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  1. Thanks, Maybe next time. I was already posting it when you replied.
  2. OK I uploaded a video. Quality is rather crumby but it makes the point. BTW: I use the arrow keys and numpad so num lock is on (for what it's worth)
  3. Getting video to the forums here is obnoxiously difficult for me now that you cannot just paste it into a thread. I'll see what I can do after the patch updating is done. In the mean time, have you tried it on a system? I think this is reproducible using the directions I gave in the original post. Please let me know on that if you would. ps. If you can illustrate a simple way of getting video (other than using my phone camera) please post it (not only for me but for everyone) thanks.
  4. avoideray

    loot distribution

    This is exactly why I suggested that everyone simply leave the plane with a level 1 pack. Then the level 1 packs would not need to be spawned at all. The removal of them from loot spawning would reduce the number of level 1 packs (to zero) that have to be spawned and it would allow a lot of more important items to be spawned instead. Currently a considerably larger number of level 1 packs are spawned than the total players. It's the same principle they did with the clothing. They removed clothing items from spawning to make room for more of other items to be spawned.
  5. The loot distribution is completely irritating many times. Can anything be done about this? As a suggestion how about if every player starts with a level 1 pack. You can still spawn level 2 and 3 packs but then the level 1 packs could be removed from the loot distribution in favor of other items like guns, ammo and health Here is what prompted me to post this. I just played a game on erangel and the following happened: I search 5 buildings in one spot, ran 80 meters and searched (as I remember it) 4 more buildings and I found 3 m16's, 1 m416, ~200 5.56 ammo 1 dp28. ~60 7.62 ammo a lot of 9mm and 45acp and several pistols to go with it a couple shotguns and ammo. 4 level 1 vests, 2 level 2 vests, and several level 1 and 2 helmets a couple red dots or holos, 1 3x scope several grenades, flash bangs and smokes some misc hardware such as flash hiders etc (no silencers though) ~ 20-25 bandages, 6 health packs and a few drinks and pain pills All in all a really good load out except for one thing. NOT ONE SINGLE PACK of any size. I was forced to leave most of the loot laying on the ground. I even searched some of the buildings again because I figured I just missed the packs but that wasn't the case. At that point looking at the circle vs going to another location ... I just left the game. What was the point. It was just going to be a running game anyhow. If this was the first time I wouldn't even post about it but stuff like that happens a lot
  6. avoideray


    Though I am in total agreement with you you are beating a dead horse. The worse part though is the massive damage that starts being applied to you after X number of circle reductions.
  7. In FPP when sprint is set to toggle under the gameplay settings and you have toggled it on so you are sprinting, you can press walk but you will continue to sprint anyway. The walk key won't work until you first press the sprint toggle and turn off sprint so you are in run mode and then when you press walk you will walk.
  8. avoideray

    Add "hold" for inventory

    I'm in agreement with you on this one and have posted several times requesting it since beta to present. @ pizzaman: It's not about pressing it by mistake. It's about being in the inventory and trying to get out when someone shows up to shoot you.
  9. avoideray

    Cannot change Red dot reticle on Vector

    Confirmed it does not work for me on Vector either as previously mentioned by others. I hope this is a bug because I will disappointed if that is the new normal for sub machine guns.
  10. avoideray

    Cannot change Red dot reticle on Vector

    Ditto on the UMP. Won't change from a red, red dot to anything else Works on the m16. Haven't tried anything else. Haven't played for about 10 days until today but did make a few bind changes a day or two ago (but not to those two binds). Doubt that's the problem but sharing it anyway.
  11. On Saturday 07/07/2018 (all day) when I started PUBG (from the Steam games menu in mini mode) as soon as all the loading screens completed and the Lobby was displayed I got the error "An Error Occurred" 2 times in the center of the lobby screen. I also noticed that if I went into customize, store, statistics or replays when I clicked on PLAY (top left of screen) and the lobby screen displayed again I got the same "An Error Occurred" message twice on the lobby screen If I clicked on Playlists, Team or Perspective (bottom left of lobby) nothing happened until I made any change to one of the items displayed. Then I would get the "An Error Occurred" message ONE time every time I made a change. Also if I went into a game the error once again showed up when I exited the game and the lobby screen appeared again. Note the error did not seem to affect the game play. It just made me a bit anxious. Today is now Sunday 07/08/2018 at 7:05pm (Pacific time) and while diagnosing the above to provide you with the information the yellow announcement that usually sits directly above the Playlists, Team or Perspective and START buttons (bottom left of lobby) went away while I was sitting in the lobby (if I remember correctly it had been announcing WAR MODE). Since the announcement was removed from the lobby screen the "An Error Occurred" error has now disappeared! I no longer have the problem. Just thought I'd pass the info on to the PUBG team.
  12. avoideray


    I do not believe I can help you but you might be able to help me with my problem if you can answer the next question for me Where or what log file did you get the error info from? Please provide the full path and log filename. Even if it's different on my system I can probably find it if I knew where your log was located.
  13. Thanks for that. One of the ones I keep seeing was in there (UTC? just kidding)
  14. Was the MK14 left out of the thread? No matter. Well thanks for the feedback. Not sure if anything was resolved but it no longer matters to me. I got the achievement today with an M24. ... And... yes it is DMR not DRM as I misstated throughout the original post LOL.
  15. I'm trying to figure out if DRM's (Designated Marksman Rifles) are a subset of Sniper rifles. They are shown that way on some web sites. For example: https://pubg.gamepedia.com/DMRs https://pubg.gamepedia.com/Sniper_Rifles Hopefully one of the admins can chime in on this so I know officially. I'm asking this because I've gotten at least 4 headshots (1 shot kill) with the SLR (and the SKS if not mistaken) but my achievement status has not changed for the steam award Trigonometry Involved. So either they are not considered sniper rifles or there is an achievement bug.