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  1. it's the fault of the wall , next time stay away from the wall (kappa)
  2. jagainthemix

    DeSync is unbelieveable

    welcome to forum, everyone complaining no one listens.
  3. jagainthemix

    Frame rate drops after recent patch.

    yeap from 100-120 fps to 60-80 fps , this is the new update #17 , 30% less fps , desync , no MM , same problem with cheats (even with 3 anticheats who kill the perfomance ), i'm a positive person but after this patch i can't do this anymore. I just stopped to play the game and I'm waiting for a good update .
  4. jagainthemix

    game crashes everytime

    pc specs ?
  5. you missed desync and lag which will kill this game sooner or later... but aniway good points..
  6. "CTRL & +" will help for sure to read this post :))
  7. jagainthemix

    Islands of Nyne in 8 days. You have 8 days PUBG.

    islands of 9 , maybe 10 with you , so go fast , we will stay here "dying around the corner" ;)
  8. maybe you need 2 more holiday weeks and everything will be fine :))
  9. jagainthemix

    Kill 2 players with a PAN

    not a bug , you have to play solo and you have kill the player with the pan when the player is Alive not when is knocked and you have to survive 2.5 minutes, so good luck
  10. jagainthemix

    Freezing and micro stuttering

    you think this game has the best graphics or visual effects and so on which must put your gpu in full load ?(not really) , set your texture and AA on Ultra and maybe Screen Scale 120 , after this see if your load is up ,if you see some huge drop in fps lower screen scale .
  11. jagainthemix

    Freezing and micro stuttering

    is not something wrong if your gpu is on 60 load, is normal , if you want some more work (load) for your gpu go to nvidia Control Panel/3DSettings/Power management mode and select Maximum Perfomance , even my Gtx970 stay in 70 load so no worry
  12. jagainthemix

    Mission Issues

    seems you have to be alive 5 minutes even if you get the kill with the shotgun
  13. jagainthemix

    Chinese in pubg ?

    @phatharunx glad , for an example, in Europe are 24 official languages and you'll find all of them in random squad/duo so how it sounds if Bluehole will locked any country/language in separate servers ?:)
  14. jagainthemix

    Chinese in pubg ?

    see maybe english is hard for them aswell so the only option remaining for you is to find some friends or play only solo 🍻
  15. jagainthemix

    Chinese in pubg ?

    stop hate chinese players because they are not the only ones who do not know english so..learn chinese , look for a friend who know english