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    Give the driver 3rd person

    Please don't fuck with FPP views. How about we just fix the simple lag/jump bug going on first.
  2. mrfumetsu

    Another event, another failure!

    This is the best event I've played I've had no server issues, rarely ever had in 1000 hours.... https://plays.tv/video/5b1cc0e2e49e5e296d/best-game-mode-yet-lol
  3. mrfumetsu

    The "best" player behaviour

    I only play 1 vs Squad If I knock you, you're getting killed instantly if I don't have to immediately switch to kill the rest of your teammates. Couple reasons...if I don't finish off your squad, least I fucked it up, good. Main reason really is if they aren't on Discord then they usually can't communicate over voice comms when dead. https://plays.tv/video/5a75917ebd56b08f4d
  4. maybe the rebound is improperly setup for your weight. who knows, either way, it is easily remedied by holding control for a brief moment.
  5. you need to be landing on the front wheel for starters...
  6. dennis is my friend, we played doom2 and quake together all the time on lan. played pubg a bit too when it first came out. https://plays.tv/video/59223106d351d8e4c7/buggy-dacia-2-3
  7. I'm an old fart like you, sorta. I posted about this TPP vs FPP debate before and I'll say it again. I started FPS with wolfenstein, I was a pro Quake2 player, one of the first...just game casually now. I've played both modes extensively. I got top 25 ranking in NA solo mode in TPP & FPP in one (pre)season or the other, could have ranked higher if I simply played more. Could go on and on about building credentials for my upcoming opinion, but it basically breaks down like this: TPP requires better strategy to win over superior gaming skills FPP requires superior gaming skills to win over better strategy By gaming skills I am referring to reflexes, aim, mid-fight decision IQ, etc. By strategy I am referring to overall plan, location of drop, engaging and disengaging the right times, moving with the circle correctly, etc. Some people think TPP is easier because you can see everyone and can see people shooting you without exposing yourself, etc... So in a sense, to be undetected and have a better chance at survival it actually takes more skill, timing and strategy to pull off if what they say holds true. How is that easier? It is not, it is different. Another factor is it all depends on what level of play you are talking about, new gamers vs casual gamers vs avid gamers vs pro gamers...what is "easier" hops back and forth between every level. I don't win much chicken dinner anyways now though so who am I to judge. Solo mode (TPP or FPP) was far too easy and boring for me, sounds cocky, but it really becomes no fun getting multiple dinners a day or constant Top 10s. There is no adrenaline rush in the final circles, it sucks. I only play 1 vs Squad in FPP now. 22 chicken dinners to date.
  8. A win is better than a loss, no matter if you get 0 kills or 30 kills.
  9. Removing level 3 helmets from the game removes RNG and evens out the playing field.
  10. Actually wait, I take it back. Can you just show me the final circle zone before the game starts? That way I can really narrow it down. Thanks
  11. That way I can figure out where to drop off the flight path it's showing before the game starts. Would be great, make it a lot easier for me to win. Thanks -noobs everywhere
  12. I wanted to solo queue for a change...and welp, soon as I killed the first guy and it knocked I quickly realized I was not in containers with a group of randoms! Still all worked out in the end I guess https://plays.tv/video/5ad6fc6b7b51f82424/queue-solo-get-squad-chicken-dinner-anyways
  13. mrfumetsu

    Pubg been out for how long already

    I have about 1000 hours played and have been disconnected maybe 4 times. Amazing.
  14. mrfumetsu

    buff VSS

    Try not shooting his arm and shin repeatedly.
  15. mrfumetsu

    Dell's "plug-in cheats"

    If they don't condone it, make an example and fire her ass. Fuck this bullshit, damage already done as far as I'm concerned. Stupid standard P.R. response doesn't really mean shit when your actions tell a different story. I've been gaming on the PC since the beginning. I was one of the first pro gamers. I've never come across a game that has more cheaters in my life out of tens of thousands of hours. Too bad 95% of them are from another country that I should not be playing with.