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  1. WackyJacky expained just how poor this system. It's so unbelievably flawed. I should be surprised they actually managed to make something as bad as this but sadly I'am not.
  2. You wouldn't even lose 100 points with those placings with the old system unless you were top 100 so that doesn't make much sense.
  3. I have not dropped rank in forever, doesn't matter what placement I get. On pubg.op the +/- rating gained is now blank every game unlike before where it said how much you gained or lost in a game. People now have 3.3k+ rating with sub 10% win and 300+ games. No way they're dropping any rating if they lose early, they just play a lot.
  4. The new ranking system is all about who plays the most since you can't lose rating anymore, so what's the point in taking any game seriously? Just play a lot and you'll go up in rating regardless. There's no punishment for jumping bootcamp and dying over and over and over again. Seems pointless to me and it really killed any fun in going for ranks.
  5. Kreuterhumpfen

    Cant change the red dot reticle or holographic color on SMG's

    Maybe 2019 I guess
  6. When is this gonna be fixed? Seems like such a minor issue and it's been in the game for weeks now.
  7. Kreuterhumpfen

    Very serious hitbox issues

    The issues just keep piling up and we barely see any fixes, only apologies and "our engineers are working on it", well work on this. This is actually game-breaking.
  8. Kreuterhumpfen

    Very serious hitbox issues

    Somehow 9 bullets just went straight through this guy close range. https://streamable.com/oxymo
  9. Kreuterhumpfen

    Bike flipping over nothing

    Seen multiple reports over this, maybe it's time to fix random pixels or w/e it is flipping vehicles and thus killing yourself? https://streamable.com/iz2q6
  10. Kreuterhumpfen

    General Vehicle Issues, Bugs and Unpredictable Physics

    Bike flips and kills me on asphalt, no bumps or anything. https://streamable.com/iz2q6