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  1. melee weapon specification

    Having melee weapon "usable" as melee weapon will be good strating point (you have really a bad feeling in melee combat in this game). But I like the idea of the crowbar and the sickle. I don't like the use for cosmetic items or then you totaly remove the cosmectic part (only way to get them is over the battlefield).
  2. Random Map Selection. Worst thing ever.

    Well I could press ESC if I don't find an AR and a tier 3 helmet in my two first building too. I'm not making a topic for adding this item in each building by default... And I don't think it is so bad to have only 60 people jumping out of the plane as we reach this number of player after 30 seconds of play in full game so... Just to be curious, which game let you choose you map actualy ?
  3. If you need to loot until your T3 Bag is full and you refuse to go into any vehicule except a pink dacia, you will propably need 20 minutes to travel to the first circle. If you are far away from the safe zone, juste loot two houses and start moving with a shotgun and a uzi. It's far enough to trap somebody later and steal his kark98...
  4. Optimisation ?

    La plupart des joueurs font exprès de mettre les options graphiques très bas afin de ne pas avoir des "distractions visuels". Actuellement c'est plus les histoires de tickrate serveur qui posent problème.
  5. Y a des trucs encore plus foireux pour les bruits de bas. cf la vidéo suivante
  6. Headshot suspect

    Les tirs dans le véhicules c'est un peu une loterie surtout au niveau de la hitbox, faut pas s'en émouvoir plus que ça... Même si moi perso, j'aime pas tenter ma chance au lotto et relever ma position...
  7. J'ai joué un bon moment uniquement avec les haut parleur de mon moniteurs, sauf qu'il y en avait qu'un... Autant dire la galère pour la direction des tirs (juste possible de déterminer la distance mais pour le reste t'oublie), depuis j'ai acheté des enceintes stéréo (et un nouvel écran dans la foulée parce que le 4/3 ça déconne trop souvent niveau interface). Pour faire la différence entre l'avant et l'arrière y a une technique relativement simplet : Si t'as pas déjà spoter le gaillard, ni vu les flammes sortir d'un canon/buisson alors c'est fort probable que ça vienne de derrière (parce qu'en mono, si y avait bien un truc que j'arrivais à identifier c'est ceux qui m'allumait de devant vu qu'on les voit). Pour faire simple, si t'as un doute ça vient de derrière. Sinon tu tourne la tête comme dit par Dorshasm (ça tombe bien c'est sur le chemin pour se retourner en plus). Au passage pour les réglages audio, le jeu ne gère rien d'autre que le stéréo donc le 5.1, 7.1 ne sert à rien à part vous donner des info foireuse à cause d'une remixage du signal.
  8. luck not skill..

    You have plenty of time to reach the next safe zone, if you can't make your way (beeing shot on the way) it is a skill issue not luck.
  9. Prone Players Visible at Distance

    The grass rendering limit is at 150m if I'm right. And as you can't move fast, your are an easier targer when you are spotted. Proning is some what a bad strategy except maybe in the last circle where you can count other cover with you finger... You will probably find some exception, because players will give a particular attention to tree, bush (and some other obvious cover) when scaning to ennemies. So if you try to hide from a near threat, proning could be the way to go. Just don't cry "cheater" when you get a good old kark98 headshot from nowhere... And as a special tip, try to drop your bag, your secondary weapons and mellee (except the pan) before going to the snake mode, it helps...
  10. you should add a reason for clothing spawns

    There is actually a reason for changing clothes. Camouflaging !
  11. Actually artillery is always targeting ONE player at random (don't know if it is centrered with precision). So it give some sort of information which will be lost if it random. Making it smaller will probably help to much to spot the target.
  12. Totally agree and I will add that's you should be able to dance Zumba when you are looting. Actually inspecting a dead body is a less risked operation than proning in a high grass field...
  13. Weight system and vaulting.

    Yep and why not taking in consideration the boots ? Some player are removing them to do less noise in building, but have you ever try to run on rock without your shoes ?
  14. [Feature Request] Prone aiming reworked

    There are a lot of problems with prone in this game. The grass rendering on long range issue, the obstruction of your view, the limitation of moving the aiming... Just don't use prone and use crouch instead...
  15. The AFK players should be dropped to the sea. not land.

    As the game crash every three game in my case, I appreciate not being quick when it happen. Just remove the reward on killing people who aren't connected.