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  1. A couple of weeks ago, after one of the regular patches, I was only getting in games with between 35-55 players. Every single game over 2 days had half of less than the required players. It was really strange. I then told steam to "verify interrogatory of game files" and it found one file corrupt, and reinstalled it. Since then it's been back to normal with full lobbies. I won't how many other player's had the same thing?
  2. GimpUnknown

    Chinese on EU

    This seems like the best reason for the influx of Chinese on global severs again. I too have noticed a flood of Chinese on OC servers over the past week or so. It's back to how it was in the "bad old days", i.e. this time last year. I've come across more hackers in the past week than I had in the couple of months prior. Disappointing....
  3. GimpUnknown

    OC Servers ??

    It's just a lack of OC players. TPP squads is the only game mode where you get OC games now, in my experience. Anything else and you are on out of region servers.
  4. I start this game playing in TPP and got used to it. It took me a long time to switch to FPP and I now enjoy that perspective. But every now and then I still play TPP. I would happily play either perspective if it meant a less fragmented player-base. The cold hard reality is, that absent a miracle where player numbers start to grow again, PUBG Corp are going to be forced into making a tough decision at some stage. You can't split the player base in two when you don't have enough players in many regions. And when they do eventually come to that decision it's 90% going to be to cut FPP. The game started in TPP and more people play that mode now, so it would be a no brainier. Sure, you will lose some die hard FPP fans, but many players like me, will simply adapt and happily play TPP again.
  5. GimpUnknown

    Queueing for ages - no games found

    Somewhat interestingly, after the latest patch this week. When trying to get into solo games I was ONLY getting games with between 38 -54 players in total. Every single game. I'm in the OC region and was getting put on NA servers, which is normal I assume as the lack of players in OC, means my next best ping is to NA. But no game I was in had more than 54 people. At first I thought it was an anomaly, but it happened every solo game over 2 nights. Eventually last night I went into Steam and hit "verify the interrogatory of game files". It said one file needed updating. Ever since then I'm back into games with a full lobby of 99-100 players. But what's going on with all the half full games? Do a whole bunch of players have the same corrupt file?
  6. GimpUnknown

    OC Servers ??

    My experience the past few days has been interesting. I can't get a solo game on the OC servers, ever. I'm always on what I assume is NA, with just under a 200ms ping. BUT, for interest sake over the past couple of nights I started reading up in random squad TPP mode, and I get OC servers with 25ms ping every game! Unfortunately the games are full of Chinese. And I'm not talking about Chinese speaking NZ and AU residents. I'm talking about the full on China based guys, who speak no English, sitting in internet shops with all the bullshit background noise. 4 out of 5 games last night my entire squad was these guys. I was under the impression the MM system would try to put you on a local server, and if there weren't enough people it would put you out of region. That seems to be what happens in solo, and if there weren't enough players for a squad game shouldn't the same thing happen? i.e. I get shunted to NA squad games? But how do you explain all the Chinese in squad games in OC?. Why are they all now on OC? Surely they should be playing on Asian servers where there are plenty of players and lower pings?
  7. GimpUnknown

    Is this gonna be a dead game in a year?

    I actually think we will see the number of players stop declining soon. Many people were waiting for all the "AAA" titles to come out this year with "better" battle royal games, but so far every competitor has fallen short where it counts. No other game can suck you in, get you so passionate, and get the emotions going like PUBG.
  8. GimpUnknown

    bring back all chat :(

    I want to have the it enabled in game, but not in the lobby. So I was having to use the mute key on my keyboard every time I was in the lobby. Now I don't have to. I hope that's not to hard of a concept for you to appreciate?
  9. GimpUnknown

    bring back all chat :(

    I'm glad they turned out of. It saves me having to mute it manually every time I'm in the lobby. 99% of everything that was said was crap, and don't even get me started on the Asian advertising bots!
  10. I have zero interest in killing some AI opponent. The only reason I play this game is because when I kill someone else, I know there's a real person somewhere in the world raging at his screen because of me.
  11. GimpUnknown

    Explain this to me please

    I agree. The first shot looked like a clean headshot to me. The other two, I can happily accept missed, but I would definitely be a bit gutted about that first one.
  12. I had this last week. The sound started stuttering really badly. Impossible to hear anything but a mess of pulsating noise/sound. I was playing squads and it was only me experiencing it. I had to close the game, exit steam and restart. I'd never experienced it before and I haven't experienced it since. I hope I don't experience it again.
  13. GimpUnknown

    PUBG is dead?

    I think you'll find it's the Aus players getting that 250+ ping. I'm in Auckland and pretty much consistently get put on the NA server with around a 200ms ping. It's totally playable at that and I get into games almost instantly. Yes, I would love to be able to play on OC servers again, but it's not that different for me on NA. I really don't notice that much difference. I do suspect the in game ping number isn't all that accurate. My ping to NA servers is more like 170ms if I use https://pubgserverping.com/.
  14. GimpUnknown

    Why does it matter if I'm Grandmaster?

    Exactly this. Nothing else needs to be said.
  15. GimpUnknown


    It's some sort of bug. It only started happening recently after one of the patches. I've had it too. Driving along happily, 90km in a buggy, I didn't hit anything, then all of a sudden I took damage like I was shot, but I wasn't, and the car took damage as well. If my car wasn't at full health before hand, it would have simply exploded.