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  1. FPS issues Issues - Information Collection

    lol i get what you mean when dropping from a high framerate to a lower framerate but isnt your monitor g-sync? it sounds like it is. and 70-90 is still a smooth experience! all theses elitists who kiss streamers asses and think you need to have the best components known to man in order to play a game really do make me laugh, but i guess everybody's eyes are different in terms of dealing with different frame rates.
  2. FPS issues Issues - Information Collection

    70-90 still very playable!
  3. FPS issues Issues - Information Collection

    having same problems here, they said in the patch notes that they have mitigated the fps drops but i'm getting worse fps drops now than before the latest update?!? i give up getting hyped for any future updates as they just seem to bring more frustration than anything else.
  4. the latest nvidia driver is the best one period!
  5. well at the moment the new anit-cheat update has ruined the live servers, its unplayable agian!
  6. its a marathon not a sprint!!!
  7. ReShade / Fix ur colours

    Have you used nvidia's digital vibrance setting?, got mine set to 75% and the colours look fine. i think so many people are used to using re-shade they cant re-adjust back to how the game actually looks, also i find that using ultra anit aliasing and medium PP, textures on high depending on the card and everything else on very low really helps enemy's stick out, I'm on a 1080p panel also.
  8. fps drops

    i presume its the latest anti cheat update causing it, the rest of the good stuff is only on the test servers at the moment. lol "only getting about 100 out of town, any one els getting this issue?" still very playable but i know what you mean it seems to stutter way more now on the live server and i hope when the test server updates roll over to the live servers the issues will be fixed but who knows?
  9. Bad optimization with recent update!

    The optimizations and the rest are only on the test server at the moment by the looks of it. quote from Twitter "Our March Content Update (PC 1.0 Update #7) is now live on the Test Server. Players can test the new Emote System, PUBG friends list, and more. As always, we'll be monitoring your feedback from this update." end of quote. I presume it will be on the live servers in a few days, im not sure what the 1.something GB update on the live servers was though? or have you experienced this on the test server aswell?
  10. re-install the game? validated game files through steam?
  11. have you tried to re-install Microsoft visual studio? https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  12. when you lean the hit box should still stay the same size but just move with your players movement, it should not reduce in size at all!
  13. its not your fault its PUBG, think of it as bipolar, one moment its happy and kicking out decent frames the next its really sad and chugs out shit frames! this is getting ridiculous every update they release seems to bring more trouble than good! im about to break and scrap this entire game after 700+ hours . something always brings me back though, whether it be the salty squad mates who blame you for there death or just the funny shit that happens 90% of the time when playing . 40-70 is still playable by the way, i have a 970 also (EVGA SC 4gb) and should be capable of getting more than 60fps and does on a regular bases but so many problems with the performance in the game its just so frustrating sometimes.
  14. Possible cause of stutters when getting shot

    realistically windows 10 should perform the best as its the latest and greatest i use it and have 0 problems like this but i guess its more to do with peoples setups rather than entirely windows 10's fault!
  15. Freezing

    yesterday i experienced the plane with all 100 players in just stop mid air with its propellers spinning, couldn't press f to eject but could still talk to squad in voice chat, this is the first time iv'e experienced it after 700+ hours in the game. something/most things are still very wrong about the game.