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  1. Goofy The Scot

    Poor replay value

    Why? What's wrong with his moms basement?
  2. Goofy The Scot

    Hit detection/limb penetration

    I think a lot of this is down to people from all over the world playing on the test servers which are all based in NA - you're gonna have pings ranging from virtual zero to ridiculously high. I played two rounds on the test server and that was enough for me, died nearly a second after reaching cover in the first and players just wouldnt die in the second........ add in the type B aiming bug and its not much fun.
  3. Goofy The Scot


    Its currently bugged, see the stick post at top of page. Edit, see here - https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/284561-pts-sensitivity-issue/
  4. Goofy The Scot

    Where’s the PTS FPP players at?

    We're waiting on a type B sensitivity fix, see you in a week or two.......
  5. Goofy The Scot

    Dynamic weather

    Shhhhh, it's shy, don't scare it away!
  6. Goofy The Scot

    Xbox one x owners

    You need a good wired connection for any online multiplayer game imho, regardless of platform.
  7. Goofy The Scot

    Xbox one x owners

    You need to point those buildings out to me, i can never find a vertical grip these days
  8. Goofy The Scot

    movement and looking around

    Might be worth reading some other threads in here and in the test server feedback section, the answer awaits you!
  9. Goofy The Scot

    #make ARs good again

    Im finding them easier tbh, practically zero horizontal recoil to worry about.
  10. Goofy The Scot

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Yeah, its like asking a right footed footballer to start taking penalties with his left foot!
  11. Goofy The Scot

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Ah well, guess ill just wait for live server update then
  12. Goofy The Scot

    TPP gone from good to bad

    I honestly dont remember ever having the network lag detected issue in 600 hours of gameplay. Hardwired fibre connection, play on EU and NA
  13. Goofy The Scot

    Ease up on the last couple circles man

    If the circles are fine the way they are then why doesnt the esports/comp scene use the same settings????? Answers on a postcard.....
  14. Goofy The Scot

    PTS Patch notes - Strafe bug fixed

    Trying to be special? I was genuinely confused about what you were trying to show us in the video..... maybe you should try posting in the correct place in future to prevent confusion.