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  1. Do you using reshade or any game modification? Or any custom settings in NV control panel?
  2. I'm playing in medium/ultra settings (6700K/10606G), and the FPS is 70-120. I think they crying because the reshade and other hacks not working properly.
  3. Because he's macro cheat not working properly...
  4. Update 3 feedback.

    I tried x4 on M416, and that's it okey, because the red arrow smaller, like in picture. Just don't understand why needs to change on 7.62, the new on m416 is great! On kar98 the red cross is very thick, and i can't see the enemy head.
  5. Update 3 feedback.

    Yes this is a AKM. I really don''t understand whats going on in this game. The ACOG is looks like the old reticle..
  6. Blur on test server

    Yes the new AA method is bad. The old high, and ultra settings (txaa maybe) is good. The old MSAA is the most usable antialiasing method, but not supported in new games...
  7. The new reticle in x4 and x8 scope is catastrophic. The circle in the center of screen is make difficult to see the enemy, like in unusable holographic sigts. Why need to add that nonsense? The new contrast and color is bad, please make a trip in a nature and check. My eyes are tearing if turn on anti aliasing, the image is blurry like hell. The new fonts are unreadable in hot situation, because all character is looking same. I think the dev's make new problems instead fix the old bugs.
  8. Yes, fortnite running better, but that game has simplified graphic, and the lags and microstutters are in fortnite too. Frostibe engine has problems in mid or low end computers, but running very good on high end coputers. BF4 looks much better than pubg, and running 2x faster in myí computer for example.
  9. This game is running in unreal engine, the worst game engine in the world! If you wait for optimising, you are going to disappointed.
  10. new Pubg Update Is UNACCEPTABLE!

    Reset the custom game setting in nv control panel. I have this issue, while fxaa is enabled for testing, because the in game AA is blurry like hell after update.
  11. The only solution is offline mode, with bots.
  12. Teleporting player?

    Now i try playing, and come a cripple his name is pleben, and kill me with 1 shot from mini14. If i use the mini14, need 5-6 or more hit to kill.... Or why he need min. 3 account? Unplayable cheater crap, 30€ is a learning money...
  13. Fail test 1.0

    The solution is: Change internet provider, and play game without packet loss.
  14. Always shooting me down while i prone in grass whit one shot, but if i try with kar98, always need 2 shot in their head......
  15. You need a 8x scope, or you dead, because the enemy has rifle with 8x scope. The aiming is terrible, that right click zoom is bullshit, and always distract me.