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  1. As long as it works for you. I would suggest turning that all off. Turn off Surround... Left.. Right.. where is it...
  2. 7.1 will not help, PUBG is only currently in Stereo and 5.1/7.1 virtual can screw with sound levels and directions. Each headphone has a different EQ based on the hardware, also the shape of you ear can affect the frequencies that you can hear so one set of headphones may be worse/better for you than someone else. Try playing around with the EQ levels within your audio manager. Try following this guide by @Cleveland_SteamR, you will have to tweak it to your preference but it is a place to start. Also try disabling HRTF in the sound settings and see if that has any effect. Good Luck and let us know how it goes....
  3. MKPeak

    Tracer Bullets

    Preface(InMyOpinion) { When do you see tracer rounds actually being used? Generally from highly visible or non-sighted firearms like in your clips, or stationary LMGs to ensure accurate shot placement. The tracer is great when watching a match as a spectator but in game it can me detrimental. For example, I have a Suppressed DMR/Sniper, take a shot, now anyone looking in my general direction knows exactly where the shot came from which negates the entire reason to use a DMR/Sniper with a Suppressor. This feature was great in old FPS games, like Halo, to counteract camping snipers because it was a non-variable map but in PUGB it just doesn't fit since the majority of players are required to reposition ever few minutes due the the blue zone. By introducing tracers the game becomes ,IMO, dumbed down. No longer do you have to pay attention and listen for the shots, you just have to look, which would push every engagement to a mid range or close quarters battle. If they want to implement a setting where you can enable tracers for just yourself and everyone else can see them... go ahead but I would no expect many others to use it since it creates a major disadvantage to the player. }
  4. MKPeak

    help me

    This is the forum for the PC and Console games developed by PUBG Corp/Bluehole, the Mobile version was developed by Tencent. Currently your device is no supported, in the future it may be. Here is a link to the Tencent Gaming Buddy website, they have a link to their forums at the top right of the page. Chinese - https://syzs.qq.com/ English - https://syzs.qq.com/en/ Best of luck and hopefully you can find more help there.
  5. MKPeak

    Duplicate game key

    Here is the link to PUBG Support. https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us
  6. MKPeak

    Game Crash

    Try the steps listed in the post below.
  7. MKPeak

    Game Crash

    What are your PC specs?
  8. MKPeak

    GPU usage drop help!

    1. Go into Nvidia Control Panel, Manage 3D Settings, and make sure Power Management Mode is set to Optimal Power for PUBG. 2. Go into Windows Power Options, and select High Performance. 3. From you chosen power setting go into Change Plan Settings, Change Advanced Power Settings, PCI Express, Link State Power Management, make sure this is set to off. (If it is on it can cause stuttering like you have described)
  9. MKPeak

    Duplicate game key

    You will need to contact the seller that you purchased the game from.
  10. MKPeak

    Can I run PUBG?

    Here is an estimate based on your CPU and GPU at 1080p on Low settings. All data is volunteered by other users so it isn't perfect but will give you an idea of where you can expect to run around. http://www.userbenchmark.com/PCGame/FPS-Estimates-PlayerUnknowns-Battlegrounds/3944/188434.314292.Low.1080p.0
  11. MKPeak

    Servers Busy

    Servers are currently in maintenance.
  12. MKPeak

    Problem loading in games

    I can see that you are trying to connect to the AS server. It could have to do with a smaller player base queuing for FPP than TPP, which could be a likely cause but there are other factors that could come into play. One of these other factors could be your ping to the servers, either Korea or Japan are where the servers are hosted for the AS region. If you have a high or low ping it may take longer for you to find a match because they are trying to keep low or high pings together. One of the easiest ways to check your ping to the servers is use a site like https://pubgserverping.com/ , you can ping the servers manually also but you will need to know the address of the server and how to ping them.
  13. MKPeak

    Low GPU usage help

    Try this out and see if it helps. Go into your windows power plan, preferred plan for gaming is high performance but you can just change the one you are using currently. select change plan settings, change advanced power settings, go down to PCI Express, Link State Power Management, make sure this is set to off. When set to moderate or max it can/will cause a delay in power delivery causing stuttering/lagging.
  14. MKPeak

    how to fix this?

  15. Every set of headphones and audio cards have a built in Equalizer(EQ) that you cannot set, it is just how the hardware is. Audiophile/Studio headphones tend to have their EQ be as flat as possible because the user does not want certain levels boosted. Gaming/Mass-Consumer headphones tend to have Lows and Highs raised to give the user a more "immersive" audio experience when gaming or listening to music. Some times these built in EQs can have an adverse effect on sound in games such as PUBG for hearing footsteps or making the redzone really loud. Check out @Cleveland_SteamR's post about PUBG Sound Settings. It is focused on the Sound Blaster Z card but will work for all setups with a bit of adjustment through trial and error since your audio card and headphones will have different default EQ settings and it will also depend on the shape of your ear. The shape of your ear has a major role in how you actually hear frequencies and vary from person to person. PUBG is only in Stereo. Some users like 7.1/5.1 but others can't stand it because it adjusts certain frequencies through the virtual surround function so it is suggested you stick to Stereo Only. Also try switching HRTF(Ingame sound setting) off or on to see which works better for you.