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  1. Wow that was beautiful, informational and instructional. Looks like the majority of us need to invest in better rigs to make any of these graphics work/look proper. (I hope we get these visuals within 5-10 years with a decent cost of GPU/CPU balance) @Rev0verDrive I can try it out but since you are way more experienced with the software and probably have a more capable PC, would the distance of light source vs size of light source influence the lighting? ( AKA the sun vs a light ball within the field) Kind of a comparison between ingame scatter light vs actual RL light?) Thanks for all of your input on this forum, if it hasn't helped anyone else out it has definitely helped me, a newbie that is testing out the engine and interested.
  2. Ya, realized that after I asked with a bit of research...
  3. Any knowledge of Dagor. The game engine used... Edit: seems limited in other aspects compared to UE.
  4. MKPeak

    Freeze, unfreeze, freeze, unfreeze...

    What are you PC specifications? It usually makes it easier for other user to help and pinpoint an issue if you tell us what PC configuration you are trying to run the game on.
  5. MKPeak

    Make pubg Fun again

    @Sir__Killalot chill. Others players are just responding to your post by voicing their own concern and experiences just like you have, no reason to get overly aggressive like others responding to you.(I have done this in the past but have realized there is no point to it since it doesn't change anything) Some users have a better experience then others, that is fact, when it comes to specific games due to client setup, connection, and a bunch of other issues. If you are having issues submit bug reports so the developer can try and improve upon/fix your issues. There is no reason to attack specific users that may, or may not, have more experience in the field and know what they are talking about. You kind of have to expect that other users will tell you to go play a different game if you aren't enjoying the experience and saying "Game X is better" when on an official forum for that specific game you are bashing.
  6. Established PC developer with a proven track record VS. A new PC developer, previously focused on Mobile(IOS/Android) games and a 0 PC track record... Makes sense to me, although PUBG was updated somewhat regularly during alpha and Beta stages... Previously game made turned modified to suite the new niche (8 Years) VS New game based on mods that created the niche(2 Years) /--release dates
  7. MKPeak


    12 hours too soon it seems... normal mistake. Sadly the best items I got were on the test server... (sad face) new hot pants...
  8. When they said roadmap they were talking about upcoming plans for 2018.
  9. Thats sounds, like the reason Aviator crates haven't been released. It is an obvious response, like a good reason. They have already said why normal players have been banned.... They made a mistake.
  10. What is your field of view set at? Max helps a lot. The default is horrible, set to over 100 degree view, it is not enough but better IMO.
  11. If you aren't GmdPaGaming, on twitch, you sound a lot like him.( An old school gamer) I agree with your views on nerfs, certain guns should be buffed to make them more viable again. M16/ANY AR no longer has long range scopes so what is the point of picking it up. AKM/M416/UMP for mid and close, SLR/SKS for mid to long, Kar98 for looooong.(If you can find a M24 you might be lucky if you are good) Crates are the key now it seems...
  12. Completely agree. Non dead bodies should float like the rest of them, aka survive, not drop like they have concrete shoes.
  13. Agreed, they need to move the top of the roll cage up. It won't look as sleek but who cares, a roll cage isn't designed to look good, only functional.
  14. Or you know... Be aware and don't get hit by rolling vehicles. /s I agree, something needs to be changed with the vehicle physics, but at this point it is up to you to not get run over.