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  1. Sinople

    Is "Quick join" really necessary?

    If you want to randomize throw a dice then select the map corresponding to the result.
  2. Sinople

    Why use bolt action snipers?

    The reload is not 5 sec but more like 2 sec. Anyway these weapon are designed to kill your opponent on the first shot (in the head), so the extended reload time should not be an issue. To able to kill on the first shot is an important feature for long / very long battle range because after the first hit the target will begin to "dance" and aiming the next shots will be very complicated. With oneshot capability you don't have to manage recoil too.
  3. There should be definitively something about taking position on a windows and other related cover than the current behavior.
  4. Look like you are aiming between the 100m and the 200m marker of the scope for a target barely at 100m. If you don't ear bullet impact maybe it's because you shot over him and the bullet should land far away behind him ! I do the same sometime with the kark, you think it's the easiest headshot of the year and... Anyway it's not related to trading bullet.
  5. Sinople

    Ranking System is a joke lol

    Well from the point of view of earning point when you play well and loosing points when you do bad performance, it will look the same. But going deeper it seems that how many point you win and loose has been slightly modified. The frags have a bigger impact and you are loosing more point on a bad game so "try harder" (player who compensate their result by the time played) should reach a lower RP / rank than before.
  6. Sinople

    Ranking System is a joke lol

    The new ranking system is not only cosmetic. There have been some change about the way your earn and loose point too. https://www.pubg.com/2018/10/03/dev-letter-rank-system-beta/
  7. The core concept of the game is "fighting for a better loot which help me to be the last player". It assume that all player doesn't start on the same step. If the gameplay was following the movie of the same name, having a battle pistol vs AR should be the standard, not the exception (and we would insta die in the blue which could be a good thing :-)... This concept is not esport compatible because you want to compare the skill (tactical, aiming, etc.) of player, not their luck. That's why they play with some special rules to lower this aspect. In fact they more playing a realistic military tactical simulation instead of a battle royal game. By the way professional player don't drop in group to make 5 frags in the first minutes of game (because survival gameplay is too boring).
  8. On solo no chances, because you could give information to other remaining player in realtime. If you want to confirm suspicion, I recommand to check the statistic on a website like opp.gg, you should be able to have a pretty good idea just by looking at it. You could also check your replay to look at the player BEFORE he kills you.
  9. Agree, the big issue is not the global avaibility of learning ressource, but more on the "official one" which is the "by default" trusted and search by a new player. They put a tool tip on a weapon to show some specification, you can compare two weapon but you can't see how a mod impact them. The training ground is a nice addition, but it look like a big sand box. Adding some "course" on it would be a great idea.
  10. Not everybody move at the same speed actually (it is depending on the weapon you hold, if you run and walk, on the vehicule, ...). You could also work on stamina (time you can run non stop) instead of speed. But I'm fine with the actual fact that upper level of armor are stricly better than lower one because they are more rare. Changing that would have a great impact in blue zone management and would certainly be frustrating. Don't forget that the core concept of the game is about finding better stuff, not about specialize your avatar.
  11. Sinople

    Put Level 3 helmet back in

    I think it's better to have the high risk / high reward on crate drop instead of "hot place drop". Mainly because the high risk on "hot place drop" is more about luck (finding a weapon very quickly) and the high risk on crate drop is more about skill (you aren't alone on it). If you are unlucky on "hot place" you just die, if you are unlucky on crate drop it just too far away and you do something else.
  12. I agree on the fact to give more (not to say any) for the fuel cans. Maybe not complety empty vehicule at the start of the game as it could be very frustating but not at least half full.
  13. This one is not so hard, you could just play with the blue to take some damage and then heal yourself. Zero skill involved. Of course if you take as "make 30 real duel" where you take some damage but not too much to die... It's a real hard one.
  14. The server send to your computer all information about your surrounding. The client (the regular game) make calcul with all this data to display something (or not) on your screen. These hack should just take the same information but apply another treatement on it.
  15. Sinople

    Why I DON'T want region lock

    Yesterday I have seen a player moving by teleportation steps 5m by 5m. I'll make it more simple and briefer : 1) I don't want to see that anymore.