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  1. The update question

    The other changes will have been server side and a replacement of existing files for client side performance. Some may indeed find the patch large for the information provided, but there was something to be mentioned, this will have mentioned in the notes.
  2. It seems that some buildings with a single roof, can result in no protection from an airstrike https://clips.twitch.tv/PlacidGiftedFerretChefFrank
  3. Steam Marketplace now Open

    Oh wow, the trenchcoats are currently going for $100. The fewer that appear, the higher than cost will go! My evil plan of selling mine for over $1,000 may become a reality!
  4. Hey everyone, Above you will see the information, which was posted 30 minutes ago on Twitter. Make sure to follow them, so you can get the information as it's posted! Also the mask... you know you all want to find all black related clothing ingame now!
  5. Guys i cannt see medic or bandage on map.

    I had a similar situation last night, when I was running around and I may be found 1 bandage and a energy drink. I only then got more things, once I killed the first guy I came across and took his pills, first aid and other bits & pieces. It's just completely random as to where things will spawn, when the game starts.
  6. How does the point system work? (Rating etc)

    It would be nice to have a better understand. For example from my first win yesterday, after many top 10s in SOLO. I had 2,000 rating removed and jumped into the 600+ position. However; the system that is being used for the ELO can be changed/updated/tweaked over time, so it's a bit early to get any real detailed information, which could be outdated next week for example.
  7. Hi @kilobyte, I've reviewed the twitter page for @PUBattleGrounds and I'm not seeing any news of a sudden down/maintenance. Normally there is a notification window ingame before pressing "PLAY" if something is planned. But normally if anything is planned, then this is broadcasted on Twitter and also on the News section of these forums. Just be aware though that this can and will happen in the future. Servers may come offline because of a crash or something major happened and they have to bring them down super quick for a hotfix or hardware replacement for example. Just be patient with the developers and if there was a reason for this happening, then it will be mentioned as soon as possible. (developers and their community team are not awake 24/7)
  8. Devs are streaming right now with Brenden

    I asked my 2 questions, so I hope we'll see some improvements in the future. Shame we may not see Hardcore until the full release in 6 months. I couldn't watch longer, I'm actually busy myself today
  9. Devs are streaming right now with Brenden

    Thanks for the update @Twirlywoos
  10. Steam Marketplace now Open

    My trenchcoat will be getting kept, until it reaches over 1,000euros
  11. Moon Sliding

    I had it, when winning my squad game with some friends.
  12. Moon Sliding

    Yeah I had this a few nights ago
  13. Sometimes killing a team mate can be funny, under the right circumstances! https://clips.twitch.tv/HelpfulStrangeFerretLitty
  14. Rankings/Seasons

    Yeah it will be a fresh leaderboards as the developers will need that new data to make sure that everything is consistent