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  1. @misticxThey actually purposefully implemented being able to move your mouse to a tertiary monitor while in Main Menu, Map, or inventory. Previously users were requesting it instead of being required to Shift+Tab out of full screen. You can find it a the bottom of UI/UX changes in Patch #19 -
  2. MKPeak

    Weapons not rendering while landing

    Is your game loaded onto an SSD or HDD?
  3. MKPeak

    Computer restarts during gameplay

    From what I've seen, from other users reporting this issue, there is 1 thing that is exceedingly common to most of the posts where the user has tested their PSU and all should be good. It is the fact that they have a Corsair PSU.
  4. MKPeak

    New keyboard advice

    I picked up a Corsair K70 when it was on sale for around $70 CAD on Amazon over a year ago. Here is a link to it - https://www.corsair.com/ca/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Keyboards/Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboards/K70-RAPIDFIRE-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-—-CHERRY®-MX-Speed/p/CH-9101024-NA The Cherry MX Speed Silver switches in it have a pretty low travel distance before activation, 1.2mm. Here is more info on The Speed Silver switch - http://cherryamericas.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/EN_CHERRY_MX_SPEED_3-22-18.pdf Most mechanical keyboards make that click noise but it really depends on the switch, you can also get dampeners(o-rings) to dampen the sound. It really comes down to what you like over what the most popular keyboard is. Here is a link to the different Cherry MX switches(there are many other brands out there) - http://cherryamericas.com/product/mx-series-2/ You will have to do your own research and figure out what you want/like. I grew up with the old mechanical keyboards and prefer the feel of them compared to a membrane style keyboard(most of what come with a pre-built PC or on Laptops) because you can actually feel the key strikes. The only downside I can think of is when you have to use a different keyboard, at school or work, and expecting the same feeling...
  5. MKPeak

    Matchmaking is a mess

    I completely agree with you about how the system isn't working correctly. What you are describing is a ping based management/matchmaking system and not a region lock system. If it was a region lock you would not be put into the "best" connection but locked to your specific region based on OS language preference, time zone, actual IP, or ping. For example = Lets say there are servers in the continental center/centre of every country. I live on the western tip of Alaska. If region locked, I would be put into any game that is based in the US server, which would be based out of Kansas. Even though my ping to the Canadian server would be better. Currently the system is trying to connect the player with the server with the best ping(although really screwing up), so it is ping based not region. Edit: If it was a region lock South African Players wouldn't even be able to queue because they don't belong to a supported region...
  6. MKPeak

    My Loading Screen takes forever

    Why are your Graphic Settings Maxed? Your PC can't handle it. Do you have the game loaded on an HDD or an SSD? If you don't have the game loaded onto an SSD, I would suggest that you do. The game seems to have an issue with loading textures in a timely fashion. I would try starting at low graphic settings and then stepping up. I run on a mix of Medium/High/Ultra settings running on a 1600/1060 6GB/TridentZ 16GB 3200Mhz.
  7. MKPeak

    Matchmaking is a mess

    I would agree with the splitting of hairs, but players are not necessarily put into servers that they have the best connection to or in their own region. Numerous players are being put into servers that they have +200 ping and halfway across the world. The only person I can imagine REing, as you say, (thanks to your previous post) is currently yourself over the improper use of a definition and then being rather politely informed of the proper definition to use...
  8. If it was hosted on a Git repository like "GitHub", or another, so we/others could view code before we download/allow access I would probably have no problem.(If the code doesn't look malicious) If I have to download the file, and download another program that I have no experience with just to view it, I don't trust the file... Kinda the same thing with people uploading their system specs in a .txt files to the forums, why not just copy paste the plain text?
  9. MKPeak

    Matchmaking is a mess

    I also agree with the ping management being an issue, but if you use inaccurate information/definitions to support your view of the proper outcome others may conclude that your outcome isn't true because the means at which you found it are technically untrue. @theexecutioner was just trying to supply you with the proper information/definition for the argument you made, which in my opinion is much better than some of the responses you would receive from users who were actually arguing against your point. Ex. See the majority of posts on the forum...
  10. MKPeak

    Unable to login to pubg mobile account

    That sucks, But sadly the creators of this forum do not have direct control over PUBG Mobile. This forum is for PUBG PC and Xbox which was developed by PUBG Corp/Bluehole, where as PUBG Mobile was licensed and developed by Tencent games. Here is a link to how to get in contact with PUBG Mobile/Tencent - https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002193033-PUBG-Mobile-questions-notices-and-more. As an easier fix, why not just create a dummy social media account for her to log in with to negate the issue?
  11. But you suggest a Rainbow Six game to alleviate the"pain" of the BR? Did you ever play a Rainbow Six game before Seige? Download Rainbow Six 3 and tell me how good it is... every developer knows they release shit. The public knows how to correct it. Edit: The public always knows... Edit2: by the way the only reason RSA got "good" was because EA bought TCX out. Sad Day. Edit: I miss true TM games.
  12. Yet you are still posting on the Official PUGB Forum... why is that? You could suggest, BO4-Blackout , ROE, or many other games that have atleast a 64 player base per game to satisfy the original users preference of BR, but you suggest RSS... Why is that? Edit: Very different games. 1/2/4 vs 80+ or 6 vs 6...
  13. The matchmaking function is kinda screwed up right now(there are many other topics about this same issue). I know NA player who are forced to play in SEA, EU, even AS. Wait a couple days and it should be sorted out... hopefully... Not enough users were testing the system(Test Server). When there is a new patch jump on the Test Server for a couple games and report any issues you come across. It helps everyone.
  14. MKPeak

    Connection Timeout

    I have never seen a 4.X.X timeout before so I was suggesting options that fixed 2.X.X and 3.X.X. You may need someone who knows networks better or a developer to get the answer you are seeking... @Rev0verDrive @PUBG_Sheepy
  15. MKPeak

    Connection Timeout

    If you don't mind me asking, what Country do you live in? I have heard of certain countries blocking access to PUBG, or Vivox the ingame Voice chat provider, previously such as numerous Middle Eastern Countries.