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  1. Realistic Mode- No more unlimited reloads

    Better start with weapon jamming before adding that kind of stuff... A more simple solution could be that when you reload, you loose the remaining bullets.
  2. Nice motorcycle fix bluehole.

    Pubg without motocycle Bug won't be Pubg anymore...
  3. Grenade death distance

    I think it is more x range do y damage. There is also something about knockback because sometime the player is pushed away but is not killed.
  4. Using bushes to conceal is another story because they don't have a rendering limitation.
  5. Actually the grass is rendered only to ~150m, it is a fixed limit and it is not related to graphics option. It's the case to prevent performance issues. Maybe it's not realistic and they could do something better but it is how it works. So proning in grass in a wide openfiel with some believe your are safe is just a beginner mistake. We can discuss about improving the game but actually just don't do that. That's why Jacky have a "boring face" when he had a free kill on a snaking noob with 3 sniper shot...
  6. Well replay aren't know to be "a model of precision" and the first shoot doesn't look like a clear "headshot" (the head is not in the middle of the target, it's not at whole in the target to be more specific). A well placed shotgun (all pellet hiting the body) is able to oneshot a T3 armor guy, so if you don't kill a T2 helmet on headshot. That should be a story about the spray not exactly rendered in the replay. The limb penetration is not here to make it magical weapon (it should just make them work more like before the new damage hitbox)
  7. Melee is a death sentence

    Melee is actually garbage (doesn't mean it is impossible to get a kill, but it is not a viable drop strategy). It's no coincidence they mention a full rework of it in the roadmap. What could help (my point of view), to be able to Attack while running (will help to keep in contact when you try to hit a guy reloading his gun) or a little more range for hitbox and increase a little the walk speed (like the running in fact). I dont' want melee to be a viable strategy in mid-game for sneaking but you should have a good chance to take your opponnent down if you engage when he is reloading (maybe not with fist but with a melee weapon yes). Give them a use not directly realated to combat (crowbar could be needed for opening a crate, pan protecting your ass, Sickle could help in climbing...), so players have an interest of looting them after the 10 first seconds.
  8. New map is about changing the "format" too, it should have a great incidence on the gameplay. I'm not going to say that's a new game mode but it is more than "just a new map". Emote is mainly here to keep the streamer on the game (it's helping them to make the "show"). As there are people who spend a lot of money to like a banana or a japanese school girl (which doesn't help for surviving) they are just following the trend of the market on this one. But it's not all about cosmetic (yeah building skin and other animation rework aren't gamebreaker feature...), there are also "traditionnal" technical improvement on the game engine, some change on audio (which is a big part of this game, if you have to ability to be more sneak at the price of you Equipment it could have a big impact over the gameplay), improvement on the melee combat (which is actually a real joke) and the first steps with bullet penetration.
  9. The first bullet have not the same recoil than the second (the more you shoot, the bigger the recoil is and it's not linear (without taking the random part). I think the Recoil Pattern in the whole formula calculating the increase of each recoil value with the number of shot as a parameter. So Vertical/Horizontal Recoil Reduction will reduce the speed of your mouse compensating movement and Recoil Pattern reduction will reduce the accelaration (over the time) of your mouse compensating movement. By the way there are other factor which aren't really documented (as stand, crouch, prone position).
  10. Unfair loot distribution

    I'm more about AKM red dot + uzi when I play sneaky... doesn't prevent to do a top 10 (just drop to a lonely group of house then go straight in the middle of the first center to camp, you should be top 20 min before having to move again). And you can found yourself running in a open field with only a shotgun praying that nobody start to shot at you from 200m... But as long, you are able to hunt/trap/crate/duel in mid-game with some sucess you should end-up with some good stuff for the last part. Agree if you drop at a low-grade building for tranquility, you have to assume and go with the trash loot and start the real game. There is no interest to loot three sheds except ending with 60 shotgun shells (you won't use more than 10 anyway).
  11. The recoil pattern is the "global behavior of the gun" (how many bullet in auto before it go out of control, standard vertical and horizontal recoil value (they have a random part but they follow a predictable trend too.). As you can see in the video about each gun have it own behavior. Vertical recoil is less a problem than horizontal because it always go on the same direction (from bottom to the top) and the horizontal could go left, then right then left again. So Vertical is more "predictable" and easier to control.
  12. Unfair loot distribution

    That's a fact there are places with better loot than other but they are know to have more contestation too... The drop strategy is "drop in hot spot, find good stuff and fight for keep it" or "drop in quiet spot, find a old akm and shotgun wich nobody care about". The second strategy suppose that you would use this poor stuff wisely to obtain something better in the middle of the game. So you have to work on the "wisely" use or start droping in popular city.
  13. A new map with road.
  14. Watching replay is more about learning movement and position. One of the best use is to to improve your localization skill of other player from gun shot you have heard far away. The gunfight and the aim aren't really the best thing to study on the replay as it is not realiable. If you want to learn how to aim (over 200 m, not on the middle of the crosshair), juste take a look on the good wackyjack channel. It will explain how to estimate the distance and how to aim right.
  15. You become clearly visible when you go out of water, but you still can't run or shoot. The only way you could sneak someone from coming out of water is because he was looking on the other side. Just avoid flashbang, they only use is to take place in your bag... (Or turn your head after launching them, don't look where it go...)