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  1. BATTLEGROUNDS Roadmap 2017: https://playbattlegrounds.com/news/posts/battlegrounds-roadmap-2017 Lots of exciting news for this recent Dev Blog, including the start date of our upcoming Closed Beta and our plans for 2017. What's got you excited about what we've announced? What else would you like to hear about?
  2. Thanks again everyone for joining us on this most recent Dev Stream, and an additional thank you for those of you who provided us with some great questions to answer while we were live. In case you didn't manage to catch the Dev Stream, you can watch it below. We've also included a list of forum questions that got answered. If we couldn't get to your question(s), make sure to try asking again when we solicit questions again ahead of our next stream. We're always eager to reveal more, and we always to get to as many as we can. Jan 18/19 Dev Stream Questions & Answers Logistics The servers, during CBT, will be online all the time or just on sat/mon? (JohnzBallad) In order to effectively update and improve BATTLEGROUNDS during the beta phase, the servers will not be able to remain up for 24/7. As the CBT progresses, however, we’ll be increasing the amount of time the servers will remain up each time they go live. Can we have any precision on when the closed beta will be available, more likely to be beginning or end of february? Also how long will this test time last? (MuseOrigin) We can’t really give that information out at the moment, but we’ll be revealing our roadmap soon, which should give more information on our launch plans and schedule. Will more keys be given out? (YoutubeFRANPAPA) Yup! Expect more information soon. Do you plan on having Invitationals in the future? (SantaSteve) Yes, but we have no detailed plans to share just yet. Technical Details I think you guys said that the game will now run fine with 8go of ram, not 100% sure though, can you confirm that? (MuseOrigin) With the implementation of level streaming, the map and game will now load more quickly, allowing the minimum RAM requirement to be 8gb Will there be hotkeys for consumable items? (Nullifier) Yes! Did you guys look into PBR (Physically-Based Rendering)? Yes; we think it’s a great way to express textures in a very realistic way. We found that this technique is very fast and efficient. Game Modes What gamemodes will be in the beta? (solo/duo or maybe both?) (Dkfd3vil) Duos and solo both! For the first week of CBT, only solo will be available, however. Updates / Content There will be updates during the CBT or only after? (JohnzBallad) We’ll be updating the game during CBT as well, to ensure we’re constantly improving the game based on your feedback Will any of the new vehicles be available to test? (redemption99) Not during CBT, but by launch there should be some additional vehicles added. Any new skins will be available to wear? (redemption99) Yes, some new skins are available. Will/are there more sound options implemented yet for this beta? (Interrogate) Yes! Many more sounds have been implemented for this phase of the beta. Art Will there be multiple maps developed by the team in the future or will you leave that portion up for the modders to let their fantasies run wild?Maybe bring back some of the old maps in a new attire? (misterwuff) We’re working toward finishing and polishing Erangel first, but there’s a lot we have planned down the line. And it’ll only get easier to develop things like new maps as we progress. Have you guys looked into techniques regarding photogrammetry for asset production and how they compare to your own production pipeline? (Blahman) At the beginning of development, we were unaware of this approach, but we’re very impressed by the technique. More recently in development, we’ve actually implemented this approach for asset production, such as the production of new trees. We’ll continue to investigate this technique and others to keep enhancing our game. Game Mechanics Any big changes to mechanics/game-play from the last alpha be in the beta? (redemption99) We’ve worked on a lot of improvements that should make the overall feel of the game is much less clunky. How are the weather effects coming along and will they be dynamic throughout a round or predetermined? (misterwuff) We’ll be showing off some weather effects soon! Dynamic weather is something we’d love to add eventually. For CBT, however, the weather will be predetermined. How much of the world are you planning to make destructible or interactive with the players? The WIP of the car rolling through fences was awesome and looks so fun. Like any plans for explosives to cause building damage and things? (Nails87) We’re reviewing performance optimization and how the destruction interacts with the gameplay before we can finalize what will and won’t be able to be destroyed.
  3. We're excited to announce that our next phase of testing will begin on February 24th! Following the fantastic feedback we received during our Alpha 2 test, we're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what we've been working on for our this next testing phase. There's a ton of new stuff we have to show you, so we hope you look forward to it as well. We'll have more specific details for you all on our Closed Beta in the coming weeks. Until then, stay tuned!
  4. Solo/duo queue has a future...

    Thanks for the feedback! Moved this over to the suggestions sub-forums.
  5. Battlegrounds discord?

    As already state, the Discord will remain open only to those who are behind NDA. We'll let you all know if that changes. Locking this topic.
  6. New Features • 2 Player Team Play Mode (WIP) • You can choose your teammate from the Steam friends list in the pre-game lobby, if their profile is public. • If you have a private Steam profile, you can be invited to join a team by using the nickname invite box. • You can now view your friend’s stats by hovering over their profile picture and clicking the stats button • Added push-to-talk for team voice chat • Revive System for Team Play Modes (WIP) • In 2 player team mode, once your HP reaches 0, your character will enter DBNO (Down But Not Out) state • While in DBNO state, your character won’t be able to do anything (i.e – move, fire weapons, use items, etc) except be revived by a teammate • When in DBNO state, your character’s revive time will gradually decrease. When your revive time reaches zero, your character will die and cannot be revived for the rest of the match • When your teammate enters DBNO state, the teammate icon on the HUD will change to indicate that your teammate needs help • If your character enters DBNO state while your teammate is either dead or also already in a DBNO state, your character will instantly die. • When your teammate is in DBNO state, you can revive them by nearing them and interacting with the character using the “F” key • It is possible for your character to enter DNBO state multiple times in a single match, but it will cause your revive time to decrease at a faster rate for every subsequent time that you enter a DBNO state Stability Improvements • Fixed an issue causing the game servers to crash last weekend Quality of Life Improvements • Decreased the time players remain in the airplane at the start of a match • Players are now dropped from the airplane at more diverse areas of the island • Stackable items (Medical items, Boost items, Ammo) are now distributed into multiple slots when exceeding a certain amount • Added some camera effects during the freefall/parachuting phase • All consumable items (Medical items, Boost items) can now be canceled • When in third person view, you can now press the tilde (`) key to swap between left and right shoulder view Balance Adjustments • Adjusted the shrinking rate of the play area. Now, the area will shrink more quickly during the initial phases of a match, but slower during the later phases Loot Adjustments • Increased the spawn rate of low value weapons and items • Decreased the spawn rate of high value weapons • Decreased the spawn rate of level 3 gear Bug Fixes • Fixed a bug causing some players to appear invisible or transparent • Fixed a bug that caused Crossbows to sometimes spawn without bolts nearby