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  1. Goofy The Scot

    Vikendi map

    PUBG Corp decided to withhold it purely to annoy you...... at least thats what i heard
  2. Goofy The Scot

    How do I get sponsored? (High stats)

    Specsavers might be interested in sponsoring you OP......... or maybe a Funeral Directors
  3. Goofy The Scot

    2 in a row?

    You called?
  4. Goofy The Scot

    No snow map til Jan

    Booooooooooooo........ was hoping to be playing Vikendi over the christmas break too
  5. Goofy The Scot

    Bots everywhere...

    *please don't be me, please don't be me, please don't be me* Phew
  6. Goofy The Scot

    The Elephant in the Room...

    You could be Magnum Rider!!!!!!!
  7. Goofy The Scot

    Vest Levels

    Edit 2 - this is my thousandth post here......... god i talk some shite Thanks for keeping me entertained chaps and chapesses! Here's to the next 1k Close, level 3 gives 55% damage reduction - can make a big difference! Edit - also, this pic shows when you should swap vests: Credit to dougan25 on reddit Simple version: If you have the item on the left, and find the item on the right on a corpse, if the little number on it is greater than or equal to the one you see on this infographic, you should pick it up and use it. Example: You kill a guy. You're wearing a pristine, undamaged level 1 vest. You loot his body and find a level 2 vest with 100 durability remaining (that's the little number that appears on the vest icon in-game), the lvl 2 vest will STILL provide better protection than your pristine lvl 1. However, let's say that same lvl 2 vest was at 30 durability. At that point, the pristine lvl 1 vest will offer more protection than the lvl 2. Explanation: https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/7nhanb/pubg_how_does_armor_work_when_should_you_swap/ As the other guy said, vests in this game provide a damage mitigation that increases as you get higher in levels on the armor. The numbers in this infographic show the minimum balance of durability and mitigation for each lvl of armor compared to the others. Helmets are slightly different in that they offer their full mitigation down to the last point of durability. So an unbroken lvl 3 will always be better than any other option. So, as long as it has at least 1 durability, it will be the best option.
  8. Goofy The Scot

    The Elephant in the Room...

    I want a ZZ Top beard!
  9. Goofy The Scot

    Vikendi - Hopefully tomorrow?

    Yep, unfortunately people enjoy a good conspiracy story
  10. Goofy The Scot

    Having a Bad Day in Pubg?

    Hell yeah i do, seem to get nights where as soon as i spot someone they just spray and headshot me instantly, gets frustrating! Do what i do - just pretend they're a XIM scrub who uses radar hack......... coz no-one is good enough to beat me straight-up The last comment may be a lie
  11. That will be mine....... oh yes, that will be mine!