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  1. iChristopher

    Still getting lost connection to host

    They didn't say they fully fixed it. If you read the patch notes they said they can't replicate the issue and added the ability to show Game Id# when you get the disconnection. So when you are getting the error submit a report with the new ID it will show. Then they can zero in on what the problem is.
  2. iChristopher


    Yes, they made the left stick too sensitive. Had to turn mine up to 10 to get it to stop. On live servers its on 0
  3. iChristopher

    Desync desync desync desync

    X. I'm not sure why hardware has anything to do with netcode problems. I get shot by people not even looking at me. Or all of a sudden its like the game lets them snap to me dropping me in what appears to be a shot or two because its so behind or bad. I get shot when I'm already in cover behind trees, walls, rocks, doesn't matter.
  4. iChristopher

    Desync desync desync desync

    The desync is so bad I feel like I’m getting lag switched in halo 2 era all over again. Absolutely ridiculous.
  5. iChristopher

    Host Closed Connection

    But that’s your life. A lot of things effect people differently. Try to be more understanding.
  6. iChristopher

    Gambreaking Frame rate Drop (post 10/1 "Hotfix")

    I didn’t know that fixed their bad netcode and frames.... reinstall shouldn’t effect anything.
  7. Too true. I’m surprised they haven’t been taken off the project or let go yet.
  8. iChristopher

    Host Closed Connection

    It’s never one game. It literally happens frequently, bud. Its normal to get upset when playing and seeing something as competitive. Board games, video games, football, soccer, science fairs, the Grammys, etc etc.
  9. PUBG seriously. FIX THE FUCKING DESYNC. I am tired of getting teleported knee jerk instana killed. Its sickening that ya'lls netcode is this bad! You guys don't deserve to sell full product release of this game.
  10. How does someone who invest prior to 1.0 not have a right to complain?! They said the game is officially full release and not a beta yet the same problems since launch are present? Don’t be stupid. Your argument is invalid.
  11. iChristopher

    Best muzzle attachment?

    Flash hiders on the AKM are currently glitched to reduce horizontal recoil to none. Only allows vertical recoil. That just isn't true for silencers over the comp on ARs.Silencers do not reduce vertical recoil. Bullet deviation videos for pubg showed it slightly reduces the overall spread of the spray for guns on auto and I don't think it effects the gun at all when ADS besides reduced noise and flash.
  12. Honestly you were off topic to begin with. You're only posting as a smartass fanboy putting another fan of a broken game down just to be "technically correct." Everyone is most likely fine with the game being a continued work in progress. The problem is there is straight up broken problems with the game since almost day 1 that have yet to be fixed. While on the other hand they're spending time fixing achievements, adding war mode, working on war mode, adding more guns and attachments this month. The de-sync that most players are running into varies from frustrating to near unplayable. The game has finally reached stable 25-30 frames when Blackout and Fornite achieved double the frames in half the time. PUBG Corp needs to stop wasting time and making excuses for their inability to get PUBG where it should be. Its honestly baffling the struggles the PUBG team has had getting this game off the ground. Oh btw, about your picture of the game in preview. Thats a old version of the game being sold. The new ones are no longer game preview and the game still runs like a beta. JS. It shouldn't matter anymore if the game was purchase before or after. The game is now Full-Product and should run like one. TL:DR I'd say people are just tired of loving a game they hate. (Weird I know.)
  13. iChristopher

    Xbox One X Preformance

    Lower graphics and lower resolution are not the same thing.
  14. iChristopher

    FPS and Desync

    If a game is natively running at a resolution there is no way to alter it. You would simple downscale or upscale it for monitor function purposes which doesn't improve performance on the game side.
  15. You're either ignorant of the problems or lying.