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  1. Pubg Night mode Poll

    Nope... specifically, I was responding to the last sentence of 25% vs 75%... shitbergs in my example are people who would exploit a game mechanic to gain an unfair advantage, for example, changing their gamma etc so that their night mode is more like day. I call them that because their actions would stop a game mode like this from ever being implemented. On the other hand, people who think they simply wouldn't like playing at night etc are alight by me! That's an opinion and everyone's entitled to them.
  2. You can't relate the two... One is inherent in the game (third person) and one is a performance issue... Although, having said that, I play FPP specifically to avoid the TPP advantage nonsense so wouldn't care if it was removed. And I honestly do get your point and think its a valid one - performance should always be a concern... My problem is that those screen shots show it's gone too far and is now a detriment to the gameplay and experience.
  3. Yes and no... Yes I am being cynical and sorry for that... But no, if in development you find a properly balanced game cannot be achieved with your original minimum specs you update them. I would respectfully suggest that sticking to a minimum spec which requires compromises to the game that damage the experience for all gamers is being short sighted. The really annoying thing about this post is that you are right that it's the same for everybody but you are wrong that it makes it fair - do you seriously think the guy he is has in his crosshair is in the "same situation" as he is? Of course not. And so, if the game stays as it is, the only way to play is to ignore all grass because you can never be sure that someone looking at you is rendering it or not... And at that point, you may as well just get rid of grass completely.
  4. Thanks you very much for posting... It's a very coherent question! I beleive what I am posting is correct, but someone can educate me if I am wrong... It all boils down to server vs client side decision making. There are very specific things PUBG do differently which makes this issue worse - those are: 1. No ping lock 2. Client side decision making In your example, lets say the person who died had 30ms ping (now called DEAD GUY)... A decent ping for someone playing in their own region. Lets say the other guy has a 300ms ping (now called KILLER)... He could be playing in a foreign region or have potato internet. Now, in games where the server makes the decisions the following would happen: DEAD GUY ducks... the server registers the duck in 30ms and starts sending that to KILLERs PC... due to the ping KILLER sees DEAD GUY on his screen for 300ms and fires a load of bullets that look like they hit... DEAD GUY is still alive because the server knows he ducked before KILLER shot him. KILLER gets pissed off because he had an easy kill he hasn't been given. In PUBG this is what happens: DEAD GUY ducks... the server registers the duck in 30ms and starts sending that to KILLERs PC... KILLER sees DEAD GUY on his screen for 300ms and fires a load of bullets that look like they hit... KILLERs PC sends those hits to the server... The server accepts those hits from the client and kills DEAD GUY.
  5. That's the crux isn't it... the bottom line. Trouble is they're wasting future revenues in favour of short term gains. How they can't see that is beyond me, so I can only presume that they DO know and that they've decided this is a boom and bust type of get rich quick scheme - which is a shame because at the start it felt like a passion project and no one I know would sell off their passion for a quick buck. Couple of years and BH will cease to exist but a random new company will start up with a lot of the same guys in tow... And they'll hope we didn't notice so we buy the next product? Gosh - I am being very cynical today!
  6. HAVE to... or... have CHOSEN to? They need to take a more pragmatic approach - realise that they can't please everyone and their vision may simply not be achievable on certain hardware. Those screenshots are fantastic evidence of a game that has broken part of its core concept to try and increase their market beyond reasonable expectations.
  7. Car/Motorcycle Colisions

    Motorbikes are pretty indestructible at the moment... And people seem to not only survive some incredible fails but also know 7 shades of shit out of other vehicles etc.
  8. Crate prices

    Wouldn't ruin shit for me on PC as I couldn't care less about crates and wish they'd get rid of the market to remove a revenue stream for cheaters. Happy to see them got rid of asap
  9. Give us pinglock and better anticheat

    I speak English (UK) but my region is EU - there's loads of EU languages... SEA will have a load of languages, but that's one region too... In addition, loads of my Asian friends who I met at Uni speak very good English. Sorry, but I do not believe language is as black and white a regional barrier as you think. I am guessing you're NA region? If we were to take your point as valid... You're asking for "languages" rather than "regions"... And, suddenly anyone who want's to play "English" from anywhere on the globe has that option - and you've lost the ability to easily lock anything by region because languages are international... So, it really doesn't work if you're looking for this to be an argument for restricting the Chinese.
  10. Give us pinglock and better anticheat

    Can I pose a region lock example? They region lock people so they can only play in their region... That means all the Chinese hackers are now out of the US servers (woohoo?). The cheaters can still get BP from playing in their region, so they keep playing because they still get items which they can sell on the marketplace (why didn't they region lock the market... money obvs). As a result, there's still a lucrative market for coding cheats and selling them. So, cheats still exist and they can be installed by anyone - so US players (who also cheat by the way) install the cheats and play in your region either for monetary gain or shits and giggles. Sure, there may not be the language barrier any more - but you'll still have people cheating in your games. At the same time, you've broken the international community and stopped friends playing with each other if they wish. And that's all before you go in to VPNs and all that stuff. Now... I am definitely not saying I am against region locking (I have no one I play with from other regions and I barely see any cheaters due to rubbish rank and EU FPP region)... I just think there are lots of implications and it may be considered a little blinkered if we all think "yeah, but at least it's not in my region anymore"?
  11. Pubg Night mode Poll

    Being an optimist... I'd like to think we outnumber shitbergs... But I guess that's just a symptom of my optimism... This is why we can't have nice things...
  12. As long as my K:D ratio is greater than 1 on my profile I feel like I am dealing more rage than receiving... Won't help if your K:D is in the floor though =/
  13. POLL: would you buy PUBG 2 today?

    Honestly... I'd buy another realistic battle royale game today to replace PUBG if I was convinced it was better. BUT, I wouldn't buy PUBG 2 - I find the Devs just too flaky. And this isn't because of hackers etc... It the communication that's killing my relationship with them.
  14. Pubg Night mode Poll

    Very... Very... VERY COOL!!!