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  1. Just played Bunny Ops 4 Blackout over the last few days. What I noticed the most is that everybody bunny hops like crazy. Its actually stupid. Also noticed sound issues. Can't hear anything behind me. Also needs better inventory management , lean/peek and freelook but as per game designer .... that would be cheating lol. Anyways, BO4 Blackout doesn't even come close to the PUBG experience.
  2. Jsixpack1


    Advantage should go to first shot that hits. I like the way it is.
  3. Jsixpack1

    Delete all recoil

    I hear ya OP but, I quite like the recoil as it's more challenging. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to detect (and therefore ban) macro cheaters.
  4. Eastern Canada. Same story as so many . Used to be 40-50. Since patch 40-50 most games but get 110-170ms sometimes.
  5. Jsixpack1

    desync server NA

    I didn't know the patch was out tonight, thanks all for the info.
  6. Jsixpack1

    Sound Issues

    Twice now someone got the jump on me cause I didn't hear their footsteps. That was never an issue until just recently...
  7. The adrenaline rush....
  8. Jsixpack1

    slow down the blue zone

    Have they made changes to the speed or timing of the blue zone recently It's weird, all of a sudden, feels like things are faster in the last week. Either way it should be slowed down.
  9. Re disappearing team members in lobby. FYI, I think it's a bug. I noticed this seems to happen whenever I or a fellow teammate either die and end up using "spectate" or look at deathcam. I too have noticed this has been going on for a while now.
  10. Jsixpack1

    Cheating Discussion

    I'm not sure if there is a diff between radar cheat and esp. But I think there is an esp option when reporting.
  11. Jsixpack1

    Nerf the vector

    I love the Vector when up close and personal. Only thing is it's a challenge without the extended clip. My two bits: Nothing needs to be changed.
  12. Jsixpack1

    Footsteps Audio, Rolloff

    Haven't had issues like this since they fixed/added better directional sounds. This is not lag etc...Something has changed. I don't suffer from high latency at my end.
  13. Jsixpack1

    Footsteps Audio, Rolloff

    Last night, some guy got the drop on me. He pulled up on my 6 and just blasted me away. Shame on me for not checking my 6. I also did not hear any footsteps and he was running at me. Wouldn't I at least hear a little something if he's running towards me from 50yds away? The replay doesn't play any sounds. I definitely noticed a change in sounds in the last while.
  14. Yeah....what he said. Been playing fps for longer than I care to admit. This game is frustrating and they are slow at fixing things. I have taken breaks for months at a time due to my frustration with desync issues. It feeks like they only really started listening to the community in the last few months. All that said, I keep coming back for more. There are no games past and present, that compare to this game. Personally, I've been playing this game for almost a year now (with a few breaks here and there), but I keep coming back to it. Only other game I've ever played for so long was when EA released the Battlefield 1942 Demo of the wake island map. I love this game and I hate it so much at times.