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  1. It's you, sorry. -Someone that rarely ever loses 1v1
  2. I am not sure what the ban interval is, or if it's done in waves. What they should do is implement a community based vote system where you can review the deathcam and vote yes/no on that report. I'm sure the majority would vote accurately enough to ban players and appeals could be handled the same way (just re-submitted for review and be able to explain themselves perhaps). Or better yet, make BattlEye perform their actual job and implement anti-hacking measures. I could filter the top 500 on the leaderboards right now and instantly spot the hackers. Insanely high KDR + 40%+ Headshot ratios.
  3. Sorry wasn't even really a nice shot... Here's a nice shot: https://plays.tv/video/5a51c8a73f749cdc61/108-meter-crossbow-headshot
  4. Level System in PUBG

    I've done studies on matchmaking. I believed that there was none. I do believe there is matchmaking now, but it is almost non existent because of the large spread it picks from. Literally, I've went through my replays and added every single user name into an excel spreadsheet I looked up their stats on pubg stat tracking sites to get their rating There is rough matchmaking in the games Over a spread of about ~300-400 rating. I.e. spread of 1100-1500 players 1300-1700 players 1500-1900 players etc. And of course every once in a while there would be a disparity a little bit larger, but not very often.
  5. Deleting a map a bannable offense

    You need to alter your brain or forever live in your little cave of ignorance.
  6. End Game Circle Damage

    The circle is fine, change your strategies.
  7. I've come across many hackers in FPP NA solo, around 5 since season 1. I have reported some of them. Will continue to report them as well when I get proof, what else can we do. wall hacks, auto aim.
  8. we all know it by now

    There are still cheaters in FPP, but definitely not as many. to the OP...not everyone is a hacker, sometimes it feels that way. When I watched replays from my enemy POV I would have probably reported me as a hacker for some of these sprays...but sometimes the game just goes that way for you: https://plays.tv/video/5a52bba7c07b29809b/spicy-chicken-tacos-in-miramar
  9. Something fishy

    I've shot trees and rocks before to make people move out of their safe spot into a bad one...

    Thanks for the good luck. I won two dinners yesterday and now I'm ranked top 100 north america for solo fpp. Good luck on improving your skills and to not making excuses in 2018!
  12. Seriously, I've been playing FPS since Wolfenstein... I have tens of thousands of hours with right mouse button as forward. I can't change to W now and this grenade thing is ridiculous. Why not have it on a bind? Why can we not control our binds? This is elementary stuff for game developers...give users control of their keys...
  13. Some people use right mouse button as forward. It is very aggravating to throw a frag grenade at your feet when trying to run forward and throw it. Why does it not just associate with the same bind as the ADS toggle?? Please fix this.