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  1. Rain is not too loud - it's too monotonous

    also if you look how slow the rain falls it looks like it should sound like a light shower rather than a heavy rain storm
  2. What is the best way to start?

    The wink at the end of my first comment indicated that i was joking, but jokes aside.................. yes i know it also takes skills which i have plenty of but the truth is PUBG = 70% luck and 30% "SKILL" . *you land next to someone who finds a gun first or vice versa. *you are either in the next zone or have to travel miles to get to it. these are just the two of most luckiest factors in PUBG. "if it was about luck people would win evenly", facepalm. no because luck doesn't come to everyone therefore the won with out it looses!(UNLUCKY!)
  3. What is the best way to start?

    your in for a hell of a ride, this game is mostly about luck, so just be lucky
  4. Famous loading screen Bug

    verify integrity of the game files through steam?
  5. Famous loading screen Bug

    or try deleting your %temp% files
  6. Famous loading screen Bug

    Hi, have you tried launching steam as Administrator? that worked for me when i had the same problem.
  7. Fortnite is BETTER

    If i was an Xbot who just bought PUBG i would Fucking sew Bluehole!! it Runs atrociously, which was to be expected but jesus christ its BAD/borderline UNPLAYABLE!! maybe PUBG should be free to console owners as they simply wont get to experience the game in the way that PC owners do, lol but hey i guess its like that for every multi-platform game.
  8. Even Erangal runs really well now also, my performance has nearly doubled on that map on the test servers, but i will say the the desert map still runs smoother as there is more open spaces and not many trees, no grass and foliage to render, etc. its just learning all the nooks and cranny's that''s the hard part, once we have it figured out people will enjoy the new map a lot more.
  9. the first picture you posted shows your GPU at 100% and CPU only using 16% that is a huge GPU bottleneck, maybe a 4gb GPU or higher will solve the issue, but that's obviously if you are in a situation to do so, i don't no how else to solve this.
  10. if your GPU is around 50-60% and CPU around 40% that should tell you that there is no bottleneck happening which is good and that the devs maybe havent optimised your specific hardware fully or at all, all i can say is wait for the game to progress further, i scene that after PC 1.0 release they are going to optimize more and more.
  11. Even if it was capable of 60fps in this tittle people who own the X will never see it because Microsoft wants Parity between the S and the X?!? it baffles me, why waste all that so called '"POWER'" IMO This is a game that should of stayed on the PC, after all that's were it started and it should finish there aswell.
  12. sry should of read your specs, try increasing the page file, what is the speed of your hard drive?
  13. Is this a Good Enough Build for this game ?

    NO!!!! i think you need 1 more GPU then you will be able to run Blueballs (bluehole) tittle.