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  1. Competition. Regardless of what the competition is, I love it. I love all forms of competition. I've been rank 1 in solos several seasons and gotten no value out of it other than satisfying my need for competition, but that's enough for me. I like to see myself improve, and I wont do that to the same degree if I dont have an incentive to play towards (leaderboards).
  2. Imagine just for a second that people are different and do things for different reasons. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.
  3. The fact that Sanhok does not even have an option to play ranked is so stupid. The map is great and is a great change of pace, but not being able to play ranked kills any incentive for a lot of players to even bother queuing for it.
  4. The game bugged out before it started, as in it had no timer so people were leaving. After I left I lost 29 rating (was top 40, now rank 119). My duo partner left after I left and lost 0 rating. Why did I lose rating but he did not? Why did I lose rating at all?
  5. Can we please have this? I dont care if the feature is in the game or not, I just dont want the game to look like it's down by the hips, it looks hideous and hides half the weapon skin (if you care about skins). I just dont see the point of it, it looks so much better when it's out of the relaxed state.
  6. Running over your teammates while driving 1-2km/h is getting really old. Running over yourself while the vehicle is just going 1-2km/h when you exit is also getting real old. Why is it that you can jump off of a cliff 50m high and take half your damage but if a vehicle as much as touches you regardless of speed, you're knocked? It makes no sense and is making gameplay extremely frustrating.
  7. Kreuterhumpfen

    Very serious hitbox issues

    The issues just keep piling up and we barely see any fixes, only apologies and "our engineers are working on it", well work on this. This is actually game-breaking.
  8. Kreuterhumpfen

    Very serious hitbox issues

    Somehow 9 bullets just went straight through this guy close range. https://streamable.com/oxymo
  9. Kreuterhumpfen

    Bike flipping over nothing

    Seen multiple reports over this, maybe it's time to fix random pixels or w/e it is flipping vehicles and thus killing yourself? https://streamable.com/iz2q6
  10. Kreuterhumpfen

    General Vehicle Issues, Bugs and Unpredictable Physics

    Bike flips and kills me on asphalt, no bumps or anything. https://streamable.com/iz2q6