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  1. They'll only remove the option if less than 1 game on average per two hours? You guys could have a very long wait indeed...
  2. Footwear vs. Barefoot

    Agreed... I'm fine with it making less noise as long as it causes other disadvantages.
  3. I definitely agree that there's a lot of moaning about stuff that should be expected from an EA game... But I don't think you can apply that to this thread - the company has decided to sell a product in regions which it knows is currently *guaranteed* to be unplayable. To put the responsibility on the customer is short sighted and gives corporations more power than they should be entitled to. Just feel sorry for the guys who are unable to play it properly at the moment and tell them you hope they get their servers soon.
  4. Lagging out!!!!

    I've had it on the test server twice. Otherwise, I've completed every game without dropping - although I have had a decent amount of rubberbanding. I play on the EU servers, being based in the UK. Tbh, as I am not a NA player, I don't think I could help sorry. Would have thought if everyone in the US disconnected every 20 minutes there would be a lot more noise about it on here. So, if your experience is at odds with the general population, there must be another reason for it to be happening to you?
  5. ESP & Aimbot. The new META.

    That's the crux of the loot box issue... Now whether or not it's greed or a legitimate upkeep cost, I don't know.
  6. ESP & Aimbot. The new META.

    I just don't get this... why are we trying to split the atom on this problem? Do you guys make so much money off trade that you simply can't agree to see it go? I'd be amazed if people came here and said they legitimately pay their rent with PUBG trades...
  7. ESP & Aimbot. The new META.

    Are you really suggesting that if they did what you're saying that they would cease to monitor cheating? Those 30-35 people are needed to dish out the required bans even if your system is in place? So it's not like you can offset the cost of one with the cost of the other - both would have to exist? So, (even though I think it would be very difficult and expensive) whatever the cost it would still be added expense? Again, not saying it isn't a good idea... Just that the feasibility with current disparity in government record keeping systems is probably too steep a hurdle and too high a cost to burden the developers with - and it worries me that we are trying to come up with incredibly complex solutions instead of (sorry to say again) the simple option of removing trade would likely significantly reduce the problem over night.
  8. ESP & Aimbot. The new META.

    I really do get what you're saying... But there are definitely simpler and much less expensive options than to do a full ID verification for everyone who wants to play the game. And to say "yeah but they'd just ban the new account" is no different to what they already do, except they aren't incurring the cost of the ID checks for every license purchased. Not to mention the fact that a lot of games sell well on the basis of instant gratification, so this system would likely torpedo sales in addition to adding the extra cost.
  9. Lagging out!!!!

    Ok... but you have to realise that the very vast majority DO manage to finish their games without this issue... So I am trying to help diagnose your problem.
  10. Lagging out!!!!

    Where are you playing and what region are you joining?
  11. ESP & Aimbot. The new META.

    Honestly, I don't think it could work. Firstly, lets get some perspective... The major issue is the number of people in a game. In CS:GO, 1% hackers would mean a cheater in 1/10 games... In PUBG that's a cheater in every game. It's something they'll really need to think about to keep the genre alive. If they spent the money to "thoroughly check" every person, that doesn't mean those people won't then go on to cheat. I also doubt, for example they would be able to stop a "Mom" from playing because their "kid" got banned the other day and she's set up a new account. So, basically I don't think ID checks will work. Hardware checks *could* work in theory... but if people are going to the expense of buying another license for a game then why would BH do this? Especially if, and this is a BIG if, they eventually get the anti cheat sorted and people can only play a few hours before being banned. I'll say it again... the best way for them to stop cheating is to remove the economic incentive to do so. As soon as they do, the cheaters will quickly dry up.
  12. Why can't I hit him?

    You 100% deserved those kills.
  13. Except... isn't that exactly what he's doing? Complaining that the restaurant doesn't have cutlery? I think it's ok to feel sorry for people if they find themselves in a less than ideal situation...