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  1. This week i recognized huge fps drops i never had before. Usually i got around 80 or more fps with some drops but never below 60. Now its going down to 40 sometimes. My duo mate had the same issues.
  2. Refund required

    thank you for supporting this game. don`t let the door hit you on your way out.
  3. Can i play smoothly with this specs?

    then there is definately something wrong with your drivers, windows or nvidia settings. i have a gtx 770 and 8 gb ram and im getting a minimum of 60-80 fps. you should get more than 100 fps.
  4. Need Help :(!

    you can also use this path in your windows explorer to get there: %localappdata%\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\
  5. sounds interesting! might be a good idea for a mod.
  6. Green Lines On Screen

    Looks like some hardware issues of your gpu. Check the gpu temperature in fullscreen mode. Also to make sure its the gpu you might try starting the game in fullscreen with your onboard gpu and see if the same error also occurs.
  7. yea, i guess you are right. im just frustrated... yes, solo TPP EU is like 1-2 cheaters in 10 games and TPP NA solo is much worse with 5-7 cheat matches out of 10. Im not sure but it feels like it got slightly better in the last few days. Season 5 start on NA was literally 9 out of 10 matches...
  8. Hello, I came here for the cheaters!

    but they can`t have it all. if they tolerate bad behaviour in their house other people will leave for good.
  9. If they fail to get rid of the cheaters every other task will be pointless. At this point i actually dont care about vaulting or the new map anymore...
  10. Just look at the leaderboards. Top 100 are full of cheaters with insane amounts of kills/wins/headshots. If you check those accounts on pubgtracker they are all still playing. Alot of them for more than 2 weeks without any detection! All you would need is Excel to scan the statistics database for anomalies to detect and ban but nothing happens. The leaderboards are nothing but a bad joke...