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  1. 60 FPS Xbox one X

    Doesn't really make sense why you would buy a $500 console just to play one game on it. There are a bunch of other "preview" games that had major issues, just look at ARK. If it is that big of a deal to you that one game doesn't run perfectly on your system return the console for a refund or sell it.
  2. 60 FPS Xbox one X

    You act like this is the first time a developer said one thing and did another... Most of the time it begins with wishful thinking on the developers part but then realization of limiting factors sets in and they have to adapt there plan, still trying to produce the best product they can. (Most developers)
  3. Can i run PUBG on my laptop.

    Check out the system requirements thread that has been pinned. Take these minimum requirements and compare them to your own using a site like userbenchmark.com. That being said just because your PC meets the minimum requirements or higher doesn't mean it will run as expected. Most AAA game, I can run on High/Ultra, PUBG is a different story.
  4. Не стреляет оружие

    You will probably have a better luck getting this question answered over on the Russian side of the forum due to translation errors. https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/17-russian/
  5. False Ban not cool!!!

    The aren't 479 hours in game. That is just the Steam count for hours the game has been open. I'm sitting at 250 hours on Steam and have way more games played in the last few months. edit: I'm done. Hopefully someone else will com and chat wit you.
  6. False Ban not cool!!!

    You just said it was Destiny 2? So is it LOL or Destiny?... Just looking at your season . Solo 44 mins 2 games, 50% win, 6 k/d. Duos 7 hours, 24 games, 9% win, 3 k/d. Squad 13 hours,games 40 , 13% wins, k/d 2.
  7. False Ban not cool!!!

    October? Season 3 looks iffy.
  8. False Ban not cool!!!

    Go on PUBGtracker.com or DAK.gg. Literally all your stats look wack. Hours played, K/D, wins, top ten, didn't play in seasonn 5? Seriously? the account you linked looks like a script kiddies' 13th account. edit: an for the steam side you could have bought the account. Wasn't the first time, won't be the last. Don't worry I have done the same in the past.
  9. False Ban not cool!!!

    True but steam records the hours opened not the in actual game time. From both trackers, pubgttracker and dak, you don't have nearly those hours logged. Which seems funny... edit: for the no response it is expected. The mods are volunteers not Bluehole staff.
  10. False Ban not cool!!!

    Is this your smurf account? You don't have nearly 300 hours in on this account... edit: Season 2 has some interesting data...
  11. False Ban not cool!!!

    oh ok. tracker isn't working properly for me. Values keep changing every time I reload the site. edit: it literally says 1 win, 3 rounds played, 1% top 10 right now for your account which doesn't make sense.
  12. False Ban not cool!!!

    Might have something to do with your previous season stats in season 3. 33.3% win rate with a k/d of 4 in solo, ranked under 5000 in squad... I can't see how many games you have played but the other stats suggest things...
  13. Desert map is too big

    Building camping? Get some decent loot, go to middle of circle, snipe everyone you see.
  14. Ping Lock The GD NA Server

    *Pours gasoline on it* *Lights match* *Throws match on gasoline soaked post* *Sees all other posts about Region/Ping lock come running to help there brethren* *Sees Region/Ping lock brethren run in fear because FIRE SCARY* Nothing. Nothing ever changes...
  15. Ping Lock The GD NA Server

    Guy 1 "Does this look like spam to you?" Guy 2 "Yep" Guy 1 "How do I deal with this?" Guy 2 "Kill it. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!" You are better than this sKILLsEw. You are a contributing member of this forum and a post like this from you just looks bad in others eyes.