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  1. Why can't I hit him?

    Doesn't look like hit reg issues to me. You just aren't steadying your aim enough or giving the muzzle enough time to settle before firing off another round, judging by the scope movement. That and what Sanchez said. I'd also add that 75% of those shots were clearly off target aswell
  2. I want to win.

    The trick is to gain just enough distance from the vehicle following you, then drop the nade.
  3. Getting everybody a chicken dinner

    That system still wouldn't stop one being matched with total jerks.
  4. Desync

    Its actually so bad, when they gonna fix this? This close to launch and they havent sorted it yet. Its very poor imo. Every game killed by desync. Sort it Bunghole
  5. Cos they think they'll get in-game favours and 'generous' loot spawns from the pubg gods
  6. Not when it takes more from you in sheer effort just to get somewhere only to be killed by hacker