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  1. T0M91

    Update #22 in OC

    yes and thats what the maintenance was for, and they even extended it for 1 hour, well i guess we gonna have to wait some more hours
  2. T0M91

    Update #22 in OC

    but there should not be any probs its been on test servers for a while, they supposed to sort the issues out there
  3. T0M91

    Update #22 in OC

    and yes every update there is some sort of issue then usaully a hot fix comes right after!
  4. T0M91

    Update #22 in OC

    matchmaking is not working in eu ALSO, maintenance was supposed to be complete, but now get the message maintenance in progress
  5. T0M91

    Update #22 in OC

    same PUBG, Same Issues! every single update there is a problem!
  6. i thought you monkeys fixed this issue a while ago?!?, well obviously the issue is back again....FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!
  7. you and your team are not the only one's suffering from this!
  8. T0M91

    FPS Drops to 5-7

    your not seeing my point are you. its 2018 and people still have to tweak anOS in order to be able to play a game smoothly!, theres nothing wrong with that just that its redicolous in this day and age.
  9. T0M91

    FPS Drops to 5-7

    you shouldnt have to tweak your os just to play a game smoothly, it should just run fine as it is especially this day and age but yet many people find that doing so gives a significant boost in performance. have software engineers lost the plot or something? cant the game devs and OS devs just make an os that runs games without any hickups, jesus christ! well i think the awnser is a big fat NO!
  10. T0M91

    Unplayable Low Frame Rates

    if your gpu is be utilized 80-100% it is not a bottle neck, this shows your gpu is being utilized properly as anything above 80% is a good ideally all gpu's should bee sitting at 99% and cpu utilization should be lower than the gpu utilization if you didnt know already. strange because im using a 970 paired with an older i7 2600 3.4/3.8ghz and 16GB RAM with a mixture of high, medium and very low settings but it runs really well and never drops to the teens, have you thought of upgrading to 12 or 16GB RAM? this might solve the issue but it costs obviously. this game really confuses me sometimes!?!
  11. T0M91

    After last update - my name is Unknown

    E-SPORTS READY..........actually that saying is getting old so how about............NOT READY AT ALL! EARLY-ACCESS READY! MONKEYS WITH KEYBOARDS! BAN ME!
  12. T0M91

    3.7.26 - Connection timeout

    im very used to it it now
  13. the latest nvidia driver is the best one period!
  14. T0M91

    ReShade / Fix ur colours

    Have you used nvidia's digital vibrance setting?, got mine set to 75% and the colours look fine. i think so many people are used to using re-shade they cant re-adjust back to how the game actually looks, also i find that using ultra anit aliasing and medium PP, textures on high depending on the card and everything else on very low really helps enemy's stick out, I'm on a 1080p panel also.