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  1. Goofy The Scot

    Time is running out PUBG

    It was a port of a poorly optimized, buggy as hell game........ if we're being honest.
  2. Goofy The Scot

    So I reached the top rank but...

    I rarely play solos anymore tbh, the game's a lot more fun when playing with friends....... at least for me anyway
  3. Goofy The Scot

    Has anyone else made the switch?

    What kind of sorcery is this you speak of? Dont tell anyone but i played Battlefield 4 last night!!!!! Not sure if PUBG is still in my library as i never checked afterwards
  4. Goofy The Scot

    Has anyone else made the switch?

    Like many others i played a bit of Fortnite before PUBG was released on xbox. Since PUBG came out ive played 3 rounds of Fortnite iirc. I was massively addicted to PUBG since i first saw JackFrags do a video on it way back in april or so last year. Came so very close to buying/building a gaming PC just to play it but then they revealed it was coming to xbox. Id already preordered the 1X so decided to spend the PC money on a 55" sony xe90 instead, havent regretted it for a second! I have too many great friends on xbox, wouldve been a wretch to join the PC masterrace and leave them all behind. I still love this game, bugs n all......... sorry, what was the question again?
  5. Goofy The Scot

    Honest thoughts of state of PUBG?

    Whe Where you get the bananaman tracksuit from?
  6. Goofy The Scot

    Fix game hub Xbox before we #Boycott

    We? Who's we? Certainly not me, i couldn't give a rats ass about stats/gamerscore/whatever - i play purely for fun. You go boycott if you like, i'll continue to play games and have fun
  7. Goofy The Scot


    Yep, slow as hell even on 10 for 1x sights. I hate the aim acceleration in this game as its unpredictable so ill be keeping it off...... but i really would like to see the tracking speed doubled at least.
  8. Goofy The Scot

    6 hour test server maintenance

    Its not at peak hours, its 1am......... for me anyway 😛
  9. Goofy The Scot

    Best controller settings

    On the PTS: Aim accel off Type B Deadzones both at 6 Over the shoulder aim + 1x + 2x = 10 The rest at 8 15x i dump in the middle of a field
  10. Goofy The Scot

    TPP Player's Please Try FPP.

    I thought a high KD helped to get you laid? You mean all my stat padding was for nothing? At least mommy loves me.......
  11. Goofy The Scot

    Crazy start to a match

    Asian spam, pretty frequent here unfortunately
  12. Goofy The Scot

    Best controller settings

    What do you mean? Elite controller settings or in-game settings?
  13. Your old granny........ sure i've seen you on BF1, wouldnt forget that GT in a hurry
  14. Goofy The Scot

    Lets Celebrate Miramar with a FREE crate(s)

    All i want is a steady framerate and no crashes, they can keep their school shoes
  15. Goofy The Scot

    TPP Player's Please Try FPP.

    I prefer FPP by far, but with the crappy framerate it makes me nauseous so i pretty much just play TPP now. If they can ever fix the game, give better FOV options and a steady framerate (lol) then i'll go back to FPP........ not holding my breath though