accessible - if you are going to play a shooter may as well play CS as all shooters are alike. Does e-sport help keep CS going -undoubtedly - is it the only reason, imo no, it wouldn't still be played without the other factors.
  11. Setting's that are optimised for e- sports should not automatically be the same on public servers - they are playing to 2 completely different audiences. This is one of the main principles I'm objecting too. the circle settings you are arguing for favoured one type of strategy, imo one of the key attractions of PUBG was they ability to use any number of strategy's and be competitive. an extreme example - nobody wants to watch an e-sports match where a player spends 25 minutes in a toilet - so you change the game settings to stop it. Like it or loath it, toilet camping is a valid strategy in PUBG as was, by removing this you remove on of the things that makes PUBG more than yet-another-shooter.
  12. Granted, but I dare say I can quote a dozen titles where its popular first then an e-sport, the exception doesn't prove the rule.
  13. I hear what you are saying but IMO its the other way around. If a game is popular THEN you get people who want to use it for e-sport. In other words unless a title is already popular it wont be used for e-sport in the first place. I'd cite PUBG sold 30m+ as it was, nothing to do with being an e-sport. If to establish a game as an e-sport you have to change the original game so much that its no longer recognisable to the people who originally bought the game, players will move on. They are on the edge of this now imo, they have to produce content to revive interest and do it soon and often. At the same time below a level of critical mass of public players, the audience for the e-sports aspects will be smaller eventually as to make it unprofitable as an e-sport and the pro players will move on. The size of the audience attracts sponsors and investors - if the audiences are shrinking that doesn't make for a good investment. PUBG as was is not an e-sport suitable title imo, in its standard form there is way too much rng and the strategic elements of the game make for dull viewing. If the change the pub game too much to make for good view the strategic element goes out the window - Id cite the circle changes that where pulled as an example of this. PUBG is well over the peak of the hype cycle now, most of those players that will buy it already have. Making in an e-sport wont result in a dramatic increase of sales on the PC. Granted it may make it popular on xbox but that's isn't a platform I'm interested in. In conclusion if you loose the critical mass - there is no e-sport, PUBG was successful before it tried to be an e-sport not because of it.
  14. GrumpyOldMan

    SMGs - Good or Nerf?

    Probably we should start an e-sports thread. I'm happy to debate but lets not hijack this thread
  15. GrumpyOldMan

    SMGs - Good or Nerf?

    PUBG isn't DotA or CS, its much more popular for a start. Part of the reason why its so popular is because its different, and manifestly its popularity isnt because its balanced for pro play - think on that. so no proof, thought so. Back to the topic - nerf SMGs or not