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  1. Let me know what you think!! I wish this weekend had some new guns in warmode for a change but the sniper was fun!
  2. stridah

    Champ is BACK on Sanhok!

    The champ is back with some highlights from last weeks PUBG stream on Sanhok! Enjoy and let me know how my editing was!
  3. stridah

    Champ is back for some PUBG!

    Thank you very much schpeedie! I appreciate you taking the time to check it out!
  4. Let me know what you guys think! Fun week!
  5. Some fun on the warmode! Let me know how you like the stream highlights! https://youtu.be/ZPxNGxTZ8Q0
  6. Hey guys, I am at a loss i was experiencing some crashing and blue screening which seemed caused by corrupted drivers or conflicts in adobe premier, so i updated all of my computers drivers which seemed to fix the problem. However for somereason my pubg began too look insanely pixelated and messed up. Look at the trees in the background, they are rendering like they were smudged or something. Any one have a clue on how to fix this? I did a fresh install and all.... 1080 ti- i7 7700k 16gb ram.
  7. Slowly getting more used to playing on cam...how did i do?
  8. Hey guys, I am looking for some help/advice for my audio setup for gaming to help with my ability to hear directional sound. I am 33 years old and have played competitive video games since tribes 2 & cs 1.6. I tend to always be ranked in the top percent on FPS games (usually a tier under the pro gamers). For many years i have relied solely on out shooting and reacting faster then people to be successful, having transferred to PUBG as my game of choice it has really opened my eyes to how much i struggle with directional audio, i remember struggling with this in cs 1.6 but it was a much different era of gaming, and the skill gap with many people with crap internet and roller mouses allowed me to disguise this deficit. I wind up being ranked in the top 3% every season on PUBG depending on how much i play it can be higher then that, however i have serious issues determining the direction of sounds, especially in squads. When i am solo i have a much easier time determining when someone either comes in my building or is a building or two over, i still struggle with determining auditory information other then "he is in this building" for instance if i determine someone is in a building i can not hear the difference of him being on the second or first floor, or on the left or the right of the building. So i can not pre fire or be ads'd and ready at a window he is most likely to go to, i have to wait till i see him and react. Similarly if i am outside a building i will only through auditory clues know someone is close to me, not that they are pushing me from the left or right of the building. Squads are a mess of voice, footsteps and gun shots so i tend to lose alot of information and the problem is elevated. I did notice in my house the other day there were 3 cell phones in different areas of my room, one was ringing and i had to check the screens of each to tell which one was ringing (i could not pinpoint the direction the ring was coming from) so i am not sure if this is a medical issue. My current gear is : -Hyper X cloud revolver s -GSX 1000 AMP (friend works at best buy open box 100$) The hyper x has been a clear improvement in cleaning sound from my old steel series, the GSX has further cleaned the sound up so i feel like i am less likely to go deff. PUBG was designed for stereo, however i have noticed using the GSX in surround for some reason has helped me a bit in determining direction & distance i know this is abnormal. I know pubg sound is shit, but as stated earlier i have struggled in multiple games with directional audio. I was thinking of ordering open ear hd 598 to see if this improves the sound stage for me however at this point am concerned that this is either a genetic limitation or something i may need to see a hearing doctor about. I am looking for any advice on solutions, gear i should be looking at etc... I am willing to spend money to keep the pro gamer dream alive!
  9. What up Angels! The champ here with another highlight from my sunday PUBG stream! Would love to hear if anyone enjoys the video! -Stridah https://youtu.be/YzlHgF5rs8o
  10. stridah

    Me Lasering TSM VISS!

    Cinematic version!
  11. stridah

    Me Lasering TSM VISS!

    Here is a stream moment the other day of me killing TSM Viss! Had a bunch of people raid my chat to let me know!
  12. Thank you very much Zork, i am very much in the learning process here. The music was supposed to "fade in" slowly when i passed the larger team fights and run for the quick shot highlights....ill try and make it smoother for the next one!