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  1. The mini-14 do a slight more damage than AR, in some scenario you will gain one hit before kill (the Googlesheet above doesn't cover all case like neckshot. Don't believe the extra damage never make a difference). It has a better bullet velocity (either than the ex-mighty M16A4), has no limitation for scope which help for long range and share the other equipement with the AR. Before the "AR single tap recoil nerf patch", we could say it was easier to put bullets on the target by tapping but it isn't really the case any more. So the mini-14 is strictly better on all aspect than AR for 200m range battle. For closer range, you could take in consideration the advantage of full auto.
  2. I see two scenarii : First one is an good old engagement, one behind a tree one behind a rock separated by ~100m. I don't know why an AR aiming faster than you should not win the engagement on a SR... At least the AR hit let you a chance to heal or try a different approach. Second one is a poor guy running in a field sniped by a guy ~300m. If the AR guy can consistently hit multiple time 4-5 time the sniper at 300m preventing him to aim correctly I think he deserve the frag. SR are excellent for engaging and ending a combat the same time with a good headshot coming from nowhere for the victims. They are not mean to be a superior tier version of AR or DMR.
  3. Sinople


    Sound aspect and balancing of the game could not really be reduced as a simple Db mesure. That's same thing that the ghillie suit. It is just a skin with a specific color but it is well know to give you an advantage in the game... We had a contreverse with the "blue" blood too... Just explaining the view of the author, doesn't have a specific opinion on this subjet. I just know that a lot of people remove their shoes because they think it will give them an advantage.
  4. Sinople

    Matchmaking is a joke

    That's the point. If you want to put the best #1'000 players (on line not about the whole ladder) together you will have more than three minute of matchmaking delay for them. And when we are speaking of top thousand, we are speaking of rank A player in op.gg not SS...
  5. Sinople


    You make less noise on most surface (except on sand). In terms of Db the sound it is the same but in term of "hear feeling" bare foot are steahlier.
  6. Sinople

    Aim penalty

    It will be a good start, if they just increase a little ADS sway for long range weapon (specially for SR).
  7. One path help you to guess the migration waypath of player so you can have a pretty good idea from where the people are coming and where you should have a priority look. Having multiple plane will remove this aspect so I don't like the idea. But I agree that there could be improvement with the flypath... Could be nice game mode addition, let them fix their "deathmatch mode" before 🙂
  8. What I read is that you have a clear idea on the subject and there is no way to discuss. Look like red zone have been implemented to make some player salty. Work as excepted.
  9. You can start and subscribe to a pro league if you don't want the red zone... The e-sport version of the game have some little tweak, but the player have also another comportment (they don't team kill, they don't do "let school drop and restart a game anyway", spectator doesn't want to watch a player camping in the toilet for 20 minutes, random aspect are "removed" because being unlucky one match have a great not acceptable impact (against hundred game for a ladder season)). Any way lot of game have some tuning on their e-sport (like ban feature) and that definitely not a "reason to be implemented in the base rule set".
  10. Sinople

    Rocket Launcher in E3 trailer?

    There are some official info on this topic. https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/262491-all-the-pubg-announcements-from-microsoft’s-e3-press-conference/ 1. No mention of a bazooka or other rocket launcher. 2. The shield is confirmed but for war mode (propably as one option for tweaking the custom rules as these event does not have fixed rules). Take a weapon slot and could be used with pistol, SMG, grenade and melee weapon. 3. Release date for Sanhok (June 22 for PC), confirmation of Adriatic (snow) Map for this winter.
  11. Sinople

    Rocket Launcher in E3 trailer?

    I think it's a "misuse" of the flare gun for cinematic purpose. But the shield is looking like an "not official new feature".
  12. Red zone have some purposes. First they incitate player to move/stay in the neighborhood of building in the "early/mid game" and reduce a little the "action area" (this way you have less bush camper popping out from no-where). Second, they gave some sound cover/distraction for assaulting building. Third, they have an impact the "way path" of players, which could help people to set-up ambush in a place where there is a good chance some people walk-in.
  13. Coming back on this thread. Most of time in the e-sport on these day, the amateur league is the genuine ladder build in the game. The pro league is made of a bunch of event (organized by the editor or third party under supervision, licesing of the editor), sometime the editor give a Framework to record the result and make an official pro ladder like ATP in tennis (which could be linked with the amateur genuine ladder too by the way). Splitting the ladder in different league/area is a nice idea (would help those who want some progression feature, maybe the matchmaking will be improved too...) Putting some reward on the genuine ladder on the end of a season (like crate and their key, unique cosmetic stuff, BP, steam credit, a chocolate medal) would be a really good start and it's the most urgent point for me ! Making the access of the genuine ladder payable is nothing else than changing the licensing system of the game (one shot perpetual license vs monthly license), I'm not sure that will help the game popularity. No other editor have launched something like that and they have a lot a talented people which work on the best way to take our money... I know there are license in "physic sport" even at low level but they are here to pay the referee, the organization structure and maybe a cup for the winner. You are not paying the one which has just kick your ass like in a poker game. That's not (e-)sport spirit. Just go to pokerstar if you are trying to find a complement revenue than selling crate.
  14. I think it's a little more complicated than just selling 100 entry ticket and giving back price. If you want to target "public" you have to build different league to separate pro player with casual player. As a casual player I won't see a lot of difference by competing against a Pro Player or a cheater (in both case I have barely no chance and nobody is interested in one way competition...). There is a good reason why the Real Madrid doesn't play against FC Bottens ! If you want to target "real pro" you have to build a whole season tournament. Pro player are looking to be the "number one" of something bigger than just the best of three game for 35$... Won't found a sponsor with that.... I won't say that the actual system is the BP version of your tournament feature because the reward is already depending on your result (and it's free...)
  15. Some update about the trading limitation https://playbattlegrounds.com/news/178.pu