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  1. Boring?

    Hey mate, while that is your experience, mine totally on the opposite side. Every time I get in a city or out in the open I am always engaged in a fight. Maybe you like to be safe and camp out too much or like to evade combat and that is the reason it’s not that dynamic for you. cheers.
  2. Inifinite health hack? / bug?

    I understand mate, but the idea was someone can withstand 9 AR shots. That was my point.
  3. Inifinite health hack? / bug?

    well, what do you mean suspicious?
  4. Inifinite health hack? / bug?

    I know, but still 9 shots
  5. Inifinite health hack? / bug?

    Here is the video. So i took 40 shots after this guy, I hate the new 8x, still I put 9 shots in him. at the end I shot him with micro Uzi 3 times but he already healed himself up...
  6. Inifinite health hack? / bug?

    I will upload a video soon after the render is finished. In this other game that I just took I shot a guy 9 times with SCAR-L shots... even if shot like a noob... how much HP pool does one have?
  7. Inifinite health hack? / bug?

    hey mate. you are not alone. was just finished a game where 2 people teamed up. they were in a shack. 1 was lvl 2 helmet and one had a 3. I had a Kar98 suppressed bla bla bla. I had to put 4 Kar98 shots in the guys head, mind you I had to shoot trough the small windows. anywho, 4 kar shots in the head with lvl 2 helmet to bring him down. the other guy with lvl 3 helmet took my 2 shots like a champ and also body shot him in a lvl 3 vest and still didn't get him down. i got killed by the zone while running with it, server decided that I must not live and put me down. oh well, top 3 is top 3.